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Princeton's WordNet

  1. dry, prohibitionist(adj)

    a reformer who opposes the use of intoxicating beverages


    moist, nonalcoholic, washed, dampish, drunk, sticky, clammy, muggy, undried, steaming, watery, muddy, bedewed, showery, humid, fresh, unhumorous, humorless, drizzly, sloppy, intoxicated, emotional, humourless, mucky, miry, dewy, soggy, waterlogged, phlegmy, sloughy, wet, sweet, tacky, squashy, rheumy, boggy, marshy, gaseous, stimulating, tearful, steamy, quaggy, liquid, besprent, misty, dank, swampy, damp, reeking, fancy, productive, soppy, lactating, inebriated, drippy, rainy, sodden

  2. dry(adj)

    free from liquid or moisture; lacking natural or normal moisture or depleted of water; or no longer wet

    "dry land"; "dry clothes"; "a dry climate"; "dry splintery boards"; "a dry river bed"; "the paint is dry"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    sodden, showery, watery, drizzly, reeking, rheumy, drippy, intoxicated, muggy, washed, liquid, steamy, inebriated, waterlogged, bedewed, nonalcoholic, humid, fancy, phlegmy, lactating, wet, miry, dank, sweet, unhumorous, gaseous, damp, sloppy, dewy, undried, sticky, marshy, rainy, dampish, mucky, boggy, productive, sloughy, swampy, tearful, tacky, misty, humorless, stimulating, fresh, moist, soggy, steaming, soppy, muddy, besprent, humourless, squashy, clammy, drunk, emotional, quaggy

  3. dry, ironic, ironical, wry(adj)

    humorously sarcastic or mocking

    "dry humor"; "an ironic remark often conveys an intended meaning obliquely"; "an ironic novel"; "an ironical smile"; "with a wry Scottish wit"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    squashy, marshy, boggy, wet, humourless, nonalcoholic, tacky, muddy, dampish, quaggy, swampy, rainy, watery, besprent, undried, drunk, tearful, humorless, showery, dank, sodden, reeking, soppy, fresh, humid, miry, emotional, muggy, waterlogged, sweet, drippy, sloppy, soggy, phlegmy, dewy, unhumorous, damp, clammy, sloughy, moist, washed, drizzly, bedewed, steamy, mucky, lactating, inebriated, misty, stimulating, fancy, sticky, gaseous, steaming, liquid, productive, rheumy, intoxicated

  4. dry(adj)

    lacking moisture or volatile components

    "dry paint"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    inebriated, showery, humorless, fancy, muggy, tearful, misty, washed, sweet, bedewed, dampish, wet, watery, emotional, steamy, unhumorous, stimulating, drizzly, quaggy, rainy, soppy, reeking, damp, sodden, drunk, rheumy, besprent, sloppy, miry, undried, lactating, intoxicated, sticky, tacky, steaming, squashy, phlegmy, sloughy, dewy, humourless, humid, gaseous, nonalcoholic, drippy, swampy, waterlogged, fresh, productive, marshy, liquid, boggy, soggy, clammy, mucky, muddy, dank, moist

  5. dry(adj)

    opposed to or prohibiting the production and sale of alcoholic beverages

    "the dry vote led by preachers and bootleggers"; "a dry state"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    productive, sloppy, rainy, phlegmy, squashy, fancy, steaming, fresh, sweet, sodden, marshy, showery, sticky, clammy, boggy, humid, reeking, besprent, unhumorous, tearful, tacky, bedewed, watery, undried, sloughy, muggy, emotional, intoxicated, wet, dank, dampish, dewy, rheumy, miry, drunk, drippy, quaggy, nonalcoholic, misty, soppy, stimulating, soggy, mucky, steamy, humourless, drizzly, humorless, muddy, swampy, lactating, liquid, moist, washed, inebriated, waterlogged, gaseous, damp

  6. dry(adj)

    not producing milk

    "a dry cow"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    lactating, misty, clammy, rheumy, wet, besprent, soggy, mucky, drizzly, soppy, sloppy, gaseous, humourless, productive, unhumorous, steamy, liquid, sloughy, drunk, reeking, swampy, boggy, humorless, fancy, sodden, emotional, bedewed, muddy, washed, sticky, stimulating, muggy, miry, dewy, tearful, humid, fresh, marshy, dampish, intoxicated, dank, sweet, phlegmy, tacky, quaggy, undried, inebriated, rainy, showery, watery, nonalcoholic, damp, drippy, moist, squashy, waterlogged, steaming

  7. dry(adj)

