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Princeton's WordNet

  1. discourse(noun)

    extended verbal expression in speech or writing

    discussion, sermon, treatment, preaching

  2. sermon, discourse, preaching(noun)

    an address of a religious nature (usually delivered during a church service)

    discussion, discourse, sermon, treatment, preaching

  3. discussion, treatment, discourse(verb)

    an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic

    sermon, handling, discourse, discussion, word, give-and-take, treatment, preaching, intervention

  4. discourse, talk about, discuss(verb)

    to consider or examine in speech or writing

    talk over, converse, talk of, hash out, discourse, hold forth, dissertate, discuss, talk about

  5. converse, discourse(verb)

    carry on a conversation

    discourse, discuss, talk about, converse, dissertate, hold forth

  6. hold forth, discourse, dissertate(verb)

    talk at length and formally about a topic

    discourse, discuss, talk about, converse, dissertate, hold forth


  1. discourse(noun)

    Verbal exchange, conversation.

    conversation, discussion, debate, converse, talk

  2. discourse(noun)

    To write or speak formally and at length.

    communication, expression

  3. discourse(noun)

    To debate.

    treatise, lecture, study, dissertation

  4. discourse(noun)

    Any rational expression, reason.


English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. discourse

    Conversation (Latin con, with) is, etymologically, an interchange of ideas with some other person or persons. Talk may be wholly one-sided. Many brilliant talkers have been incapable of conversation. There may be intercourse without conversation, as by looks, signs, etc.; communion is of hearts, with or without words; communication is often by writing, and may be uninvited and unreciprocated. Talk may denote the mere utterance of words with little thought; thus, we say idle talk, empty talk, rather than idle or empty conversation. Discourse is now applied chiefly to public addresses. A conference is more formal than a conversation. Dialog denotes ordinarily an artificial or imaginary conversation, generally of two persons, but sometimes of more. A colloquy is indefinite as to number, and generally somewhat informal. Compare BEHAVIOR.

    chat, colloquy, communication, communion, confabulation, conference, conversation, converse, dialogue, intercourse, parley, talk

    Conversation with friends; between or among the guests; about a matter.

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. discourse(n.)

    [rare.] reason, reasoning faculty

  2. discourse(n.)

    dissertation, treatise, disquisition, homily, sermon

  3. discourse(n.)

    conversation, talk, oral communication, verbal intercourse

  4. discourse(v. n.)

    speak, expatiate, hold forth, deliver a discourse

  5. discourse(v. n.)

    talk, converse, parley, confer, advise, hold a conversation, hold a parley or conference, talk together

  6. discourse(v. a.)

    utter, emit, give forth

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speech, speeches, rhetoric, discourses, discours, al-khattab, debate, address

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