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Princeton's WordNet

  1. boil, furunclenoun

    a painful sore with a hard core filled with pus

    furuncle, boiling point


  2. boiling point, boilverb

    the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level

    "they brought the water to a boil"

    furuncle, boiling point


  3. boilverb

    come to the boiling point and change from a liquid to vapor

    "Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius"

    seethe, churn, roil, moil


  4. boilverb

    immerse or be immersed in a boiling liquid, often for cooking purposes

    "boil potatoes"; "boil wool"

    seethe, churn, roil, moil


  5. boilverb

    bring to, or maintain at, the boiling point

    "boil this liquid until it evaporates"

    seethe, churn, roil, moil


  6. churn, boil, moil, roilverb

    be agitated

    "the sea was churning in the storm"

    labour, dig, labor, moil, seethe, rile, roil, toil, grind, churn, travail, drudge


  7. seethe, boilverb

    be in an agitated emotional state

    "The customer was seething with anger"

    moil, seethe, roll, hum, churn, roil, buzz


Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. boilverb

    be agitated by heat

  2. boilverb

    bubble, rise in bubbles

  3. boilverb

    be ardent, be hot

  4. boilverb


  5. boilnoun

    furuncle, pustule, gathering, inflamed tumor

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. boilnoun


    Associated words:

  2. boilnoun


  3. boilverb

    seethe, simmer, effervesce

PPDB, the paraphrase database

  1. List of paraphrases for "boil":

    boiling, boiled, abscess

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  1. Julian Evans-Pritchard:

    The latest surveys suggest that China’s economy contracted (in August) as virus disruptions weighed heavily on services activity. Industry also continued to come off the boil as supply chain bottlenecks worsened and demand softened.

  2. Wiliam Hadala:

    We put these miners into the tank, we fill it with the 3M liquid product, the chips on the board boil, and as they boil, it keeps the chips at a consistent temperature, the boil then creates a vapor, which then we have these cooling coils…that connect to our cooling towers outside.

  3. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich:

