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Princeton's WordNet

  1. dull(adj)

    lacking in liveliness or animation

    "he was so dull at parties"; "a dull political campaign"; "a large dull impassive man"; "dull days with nothing to do"; "how dull and dreary the world is"; "fell back into one of her dull moods"

    thudding, dim, wearisome, dense, muted, boring, dumb, leaden, tedious, slow, sluggish, obtuse, deadening, tiresome, muffled, ho-hum, irksome, softened

    sharp, pearlescent, sensitive, carnassial, lustrous, fang-like, razor-sharp, blazing, self-luminous, lucent, noctilucent, burbling, beadlike, scintillating, scintillant, beady, shiny, burbly, silvery, glaring, cutting, fulgent, bright as a new penny(p), coruscant, knifelike, glittering, lambent, iridescent, chisel-like, effusive, luminous, satiny, live, aglow(p), opalescent, keen, bright, beaming, lurid, aglitter(p), agleam, penetrative, glistening, stabbing, interesting, nitid, refulgent, radiant, bouncing, active, buttonlike, slick, beamy, glimmery, fulgid, lancinating, edged, frothy, intense, drill-like, sparkly, alive(p), glittery, twinkling(a), glistering, loud, shining, silvern, metal-cutting, glary, dazzling, bubbly, sheeny, saturated, sharp-toothed, gushing, zippy, salt, penetrating, silky, lively, silken, nacreous, sleek, smart, sharpened, brilliant, effervescent, buttony, breezy, peppy, piercing, glossy, opaline, incisive, file-like, blinding, lancinate, bouncy, warm, effulgent, shimmery, reverberant, spirited, silklike, glinting, silver, bubbling, acute, gleaming, pure, fulgurating, clear, dagger-like, ardent, sharpen

  2. dull(adj)

    emitting or reflecting very little light

    "a dull glow"; "dull silver badly in need of a polish"; "a dull sky"

    thudding, dim, wearisome, dense, muted, boring, dumb, leaden, tedious, slow, sluggish, obtuse, deadening, tiresome, muffled, ho-hum, irksome, softened

    gushing, luminous, drill-like, acute, bubbly, burbling, incisive, opalescent, breezy, silvery, silken, self-luminous, twinkling(a), interesting, sheeny, nitid, chisel-like, salt, glaring, bouncy, ardent, buttony, scintillant, razor-sharp, lustrous, glistening, beady, coruscant, piercing, brilliant, dagger-like, shimmery, shiny, sleek, radiant, nacreous, aglow(p), sharp-toothed, lurid, bright, shining, pure, refulgent, glittery, glistering, glinting, silver, sensitive, fulgent, silvern, gleaming, slick, silklike, bubbling, warm, sharpened, penetrative, loud, reverberant, beaming, alive(p), clear, keen, sharp, aglitter(p), peppy, buttonlike, zippy, lively, effulgent, noctilucent, lambent, knifelike, bright as a new penny(p), beadlike, glossy, scintillating, lancinate, satiny, blazing, effusive, glary, stabbing, intense, glimmery, active, carnassial, lucent, edged, sparkly, file-like, opaline, penetrating, smart, glittering, live, iridescent, metal-cutting, fulgurating, frothy, pearlescent, saturated, fulgid, silky, spirited, fang-like, agleam, effervescent, bouncing, cutting, lancinating, burbly, blinding, beamy, dazzling, sharpen

  3. dull, muffled, muted, softened(adj)

    being or made softer or less loud or clear

    "the dull boom of distant breaking waves"; "muffled drums"; "the muffled noises of the street"; "muted trumpets"

    thudding, dim, wearisome, quiet, dense, muted, boring, dumb, leaden, tedious, slow, sluggish, obtuse, deadening, subdued, tiresome, muffled, ho-hum, irksome, hushed, softened

    fulgent, slick, agleam, beadlike, loud, blinding, chisel-like, effusive, nacreous, silklike, keen, live, lucent, glossy, sharpened, blazing, ardent, alive(p), shining, beaming, glinting, pearlescent, beamy, buttonlike, luminous, lambent, knifelike, dazzling, zippy, sparkly, lively, sheeny, sensitive, aglow(p), effervescent, bright, breezy, fulgurating, stabbing, bouncing, sharp, lurid, glary, burbling, coruscant, salt, fang-like, twinkling(a), penetrating, beady, buttony, silken, iridescent, active, noctilucent, bright as a new penny(p), peppy, metal-cutting, frothy, sleek, radiant, bouncy, silvern, scintillating, scintillant, lancinate, burbly, glittery, saturated, edged, drill-like, carnassial, self-luminous, cutting, brilliant, opaline, penetrative, effulgent, gleaming, reverberant, silver, file-like, satiny, bubbly, interesting, dagger-like, glimmery, silky, acute, piercing, warm, shiny, smart, refulgent, spirited, pure, sharp-toothed, glistening, gushing, clear, silvery, glistering, nitid, glittering, fulgid, incisive, lustrous, shimmery, lancinating, glaring, razor-sharp, aglitter(p), opalescent, intense, bubbling, sharpen

