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Synonyms for compound
ˈkɒm paʊnd, kɒmˈpaʊnd; ˈkɒm paʊnd; kəmˈpaʊnd, ˈkɒm paʊndcom·pound

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English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. compound

    That is complex which is made up of several connected parts. That is compound in which the parts are not merely connected, but fused, or otherwise combined into a single substance. In a composite object the different parts have less of unity than in that which is complex or compound, but maintain their distinct individuality. In a heterogeneous body unlike parts or particles are intermingled, often without apparent order or plan. Conglomerate (literally, globed together) is said of a confused mingling of masses or lumps of various substances. The New England pudding-stone is a conglomerate rock. In a complex object the arrangement and relation of parts may be perfectly clear; in a complicated mechanism the parts are so numerous, or so combined, that the mind can not readily grasp their mutual relations; in an intricate arrangement the parts are so intertwined that it is difficult to follow their windings; things are involved which are rolled together so as not to be easily separated, either in thought or in fact; things which are tangled or entangled mutually hold and draw upon each other. The conception of a material object is usually complex, involving form, color, size, and other elements; a clock is a complicated mechanism; the Gordian knot was intricate; the twining serpents of the Laocoon are involved. We speak of an abstruse statement, a complex conception, a confused heap, a heterogeneous mass, a tangled skein, an intricate problem; of composite architecture, an involved sentence; of the complicated or intricate accounts of a great business, the entangled accounts of an incompetent or dishonest bookkeeper.

    abstruse, complex, complicated, composite, confused, conglomerate, entangled, heterogeneous, intricate, involved, manifold, mingled, mixed, multiform, obscure, tangled

    clear, direct, homogeneous, obvious, plain, simple, uncombined, uncompounded, uniform, unraveled

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. compoundverb

    concert, mix, amalgamate, fuse

    resolve, analyze

  2. compoundnoun

    mixture, combination, amalgamation, junction, unification, coalescence

    decomposition, analysis, dissection, resolution

Princeton's WordNet

  1. compoundnoun

    a whole formed by a union of two or more elements or parts

    chemical compound

    needle-shaped, acerate, unlobed, elongate, sagittate, acuminate, orbicular, four-needled, simple, fiddle-shaped, acicular, three-needled, unsubdivided, five-needled, swordlike, shield-shaped, spearhead-shaped, dolabriform, apiculate, orbiculate, ovate, perfoliate, ensiform, spatula-shaped, bladelike, deltoid, wedge-shaped, cordiform, pandurate, arrow-shaped, hastate, oblanceolate, cordate, kidney-shaped, obovate, sword-shaped, obtuse, two-needled, caudate, needled, dolabrate, peltate, reniform, acerose, lancelike, heart-shaped, lanceolate, cuneate, lyrate, linear, sagittiform, elliptic, spatulate, oblong, panduriform

  2. compound, chemical compoundnoun

    (chemistry) a substance formed by chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight

    chemical compound

    perfoliate, panduriform, cordiform, acuminate, arrow-shaped, oblanceolate, simple, unlobed, orbiculate, peltate, hastate, orbicular, acicular, ensiform, elongate, spearhead-shaped, sword-shaped, lanceolate, dolabrate, lyrate, acerate, obtuse, fiddle-shaped, elliptic, swordlike, sagittiform, pandurate, spatula-shaped, needled, cordate, unsubdivided, heart-shaped, five-needled, cuneate, dolabriform, obovate, reniform, bladelike, four-needled, apiculate, ovate, acerose, needle-shaped, spatulate, caudate, sagittate, shield-shaped, three-needled, kidney-shaped, linear, wedge-shaped, two-needled, deltoid, lancelike, oblong