    Biological infantilism atrophies in a person many useful qualities of survival due to egoism, the population of mankind will be significantly reduced. 2. Machine logic Outside, we look like people, but inside we are as if machines that created evolution itself. Machine mechanisms of thinking moving from one extreme to another. The logic is completely automatic. Inside, everything works very accurately for a normal person, if something breaks, this person is called a madman. This is the absolute power of logic over everything. Robotic consciousness in which everything seems exotic when it is not a profit, but romance. 3. The subconscious mind is capricious and therefore paradoxical, it does not listen to the wisdom of the universe. 4. All reflexes of thinking are just gears twisted by the experience of life. 5. The main geography of the organism The basic geography of an organism is entirely based on the life experience of evolution. Constantly corrected by selfishness that will disrupt the basic ecosystem of thinking and human health. 6. Fear is the basis of all desires. 7. Cosmetics, clothing shopping and plastic surgery are pain relievers for your ego, dear ladies, but not medicine. 8. We all admire geniuses. Before the talents. This is totemism. This is paganism where every genius, as a god, is responsible for his ability. We have become pagans of media mythology. 9. Sleep is self-criticism and self-irony. 10. Loneliness is when all the threads connecting with communication break and you stop being a puppet. 11. You will become more successful when all your stupid desires die out. 12. Successful people are obsessed with the idea that they are always late. 13. A rich man thinks like a sultan. More secret wives, more mistresses, more prostitutes, he is not a prince, he just bought you like a barbie at a sex toy store. 14. The world is a masterpiece of adaptation and there is an endless space around us, but nature is our space. 15. Immortality which will give you to find the secrets of being. All the secrets of awareness will be revealed by eternity. 16. Thinking constantly mutates, instincts and reflexes acquire new qualities of ability, philosophy acquires new armor, and thinking new claws in the process of adaptation. 17. Insomnia is the epicenter of loneliness, a painful point of inevitability. Reality in the city Reality in the city is a reality that is constantly being corrected by opinions and own thoughts. True Reality is nature and love in which money and character do not interfere, there is the truth of universal happiness. You need to grow up to this truth. 2. In any dispute there are fragile places, the main thing is to break all the necessary joints, these are the weak points of a person, that is, his personal sins of selfishness. 3. How does the inner world of a person look like? For someone it consists of egoism, and for someone of selfless deep philosophy. 4. The inner world reflects our essence, our philosophical reasoning. The world passing through the prism of its own logic, passes through our hands, the world of people is endlessly abundant. 5. We forget that no matter how high our intelligence is, we are at the mercy of universal laws. 6. The one who helps the neighbor, thereby helps the descendants. 7. Due to selfishness, our ideal world is still only in our imagination. 8. We are part of the universe, her energy, her philosophy. Many worlds can be hidden in us. Civilizations in our thinking. They say that our world is abundant thanks to opinions. If you feel lonely then you need a bigger bed. There is no feeling of loneliness - it's just a fear of the future and laziness. 2. The higher the intelligence, the less craving for sex and fears. 3. Logic is the pixels of reality. They are getting smaller and smaller. 4. Look at this old residential building. The basis of life is economics and marketing as at the base of a building. Maybe the human universe has turned into this. Morality is rotten and only greed remains. 5. Inevitability shapes us, or we shape inevitability. 6. Alone, we feel cold and dead like ice. We hardly feel suffering because insensibility dulls the pain of despair. Insensibility is the worst pain in the world. Feel dead from loneliness. 7. The coldness of loneliness burns with insensibility and endless emptiness. 8. The coldness of unfeeling loneliness causes rejection, but at the same time the attraction to warm from loneliness with the warmth of sympathy. 9. Through fire, man communicates with nature with the spirits of ancestors who are the basis of culture and nature. This forms the full value of being, life experiences are combined into a single chain of meaning. 10. it is not just communication with nature, it is communication with true reality and the universe itself. City life is a fictional reality of marketing. 11. Time shapes goals and life path is most often formed from inevitability and chance. 12. We move in the void of nonsense. In a fog of illusion. And only time directs us it sober us up from nonsense. Our reality is getting funnier and funnier, comical nightmare of black humor, and funny and scary, shock humor. The comical, dreamlike paradoxes of egoism are becoming more and more. 2. Stubbornness is the cartoonish thinking that anything is possible. This is the inexhaustible energy of success. 3. Open in yourself the philosophy of love without self-interest and selfishness, and you will become much happier and more joyful. Let your heart become a philosopher of selfless love. 4. Alone, you will grow old mind faster. Like a fish in the depths of the endless emptiness of nonsense. 5. The great matrix of loneliness, where money rules, there will always be formal loneliness, robotic consciousness. 6. Music is a lullaby of consciousness, we are moving towards death by dancing. Depression from loneliness there is something lulling and comforting in her in the feeling of romance, in the emptiness of feelings. Reality seems endless. 2. Depression is a cocoon of rebirth. You become a person super deep and not of the world of everything. 3. I understand it is not easy to fall in love again, you need to delve into the new plot of a love series, and all series end the same way, or degrade, or funding for the continuation of the story ends. 4. Loneliness is hormones in your pants. 5. Depression is a hang-glider, you run in despair from loneliness and take off and you see how beautiful romantic depression is, there is something warm and tender in it - this is the greatness of life. 6. Demand to sue the one who wrote the script of your life. 7. Love is nonconformity in the world of economics. 8. Economics sets trends in philosophy, although it is extremely unstable due to inflation. 9. Interaction of inertia in engineering thinking, will overcome all frontiers of success. 10. Roads of the city - this is the nervous system of impulses point, and to point b, or the circulatory system. Which is increasingly experiencing the paralysis of egoism in evolutionary thinking. Love for money Modern love for money. If you have no money or little money for a girl. Neither the size of the penis, nor the size of the muscles, nor the size of the intellect, nor even your humor will save you. She will just start to sober up from your charm and charm that you are just a loser. If you are loved only because of money, then you are out of luck with your face. 2. Lying is the daughter of greed The evolutionary ladder of lies, lies - this is a jetpack in the ladder of social status, and people seem so small it gives rise to misanthropy and sociopathy. Honest people are homeless people or corpses. In the evolution of monopoly by self-interest and profit, only the manipulative lies of populism and marketing, the acting of hypocritical greed, are being improved. Lying is the daughter of greed. Lies turn us into atheists, immerse in skepticism all the brightest and most beautiful. 3.subconscious and love Libido confuses us, while the subconscious forms platonic love that affects intuition. Subconsciously, we had to come to our soul mate, if it is in the brain program. The subconscious is a life scenario programmed by the influence of karma. 4. Revenge is a gift from karma Revenge is a gift from karma so that you cannot get out of the hands of karma, its vicious circle. This is an eloquent self-irony in which it is shown that you are no better than the enemy. 5. Poetry is very beautiful porn. 6. In poetry, testosterone is the brush of catharsis, and libido is the ink of inspiration. 7. Humor is angry honesty, like an eruption of truth, a volcano on which it is written: enough. 8. Kazakh Woman Powerful libido generator You excite the imagination, you are a whole inner world. You boil my hormones in my pants. The whole body is like a continuous powerful erection. Powerful libido generator. You are mania and filia and fetish. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

