overleap synonyms

Here's a list of possible synonyms and antonyms for the term overleap:

Princeton's WordNet

  1. overleap(verb)

    defeat (oneself) by going too far

    drop, omit, neglect, leave out, pretermit, miss, overlook, vault

  2. vault, overleap(verb)

    jump across or leap over (an obstacle)

    drop, omit, overlook, neglect, pretermit, overleap, miss, leave out, vault

  3. neglect, pretermit, omit, drop, miss, leave out, overlook, overleap(verb)

    leave undone or leave out

    unload, overleap, dribble, lose, drip, vault, send packing, drop off, dismiss, drop down, sink, fail, dominate, fell, degenerate, deteriorate, look out over, leave off, lack, ignore, leave out, throw, cast, cut down, pretermit, put down, take out, devolve, expend, exclude, dangle, send away, set down, flatten, look across, swing, cast off, strike down, throw off, escape, neglect, overtop, command, except, drop, shake off, discharge, spend, overlook, knock off, look out on, miss, throw away, disregard, shed, omit

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