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Princeton's WordNet

  1. industry(noun)

    the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise

    industriousness, diligence, manufacture

  2. industry, manufacture(noun)

    the organized action of making of goods and services for sale

    industriousness, diligence, manufacture, fabrication, industry, manufacturing

  3. diligence, industriousness, industry(noun)

    persevering determination to perform a task

    industriousness, diligence, manufacture, industry, application


  1. industry(noun)

    The tendency to work persistently.

    application, diligence

  2. industry(noun)

    Businesses of the same type, considered as a whole.

    sector, field

  3. industry(noun)

    Businesses that produce goods as opposed to services.


English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. industry

    Industry is the quality, action, or habit of earnest, steady, and continued attention or devotion to any useful or productive work or task, manual or mental. Assiduity (Latin ad, to, and sedeo, sit), as the etymology suggests, sits down to a task until it is done. Diligence (Latin diligo, love, choose) invests more effort and exertion, with love of the work or deep interest in its accomplishment; application (Latin ad, to, and plico, fold) bends to its work and concentrates all one's powers upon it with utmost intensity; hence, application can hardly be as unremitting as assiduity. Constancy is a steady devotion of heart and principle. Patience works on in spite of annoyances; perseverance overcomes hindrances and difficulties; persistence strives relentlessly against opposition; persistence has very frequently an unfavorable meaning, implying that one persists in spite of considerations that should induce him to desist. Industry is diligence applied to some avocation, business, or profession. Labor and pains refer to the exertions of the worker and the tax upon him, while assiduity, perseverance, etc., refer to his continuance in the work.

    application, assiduity, attention, constancy, diligence, effort, exertion, intentness, labor, pains, patience, perseverance, persistence, sedulousness

    changeableness, fickleness, idleness, inattention, inconstancy, indolence, neglect, negligence, remissness, sloth

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. industry(n.)

    assiduity, assiduousness, sedulousness, perseverance, activity, DILIGENCE, habitual devotion to labor

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industrial, industries, sector, 'industrie, industria, industrie, yip, 'industria, manufacturing, business, industri, sectors, area, trade, profession, maker, branch