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  1. roughnoun


  2. roughnoun

    To create in an approximate form.

    Rough in the shape first, then polish the details.


  3. roughnoun

    To physically assault someone in retribution for something specific.

    The gangsters roughed him up a little.


  4. roughadjective

    To commit the offense of roughing, i.e. to punch another player.

    The sea was rough.


  5. roughnoun

    The raw material from which faceted or cabochon gems are created.

    Being a teenager these days can be rough.


  6. roughadjective

    Crude; unrefined

    His manners are a bit rough, but he means well.


  7. roughadjective

    This box has been through some rough handling.


English Synonyms and Antonyms0.0 / 0 votes

  1. rough

    Awkward, from awk (kindred with off, from the Norwegian), is off-ward, turned the wrong way; it was anciently used of a back-handed or left-handed blow in battle, of squinting eyes, etc. Clumsy, on the other hand (from clumse, also through the Norwegian), signifies benumbed, stiffened with cold; this is the original meaning of clumsy fingers, clumsy limbs. Thus, awkward primarily refers to action, clumsy to condition. A tool, a vehicle, or the human frame may be clumsy in shape or build, awkward in motion. The clumsy man is almost of necessity awkward, but the awkward man may not be naturally clumsy. The finest untrained colt is awkward in harness; a horse that is clumsy in build can never be trained out of awkwardness. An awkward statement has an uncomfortable, and perhaps recoiling force; a statement that contains ill-assorted and incongruous material in ill-chosen language is clumsy. We speak of an awkward predicament, an awkward scrape. An awkward excuse commonly reflects on the one who offers it. We say the admitted facts have an awkward appearance. In none of these cases could clumsy be used. Clumsy is, however, applied to movements that seem as unsuitable as those of benumbed and stiffened limbs. A dancing bear is both clumsy and awkward.

    awkward, boorish, bungling, clownish, clumsy, gawky, maladroit, uncouth, ungainly, unhandy, unskilful

    adroit, clever, dexterous, handy, skilful

    The raw recruit is awkward in action; at the business.

Princeton's WordNet0.0 / 0 votes

  1. roughadjective

    the part of a golf course bordering the fairway where the grass is not cut short

    undulate, untoothed, even-textured, easy, nonaggressive, creaseless, unseamed, seamless, repand, streamlined, velvet, uncreased, unlined, refined, pleasant, sinuate, fine-textured, smooth, skilled, exact, euphonious, sleek, fast, unnotched, smooth-textured, calm, euphonous, entire, unaggressive, polished, velvety, flowing, kind, velvet-textured, aerodynamic, glassy

  2. rough, unsmoothadjective

    having or caused by an irregular surface

    "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"

    bumpy, approximative, pugnacious, jolting, approximate, gravelly, rocky, fierce, harsh, scratchy, crude, jumpy, boisterous, grating, jolty, raspy, unsmooth, uncut, rasping

    velvet-textured, velvet, euphonous, untoothed, undulate, kind, sinuate, creaseless, seamless, unaggressive, smooth, streamlined, unnotched, easy, euphonious, glassy, fine-textured, uncreased, velvety, calm, smooth-textured, sleek, refined, pleasant, skilled, unlined, even-textured, entire, repand, polished, unseamed, fast, nonaggressive, flowing, exact, aerodynamic

  3. roughadjective

    (of persons or behavior) lacking refinement or finesse

    "she was a diamond in the rough"; "rough manners"

    bumpy, approximative, pugnacious, jolting, approximate, gravelly, rocky, fierce, harsh, scratchy, crude, jumpy, boisterous, grating, jolty, raspy, unsmooth, uncut, rasping

    entire, untoothed, aerodynamic, streamlined, skilled, velvety, velvet-textured, nonaggressive, unlined, euphonous, unaggressive, fine-textured, polished, smooth, creaseless, uncreased, seamless, flowing, easy, unseamed, refined, sleek, fast, velvet, pleasant, sinuate, kind, smooth-textured, calm, euphonious, unnotched, exact, repand, even-textured, undulate, glassy

  4. approximate, approximative, roughadjective

    not quite exact or correct

    "the approximate time was 10 o'clock"; "a rough guess"; "a ballpark estimate"

    bumpy, approximative, pugnacious, jolting, jolty, crude, gravelly, rocky, close together(p), fierce, harsh, scratchy, jumpy, boisterous, grating, approximate, near, raspy, unsmooth, uncut, rasping

    exact, velvet-textured, pleasant, creaseless, even-textured, smooth, calm, sinuate, polished, unnotched, unseamed, untoothed, nonaggressive, fine-textured, kind, uncreased, euphonous, smooth-textured, streamlined, euphonious, repand, velvety, undulate, flowing, refined, unlined, velvet, unaggressive, skilled, aerodynamic, sleek, fast, easy, seamless, glassy, entire

