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ˈkɑr dn l

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. cardinal(noun)

    (Roman Catholic Church) one of a group of more than 100 prominent bishops in the Sacred College who advise the Pope and elect new Popes

    cardinal number, redbird, carmine, cardinal grosbeak

    twenty-third, seventieth, 2d, 70th, ninetieth, hundred-and-tenth, 150th, 23rd, trillionth, 110th, thirty-ninth, second, twenty-seventh, forty-seventh, fortieth, fifteenth, thirty-first, fourteenth, twenty-eighth, 14th, 42nd, thirty-sixth, quintillionth, eighth, 95th, 8th, 100th, sixtieth, hundred-and-seventieth, seventh, third, twenty-first, 12th, 10th, 500th, twenty-second, 31st, 60th, 44th, fourth, billionth, forty-fifth, 50th, hundred-and-fifth, hundred-and-twentieth, 300th, 43rd, 165th, 1000th, hundred-and-twenty-fifth, three-hundredth, nineteenth, 105th, 46th, 19th, 125th, hundred-and-first, zeroth, forty-eighth, hundredth, 64th, nth, twenty-fifth, sixty-fourth, 16th, 130th, twenty-ninth, 400th, ninth, twenty-fourth, 33rd, 75th, forty-fourth, thirty-second, 28th, 5th, thirty-seventh, ordinal, 140th, four-hundredth, hundred-and-seventy-fifth, twentieth, unimportant, quaternary, forty-second, 101st, 170th, centesimal, 175th, sixty-fifth, 200th, 55th, hundred-and-fifty-fifth, 145th, 90th, 40th, 30th, 49th, 48th, sixteenth, umpteenth, millionth, thirty-eighth, 6th, 1st, forty-third, hundred-and-fiftieth, fifty-fifth, 22nd, twelfth, 26th, forty-first, 17th, 24th, sixth, 21st, 4th, umteenth, 135th, 36th, 20th, hundred-and-eightieth, 37th, 47th, seventy-fifth, 2nd, thousandth, thirty-fourth, 39th, hundred-and-sixty-fifth, eighty-fifth, thirteenth, two-hundredth, quadrillionth, 34th, thirty-fifth, 41st, hundred-and-thirty-fifth, eighteenth, 32nd, zero, hundred-and-ninetieth, 18th, hundred-and-forty-fifth, hundred-and-fifteenth, 15th, 13th, hundred-and-thirtieth, forty-ninth, fifth, 180th, hundred-and-fortieth, tenth, 29th, 11th, 190th, 155th, 38th, first, 45th, 160th, 35th, 7th, eightieth, 3rd, thirtieth, n-th, eleventh, seventeenth, fiftieth, 80th, 9th, 27th, 115th, forty-sixth, twenty-sixth, 85th, umptieth, 65th, thirty-third, hundred-and-sixtieth, ninety-fifth, 25th, tertiary, 120th, five-hundredth

  2. cardinal number, cardinal(noun)

    the number of elements in a mathematical set; denotes a quantity but not the order