  4. boring, deadening, dull, ho-hum, irksome, slow, tedious, tiresome, wearisome(adj)

    so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

    "a boring evening with uninteresting people"; "the deadening effect of some routine tasks"; "a dull play"; "his competent but dull performance"; "a ho-hum speaker who couldn't capture their attention"; "what an irksome task the writing of long letters is"- Edmund Burke; "tedious days on the train"; "the tiresome chirping of a cricket"- Mark Twain; "other people's dreams are dreadfully wearisome"

    dim, windy, wearisome, wordy, dense, muted, boring, verbose, dumb, leaden, tedious, slow, sluggish, obtuse, deadening, tiresome, muffled, ho-hum, long-winded, irksome, thudding, softened

    glistering, aglitter(p), self-luminous, buttony, silvery, noctilucent, lucent, warm, blinding, active, aglow(p), dagger-like, salt, bubbling, lancinate, burbling, live, intense, alive(p), sharp, knifelike, piercing, glinting, effervescent, glimmery, glaring, agleam, carnassial, penetrating, silklike, glistening, glittery, silky, stabbing, lively, lurid, coruscant, lambent, cutting, bright as a new penny(p), luminous, beamy, file-like, fang-like, reverberant, ardent, scintillant, silver, keen, glary, pearlescent, slick, twinkling(a), clear, fulgid, interesting, smart, chisel-like, bright, drill-like, lancinating, pure, bouncy, scintillating, razor-sharp, beadlike, burbly, nacreous, sharp-toothed, sleek, incisive, nitid, sensitive, fulgent, saturated, gleaming, bubbly, zippy, loud, blazing, effusive, refulgent, peppy, sharpened, sheeny, shiny, penetrative, lustrous, fulgurating, acute, gushing, satiny, silvern, opalescent, sparkly, frothy, beady, iridescent, breezy, effulgent, buttonlike, metal-cutting, shining, beaming, glossy, brilliant, opaline, bouncing, spirited, radiant, shimmery, glittering, edged, dazzling, silken, sharpen

  5. dull(adj)

    (of color) very low in saturation; highly diluted

    "dull greens and blues"

    thudding, dim, wearisome, dense, muted, boring, dumb, leaden, tedious, slow, sluggish, obtuse, deadening, tiresome, muffled, ho-hum, irksome, softened

    silky, salt, beadlike, lancinate, glary, lurid, nacreous, glinting, effusive, dagger-like, brilliant, shiny, glittery, drill-like, glimmery, pure, metal-cutting, smart, frothy, slick, active, lancinating, reverberant, breezy, lucent, sharpened, gushing, refulgent, keen, twinkling(a), bouncing, aglow(p), piercing, knifelike, shimmery, bouncy, glossy, sparkly, glittering, intense, nitid, edged, gleaming, penetrative, bright, lambent, fulgurating, opalescent, spirited, sharp, file-like, interesting, glaring, alive(p), silver, aglitter(p), shining, lustrous, dazzling, sharp-toothed, acute, effervescent, buttony, sensitive, fulgid, clear, blazing, bubbly, peppy, razor-sharp, cutting, stabbing, glistening, beaming, live, scintillating, effulgent, buttonlike, luminous, burbly, noctilucent, self-luminous, lively, burbling, pearlescent, iridescent, scintillant, beady, incisive, coruscant, zippy, fulgent, satiny, glistering, beamy, blinding, penetrating, warm, bubbling, saturated, radiant, bright as a new penny(p), silvery, sheeny, fang-like, carnassial, loud, sleek, ardent, silvern, chisel-like, silken, agleam, silklike, opaline, sharpen

  6. dull(adj)

    not keenly felt

    "a dull throbbing"; "dull pain"

    thudding, dim, wearisome, dense, muted, boring, dumb, leaden, tedious, slow, sluggish, obtuse, deadening, tiresome, muffled, ho-hum, irksome, softened

    keen, saturated, loud, brilliant, frothy, silvern, alive(p), sensitive, peppy, aglitter(p), warm, noctilucent, metal-cutting, sharp-toothed, glaring, salt, blinding, sharpened, scintillating, bright as a new penny(p), pearlescent, bright, interesting, carnassial, fulgurating, fang-like, sleek, burbly, refulgent, gleaming, chisel-like, nacreous, gushing, penetrating, sharp, incisive, dagger-like, radiant, intense, cutting, sparkly, iridescent, glittering, pure, silklike, bubbling, lancinating, opaline, aglow(p), live, agleam, penetrative, knifelike, lambent, bubbly, file-like, beaming, glittery, bouncing, beady, bouncy, lucent, effulgent, burbling, glary, razor-sharp, active, clear, fulgent, piercing, buttonlike, effervescent, glistening, buttony, smart, edged, silky, beadlike, lancinate, glossy, silken, dazzling, shiny, silver, silvery, nitid, fulgid, beamy, acute, zippy, coruscant, slick, glimmery, scintillant, lively, effusive, spirited, luminous, shining, lurid, ardent, self-luminous, lustrous, satiny, sheeny, reverberant, stabbing, blazing, opalescent, breezy, twinkling(a), shimmery, glistering, drill-like, glinting, sharpen

