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Here's a list of possible synonyms and antonyms for the term apportion:

Princeton's WordNet

  1. allocate, apportion(verb)

    distribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose

    deal, portion out, allocate, apportion, share, divvy up

  2. share, divvy up, portion out, apportion, deal(verb)

    give out as one's portion or share

    shell out, plow, carry on, partake in, lot, apportion, dish out, deal out, allot, care, portion out, sell, consider, take, treat, share, dole out, divvy up, grapple, deal, parcel out, trade, manage, contend, administer, address, make out, mete out, dispense, distribute, handle, get by, conduct, cover, allocate, cope, make do, partake, look at


  1. apportion(verb)

    allocate, parcel out, share out, allot, dispense

    amass, reassemble, gather, consolidate, concentrate

  2. apportion(verb)

    To divide and distribute portions of a whole.

    dispense, share out, allocate, parcel out, allot

    reassemble, gather, consolidate, amass, concentrate

  3. apportion(verb)

    Specifically, to do so in a fair and equitable manner; to allocate proportionally.

    share out, dispense, allocate, allot, parcel out

    consolidate, amass, reassemble, gather, concentrate

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. apportion

    To allot or assign may be to make an arbitrary division; the same is true of distribute or divide. That which is apportioned is given by some fixed rule, which is meant to be uniform and fair; as, representatives are apportioned among the States according to population. To dispense is to give out freely; as, the sun dispenses light and heat. A thing is appropriated to or for a specific purpose (to which it thus becomes proper, in the original sense of being its own); money appropriated by Congress for one purpose can not be expended for any other. One may apportion what he only holds in trust; he shares what is his own. Compare ALLOT.

    allot, appoint, appropriate, assign, deal, dispense, distribute, divide, grant, share

    cling to, collect, consolidate, divide arbitrarily, gather together, keep together, receive, retain

    Apportion to each a fair amount; apportion the property among the heirs, between two claimants; apportion according to numbers, etc.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. apportion(v. a.)

    allot, distribute, assign, divide, partition, part, measure, share, appropriate, deal, dispense, parcel out, deal out, portion out

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List of paraphrases:

prorate, allocate, distribute, dispense, divide