    cardinal number, redbird, carmine, cardinal grosbeak

    17th, 100th, nth, n-th, fifty-fifth, ninth, second, 49th, ninety-fifth, 130th, thirty-sixth, 28th, 38th, 29th, fourteenth, 18th, eighty-fifth, forty-third, 26th, 21st, seventieth, 12th, 11th, 43rd, 500th, twenty-second, 41st, 39th, 7th, two-hundredth, hundred-and-thirtieth, sixty-fourth, 175th, 2nd, 190th, forty-second, fourth, twentieth, 36th, fifteenth, hundred-and-fiftieth, three-hundredth, hundred-and-ninetieth, 31st, 70th, 9th, 300th, forty-ninth, 135th, 10th, 3rd, 34th, 170th, forty-eighth, 8th, forty-fifth, 47th, 115th, hundredth, hundred-and-twenty-fifth, 4th, 1st, hundred-and-forty-fifth, 20th, hundred-and-first, quadrillionth, 45th, millionth, fortieth, hundred-and-tenth, 6th, forty-fourth, 200th, 32nd, sixty-fifth, centesimal, quaternary, umpteenth, 110th, 50th, thousandth, 46th, 30th, 75th, sixth, twenty-third, thirteenth, thirty-third, ordinal, 1000th, 165th, twelfth, hundred-and-sixtieth, twenty-fifth, seventy-fifth, eighteenth, zero, quintillionth, seventh, eighth, 55th, 60th, forty-sixth, 42nd, 90th, 33rd, thirtieth, forty-seventh, seventeenth, 101st, hundred-and-twentieth, twenty-eighth, 150th, 180th, twenty-seventh, thirty-second, trillionth, hundred-and-fifth, 35th, thirty-seventh, umteenth, billionth, twenty-first, 160th, thirty-ninth, third, unimportant, 27th, eightieth, 105th, sixteenth, tertiary, 37th, 24th, twenty-sixth, thirty-fifth, 400th, four-hundredth, 48th, five-hundredth, 120th, 23rd, hundred-and-eightieth, thirty-fourth, hundred-and-thirty-fifth, umptieth, 95th, 14th, hundred-and-fifteenth, twenty-fourth, zeroth, 22nd, sixtieth, 140th, 64th, 145th, 65th, forty-first, 13th, 16th, first, 85th, 2d, 19th, fifth, ninetieth, thirty-eighth, 125th, fiftieth, tenth, 40th, hundred-and-fortieth, thirty-first, 15th, 5th, twenty-ninth, nineteenth, 44th, hundred-and-seventieth, eleventh, hundred-and-seventy-fifth, hundred-and-sixty-fifth, 155th, hundred-and-fifty-fifth, 80th, 25th

  3. cardinal, carmine(noun)

    a variable color averaging a vivid red

    cardinal number, redbird, carmine, cardinal grosbeak

    110th, 145th, 20th, 21st, 32nd, five-hundredth, hundred-and-fortieth, 25th, 47th, 140th, billionth, hundred-and-eightieth, 64th, 17th, 31st, fifty-fifth, 9th, hundred-and-fifteenth, 11th, twenty-eighth, fifth, thirteenth, thirtieth, 150th, hundred-and-tenth, 36th, hundred-and-fifth, 60th, sixteenth, 49th, 44th, 3rd, 35th, forty-fourth, twenty-second, fortieth, 95th, quaternary, fifteenth, n-th, 45th, unimportant, umptieth, twenty-third, nineteenth, 28th, hundred-and-twenty-fifth, 13th, 500th, hundred-and-sixtieth, 22nd, 42nd, 65th, twenty-sixth, 180th, ninetieth, eightieth, 40th, forty-third, 18th, forty-ninth, ordinal, forty-second, 16th, seventieth, 400th, 30th, 4th, quintillionth, 33rd, 2nd, 100th, 2d, sixtieth, 34th, thirty-eighth, forty-first, thirty-second, 24th, 170th, sixth, sixty-fourth, hundred-and-thirty-fifth, 39th, third, 8th, umteenth, seventh, 26th, thirty-fourth, second, twenty-fifth, 115th, hundred-and-forty-fifth, hundred-and-twentieth, hundred-and-seventy-fifth, eighth, hundred-and-fifty-fifth, 190th, 37th, 6th, 55th, twenty-first, hundred-and-fiftieth, thousandth, thirty-seventh, hundred-and-thirtieth, 48th, three-hundredth, thirty-ninth, 1000th, thirty-first, eighteenth, 19th, centesimal, 38th, millionth, 101st, hundredth, two-hundredth, 29th, twelfth, 175th, twenty-seventh, 10th, 90th, umpteenth, 155th, ninth, 43rd, forty-sixth, thirty-sixth, 160th, 80th, 70th, eighty-fifth, 14th, 130th, twenty-fourth, 5th, 15th, fourth, sixty-fifth, 105th, zero, thirty-third, first, zeroth, eleventh, 46th, seventeenth, hundred-and-first, fiftieth, 27th, tertiary, 125th, tenth, 200th, 41st, thirty-fifth, forty-seventh, 120th, twenty-ninth, 7th, forty-eighth, 300th, seventy-fifth, nth, hundred-and-seventieth, hundred-and-ninetieth, 75th, forty-fifth, 23rd, 165th, 135th, fourteenth, trillionth, quadrillionth, 1st, ninety-fifth, four-hundredth, 85th, hundred-and-sixty-fifth, twentieth, 50th, 12th