  7. dense, dim, dull, dumb, obtuse, slow(adj)

    slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity

    "so dense he never understands anything I say to him"; "never met anyone quite so dim"; "although dull at classical learning, at mathematics he was uncommonly quick"- Thackeray; "dumb officials make some really dumb decisions"; "he was either normally stupid or being deliberately obtuse"; "worked with the slow students"

    vague, ho-hum, muted, sluggish, subdued, deadening, faint, mute, slow, thudding, boring, dumb, dense, irksome, black, silent, wispy, heavy, dim, purblind, muffled, tedious, impenetrable, dimmed, speechless, shadowy, tiresome, softened, bleak, thick, wearisome, obtuse, leaden

    pearlescent, blinding, glistering, lancinate, slick, metal-cutting, glinting, fang-like, ardent, bubbly, acute, penetrating, glary, keen, buttonlike, chisel-like, glistening, fulgid, sensitive, satiny, silvery, spirited, salt, fulgent, nacreous, glaring, knifelike, silver, opalescent, carnassial, effusive, saturated, silken, smart, bouncing, burbling, loud, beady, shimmery, silvern, reverberant, breezy, warm, incisive, radiant, file-like, luminous, piercing, bubbling, scintillating, glossy, peppy, glittery, penetrative, drill-like, brilliant, gushing, sharp, noctilucent, dazzling, stabbing, intense, agleam, buttony, nitid, sharp-toothed, beadlike, aglow(p), sleek, frothy, self-luminous, glittering, bright, silky, active, aglitter(p), edged, sheeny, fulgurating, iridescent, cutting, alive(p), scintillant, razor-sharp, effervescent, glimmery, shining, opaline, twinkling(a), lustrous, pure, bright as a new penny(p), beamy, lancinating, lucent, dagger-like, beaming, effulgent, coruscant, lurid, interesting, zippy, clear, lively, gleaming, bouncy, silklike, blazing, lambent, refulgent, live, sparkly, sharpened, burbly, shiny, sharpen

  8. dull, slow, sluggish(adj)

    (of business) not active or brisk

    "business is dull (or slow)"; "a sluggish market"

    thudding, dim, wearisome, torpid, dense, muted, boring, dumb, leaden, tedious, slow, sluggish, obtuse, deadening, soggy, sulky, tiresome, muffled, ho-hum, irksome, inert, softened

    shining, blazing, lancinating, effusive, dagger-like, fulgid, penetrative, beady, opalescent, sleek, lancinate, effulgent, aglitter(p), sparkly, lucent, warm, silken, interesting, breezy, shimmery, file-like, lurid, clear, iridescent, sensitive, knifelike, sharp, stabbing, opaline, reverberant, blinding, pearlescent, sharpened, gleaming, silky, alive(p), ardent, zippy, shiny, silver, glinting, salt, glittery, fang-like, loud, sharp-toothed, lustrous, keen, glossy, coruscant, fulgent, bubbly, bright as a new penny(p), bouncing, glistering, beadlike, effervescent, buttony, twinkling(a), spirited, beaming, silklike, burbly, silvery, frothy, bubbling, glaring, carnassial, chisel-like, bouncy, sheeny, bright, penetrating, burbling, self-luminous, acute, dazzling, lively, cutting, glary, aglow(p), peppy, nacreous, pure, piercing, active, incisive, edged, noctilucent, glimmery, metal-cutting, lambent, buttonlike, scintillating, silvern, brilliant, smart, refulgent, beamy, glittering, saturated, fulgurating, agleam, nitid, satiny, drill-like, slick, gushing, scintillant, glistening, radiant, razor-sharp, intense, live, luminous, sharpen