    (of liquor) having a low residual sugar content because of decomposition of sugar during fermentation

    "a dry white burgundy"; "a dry Bordeaux"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    wet, soppy, lactating, watery, sloughy, moist, drizzly, humourless, sticky, inebriated, steamy, sloppy, gaseous, damp, reeking, sodden, washed, steaming, rheumy, dampish, dewy, clammy, quaggy, tacky, squashy, nonalcoholic, stimulating, tearful, fancy, productive, miry, unhumorous, mucky, muddy, fresh, liquid, sweet, bedewed, drunk, rainy, waterlogged, misty, undried, muggy, humorless, drippy, soggy, dank, emotional, showery, boggy, phlegmy, humid, besprent, marshy, swampy, intoxicated

  8. dry(adj)

    without a mucous or watery discharge

    "a dry cough"; "that rare thing in the wintertime; a small child with a dry nose"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    damp, waterlogged, phlegmy, emotional, wet, soppy, drizzly, sloughy, fancy, undried, humourless, dampish, rheumy, gaseous, liquid, humorless, sweet, lactating, sodden, soggy, sloppy, dewy, swampy, miry, washed, misty, watery, muddy, unhumorous, muggy, quaggy, moist, humid, tacky, tearful, inebriated, mucky, sticky, stimulating, drunk, dank, reeking, steamy, besprent, rainy, clammy, steaming, drippy, squashy, fresh, nonalcoholic, showery, marshy, bedewed, intoxicated, productive, boggy

  9. dry(adj)

    not shedding tears

    "dry sobs"; "with dry eyes"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    steaming, sloppy, sweet, showery, dank, reeking, wet, watery, drizzly, rheumy, drunk, bedewed, misty, muggy, emotional, steamy, dampish, moist, clammy, swampy, sticky, rainy, humourless, soppy, lactating, besprent, gaseous, nonalcoholic, productive, phlegmy, inebriated, drippy, boggy, fancy, soggy, humid, sodden, marshy, squashy, sloughy, washed, undried, liquid, tearful, fresh, stimulating, damp, quaggy, humorless, dewy, unhumorous, tacky, miry, mucky, intoxicated, waterlogged, muddy

  10. dry, juiceless(adj)

    lacking interest or stimulation; dull and lifeless

    "a dry book"; "a dry lecture filled with trivial details"; "dull and juiceless as only book knowledge can be when it is unrelated to...life"- John Mason Brown

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    besprent, fancy, soppy, wet, nonalcoholic, muggy, productive, inebriated, intoxicated, muddy, gaseous, sweet, mucky, humorless, showery, undried, sodden, sloppy, humourless, swampy, tacky, misty, miry, rainy, unhumorous, sticky, boggy, quaggy, steamy, watery, drizzly, rheumy, tearful, damp, dewy, emotional, sloughy, drunk, dank, steaming, liquid, phlegmy, humid, clammy, stimulating, marshy, fresh, waterlogged, reeking, squashy, washed, dampish, drippy, bedewed, lactating, moist, soggy

  11. dry(adj)

    used of solid substances in contrast with liquid ones

    "dry weight"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    stimulating, washed, intoxicated, steaming, misty, fresh, clammy, quaggy, sweet, watery, waterlogged, rainy, sloughy, drizzly, wet, rheumy, humorless, muddy, moist, soggy, sticky, unhumorous, sloppy, dewy, sodden, tacky, liquid, nonalcoholic, humid, steamy, dampish, swampy, reeking, fancy, emotional, drunk, muggy, besprent, phlegmy, miry, undried, damp, showery, humourless, squashy, gaseous, dank, drippy, soppy, tearful, boggy, bedewed, lactating, mucky, inebriated, productive, marshy

  12. dry(adj)

    unproductive especially of the expected results

    "a dry run"; "a mind dry of new ideas"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    steamy, undried, drizzly, humourless, washed, emotional, moist, watery, rainy, sloppy, drippy, marshy, quaggy, squashy, muddy, damp, sticky, clammy, soggy, drunk, phlegmy, sweet, mucky, gaseous, wet, dampish, miry, steaming, fresh, liquid, fancy, soppy, humid, bedewed, showery, humorless, besprent, swampy, reeking, tacky, boggy, tearful, inebriated, muggy, waterlogged, dewy, sodden, productive, nonalcoholic, unhumorous, sloughy, intoxicated, stimulating, lactating, misty, dank, rheumy

