scald synonyms

Here's a list of possible synonyms and antonyms for the term scald:

Princeton's WordNet

  1. scald(noun)

    a burn cause by hot liquid or steam

  2. scald(verb)

    the act of burning with steam or hot water

  3. blister, scald, whip(verb)

    subject to harsh criticism

    whip, whisk, scald, rack up, mop up, trounce, vesicate, flog, lash, pip, lather, welt, worst, slash, blister, strap

  4. scald(verb)

    treat with boiling water

    blister, whip

  5. scald(verb)

    heat to the boiling point

    blister, whip

  6. scald(verb)

    burn with a hot liquid or steam

    blister, whip

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. scald(v. a.)

    burn (with a hot liquid)

Concise Medical Dictionary, by Joseph C Segen, MD

  1. scald

    Scald injury