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ˈmɪd l

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. center, centre, middle, heart, eye(noun)

    an area that is approximately central within some larger region

    "it is in the center of town"; "they ran forward into the heart of the struggle"; "they were in the eye of the storm"

    affection, warmness, affectionateness, substance, center of attention, center field, philia, plaza, meat, centre, center, tenderness, snapper, core, marrow, sum, fondness, nerve, ticker, nerve center, shopping center, midsection, optic, midriff, kernel, nitty-gritty, spirit, centerfield, gist, warmheartedness, nerve centre, inwardness, centre of attention, pith, heart, shopping mall, bosom, mall, essence, nub, mettle, pump, heart and soul, shopping centre, oculus, spunk, midpoint, eye

    offset, beginning, starting time, start, kickoff, end, first, commencement, outset, showtime, get-go, ending, proterozoic, untimely, New, primeval, advanced, archaeozoic, primordial, previous(p), late, primal, peripheral, proto(a), Modern, earliest, primaeval, archaean, earlyish, early, ripe, wee, beforehand(p), latish, azoic, Old, aboriginal, after-hours, earlier, posthumous, archeozoic, advance(a), premature, archean, terminal

  2. middle(noun)

    an intermediate part or section

    "A whole is that which has beginning, middle, and end"- Aristotle

    eye, midriff, heart, center, midsection, centre

    commencement, starting time, kickoff, first, start, end, outset, get-go, showtime, ending, offset, beginning, late, earliest, New, archeozoic, wee, archean, primal, primordial, ripe, aboriginal, latish, earlyish, premature, after-hours, Modern, advanced, advance(a), proto(a), early, proterozoic, azoic, untimely, earlier, beforehand(p), primaeval, previous(p), posthumous, primeval, terminal, archaean, peripheral, archaeozoic, Old

  3. middle, midriff, midsection(noun)

    the middle area of the human torso (usually in front)

    "young American women believe that a bare midriff is fashionable"

    center, heart, midsection, diaphragm, midriff, centre, eye

    commencement, starting time, outset, first, end, start, offset, beginning, ending, get-go, kickoff, showtime, archean, advanced, peripheral, azoic, archeozoic, latish, primal, archaeozoic, New, premature, earlyish, untimely, late, Modern, earliest, Old, beforehand(p), primeval, primaeval, earlier, aboriginal, terminal, advance(a), early, ripe, archaean, posthumous, wee, primordial, previous(p), proto(a), after-hours, proterozoic

  4. middle(adj)

    time between the beginning and the end of a temporal period

    "the middle of the war"; "rain during the middle of April"

    eye, midriff, heart, center, midsection, centre

    beginning, commencement, offset, get-go, start, outset, end, ending, showtime, starting time, kickoff, first, New, early, beforehand(p), Old, aboriginal, Modern, archeozoic, ripe, primeval, archaeozoic, late, primal, primordial, after-hours, advanced, peripheral, latish, premature, posthumous, azoic, wee, archean, proterozoic, archaean, earlyish, primaeval, untimely, advance(a), terminal, previous(p), proto(a), earlier, earliest

  5. in-between, mediate, middle(adj)

    being neither at the beginning nor at the end in a series

    "adolescence is an awkward in-between age"; "in a mediate position"; "the middle point on a line"

    middle(a), midway, halfway, mediate, in-between, center(a)

    outset, beginning, end, start, get-go, first, kickoff, ending, starting time, commencement, offset, showtime, Old, peripheral, archean, proterozoic, beforehand(p), latish, wee, aboriginal, early, premature, after-hours, archeozoic, Modern, proto(a), terminal, azoic, earlier, posthumous, advance(a), archaean, untimely, earlyish, New, primordial, late, primaeval, previous(p), primal, ripe, archaeozoic, advanced, primeval, earliest

  6. center(a), halfway, middle(a), midway(adj)

    equally distant from the extremes

    end, offset, outset, start, beginning, commencement, showtime, kickoff, starting time, first, get-go, ending, advanced, archean, previous(p), archaeozoic, primal, New, proto(a), beforehand(p), wee, early, premature, peripheral, latish, earliest, proterozoic, Old, primeval, posthumous, late, archaean, azoic, earlyish, Modern, earlier, ripe, aboriginal, after-hours, archeozoic, terminal, advance(a), primordial, untimely, primaeval

  7. middle(adj)

    of a stage in the development of a language or literature between earlier and later stages

    "Middle English is the English language from about 1100 to 1500"; "Middle Gaelic"

    middle(a), midway, halfway, mediate, in-between, center(a)

    outset, ending, commencement, offset, get-go, start, beginning, starting time, end, first, showtime, kickoff, after-hours, earliest, New, proto(a), archean, primaeval, untimely, primordial, early, aboriginal, wee, terminal, latish, proterozoic, posthumous, peripheral, late, advanced, earlier, earlyish, previous(p), premature, primeval, Old, archeozoic, azoic, primal, advance(a), ripe, Modern, archaean, archaeozoic, beforehand(p)

  8. middle(verb)

    between an earlier and a later period of time

    "in the middle years"; "in his middle thirties"

    middle(a), midway, halfway, mediate, in-between, center(a)

    commencement, starting time, beginning, get-go, ending, end, start, first, kickoff, outset, showtime, offset, primaeval, early, late, earliest, beforehand(p), Old, aboriginal, New, proto(a), proterozoic, archeozoic, Modern, latish, previous(p), earlier, primordial, untimely, archaean, earlyish, after-hours, premature, ripe, posthumous, advanced, primeval, terminal, primal, archaeozoic, peripheral, azoic, advance(a), wee, archean

  9. middle(verb)

    put in the middle

    end, outset, kickoff, starting time, commencement, first, start, showtime, get-go, ending, offset, beginning, azoic, primaeval, primal, advance(a), terminal, New, proto(a), latish, wee, archaeozoic, earlier, beforehand(p), archaean, aboriginal, late, premature, previous(p), early, archean, earliest, Modern, primeval, after-hours, advanced, ripe, archeozoic, Old, posthumous, untimely, earlyish, primordial, proterozoic, peripheral


  1. middle(noun)

    center, centre, midst, midpoint

  2. middle(noun)

    Being in the middle or in-between; as middle point, middle name, Middle English, Middle Ages, middle weight, etc.

    The middle of a circle is the point which has the same distance to every point of circle.

    midst, midpoint, center, centre

  3. middle(noun)

    Central to.

    centre, midst, midpoint, center

  4. middle(noun)

    the middle stump

    center, midpoint, midst, centre

  5. middle(noun)

    The central part of a human body.

    centre, midst, midpoint, center

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. middle

    We speak of the center of a circle, the middle of a room, the middle of the street, the midst of a forest. The center is equally distant from every point of the circumference of a circle, or from the opposite boundaries on each axis of a parallelogram, etc.; the middle is more general and less definite. The center is a point; the middle may be a line or a space. We say at the center; in the middle. Midst commonly implies a group or multitude of surrounding objects. Compare synonyms for AMID.

    center, midst

    bound, boundary, circumference, perimeter, rim

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. middle(a.)

    mean, medial, half way, between the extremes

  2. middle(n.)

    midst, centre, central part

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