  9. dull(adj)

    not having a sharp edge or point

    "the knife was too dull to be of any use"

    thudding, dim, wearisome, dense, muted, boring, dumb, leaden, tedious, slow, sluggish, obtuse, deadening, tiresome, muffled, ho-hum, irksome, softened

    pure, glistening, twinkling(a), warm, lucent, blazing, lancinating, burbling, bright as a new penny(p), cutting, refulgent, aglow(p), silken, nacreous, shining, saturated, silvern, glary, agleam, sparkly, glittery, satiny, spirited, dagger-like, incisive, lancinate, clear, glistering, lively, effulgent, opaline, keen, knifelike, nitid, sharp, silvery, silver, scintillating, beamy, opalescent, breezy, sheeny, gushing, silklike, beaming, coruscant, lambent, beadlike, noctilucent, glimmery, sleek, dazzling, penetrating, chisel-like, metal-cutting, luminous, carnassial, active, brilliant, fulgurating, bouncy, buttonlike, fulgid, fulgent, salt, edged, piercing, bouncing, intense, stabbing, loud, acute, blinding, bubbly, smart, lustrous, bright, scintillant, glaring, effervescent, buttony, lurid, shimmery, aglitter(p), gleaming, glinting, beady, ardent, burbly, interesting, bubbling, alive(p), sharp-toothed, sharpened, file-like, effusive, glossy, iridescent, frothy, self-luminous, radiant, peppy, silky, penetrative, slick, reverberant, pearlescent, drill-like, sensitive, glittering, zippy, live, razor-sharp, shiny, fang-like, sharpen

  10. dull(adj)

    blunted in responsiveness or sensibility

    "a dull gaze"; "so exhausted she was dull to what went on about her"- Willa Cather

    thudding, dim, wearisome, dense, muted, boring, dumb, leaden, tedious, slow, sluggish, obtuse, deadening, tiresome, muffled, ho-hum, irksome, softened

    brilliant, glossy, blinding, lustrous, glaring, burbling, file-like, clear, fulgid, blazing, beady, reverberant, sparkly, penetrative, shining, gushing, alive(p), glittery, effervescent, silklike, interesting, lurid, lambent, acute, slick, lively, glimmery, sleek, bouncy, razor-sharp, spirited, glistening, smart, buttony, glinting, twinkling(a), stabbing, intense, keen, carnassial, opalescent, bubbling, cutting, silver, luminous, sharp, lancinate, sharp-toothed, sheeny, nitid, aglow(p), incisive, bubbly, agleam, piercing, nacreous, silvern, sensitive, opaline, iridescent, beadlike, shiny, breezy, bright as a new penny(p), gleaming, lucent, dazzling, saturated, beamy, satiny, active, sharpened, lancinating, pearlescent, fulgent, silvery, silken, frothy, loud, beaming, scintillating, edged, fang-like, chisel-like, bright, zippy, drill-like, shimmery, scintillant, warm, buttonlike, glistering, fulgurating, effusive, peppy, bouncing, live, ardent, coruscant, glary, metal-cutting, radiant, refulgent, knifelike, aglitter(p), noctilucent, silky, penetrating, glittering, dagger-like, effulgent, burbly, self-luminous, pure, salt, sharpen

  11. dull, thudding(adj)

    not clear and resonant; sounding as if striking with or against something relatively soft

    "the dull thud"; "thudding bullets"

    thudding, dim, wearisome, dense, muted, boring, dumb, leaden, tedious, slow, sluggish, obtuse, deadening, tiresome, muffled, ho-hum, irksome, softened

    burbly, slick, noctilucent, warm, breezy, reverberant, glimmery, silklike, sharp, twinkling(a), interesting, coruscant, bubbling, acute, lustrous, gushing, brilliant, buttonlike, sparkly, bubbly, sleek, alive(p), knifelike, shiny, zippy, beaming, luminous, silken, dagger-like, lancinate, glittery, burbling, effulgent, beady, glinting, glistening, sheeny, beadlike, aglitter(p), blazing, silvern, silver, sharp-toothed, smart, radiant, pearlescent, bouncing, scintillating, lively, penetrating, blinding, opaline, lambent, agleam, frothy, aglow(p), chisel-like, fulgent, scintillant, live, satiny, file-like, metal-cutting, bright as a new penny(p), pure, bouncy, razor-sharp, keen, stabbing, drill-like, intense, fang-like, beamy, gleaming, loud, refulgent, lucent, silky, self-luminous, lancinating, piercing, lurid, opalescent, incisive, edged, clear, fulgid, sensitive, effusive, saturated, cutting, spirited, ardent, effervescent, iridescent, active, shining, carnassial, peppy, fulgurating, bright, glistering, glossy, shimmery, glaring, dazzling, silvery, sharpened, nitid, buttony, glittering, penetrative, salt, glary, nacreous, sharpen

