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Princeton's WordNet

  1. adhesive material, adhesive agent, adhesiveadjective

    a substance that unites or bonds surfaces together

    adhesive, adhesive material, adhesive agent

    nonresinous, non-resinous, ungummed, nonviscid, nonadhesive, nonglutinous, non-resiny, nonresiny

  2. adhesiveadjective

    tending to adhere

    nonresinous, non-resiny, nonglutinous, nonresiny, nonviscid, non-resinous, ungummed, nonadhesive

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. adhesive

    Adhesive is the scientific, sticking or sticky the popular word. That which is adhesive tends to join itself to the surface of any other body with which it is placed in contact; cohesive expresses the tendency of particles of the same substance to hold together. Polished plate glass is not adhesive, but such plates packed together are intensely cohesive. An adhesive plaster is in popular language a sticking-plaster. Sticky expresses a more limited, and generally annoying, degree of the same quality. Glutinous, gummy, viscid, and viscous are applied to fluid or semi-fluid substances, as pitch or tar.

    cohesive, glutinous, gummy, sticking, sticky, viscid, viscous

    free, inadhesive, loose, separable

    The stiff, wet clay, adhesive to the foot, impeded progress.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. adhesiveadjective

    sticking, clinging, tending to adhere

  2. adhesiveadjective

    sticky, tenacious, tough, viscous, glutinous, smeary, dauby, stringy, ropy, gummy, clammy

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adhesives, sticker, sticky, resin, gummed, bonding, glue