  13. dry(adj)

    having no adornment or coloration

    "dry facts"; "rattled off the facts in a dry mechanical manner"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    drizzly, fresh, quaggy, sloughy, boggy, steamy, miry, muggy, stimulating, watery, inebriated, sloppy, drippy, wet, dewy, dampish, tacky, reeking, showery, steaming, squashy, clammy, rheumy, fancy, humorless, swampy, bedewed, phlegmy, misty, productive, lactating, marshy, humourless, damp, soggy, unhumorous, muddy, sodden, intoxicated, drunk, waterlogged, liquid, dank, washed, tearful, gaseous, sweet, besprent, sticky, humid, mucky, emotional, soppy, nonalcoholic, undried, rainy, moist

  14. dry(adj)

    (of food) eaten without a spread or sauce or other garnish

    "dry toast"; "dry meat"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    squashy, quaggy, undried, intoxicated, drippy, besprent, fancy, muddy, steaming, sloppy, lactating, drizzly, washed, muggy, waterlogged, watery, reeking, inebriated, tearful, dewy, humid, liquid, productive, steamy, damp, misty, wet, fresh, dampish, sticky, sweet, phlegmy, sloughy, sodden, stimulating, mucky, miry, drunk, bedewed, marshy, swampy, showery, soggy, moist, humourless, soppy, gaseous, rheumy, boggy, emotional, nonalcoholic, clammy, dank, rainy, humorless, unhumorous, tacky

  15. dry(adj)

    having a large proportion of strong liquor

    "a very dry martini is almost straight gin"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    drizzly, humorless, steamy, waterlogged, quaggy, besprent, misty, wet, boggy, clammy, watery, emotional, swampy, reeking, muddy, tacky, moist, stimulating, humid, nonalcoholic, showery, lactating, sticky, squashy, sweet, soppy, inebriated, fancy, phlegmy, miry, sloppy, mucky, drunk, fresh, bedewed, rainy, productive, gaseous, dank, marshy, washed, dewy, sodden, tearful, unhumorous, humourless, dampish, muggy, damp, drippy, liquid, intoxicated, rheumy, steaming, undried, sloughy, soggy

  16. dry(adj)

    lacking warmth or emotional involvement

    "a dry greeting"; "a dry reading of the lines"; "a dry critique"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    watery, soggy, productive, humid, miry, clammy, fresh, misty, dank, marshy, besprent, reeking, showery, boggy, rheumy, muddy, fancy, mucky, muggy, steamy, waterlogged, tearful, sweet, intoxicated, rainy, steaming, lactating, swampy, sloppy, sticky, humourless, unhumorous, drunk, emotional, tacky, quaggy, nonalcoholic, wet, drippy, sloughy, soppy, damp, sodden, stimulating, moist, humorless, inebriated, bedewed, gaseous, dewy, dampish, undried, drizzly, liquid, phlegmy, washed, squashy

  17. dry, teetotal(verb)

    practicing complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages

    "he's been dry for ten years"; "no thank you; I happen to be teetotal"

    ironical, teetotal, wry, ironic, juiceless

    watery, nonalcoholic, marshy, clammy, dank, muddy, steamy, bedewed, humourless, undried, sloughy, wet, humorless, soppy, productive, sloppy, mucky, soggy, showery, sticky, tearful, gaseous, sweet, liquid, lactating, unhumorous, misty, dampish, muggy, steaming, swampy, fancy, drizzly, drunk, quaggy, fresh, reeking, dewy, tacky, emotional, phlegmy, rainy, rheumy, miry, stimulating, moist, intoxicated, besprent, boggy, waterlogged, drippy, sodden, washed, damp, inebriated, humid, squashy

  18. dry, dry out(verb)

    remove the moisture from and make dry

    "dry clothes"; "dry hair"

    dry out, run dry

    muddy, intoxicated, steamy, fancy, drippy, soggy, gaseous, liquid, boggy, squashy, tacky, reeking, inebriated, drunk, rheumy, humid, wet, watery, drizzly, quaggy, dank, humorless, unhumorous, mucky, washed, productive, steaming, moist, dampish, sticky, undried, clammy, lactating, marshy, rainy, muggy, showery, sloppy, emotional, miry, sodden, waterlogged, misty, fresh, humourless, tearful, swampy, damp, stimulating, bedewed, sloughy, besprent, phlegmy, soppy, sweet, nonalcoholic, dewy

  19. dry, dry out(verb)

    become dry or drier

    "The laundry dries in the sun"

    dry out, run dry

    steamy, lactating, stimulating, reeking, damp, productive, sticky, muddy, dampish, fancy, dank, inebriated, rheumy, waterlogged, misty, wet, washed, marshy, muggy, unhumorous, miry, sloppy, sodden, tacky, sweet, tearful, dewy, liquid, humourless, watery, undried, clammy, fresh, squashy, soggy, gaseous, phlegmy, showery, sloughy, drippy, soppy, besprent, rainy, humid, nonalcoholic, intoxicated, mucky, emotional, moist, drizzly, steaming, bedewed, humorless, boggy, swampy, quaggy, drunk