  12. dull, leaden(verb)

    darkened with overcast

    "a dark day"; "a dull sky"; "the sky was leaden and thick"

    heavy, thudding, dim, wearisome, plodding, dense, muted, boring, dumb, leaden, tedious, slow, sluggish, obtuse, deadening, tiresome, muffled, ho-hum, irksome, weighted, softened

    sparkly, razor-sharp, noctilucent, bouncing, glossy, bubbly, pearlescent, piercing, sensitive, glistering, glaring, breezy, glittery, acute, drill-like, penetrative, bubbling, frothy, carnassial, interesting, edged, blazing, smart, salt, aglow(p), sleek, intense, metal-cutting, sharp-toothed, burbly, sharp, aglitter(p), silklike, effulgent, opaline, glary, file-like, bright as a new penny(p), coruscant, lucent, gleaming, luminous, keen, bright, lancinating, silken, loud, lustrous, silvern, ardent, shimmery, lively, beamy, incisive, fulgent, buttonlike, clear, sharpened, slick, spirited, zippy, reverberant, silver, nacreous, buttony, gushing, beadlike, scintillating, effusive, refulgent, effervescent, glinting, lurid, opalescent, brilliant, beady, radiant, live, silky, silvery, sheeny, beaming, agleam, stabbing, glimmery, active, fulgurating, knifelike, peppy, chisel-like, lancinate, dazzling, nitid, fulgid, scintillant, twinkling(a), iridescent, dagger-like, self-luminous, fang-like, penetrating, glistening, satiny, cutting, lambent, shining, blinding, saturated, bouncy, pure, shiny, alive(p), warm, burbling, glittering, sharpen

  13. dull(verb)

    make dull in appearance

    "Age had dulled the surface"

    benumb, blunt, tone down, mute, numb, pall, damp, muffle, dampen

    salt, buttonlike, nacreous, beaming, keen, interesting, silklike, sleek, beadlike, sharp-toothed, scintillating, coruscant, pure, alive(p), refulgent, file-like, bubbly, buttony, fulgent, agleam, silvery, intense, blazing, cutting, beamy, lively, lustrous, lancinate, ardent, gushing, frothy, pearlescent, razor-sharp, satiny, bouncy, peppy, sparkly, slick, burbling, penetrating, smart, drill-like, sharpened, luminous, chisel-like, glary, sensitive, stabbing, bouncing, burbly, brilliant, glossy, spirited, zippy, sharp, gleaming, knifelike, fang-like, glistening, radiant, glaring, shining, opalescent, breezy, effervescent, silken, shiny, dazzling, effusive, noctilucent, aglow(p), piercing, nitid, fulgurating, loud, blinding, twinkling(a), lurid, lucent, acute, silky, effulgent, bright, warm, active, fulgid, glittering, glittery, lancinating, penetrative, glistering, dagger-like, live, sheeny, reverberant, carnassial, scintillant, beady, bubbling, silver, opaline, shimmery, saturated, bright as a new penny(p), glinting, clear, incisive, silvern, lambent, glimmery, self-luminous, edged, metal-cutting, iridescent, aglitter(p), sharpen

  14. dull(verb)

    become dull or lusterless in appearance; lose shine or brightness

    "the varnished table top dulled with time"

    benumb, blunt, tone down, mute, numb, pall, damp, muffle, dampen

    effervescent, beamy, glaring, dazzling, warm, piercing, nitid, nacreous, brilliant, bubbling, penetrative, aglow(p), bubbly, scintillant, reverberant, glistering, razor-sharp, fulgent, zippy, opalescent, sparkly, interesting, fulgid, glossy, penetrating, slick, salt, knifelike, twinkling(a), dagger-like, burbling, acute, ardent, sheeny, spirited, live, sharp, pearlescent, drill-like, gleaming, glimmery, saturated, buttony, sensitive, lucent, lively, peppy, sharp-toothed, chisel-like, noctilucent, glittering, silklike, self-luminous, lancinating, keen, shimmery, silvern, scintillating, agleam, carnassial, file-like, bright as a new penny(p), lancinate, shining, glinting, clear, edged, gushing, opaline, pure, luminous, iridescent, sleek, blazing, beadlike, silvery, beaming, refulgent, lurid, active, loud, sharpened, silken, metal-cutting, glittery, alive(p), effusive, bouncing, glary, bright, effulgent, silver, shiny, beady, lustrous, blinding, satiny, silky, glistening, bouncy, burbly, coruscant, smart, fang-like, frothy, lambent, radiant, stabbing, cutting, breezy, buttonlike, incisive, fulgurating, intense, aglitter(p), sharpen

  15. muffle, mute, dull, damp, dampen, tone down(verb)

    deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping

    muffle, wash, stifle, mute, pall, numb, moderate, moisten, weaken, benumb, repress, break, soften, tone down, smother, blunt, deaden, damp, dampen, tame, strangle

    sharp-toothed, scintillating, breezy, knifelike, slick, sparkly, penetrative, scintillant, beaming, lucent, piercing, intense, silvery, dagger-like, interesting, clear, effulgent, refulgent, self-luminous, keen, glossy, sharpened, silver, fang-like, glaring, pure, buttonlike, lambent, penetrating, active, burbly, file-like, frothy, silky, buttony, lively, peppy, cutting, silklike, beady, shiny, sensitive, luminous, shining, radiant, alive(p), sheeny, brilliant, bouncy, glistening, razor-sharp, smart, lustrous, fulgid, chisel-like, lancinate, zippy, lancinating, gleaming, edged, saturated, spirited, carnassial, reverberant, dazzling, warm, stabbing, glistering, salt, acute, satiny, aglitter(p), iridescent, glittering, metal-cutting, noctilucent, loud, shimmery, beamy, nitid, fulgurating, silken, pearlescent, beadlike, glary, twinkling(a), fulgent, aglow(p), bubbling, glittery, bright, ardent, nacreous, opaline, opalescent, effervescent, bubbly, silvern, bouncing, sleek, glinting, sharp, burbling, coruscant, lurid, effusive, glimmery, gushing, bright as a new penny(p), drill-like, incisive, blazing, agleam, blinding, live, sharpen

