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Princeton's WordNet

  1. trade(noun)

    the commercial exchange (buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services

    business deal, deal, swop, patronage, trade wind, barter, craft, swap

  2. trade, craft(noun)

    the skilled practice of a practical occupation

    foxiness, cunning, deal, trade wind, craftsmanship, business deal, workmanship, craftiness, trade, patronage, barter, wiliness, guile, craft, slyness, swap, swop

  3. trade, patronage(noun)

    the business given to a commercial establishment by its customers

    condescension, business deal, backup, deal, swop, patronage, trade wind, trade, business, backing, barter, clientele, craft, championship, disdain, swap

  4. deal, trade, business deal(noun)

    a particular instance of buying or selling

    tidy sum, pot, peck, mint, swop, plenty, lot, batch, raft, quite a little, passel, softwood, bargain, pile, muckle, business deal, good deal, stack, mountain, deal, craft, trade, trade wind, wad, flock, hatful, mickle, slew, heap, mess, sight, mass, spate, swap, great deal, barter, patronage, hand

  5. craft, trade(noun)

    people who perform a particular kind of skilled work

    foxiness, cunning, trade, trade wind, craftsmanship, business deal, workmanship, craftiness, guile, patronage, swop, barter, wiliness, craft, slyness, swap, deal

  6. trade wind, trade(noun)

    steady winds blowing from east to west above and below the equator

    business deal, deal, swop, patronage, trade wind, barter, trade, craft, swap

  7. barter, swap, swop, trade(verb)

    an equal exchange

    business deal, deal, swop, patronage, trade wind, barter, trade, craft, swap

  8. trade, merchandise(verb)

    engage in the trade of

    switch, merchandise, deal, swop, trade, trade in, sell, swap

  9. trade, trade in(verb)

    turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase

    switch, merchandise, deal, swop, trade, trade in, sell, swap

  10. trade(verb)

    be traded at a certain price or under certain conditions

    deal, swop, switch, trade in, swap, merchandise, sell

  11. trade, swap, swop, switch(verb)

    exchange or give (something) in exchange for

    merchandise, change, throw, interchange, tack, alternate, deal, shift, switch over, exchange, trade in, flip-flop, trade, switch, sell, change over, swap, flip, swop

  12. deal, sell, trade(verb)

    do business; offer for sale as for one's livelihood

    betray, shell out, swop, plow, carry on, lot, swap, apportion, dish out, deal out, allot, care, portion out, sell, consider, take, treat, share, trade in, dispense, dole out, divvy up, grapple, switch, deal, parcel out, trade, manage, merchandise, contend, administer, address, make out, mete out, distribute, handle, conduct, cover, cope, make do, get by, look at


  1. trade(verb)


  2. trade(noun)

    To engage in trade


  3. trade(verb)

    To be traded at a certain price or under certain conditions.

    deal, barter

  4. trade(noun)

    To give (something) in exchange for.

    exchange, swap, switch

  5. trade(noun)

    To do business; offer for sale as for one's livelihood.

    business, do business, make a deal

  6. trade(noun)

    The skilled practice of a practical occupation.


  7. trade(noun)

    The business given to a commercial establishment by its customers.


English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. trade

    A business is what one follows regularly; an occupation is what he happens at any time to be engaged in; trout-fishing may be one's occupation for a time, as a relief from business; business is ordinarily for profit, while the occupation may be a matter of learning, philanthropy, or religion. A profession implies scholarship; as, the learned professions. Pursuit is an occupation which one follows with ardor. An avocation is what calls one away from other work; a vocation or calling, that to which one is called by some special fitness or sense of duty; thus, we speak of the gospel ministry as a vocation or calling, rather than a business. Trade or trading is, in general, the exchanging of one thing for another; in the special sense, a trade is an occupation involving manual training and skilled labor; as, the ancient Jews held that every boy should learn a trade. A transaction is a single action, whether in business, diplomacy, or otherwise; affair has a similar, but lighter meaning; as, this little affair; an important transaction. The plural affairs has a distinctive meaning, including all activities where men deal with one another on any considerable scale; as, a man of affairs. A job is a piece of work viewed as a single undertaking, and ordinarily paid for as such. Trade and commerce may be used as equivalents, but trade is capable of a more limited application; we speak of the trade of a village, the commerce of a nation. Barter is the direct exchange of commodities; business, trade, and commerce are chiefly transacted by means of money, bills of exchange, etc. Business, occupation, etc., may be what one does independently; employment may be in the service of another. Work is any application of energy to secure a result, or the result thus secured; thus, we speak of the work of God. Art in the industrial sense is a system of rules and accepted methods for the accomplishment of some practical result; as, the art of printing; collectively, the arts. A craft is some occupation requiring technical skill or manual dexterity, or the persons, collectively, engaged in its exercise; as, the weaver's craft.

    affair, art, avocation, barter, business, calling, commerce, concern, craft, duty, employment, handicraft, job, occupation, profession, trading, traffic, transaction, vocation, work

    The business of a druggist; in business with his father; doing business for his father; have you business with me? business in New York; business about, concerning, or in regard to certain property.

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Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. trade(n.)

    traffic, commerce, barter, dealing, business, purchase and sale, buying and selling, exchange of commodities

  2. trade(n.)

    occupation (especially a mechanical one), employment, business, calling, pursuit, vocation, craft

  3. trade(v. n.)

    traffic, deal, bargain, chaffer, carry on commerce, buy and sell, drive a trade, drive a bargain

  4. trade(v. a.)

    exchange, barter, swap

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commerce, commercial, trading, business, exchanges, trafficking, exchange, comercio, trades, handel, commercio, handels, comercial, traffic, commerciales, handels-, mercantil, merchant, marketing, trade-, industry, trade-related, shopping, kereskedelmi, commerciale, market