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Princeton's WordNet

  1. waver(noun)

    someone who communicates by waving

    faltering, hesitation, falter, flutter, flicker

  2. hesitation, waver, falter, faltering(noun)

    the act of pausing uncertainly

    disinclination, falter, reluctance, flicker, wavering, indisposition, hesitation, flutter, faltering, vacillation, waver, hesitancy

  3. waver, flutter, flicker(verb)

    the act of moving back and forth

    commotion, fluttering, flapping, disturbance, waver, flap, flicker, glint, flutter, falter, to-do, hurly burly, spark, faltering, hesitation, hoo-ha, disruption, kerfuffle, hoo-hah

  4. hesitate, waver, waffle(verb)

    pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness

    waver, hesitate, quaver, fluctuate, waffle, weave, quiver, pause, flutter, flicker, flitter, falter, vacillate

  5. falter, waver(verb)

    be unsure or weak

    waver, hesitate, quaver, fluctuate, bumble, stutter, stammer, weave, waffle, quiver, flutter, flicker, flitter, stumble, falter, vacillate

  6. falter, waver(verb)

    move hesitatingly, as if about to give way

    waver, hesitate, quaver, fluctuate, bumble, stutter, stammer, weave, waffle, quiver, flutter, flicker, flitter, stumble, falter, vacillate

  7. fluctuate, vacillate, waver(verb)

    move or sway in a rising and falling or wavelike pattern

    quaver, waver, hesitate, falter, flicker, fluctuate, waffle, weave, flitter, quiver, flutter, hover, vibrate, oscillate, vacillate

  8. flicker, waver, flitter, flutter, quiver(verb)

    move back and forth very rapidly

    bat, quake, fleet, palpitate, quaver, flitter, flit, flick, flutter, falter, fluctuate, pulsate, flicker, beat, vacillate, weave, quiver, hesitate, dart, waver, waffle

  9. waver, weave(verb)

    sway to and fro

    interweave, flitter, fluctuate, flicker, flutter, falter, wind, quaver, tissue, wander, vacillate, thread, weave, quiver, hesitate, meander, waver, waffle

  10. quaver, waver(verb)

    give off unsteady sounds, alternating in amplitude or frequency

    waver, trill, flitter, quaver, fluctuate, waffle, hesitate, weave, quiver, flutter, flicker, warble, falter, vacillate

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. waver

    To fluctuate (Latin fluctus, a wave) is to move like a wave with alternate rise and fall. A pendulum oscillates; waves fluctuate or undulate; a light or a flame wavers; a frightened steed swerves from his course; a tool or weapon swerves from the mark or line; the temperature varies; the wind veers when it suddenly changes its direction. That which veers may steadily hold the new direction; that which oscillates, fluctuates, undulates, or wavers returns upon its way. As regards mental states, he who hesitates sticks (Latin hærere) on the verge of decision; he who wavers does not stick to a decision; he who vacillates decides now one way, and now another; one vacillates between contrasted decisions or actions; he may waver between decision and indecision, or between action and inaction. Persons hesitate, vacillate, waver; feelings fluctuate or vary. Compare SHAKE.

    fluctuate, hesitate, oscillate, swerve, undulate, vacillate, vary, veer

    abide, adhere, hold fast, persist, stand fast, stay, stick

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. waver(v. n.)

    wave, undulate, float, flicker

  2. waver(v. n.)

    vacillate, hesitate, fluctuate, be in suspense, be undetermined, be unsettled, be in doubt

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falter, wavering, hesitate, shake, vacillate, vacillation, dither

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