  16. numb, benumb, blunt, dull(verb)

    make numb or insensitive

    "The shock numbed her senses"

    benumb, tone down, mute, deaden, numb, blunt, pall, damp, muffle, dampen

    piercing, pearlescent, glinting, lancinating, gleaming, zippy, nitid, warm, lively, penetrating, beaming, penetrative, stabbing, knifelike, agleam, twinkling(a), glittery, lurid, silken, blinding, opaline, bubbly, silky, blazing, sleek, lancinate, buttonlike, glimmery, radiant, glary, incisive, lucent, saturated, burbly, scintillating, bouncy, brilliant, opalescent, satiny, noctilucent, pure, edged, sheeny, luminous, chisel-like, bright as a new penny(p), smart, sparkly, acute, keen, shiny, glossy, sharp, glittering, lustrous, dagger-like, fang-like, bouncing, interesting, aglitter(p), slick, spirited, glistening, breezy, bright, carnassial, coruscant, metal-cutting, intense, bubbling, aglow(p), shining, live, silvern, cutting, scintillant, fulgid, buttony, loud, sensitive, sharp-toothed, effusive, self-luminous, lambent, fulgent, effervescent, silver, peppy, nacreous, shimmery, iridescent, burbling, active, glistering, file-like, razor-sharp, dazzling, glaring, gushing, silvery, reverberant, frothy, silklike, beadlike, sharpened, drill-like, alive(p), effulgent, beady, ardent, salt, clear, fulgurating, refulgent, beamy, sharpen

  17. dull, blunt(verb)

    make dull or blunt

    "Too much cutting dulls the knife's edge"

    benumb, blunt, tone down, mute, deaden, numb, pall, damp, muffle, dampen

    saturated, effulgent, silky, blinding, glittering, silken, alive(p), scintillant, frothy, buttonlike, refulgent, file-like, ardent, dagger-like, aglow(p), sheeny, nacreous, dazzling, piercing, sleek, knifelike, sparkly, metal-cutting, radiant, smart, warm, chisel-like, spirited, sharpened, lambent, stabbing, twinkling(a), acute, incisive, sharp-toothed, lancinating, blazing, clear, cutting, agleam, glistening, silvery, bubbly, bubbling, fulgent, beamy, beady, opalescent, penetrative, lucent, brilliant, effervescent, satiny, silvern, sharp, interesting, beadlike, burbly, sensitive, active, glossy, iridescent, gleaming, fulgid, shimmery, coruscant, glimmery, glary, scintillating, razor-sharp, drill-like, glinting, lurid, glittery, penetrating, zippy, intense, edged, noctilucent, bright as a new penny(p), lively, bright, effusive, lancinate, loud, buttony, reverberant, gushing, fulgurating, nitid, silver, beaming, fang-like, pearlescent, pure, carnassial, luminous, aglitter(p), lustrous, keen, burbling, glaring, glistering, silklike, bouncy, bouncing, shining, opaline, shiny, live, slick, self-luminous, breezy, peppy, salt, sharpen

  18. pall, dull(verb)

    become less interesting or attractive

    weary, muffle, blunt, mute, pall, numb, fatigue, scare, scare off, benumb, die, tire, frighten away, cloy, become flat, dampen, damp, scare away, tone down, daunt, frighten off, dash, jade

    buttonlike, dazzling, blazing, shimmery, beady, frothy, glaring, penetrative, lancinate, penetrating, fang-like, blinding, sensitive, incisive, brilliant, lurid, smart, sleek, salt, glary, lancinating, saturated, twinkling(a), live, clear, bright, bouncing, lambent, silken, nitid, pure, fulgent, lustrous, opalescent, bubbly, file-like, zippy, sharp-toothed, fulgurating, lucent, coruscant, luminous, intense, spirited, keen, sheeny, burbling, dagger-like, interesting, effervescent, silvery, iridescent, silver, agleam, scintillating, burbly, alive(p), shiny, glittery, razor-sharp, loud, aglitter(p), effusive, silky, glistening, shining, beamy, reverberant, edged, refulgent, beaming, pearlescent, knifelike, gleaming, beadlike, chisel-like, gushing, effulgent, silklike, drill-like, glossy, sharp, ardent, noctilucent, carnassial, lively, glinting, active, aglow(p), sharpened, buttony, slick, glittering, sparkly, scintillant, bouncy, glistering, metal-cutting, satiny, bubbling, warm, fulgid, nacreous, peppy, cutting, radiant, self-luminous, opaline, stabbing, acute, breezy, bright as a new penny(p), silvern, piercing, glimmery, sharpen

