devoid synonyms

Here's a list of possible synonyms and antonyms for the term devoid:

Princeton's WordNet

  1. barren, destitute, devoid, free, innocentadjective

    completely wanting or lacking

    guiltless, gratis(p), ingenuous, innocuous, indigent, needy, impeccant, complimentary, destitute, loose, costless, liberal, free, stark, unacquainted(p), desolate, barren, gratuitous, clean-handed, impoverished, detached, spare, innocent(p), innocent, poverty-stricken, sinless, devoid, bleak, bare, necessitous

    existing, existent

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. devoidadjective

    vacant, empty, destitute, void

PPDB, the paraphrase database

List of paraphrases:

bereft, free, empty