  4. cardinal, cardinal grosbeak, Richmondena Cardinalis, Cardinalis cardinalis, redbird(adj)

    crested thick-billed North American finch having bright red plumage in the male

    cardinal number, redbird, carmine, scarlet tanager, firebird, cardinal grosbeak

    two-hundredth, seventy-fifth, forty-fourth, 28th, 110th, hundred-and-first, tenth, seventieth, twenty-seventh, 20th, twenty-third, 9th, 43rd, 17th, trillionth, 7th, tertiary, 3rd, 30th, hundred-and-thirtieth, hundred-and-fifty-fifth, eighth, seventeenth, 135th, 38th, hundredth, ninetieth, thirty-sixth, 21st, hundred-and-sixtieth, 39th, umptieth, hundred-and-twenty-fifth, eightieth, 70th, ninety-fifth, forty-eighth, 31st, 48th, 25th, zeroth, hundred-and-sixty-fifth, hundred-and-ninetieth, thirty-eighth, 8th, eleventh, hundred-and-forty-fifth, quaternary, 24th, umpteenth, 190th, hundred-and-eightieth, thousandth, unimportant, hundred-and-fifth, 65th, thirtieth, twenty-sixth, twenty-fifth, 47th, 100th, 32nd, 33rd, billionth, 175th, 36th, 160th, forty-sixth, 400th, 55th, 40th, 22nd, 6th, four-hundredth, 200th, thirty-first, 1st, 41st, hundred-and-twentieth, 80th, 130th, umteenth, 150th, zero, twelfth, fifth, 165th, 45th, 2nd, 13th, 19th, 125th, 90th, 85th, hundred-and-seventy-fifth, thirty-ninth, 5th, 60th, fourteenth, sixty-fourth, eighteenth, thirty-seventh, 75th, 18th, 180th, 46th, fortieth, 155th, twenty-ninth, ordinal, 49th, sixth, second, 14th, 170th, forty-first, forty-ninth, forty-seventh, hundred-and-seventieth, hundred-and-fortieth, thirteenth, three-hundredth, seventh, thirty-second, 42nd, hundred-and-fiftieth, 115th, forty-second, 50th, 145th, 34th, 26th, first, 105th, twenty-first, fifteenth, fifty-fifth, 120th, thirty-fourth, sixtieth, 1000th, nineteenth, ninth, 2d, sixty-fifth, sixteenth, hundred-and-thirty-fifth, hundred-and-tenth, 11th, 12th, quintillionth, 44th, 23rd, 300th, twenty-second, 64th, 35th, centesimal, twenty-eighth, millionth, 140th, fiftieth, fourth, 27th, n-th, five-hundredth, forty-fifth, 10th, eighty-fifth, 95th, 500th, nth, forty-third, third, hundred-and-fifteenth, twenty-fourth, thirty-third, twentieth, 15th, quadrillionth, 16th, 29th, 4th, 37th, thirty-fifth, 101st

  5. cardinal, central, fundamental, key, primal(adj)

    serving as an essential component

    "a cardinal rule"; "the central cause of the problem"; "an example that was fundamental to the argument"; "computers are fundamental to modern industrial structure"

    fundamental, primeval, primordial, key, profound, underlying, central, rudimentary, aboriginal, primaeval, primal

