emphysematous phlegmon synonyms

Here's a list of possible synonyms and antonyms for the term emphysematous phlegmon:

Princeton's WordNet

  1. gas gangrene, clostridial myonecrosis, emphysematous gangrene, emphysematous phlegmon, gangrenous emphysema, gas phlegmon, progressive emphysematous necrosisnoun

    (pathology) a deadly form of gangrene usually caused by clostridium bacteria that produce toxins that cause tissue death; can be used as a bioweapon

    clostridial myonecrosis, progressive emphysematous necrosis, emphysematous phlegmon, emphysematous gangrene, gangrenous emphysema, gas gangrene, gas phlegmon

Concise Medical Dictionary, by Joseph C Segen, MD

  1. emphysematous phlegmon

    Gas gangrene, see there

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