  4. Proverb:

    Men's ignorance makes the pot boil for priests.

  5. Marc Duvoisin:

    Urgent questions about the police response to the massacre have not been answered with clarity or consistency, and residents' frustration began to boil over on social media, the information gap became a partisan talking point, and elected officials began to demand answers and an investigation.

Translations for boil

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • kookAfrikaans
  • خراج, ثؤلول, دُّمَّل, غلىArabic
  • завирам, варя, цирей, точка на кипене, кипвам, кипяBulgarian
  • bullirCatalan, Valencian
  • boddaCorsican
  • nežit, var, vařit, uvařit, beďar, vřít, uher, bod varuCzech
  • Furunkel, kochen, sieden, EiterbeuleGerman
  • βράζω, δοθιήνας, βρασμός, καλόγεροςGreek
  • boligi, boli, abceso, boloEsperanto
  • hervir, bullir, furúnculoSpanish
  • keittää, paise, kiehuttaaFinnish
  • bouillir, porter à l'ébullition, furoncle, faireFrench
  • goil, neasgaidScottish Gaelic
  • ferverGalician
  • רתיחה, הרתיח, לוֹהֵטHebrew
  • उबलनाHindi
  • kelés, furunkulusHungarian
  • եփելArmenian
  • ebuliar, boliigar, boliarIdo
  • far bollire, bollireItalian
  • 煮る, はれもの, 沸かす, 沸騰させる, 沸く, おでき, ゆでるJapanese
  • დუღილიGeorgian
  • 뾰루지Korean
  • کوڵاندنKurdish
  • bulliō, ferveōLatin
  • užvirti, užvirinti, virtiLithuanian
  • virt, vārīt, vārīties, uzvārītLatvian
  • kōhua, whēwhē, kōhue, tāpoa, pāeraMāori
  • didihMalay
  • mgħolliMaltese
  • ဆူBurmese
  • koken, puist, kook, stikken, aan de kook brengen, pukkel, kookpuntDutch
  • yiłbéézhNavajo, Navaho
  • estondejar, bolirOccitan
  • wrzeć, wrzenie, gotować, zagotować, czyrakPolish
  • ferver, abcesso, fervura, bubão, cisto, pústula, íngua, carbúnculo, evaporar, furúnculo, tumorPortuguese
  • botta da marscha, coier, burschel, burschè, buglir, furunchel, furuncel, bignun, furuncul, biergna, purschi, bulgeirRomansh
  • furuncul, buboi, abces, fierbeRomanian
  • нарыв, кипение, кипяти́ть, запа́риться, чирей, кипе́ть, вари́ть, закипе́ть, закипа́ть, фурункул, вскипяти́ть, свари́тьсяRussian
  • boddire, vudhire, bodhiri, budhire, bodhireSardinian
  • belaSouthern Sotho
  • koka, böld, varböldSwedish
  • jipu, uvimbe, chemshaSwahili
  • కురుపుTelugu
  • kaynatmakTurkish
  • kukön, kükön vatiVolapük

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