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Princeton's WordNet

  1. subdivision(noun)

    an area composed of subdivided lots

    subsection, section, arm, branch

  2. subdivision(noun)

    the act of subdividing; division of something previously divided

    subsection, section, arm, branch

  3. branch, subdivision, arm(noun)

    a division of some larger or more complex organization

    branch, weapon system, weapon, sleeve, offshoot, subsection, limb, leg, section, ramification, arm, subdivision, outgrowth, offset

  4. section, subdivision(noun)

    a self-contained part of a larger composition (written or musical)

    surgical incision, department, discussion section, division, plane section, incision, subsection, part, subdivision, section, arm, segment, branch

  5. subsection, subdivision(noun)

    a section of a section; a part of a part; i.e., a part of something already divided

    subsection, subdivision, section, arm, branch

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. subdivision(n)

    Part, a substance, quantity, or amount that is the result of the division of something greater, is the general word, including all the others of this group. A fragment is the result of breaking, rending, or disruption of some kind, while a piece may be smoothly or evenly separated and have a certain completeness in itself. A piece is often taken for a sample; a fragment scarcely would be. Division and fraction are always regarded as in connection with the total; divisions may be equal or unequal; a fraction is one of several equal parts into which the whole is supposed to be divided. A portion is a part viewed with reference to some one who is to receive it or some special purpose to which it is to be applied; in a restaurant one portion (i. e., the amount designed for one person) is sometimes, by special order, served to two; a share is a part to which one has or may acquire a right in connection with others; an instalment is one of a series of proportionate payments that are to be continued till the entire claim is discharged; a particle is an exceedingly small part. A component, constituent, ingredient, or element is a part of some compound or mixture; an element is necessary to the existence, as a component or constituent is necessary to the completeness of that which it helps to compose; an ingredient may be foreign or accidental. A subdivision is a division of a division. We speak of a segment of a circle. Compare PARTICLE; PORTION.

    atom, component, constituent, division, element, fraction, fragment, ingredient, instalment, member, part, part, particle, piece, portion, section, segment, share

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. subdivision(n.)

    division, dividing, ramification

  2. subdivision(n.)

    part, portion, piece, fraction, section

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List of paraphrases:

sub-division, subclause, subdivisions, subd, branch, sub-section, compartmentalization, indentation, townsite, subsection