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Princeton's WordNet

  1. revolutionize, revolutionise, overturnverb

    change radically

    bring down, tip over, upset, turn over, lift, vacate, bowl over, overthrow, countermand, subvert, rescind, reverse, annul, revoke, overrule, revolutionise, revolutionize, knock over, override, overturn, inspire, tump over, repeal

  2. revolutionizeverb

    overthrow by a revolution, of governments

    revolutionise, overturn, inspire

  3. revolutionize, revolutionise, inspireverb

    fill with revolutionary ideas

    enliven, cheer, invigorate, urge on, breathe in, root on, instigate, inhale, prompt, overturn, exhort, barrack, exalt, revolutionize, pep up, revolutionise, animate, inspire, urge

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Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. revolutionizeverb

    remodel, reform, new model

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