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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rapid climb, rapid growth, zoomnoun

    a rapid rise

    zoom, rapid climb, soar, rapid growth

  2. soar, zoomverb

    the act of rising upward into the air

    zoom, rapid climb, soar, rapid growth

  3. zoom, zoom along, whizz, whizz alongverb

    move along very quickly

    whizz, birr, soar up, whirr, zoom, soar upwards, zoom along, whir, whiz, purr, surge, whizz along, soar

  4. zoomverb

    move with a low humming noise

    soar upwards, soar up, whizz, soar, whizz along, zoom along, surge

  5. soar, soar up, soar upwards, surge, zoomverb

    rise rapidly

    tide, soar upwards, hang glide, soar up, heave, zoom, sailplane, zoom along, scend, whizz along, whizz, surge, billow, soar

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