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Princeton's WordNet

  1. farming, agriculture, husbandry(noun)

    the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock

    agribusiness, husbandry, land, factory farm, agriculture, farming


  1. husbandry(noun)


  2. husbandry(noun)

    The raising of livestock and the cultivation of crops; agriculture


  3. husbandry(noun)

    The prudent management or conservation of resources


English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. husbandry

    Agriculture is the generic term, including at once the science, the art, and the process of supplying human wants by raising the products of the soil, and by the associated industries; farming is the practise of agriculture as a business; there may be theoretical agriculture, but not theoretical farming; we speak of the science of agriculture, the business of farming; scientific agriculture may be wholly in books; scientific farming is practised upon the land; we say an agricultural college rather than a college of farming. Farming refers to the cultivation of considerable portions of land, and the raising of the coarser crops; gardening is the close cultivation of a small area for small fruits, flowers, vegetables, etc., and while it may be done upon a farm is yet a distinct industry. Gardening in general, kitchen-gardening, the cultivation of vegetables, etc., for the household, market-gardening, the raising of the same for sale, floriculture, the culture of flowers, and horticulture, the culture of fruits, flowers, or vegetables, are all departments of agriculture, but not strictly nor ordinarily of farming; farming is itself one department of agriculture. Husbandry is a general word for any form of practical agriculture, but is now chiefly poetical. Tillage refers directly to the work bestowed upon the land, as plowing, manuring, etc.; cultivation refers especially to the processes that bring forward the crop; we speak of the tillage of the soil, the cultivation of corn; we also speak of land as in a state of cultivation, under cultivation, etc. Culture is now applied to the careful development of any product to a state of perfection, especially by care through successive generations; the choice varieties of the strawberry have been produced by wise and patient culture; a good crop in any year is the result of good cultivation.

    agriculture, cultivation, culture, farming, floriculture, gardening, horticulture, kitchen-gardening, market-gardening, tillage

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. husbandry(n.)

    agriculture, farming, tillage, geoponics, cultivation of the soil

  2. husbandry(n.)

    frugality, thrift, domestic economy, management of domestic affairs

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rearing, breeding, farmed, livestock, herding, farming, ranching, stockbreeding, stockfarming, cultured, stock-raising