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. dry(v)

    drain, parch

    drench, moisten, wet

  2. dry

    arid, parched, moistureless, juiceless, barren, tame, sarcastic, vapid, lifeless, dull, tedious, uninteresting, monotonous

    moist, fresh, juicy, lively, entertaining

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. dry(a.)

    arid, not wet, not moist

  2. dry(a.)

    thirsty, craving drink

  3. dry(a.)

    uninteresting, barren, dull, jejune, meagre, tame, vapid, unembellished, plain

  4. dry(a.)

    sarcastic, severe, sly, keen, sharp

  5. dry(v. a.)

    desiccate, exsiccate, free from moisture, make dry

  6. dry(v. n.)

    become dry, lose moisture

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. dry(a)

    desiccated, exsiccated, dried, evaporated, arid, parched, anhydrous, droughty, barren, uninteresting, jejune, vapid, tedious, prosaic, tame, sharp, keen, quaint, shrewd, droll

  2. dry(v)

    evaporate, desiccate, exsiccate, arefy, insolate (dry in the sun), torrefy, infumate (dry in smoke)

PPDB, the paraphrase database

  1. List of paraphrases for "dry":

    sec, dried, arid, seco, drought, anhydrous, sce, sect, gan, esa, drying, drier, dryland, upland, ceas, dry-lease, secs, kiln-dried, torr, stem, wipe, dehydrated, ces, neat

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  1. Henk Jonkers:

    You need bacteria that can survive the harsh environment of concrete, it's a rock-like, stone-like material, very dry.

  2. Sharon Danks:

    School districts... need to think about clothing for children so everyone is equally warm and dry when it's cold and wet.

  3. Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate:

    Here's the interesting conversation between the Police Officer and one Indian Engineer who had gone to the police station to report his missing wife.: 'Officer, looks like I have lost my wife. She had gone to the mall yesterday for shopping and has not come home yet.' Okay, what's her height?' 'I've never noticed...maybe 4 to 5 feet?' 'Is she thin?' 'Not thin...may be healthy' 'Color of her eyes?' 'Not sure....maybe black?' 'Color of her hair?' 'Not sure. It keeps on changing.' 'What was she wearing?' 'Maybe Saree or Jeans....or Salwar Kameez?' 'Was she driving a car?' 'Yes!' 'Good! Then tell me the details like plate number, make, model and color of your car.' 'Officer, she has taken my favorite The BMW M135i, which is the top-of-the-range version of the BMW 1 Series. Color is Steel Grey and Plate number SRI 420. My beautiful BMW...she is such a distinctively dynamic vehicle produced by the BMW M GmbH. She's positioned between the most powerful BMW series production models and thoroughbred BMW M vehicles with noticeably higher performance than the previously most powerful engines of any BMW series and have M-specific characteristics in terms of suspension setting and visual appearance, though without any limitations in terms of suitability for everyday use. The heart of my new BMW M135i is her straight six-cylinder gasoline engine with Twin Scroll Turbo technology, Valvetronic, Double VANOS and High Precision Injection. She delivers 235 kW/320 hp and a maximum torque of 450 Nm, power transfer being enabled by her six-speed manual transmission fitted as standard. I know that my BMW M135i sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds (and when automatic, it's 4.9 seconds) to reach a top speed of 250 km/h – that's because that's the top limit permitted by the vehicle's electronic speed control system. Her average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle was found to be 8.0 liters/100 km, and the CO2 emissions level was 188 grams per kilometer. The exclusive power train also features a customized cooling system, M performance control and engine sound tuning, plus a newly developed six-speed manual transmission with dry sump lubrication. She also has a dynamic eight-speed automatic sports transmission with gearshift paddles integrated in the steering wheel included as an option. Please find her as soon as you can. I miss her so much.' ' Wow! That really helps. Your details are awesome, and your memory is absolutely amazing. Please stop crying. We'll search for your car right away, and find her asap.... and maybe we'll find your wife as well.' The End.

  4. Xu Lirong:

    The Baltic Dry Index has been hitting historical lows every day. This is the most difficult period that we are experiencing since the financial crisis.

  5. Mehmet Murat ildan:

    A dry well is not a friend of a thirsty man; and an ignorant man, of the progression!

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