interlock synonyms

Here's a list of possible synonyms and antonyms for the term interlock:

Princeton's WordNet

  1. interlock, ignition interlocknoun

    a device that prevents an automotive engine from starting

    interlock, meshing, ignition interlock, mesh, interlocking

  2. mesh, meshing, interlock, interlockingverb

    the act of interlocking or meshing

    interlocking, mesh, meshwork, meshing, net, interlock, mesh topology, network, engagement, ignition interlock

  3. interlock, meshverb

    coordinate in such a way that all parts work together effectively

    lock, interlace, ensnarl, mesh, enmesh, engage, operate, interlock

  4. lock, interlock, interlaceverb

    hold in a locking position

    interlace, shut away, entwine, lock in, enlace, lock away, mesh, shut up, engage, lace, operate, interlock, lock, lock up, twine, put away, intertwine

  5. interlock, lockverb

    become engaged or intermeshed with one another

    lock, interlace, mesh, engage, lock away, operate, shut up, shut away, interlock, lock in, put away, lock up

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. interlockverb

    interchain, join closely together

PPDB, the paraphrase database

List of paraphrases:

interconnect, interworking, interconnection, interlocking, interconnecting, interconnectedness, mesh