  19. dull(verb)

    make less lively or vigorous

    "Middle age dulled her appetite for travel"

    benumb, blunt, tone down, mute, numb, pall, damp, muffle, dampen

    scintillating, silky, silvern, effusive, glittering, aglow(p), piercing, lambent, slick, clear, bright as a new penny(p), nacreous, opaline, penetrative, peppy, sharp, glary, fulgent, knifelike, shining, acute, silvery, lancinate, buttonlike, active, salt, glistering, silver, aglitter(p), glimmery, blinding, penetrating, glittery, lustrous, coruscant, alive(p), beamy, bouncing, spirited, sensitive, fulgid, beaming, effulgent, shimmery, gushing, blazing, burbly, cutting, warm, fulgurating, bouncy, silken, bubbly, sheeny, opalescent, satiny, sleek, luminous, incisive, glinting, sharp-toothed, bubbling, pearlescent, bright, twinkling(a), beadlike, ardent, keen, file-like, dazzling, beady, sparkly, scintillant, loud, shiny, lucent, intense, metal-cutting, lurid, sharpened, interesting, iridescent, razor-sharp, silklike, frothy, breezy, agleam, self-luminous, glossy, reverberant, chisel-like, gleaming, zippy, carnassial, radiant, noctilucent, lively, nitid, fang-like, burbling, dagger-like, buttony, live, smart, glaring, effervescent, drill-like, lancinating, stabbing, refulgent, pure, edged, brilliant, saturated, glistening, sharpen


  1. dull(adjective)

    intelligent, bright

  2. dull(adjective)

    Lacking the ability to cut easily; not sharp.

    All these knives are dull.

    lackluster, matte

    intelligent, bright

  3. dull(adjective)

    Boring; not exciting or interesting.

    He drinks to dull the pain.

    matte, lackluster

    intelligent, bright

  4. dull(adjective)

    Not shiny; having a matte finish or no particular luster.

    Choose a dull finish to hide fingerprints.

    matte, lackluster

    intelligent, bright

  5. dull(adjective)

    Not bright or intelligent; stupid; slow of understanding.

    matte, lackluster

    intelligent, bright

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. dull

    Slow signifies moving through a relatively short distance, or with a relatively small number of motions in a given time; slow also applies to that which is a relatively long while in beginning or accomplishing something; a watch or a clock is said to be slow when its indications are behind those of the standard time. Tardy is applied to that which is behind the proper or desired time, especially in doing a work or arriving at a place. Deliberate and dilatory are used of persons, tho the latter may be used also of things, as of a stream; a person is deliberate who takes a noticeably long time to consider and decide before acting or who acts or speaks as if he were deliberating at every point; a person is dilatory who lays aside, or puts off as long as possible, necessary or required action; both words may be applied either to undertaking or to doing. Gradual (Latin gradus, a step) signifies advancing by steps, and refers to slow but regular and sure progression. Slack refers to action that seems to indicate a lack of tension, as of muscle or of will, sluggish to action that seems as if reluctant to advance.

    See synonyms for NIMBLE.

    dawdling, delaying, deliberate, dilatory, drowsy, gradual, inactive, inert, lingering, moderate, procrastinating, slack, slow, sluggish, tardy

Editors Contribution

  1. desaturated

    Submitted by anonymous on January 12, 2020  
  2. non-luminous

    the dull watch did not glisten as we walked through the cave.

    Submitted by rinat on August 20, 2019  

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. dull(a.)

    stupid, stolid, doltish, blockish, brutish, unintelligent, unintellectual, shallow, blunt-witted

  2. dull(a.)

    apathetic, insensible, unimpassioned, passionless, dead, callous

  3. dull(a.)

    inert, inactive, lifeless, inanimate, heavy, sluggish, slow, torpid

  4. dull(a.)

    blunt, obtuse, not sharp

  5. dull(a.)

    gloomy, sad, dismal, cheerless

  6. dull(a.)

    dim, obscure, not bright, not vivid

  7. dull(a.)

    tedious, wearisome, tiresome, uninteresting

  8. dull(v. a.)

    blunt, make blunt

  9. dull(v. a.)

    stupefy, benumb, deaden, paralyze, obtund, hebetate, make or render insensible, render callous, make obtuse

  10. dull(v. a.)

    depress, dishearten, discourage, dispirit, deject, make melancholy, make sad or dejected

  11. dull(v. a.)

    quiet, allay, moderate, assuage, mitigate, alleviate, soften

  12. dull(v. a.)

    sully, tarnish

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  1. dull

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How to use dull in a sentence?