    centesimal, hundred-and-thirty-fifth, 155th, 64th, hundred-and-sixty-fifth, fortieth, thirty-second, eighteenth, umptieth, thirty-seventh, hundredth, 170th, twenty-ninth, hundred-and-eightieth, sixth, hundred-and-forty-fifth, 31st, eightieth, 43rd, seventieth, 23rd, thirty-fourth, 1st, 2nd, 30th, 125th, seventeenth, thirtieth, forty-second, 48th, zeroth, twenty-fourth, 18th, 80th, 46th, forty-ninth, 32nd, 2d, twentieth, 500th, millionth, thirty-fifth, nth, seventh, first, fourth, unimportant, 101st, 400th, hundred-and-twentieth, 190th, twenty-fifth, twenty-first, tenth, forty-fourth, 105th, twelfth, twenty-second, ordinal, 150th, eighth, 165th, 35th, hundred-and-fifteenth, 8th, 12th, ninety-fifth, trillionth, 16th, 44th, 115th, 28th, hundred-and-fifth, 39th, fourteenth, hundred-and-fiftieth, thirty-first, eleventh, billionth, 20th, umpteenth, twenty-seventh, sixty-fifth, hundred-and-seventieth, 42nd, 27th, 6th, 11th, four-hundredth, 130th, tertiary, 33rd, nineteenth, hundred-and-seventy-fifth, thirty-ninth, 110th, 140th, thirty-sixth, 120th, hundred-and-ninetieth, thirty-eighth, 38th, 34th, 13th, hundred-and-first, 180th, quintillionth, thirty-third, 160th, 14th, 300th, 90th, 65th, forty-first, twenty-eighth, ninetieth, 175th, 100th, 55th, forty-seventh, thirteenth, 5th, five-hundredth, 95th, 135th, 200th, eighty-fifth, 7th, forty-sixth, sixtieth, fifteenth, 24th, three-hundredth, forty-third, 9th, 17th, seventy-fifth, 25th, 75th, 1000th, third, fiftieth, 3rd, fifth, hundred-and-thirtieth, 29th, forty-fifth, sixty-fourth, fifty-fifth, quaternary, 41st, 10th, hundred-and-twenty-fifth, 45th, two-hundredth, 40th, 22nd, sixteenth, 50th, hundred-and-sixtieth, twenty-sixth, hundred-and-fifty-fifth, n-th, twenty-third, 37th, 60th, forty-eighth, 85th, thousandth, 47th, ninth, hundred-and-tenth, 145th, 15th, 21st, zero, umteenth, 19th, hundred-and-fortieth, 4th, 70th, quadrillionth, 49th, 26th, second, 36th

  6. cardinal(adj)

    being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order

    "cardinal numbers"

    central, key, fundamental, primal

    nineteenth, twenty-eighth, forty-fourth, 7th, 42nd, 64th, thirty-ninth, hundred-and-ninetieth, 15th, 13th, seventh, eighth, thirty-seventh, eleventh, twenty-sixth, 25th, forty-third, umpteenth, forty-sixth, 33rd, forty-eighth, umteenth, 130th, 155th, 35th, 150th, hundred-and-fiftieth, twenty-fourth, thirty-second, fourteenth, hundred-and-twenty-fifth, 14th, twenty-third, hundred-and-first, twenty-seventh, hundredth, unimportant, 55th, twentieth, hundred-and-eightieth, thirteenth, 400th, 44th, forty-seventh, three-hundredth, 1000th, 500th, 160th, quaternary, twenty-fifth, tenth, 46th, quintillionth, hundred-and-fifth, 110th, 17th, sixty-fifth, 26th, five-hundredth, centesimal, umptieth, fifteenth, ordinal, 75th, hundred-and-fifteenth, sixth, 120th, seventieth, first, 10th, thirty-fifth, hundred-and-seventieth, twenty-ninth, thirty-fourth, 2d, thirty-eighth, 60th, 39th, 40th, sixtieth, 80th, forty-fifth, 2nd, 8th, eighteenth, 6th, 115th, third, forty-first, forty-second, 145th, fiftieth, 47th, 23rd, hundred-and-thirtieth, thirtieth, 11th, 37th, 85th, 22nd, 18th, 140th, thirty-first, sixty-fourth, seventy-fifth, hundred-and-forty-fifth, fifth, hundred-and-twentieth, thirty-third, 48th, 12th, hundred-and-thirty-fifth, 27th, 4th, 1st, thirty-sixth, 9th, 28th, fourth, 105th, nth, twenty-second, thousandth, fortieth, 95th, 300th, trillionth, eighty-fifth, 175th, zero, 43rd, 190th, 38th, 16th, millionth, 135th, 49th, 34th, 101st, two-hundredth, hundred-and-seventy-fifth, seventeenth, twelfth, second, 36th, 32nd, 20th, ninetieth, hundred-and-fifty-fifth, sixteenth, 125th, billionth, 21st, 50th, eightieth, four-hundredth, tertiary, 19th, ninety-fifth, 100th, quadrillionth, 31st, 45th, 165th, hundred-and-fortieth, 3rd, hundred-and-sixty-fifth, 90th, ninth, forty-ninth, twenty-first, 170th, 24th, zeroth, 200th, fifty-fifth, n-th, 180th, hundred-and-tenth, 5th, 65th, 29th, hundred-and-sixtieth, 30th, 70th, 41st

