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Princeton's WordNet

  1. authorized, authorisedadjective

    endowed with authority

    authorised, authoritative, authorized

    unaccredited, unlicenced, unlicensed, unauthorised, unofficial, self-appointed, unauthorized

  2. authoritative, authorized, authorisedadjective

    sanctioned by established authority

    definitive, authorised, classic, important, authoritative, authorized, classical

    unauthorized, self-appointed, unauthorised, unlicensed, unofficial, unlicenced, unaccredited


  1. authorizedadjective


  2. authorizedadjective

    Explicitly allowed.


English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. authorized

    That is authentic which is true to the facts; that is genuine which is true to its own claims; as, authentic history; genuine money.

    A 'genuine' work is one written by the author whose name it bears; an 'authentic' work is one which relates truthfully the matters of which it treats. For example, the apocryphal Gospel of St. Thomas is neither 'genuine' nor 'authentic.' It is not 'genuine,' for St. Thomas did not write it; it is not 'authentic,' for its contents are mainly fables and lies.

    Trench On the Study of Words lect. vi, p. 189. [W. J. Widdleton]

    Authentic is, however, used by reputable writers as synonymous with genuine, tho usually where genuineness carries a certain authority. We speak of accepted conclusions, certain evidence, current money, genuine letters, a legitimate conclusion or legitimate authority, original manuscripts, real value, received interpretation, sure proof, a true statement, a trustworthy witness, a veritable discovery.

    accepted, accredited, authentic, authoritative, certain, current, genuine, legitimate, original, real, received, reliable, sure, true, trustworthy, veritable

    apocryphal, baseless, counterfeit, disputed, exploded, fabulous, false, fictitious, spurious, unauthorized

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List of paraphrases:

authorised, permitted, allowed, licensed, approved, empowered, permissible, allowable, authorization, authoritative, mandated, authorize, authorizes, entitled, autoris├ęs, authorizing, authority, licenced, authorisation, accredited, granted, empower, cleared, approval