  3. compoundadjective

    an enclosure of residences and other building (especially in the Orient)

    chemical compound

    swordlike, dolabrate, cordate, linear, sagittate, hastate, cuneate, unsubdivided, acicular, needled, ovate, obovate, lanceolate, oblong, three-needled, simple, orbiculate, cordiform, sword-shaped, fiddle-shaped, oblanceolate, heart-shaped, caudate, four-needled, peltate, perfoliate, apiculate, elliptic, spearhead-shaped, acuminate, five-needled, acerate, acerose, lyrate, unlobed, panduriform, reniform, elongate, dolabriform, arrow-shaped, two-needled, bladelike, obtuse, wedge-shaped, shield-shaped, spatula-shaped, pandurate, orbicular, needle-shaped, spatulate, kidney-shaped, sagittiform, deltoid, ensiform, lancelike

  4. compoundadjective

    composed of more than one part

    "compound leaves are composed of several lobes; "compound flower heads"


    ovate, three-needled, bladelike, sagittiform, swordlike, sagittate, acerose, simple, oblong, apiculate, lanceolate, oblanceolate, spatula-shaped, acicular, spearhead-shaped, cuneate, elliptic, fiddle-shaped, reniform, lancelike, orbicular, needle-shaped, obovate, orbiculate, panduriform, obtuse, cordate, unsubdivided, acuminate, kidney-shaped, spatulate, elongate, linear, caudate, lyrate, perfoliate, unlobed, peltate, dolabriform, five-needled, four-needled, dolabrate, arrow-shaped, pandurate, wedge-shaped, shield-shaped, sword-shaped, ensiform, needled, two-needled, deltoid, cordiform, hastate, acerate, heart-shaped

  5. compoundadjective

    consisting of two or more substances or ingredients or elements or parts

    "soap is a compound substance"; "housetop is a compound word"; "a blackberry is a compound fruit"


    dolabrate, apiculate, deltoid, acerate, caudate, dolabriform, unsubdivided, acerose, heart-shaped, hastate, panduriform, lyrate, orbiculate, cordiform, sagittate, linear, swordlike, oblanceolate, bladelike, two-needled, needle-shaped, sagittiform, spatula-shaped, simple, unlobed, acicular, kidney-shaped, spatulate, three-needled, shield-shaped, lancelike, lanceolate, oblong, spearhead-shaped, fiddle-shaped, elliptic, ovate, five-needled, cuneate, pandurate, orbicular, needled, perfoliate, cordate, obovate, obtuse, ensiform, sword-shaped, wedge-shaped, acuminate, four-needled, arrow-shaped, peltate, elongate, reniform

  6. colonial, compoundverb

    composed of many distinct individuals united to form a whole or colony

    "coral is a colonial organism"


    spatula-shaped, caudate, oblanceolate, five-needled, acerose, acerate, needled, apiculate, spatulate, cordiform, dolabrate, deltoid, ovate, four-needled, obtuse, lyrate, three-needled, simple, reniform, sword-shaped, arrow-shaped, unsubdivided, wedge-shaped, pandurate, unlobed, linear, fiddle-shaped, elliptic, hastate, acuminate, swordlike, kidney-shaped, spearhead-shaped, obovate, shield-shaped, perfoliate, elongate, orbicular, heart-shaped, orbiculate, cuneate, dolabriform, cordate, sagittate, two-needled, panduriform, acicular, needle-shaped, oblong, ensiform, peltate, sagittiform, bladelike, lancelike, lanceolate

  7. intensify, compound, heighten, deepenverb

    make more intense, stronger, or more marked

    "The efforts were intensified", "Her rudeness intensified his dislike for her"; "Pot smokers claim it heightens their awareness"; "This event only deepened my convictions"

    change, sharpen, enhance, escalate, rise, step up, heighten, raise, combine, intensify, deepen

    sword-shaped, bladelike, cuneate, unlobed, ovate, panduriform, acerose, fiddle-shaped, ensiform, three-needled, caudate, spatula-shaped, reniform, simple, pandurate, sagittiform, sagittate, cordiform, acicular, needled, linear, peltate, heart-shaped, five-needled, orbicular, kidney-shaped, swordlike, acerate, apiculate, dolabriform, needle-shaped, spatulate, obtuse, obovate, elongate, elliptic, dolabrate, deltoid, wedge-shaped, oblong, acuminate, four-needled, arrow-shaped, perfoliate, spearhead-shaped, lyrate, lancelike, cordate, unsubdivided, two-needled, oblanceolate, hastate, shield-shaped, lanceolate, orbiculate