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. cardinal(a.)

    principal, chief, main, leading, most important

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. cardinal(a)

    principal, chief, superior, preëminent

PPDB, the paraphrase database

  1. List of paraphrases:

    cardenal, cardinale, fundamental, basic

How to pronounce cardinal?

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  1. cardinal

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How to use cardinal in a sentence?

  1. Alice Stewart:

    After the past few debate debacles, the campaigns are having conversations with each other as to how we can avoid another debate where the moderators become the story. That's the cardinal sin of journalism and the campaigns are sick and tired of it.

  2. Orlando Marquez:

    That was a qualitative leap, when the cardinal played a very important role.

  3. Brian Billick:

    When Paul Nickel're at Stanford Cardinal, Paul Nickel run across a lot of guys like Stanford Cardinal, they've got a broader view of life.

  4. Anuj Somany:

    A person gets the people around oneself not by own desire or wish, but as who s/he character-wise is. That's perhaps the first cardinal rule of Karma.

  5. Peter Kidd:

    Cardinal Pell, I find beyond reasonable doubt that, on the specific facts of your case, there was a clear relationship of trust with the victims, and you breached that trust and abused your position to facilitate this offending.

Translations for cardinal

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • кардинал, яркочервен, главен, чинка, яркочервен цвят, числителен, числително, основенBulgarian
  • pennañBreton
  • cardinalCatalan, Valencian
  • kardinálCzech
  • grundsätzlich, Kardinalrot, Grundzahl, Kardinal, Kardinalzahl, RotkardinalGerman
  • απόλυτος αριθμός, καρδινάλιοςGreek
  • cardinal, número cardinal, cardenal, cardenal rojo, cardenal comúnSpanish
  • اساسی, اصلی, اعداد اصلی, عدداصلی, کاردینالPersian
  • perusluku, kardinaalinpunainen, peri-, emä-, pää-, kardinaali, perus-, punakardinaaliFinnish
  • cardinal, rouge cardinalFrench
  • haadtelwurdWestern Frisian
  • cairdinéal, cairdinéaltaIrish
  • bíbornok, kardinális, bíborosHungarian
  • քանակական թվական, քանակականArmenian
  • cardinalInterlingua
  • kardináli, aðal-, höfuð-, hárauður, megin-, frumtala, grundvallar-Icelandic
  • numero cardinale, cardinaleItalian
  • 枢機卿, 基数, 緋色, 基本Japanese
  • kardînal, metranKurdish
  • KardinolLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
  • kardinālsLatvian
  • kardinalNorwegian
  • kardinaalrood, hoofdtelwoord, kardinaalDutch
  • kardinalNorwegian Nynorsk
  • kardinalNorwegian
  • tááʼyaʼniiltʼóshiiNavajo, Navaho
  • kardynalny, kardynał, purpurowy, purpuraPolish
  • fundamental, cardeal, [[número]] [[cardinal]], vermelho-cardeal, cardinal, principalPortuguese
  • număr cardinal, cardinalRomanian
  • главный, кардинал, количественное числительное, количественный, основнойRussian
  • kardinalSerbo-Croatian
  • kardinal, kardinalno številoSlovene
  • kardinal, kardinal-, främsta, huvudsaklig, väsentlig, avgörande, huvud-Swedish
  • kadinoliSwahili
  • кардинальнийUkrainian
  • کارڈنلUrdu
  • cốt yếu, chủ yếu, số lượng, lượng, chínhVietnamese

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