  1. Dick Francis, Twice Shy:

    Physics is the science of all the tremendously powerful invisibilities - of magnetism, electricity, gravity, light, sound, cosmic rays. Physics is the science of the mysteries of the universe. How could anyone think it dull?

  2. Isaac D?Israeli:

    Is a preface exquisitely written? No literary morsel is more delicious. Is the author inveterately dull? It is a kind of preparatory information, which may be very useful. It argues a deficiency of taste to turn over an elaborate preface unread: for it is the attar of the author?s roses, every drop distilled at an immense cost. It is the reason of the reasoning, and the folly of the foolish.

  3. Vance Havner:

    It's about time we quit playing church in these services that start at eleven o clock sharp and end at twelve o clock dull.

  4. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:

    Our (nuclear) negotiators are trying to take the weapon of sanctions away from the enemy. If they can, so much the better. If they fail, everyone should know there are many ways at our disposal to dull this weapon.

  5. Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson:

    It little profits that an idle king,By this still hearth, among these barren crags,Matchd with an aged wife, I mete and doleUnequal laws unto a savage race,That hoard, and sleep, and feed, and know not me. I cannot rest from travel; I will drinkLife to the lees. All times I have enjoydGreatly, have sufferd greatly, both with thoseThat loved me, and alone; on shore, and whenThro scudding drifts the rainy HyadesVext the dim sea. I am become a name;For always roaming with a hungry heartMuch have I seen and known,cities of menAnd manners, climates, councils, governments,Myself not least, but honord of them all,And drunk delight of battle with my peers,Far on the ringing plains of windy Troy. I am a part of all that I have met;Yet all experience is an arch wherethroGleams that untravelld world whose margin fadesFor ever and for ever when I move. How dull it is to pause, to make an end,To rust unburnishd, not to shine in use!As tho to breathe were life! Life piled on lifeWere all too little, and of one to meLittle remains; but every hour is savedFrom that eternal silence, something more,A bringer of new things; and vile it wereFor some three suns to store and hoard myself,And this gray spirit yearning in desireTo follow knowledge like a sinking star,Beyond the utmost bound of human thought. It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,And see the great Achilles, whom we knew. Tho much is taken, much abides; and thoWe are not now that strength which in old daysMoved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are,One equal temper of heroic hearts,Made weak by time and fate, but strong in willTo strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Translations for dull

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • كليلArabic
  • тупы́Belarusian
  • матов, притъпявам се, притъпявам, скучен, смекчавам, тъпBulgarian
  • insuls, fatCatalan, Valencian
  • fádní, tupýCzech
  • kedelig, mat, dum, sløvDanish
  • blöd, fad, abstumpfen, langweilig, blöde, dumm, stumpf, mattGerman
  • αμβλύνωGreek
  • amortiguar, soso, mate, corto, alivianar, desafilar, romo, obtuso, mellar, redondear, limitado, aburrido, moderar, opaco, aliviarSpanish
  • nõme, tuhmEstonian
  • sumentaa, tylsistyttää, lievittää, sumea, ikävystyttävä, samea, tylstyä, tylsyttää, tylsä, tylstyttää, pitkäveteinen, pitkästyttävä, hidasjärkinen, tylsyä, tyhmentää, lieventää, himmeäFinnish
  • keðiligurFaroese
  • user, barbant, mat, obtus, émousser, émoussé, assourdir, modérer, engourdir, amortir, adoucir, idiot, ennuyeux, terne, sotFrench
  • कुंठितHindi
  • բութ, ձանձրալիArmenian
  • membosankanIndonesian
  • soporifero, opaco, ottuso, monotono, tardo, smussare, noioso, spuntato, tediosoItalian
  • משעמםHebrew
  • 鈍い, 退屈, つまらないJapanese
  • 무딘Korean
  • کولKurdish
  • retusus, brutus, stultus, idiōta, fatuusLatin
  • blāvs, nespodrs, truls, neassLatvian
  • mātotoruMāori
  • тапMacedonian
  • တုံးBurmese
  • bot, stomp, dom, mat, saaiDutch
  • kjedelig, matt, sløve, sløv, dumNorwegian
  • doo deení daNavajo, Navaho
  • stępić, nudny, tępa, tępe, matowy, tępy, stępić sięPolish
  • estúpido, idiota, cego, imbecil, fosco, entediante, fátuoPortuguese
  • banalRomanian
  • затуплять, тупить, затупляться, глу́пый, притуплять, ту́склый, ма́товый, притупить, тупо́й, затупить, ску́чный, иступить, затупитьсяRussian
  • tup, тупSerbo-Croatian
  • tupýSlovak
  • top, dolgočásenSlovene
  • oskarp, slö, dämpa, tråkig, trög, döva, mattSwedish
  • mapurolTagalog
  • mat, sıkıcı, körTurkish
  • тупи́йUkrainian
  • đần độnVietnamese
  • diswijhîWalloon

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