  8. compound, combineverb

    put or add together

    "combine resources"

    conflate, unite, blend, flux, coalesce, aggregate, merge, combine, mix, commingle, intensify, heighten, meld, fuse, immix, deepen

    five-needled, oblanceolate, orbiculate, shield-shaped, perfoliate, acicular, simple, ovate, linear, four-needled, reniform, swordlike, lanceolate, kidney-shaped, three-needled, elongate, arrow-shaped, cordiform, unsubdivided, peltate, elliptic, lyrate, sagittiform, spatula-shaped, oblong, acuminate, needle-shaped, sword-shaped, fiddle-shaped, acerate, apiculate, needled, acerose, wedge-shaped, hastate, two-needled, orbicular, heart-shaped, cuneate, bladelike, sagittate, unlobed, pandurate, cordate, lancelike, caudate, spatulate, spearhead-shaped, deltoid, ensiform, obtuse, obovate, dolabrate, dolabriform, panduriform

  9. compoundverb

    calculate principal and interest

    deepen, intensify, heighten, combine

    cordiform, wedge-shaped, acerate, sword-shaped, unsubdivided, acuminate, three-needled, acicular, cuneate, spatula-shaped, two-needled, swordlike, oblong, sagittiform, arrow-shaped, dolabriform, elongate, fiddle-shaped, elliptic, panduriform, simple, heart-shaped, caudate, ovate, acerose, lanceolate, orbiculate, orbicular, sagittate, spearhead-shaped, dolabrate, four-needled, shield-shaped, spatulate, ensiform, cordate, peltate, pandurate, unlobed, oblanceolate, needled, bladelike, needle-shaped, deltoid, apiculate, kidney-shaped, lancelike, reniform, linear, obtuse, five-needled, lyrate, perfoliate, obovate, hastate

  10. compoundverb

    create by mixing or combining

    deepen, intensify, heighten, combine

    linear, sagittiform, spearhead-shaped, two-needled, acerate, elliptic, four-needled, simple, sagittate, ensiform, obovate, acicular, oblanceolate, panduriform, orbiculate, shield-shaped, obtuse, unlobed, sword-shaped, ovate, lyrate, cuneate, unsubdivided, deltoid, caudate, lancelike, spatulate, reniform, elongate, fiddle-shaped, wedge-shaped, kidney-shaped, heart-shaped, needled, dolabrate, dolabriform, cordiform, cordate, peltate, acerose, bladelike, five-needled, pandurate, swordlike, arrow-shaped, orbicular, spatula-shaped, needle-shaped, oblong, acuminate, three-needled, perfoliate, lanceolate, apiculate, hastate

  11. compound, combineverb

    combine so as to form a whole; mix

    "compound the ingredients"

    conflate, unite, blend, flux, coalesce, aggregate, merge, combine, mix, commingle, intensify, heighten, meld, fuse, immix, deepen

    two-needled, acerose, orbicular, unlobed, spatula-shaped, dolabriform, caudate, linear, cordiform, acerate, wedge-shaped, simple, ovate, apiculate, oblong, spearhead-shaped, ensiform, peltate, heart-shaped, sagittiform, pandurate, dolabrate, shield-shaped, lancelike, oblanceolate, obovate, fiddle-shaped, acuminate, three-needled, bladelike, sword-shaped, lyrate, orbiculate, deltoid, obtuse, lanceolate, reniform, perfoliate, cordate, needled, arrow-shaped, swordlike, cuneate, kidney-shaped, acicular, elliptic, panduriform, sagittate, four-needled, elongate, five-needled, hastate, needle-shaped, unsubdivided, spatulate

