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Princeton's WordNet

  1. cabal, faction, junto, camarilla(noun)

    a clique (often secret) that seeks power usually through intrigue

    sect, cabal, conspiracy, junto, faction, camarilla

  2. conspiracy, cabal(verb)

    a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)

    cabal, confederacy, conspiracy, junto, faction, camarilla

  3. conspire, cabal, complot, conjure, machinate(verb)

    engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together

    raise, devise, bid, collude, bring up, press, beseech, prepare, stir, put forward, call down, arouse, conjure, evoke, call forth, machinate, complot, adjure, organize, get up, invoke, cabal, conspire, entreat, organise, conjure up


  1. cabal(noun)

    camarilla, conspiracy

  2. cabal(noun)

    To engage in the activities of a cabal

    camarilla, conspiracy

  3. cabal(noun)

    A secret plot.

    camarilla, conspiracy

  4. cabal(noun)

    An identifiable group within the tradition of Discordianism.

    conspiracy, camarilla

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. cabal

    A conspiracy is a combination of persons for an evil purpose, or the act of so combining. Conspiracy is a distinct crime under common, and generally under statutory, law. A faction is more extensive than a conspiracy, less formal in organization, less definite in plan. Faction and its adjective, factious, have always an unfavorable sense. Cabal commonly denotes a conspiracy of leaders. A gang is a company of workmen all doing the same work under one leader; the word is used figuratively only of combinations which it is meant to stigmatize as rude and mercenary; crew is used in a closely similar sense. A conclave is secret, but of larger numbers, ordinarily, than a cabal, and may have honorable use; as, the conclave of cardinals.

    combination, conclave, confederacy, conspiracy, crew, faction, gang, junto

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. cabal(n.)

    CLIQUE, junto, COTERIE, set, party, gang, faction, combination, league, confederacy, CAMARILLA

  2. cabal(n.)

    intrigue, plot, COMPLOT, conspiracy, machination

  3. cabal(v. n.)

    intrigue, plot, conspire

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