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Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. compoundverb

    mix, mingle, intermix, intermingle, blend, combine, amalgamate

  2. compoundverb

    compromise, settle, adjust

  3. compoundverb

    compromise, agree, come to terms, come to an agreement, make an arrangement

  4. compoundadjective

    complex, composite, compounded

  5. compoundnoun

    mixture, medley, olio, farrago, hodge-podge

  6. compoundnoun

    [In the East Indies.] yard (round a building), enclosure

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. compoundnoun

    combination, mixture, concoction, amalgamation, intermixture, conglomeration, farrago, medley, synthesis, salmagundi, jumble, olio, hodgepodge, olla podrida

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  1. Defense Secretary Ash Carter:

    The plan was not for the U.S. advise-and-assist and accompanying forces to enter the compound or be involved in the firefight, this is someone who saw the team that he was advising and assisting coming under attack, and he made it possible for them to be effective, and in doing that, lost his own life.

  2. Jamal Qassem Ali:

    Now it's better because we're in a compound but it's not easy to live here.

  3. President Barack Obama:

    We believed that this was an al Qaeda compound, that no civilians were present.

  4. Tom Stoppard:

    The truth is always a compound of two half- truths, and you never reach it, because there is always something more to say.

  5. Steve Nyce:

    With a lot of desk jobs, you can fade away for a few hours, but those hours have to be made up in some capacity. It starts to compound.

Translations for compound

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • مركبArabic
  • съедине́ние, споразумявам се, оградено мя́сто, съчета́ние, събирам се, добавям, съединявам, сло́жен, съставен, смесвамBulgarian
  • sloučenina, složenýCzech
  • sammensatteDanish
  • Mischung, chemische Verbindung, VerbindungGerman
  • περίβολος, μίγμα, παρασκευάζω, κράμα, συμμιγής, σύνθετος, ενώνομαι, συνθέτω, συγκρότημα, ένωση, μιγνύω, συμβιβάζω, αναμιγνύω, προσθέτω, συμφωνώ, χημική ένωσηGreek
  • complejo, compuesto, compuesto químicoSpanish
  • kompleksEstonian
  • مرکب, آمیختن, همساخته, آمیخته, ترکیبPersian
  • laitos, yhdistelmä, yhdistyä, lisätä, seos, liittää, yhdiste, yhdistää, kemiallinen yhdiste, liittyäFinnish
  • composé, complexe, composer, composé chimiqueFrench
  • covroojidManx
  • לשלב, תרכובתHebrew
  • यौगिकHindi
  • vegyülék, elegy, fogolytábor, keverékHungarian
  • senyawaIndonesian
  • composto, mettersi d'accordo, comporre, composto chimico, mettere insieme, campo di prigionìa, costituito, unirsi, amalgama, miscuglio, accordarsi, aggiungereItalian
  • מתחםHebrew
  • 化合物Japanese
  • 화합물Korean
  • compositumLatin
  • pūhuiMāori
  • verbinding, samengesteld, complex, samenstellingDutch
  • sammensatteNorwegian
  • złożonyPolish
  • compor, composto, complexo, composto químico, cercadoPortuguese
  • compus chimic, compusRomanian
  • собира́ться, сме́шивать, компа́унд, сочета́ние, собра́ться, [[огороженный, соедине́ние, добавля́ть, ко́мплекс, сло́жный, составно́й, соединя́ть, объединя́ть, соединениеRussian
  • logor, kémījskī spȏj, kompleks, taborSerbo-Croatian
  • sestaviti, sestavljen, spojinaSlovene
  • sätta, kompromissa, inhägnad, sammansättning, förvärra, blanda, försvåra, förlikning, läger, blandning, göra upp, sammansatt, avtal, gård, förening, förlika, bilägga, överenskommelse, sammansatt ämne, fSwedish
  • கலவைTamil
  • สารประกอบThai
  • karışım, bileşim, bileşikTurkish
  • compoundUkrainian
  • کمپاؤنڈUrdu
  • hợp chất, phức tạpVietnamese
  • קאַמפּאַונדYiddish
  • 複合Chinese

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