  5. rocky, roughadjective

    full of hardship or trials

    "the rocky road to success"; "they were having a rough time"

    bumpy, raspy, jolting, pugnacious, bouldered, jolty, crude, gravelly, rocky, bouldery, fierce, harsh, unsmooth, scratchy, stony, jumpy, boisterous, grating, approximate, approximative, uncut, rasping

    velvet-textured, sleek, even-textured, smooth, creaseless, entire, aerodynamic, smooth-textured, unaggressive, untoothed, fast, streamlined, polished, calm, seamless, repand, refined, unnotched, velvet, unseamed, exact, euphonious, euphonous, glassy, pleasant, kind, unlined, fine-textured, undulate, uncreased, easy, velvety, flowing, sinuate, skilled, nonaggressive

  6. boisterous, fierce, roughadjective

    violently agitated and turbulent

    "boisterous winds and waves"; "the fierce thunders roar me their music"- Ezra Pound; "rough weather"; "rough seas"

    pugnacious, approximative, fierce, trigger-happy, unsmooth, robustious, violent, boisterous, bowelless, scratchy, ferocious, knockabout, uncut, jumpy, rocky, harsh, gravelly, approximate, cutthroat, vehement, rambunctious, rumbustious, jolting, unruly, jolty, rasping, bumpy, tearing, raspy, savage, furious, crude, grating

    euphonous, even-textured, nonaggressive, uncreased, easy, polished, fast, unaggressive, smooth, velvet, refined, fine-textured, smooth-textured, entire, velvety, untoothed, undulate, unnotched, exact, euphonious, kind, seamless, sleek, skilled, pleasant, repand, sinuate, streamlined, creaseless, calm, velvet-textured, flowing, unseamed, unlined, aerodynamic, glassy

  7. grating, gravelly, rasping, raspy, rough, scratchyadjective

    unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound

    "a gravelly voice"

    pugnacious, irritable, approximative, unsmooth, cranky, boisterous, scratchy, pettish, fierce, abrasive, peevish, uncut, jumpy, rocky, uneven, harsh, shingly, gravelly, approximate, crude, jolting, spotty, jolty, petulant, rasping, bumpy, nettlesome, testy, tetchy, raspy, fractious, techy, pebbly, peckish, grating

    kind, fine-textured, easy, untoothed, fast, entire, refined, unlined, glassy, smooth, undulate, sinuate, velvet-textured, velvety, skilled, unseamed, uncreased, nonaggressive, smooth-textured, calm, euphonious, exact, velvet, sleek, seamless, flowing, pleasant, even-textured, streamlined, repand, unaggressive, creaseless, polished, euphonous, unnotched, aerodynamic

  8. pugnacious, roughadjective

    ready and able to resort to force or violence

    "pugnacious spirits...lamented that there was so little prospect of an exhilarating disturbance"- Herman Melville; "they were rough and determined fighting men"

    bumpy, approximative, hard-bitten, pugnacious, jolting, rasping, crude, gravelly, rocky, jolty, fierce, harsh, scratchy, jumpy, boisterous, grating, approximate, raspy, unsmooth, uncut, hard-boiled

    flowing, unlined, refined, sleek, euphonious, fast, unaggressive, calm, fine-textured, untoothed, skilled, glassy, easy, velvet-textured, velvet, velvety, smooth, repand, seamless, aerodynamic, euphonous, undulate, entire, polished, exact, pleasant, streamlined, sinuate, unnotched, nonaggressive, creaseless, even-textured, unseamed, uncreased, kind, smooth-textured

  9. roughadjective

    of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped

    bumpy, approximative, pugnacious, jolting, approximate, gravelly, rocky, fierce, harsh, scratchy, crude, jumpy, boisterous, grating, jolty, raspy, unsmooth, uncut, rasping

    even-textured, smooth, refined, unlined, streamlined, glassy, calm, fine-textured, velvety, euphonious, velvet, velvet-textured, sinuate, repand, fast, seamless, exact, creaseless, skilled, unaggressive, flowing, polished, pleasant, untoothed, aerodynamic, sleek, nonaggressive, unseamed, euphonous, uncreased, unnotched, undulate, entire, kind, smooth-textured, easy

  10. rough, rocky, bumpy, jolty, jolting, jumpyadjective

    causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements

    "a rough ride"

    bumpy, approximative, highly strung, pugnacious, jolting, bouldered, approximate, gravelly, rocky, bouldery, edgy, uptight, fierce, harsh, overstrung, high-strung, restive, nervy, scratchy, stony, crude, jumpy, boisterous, grating, jolty, raspy, unsmooth, jittery, uncut, rasping

    euphonous, fine-textured, euphonious, flowing, kind, smooth-textured, exact, smooth, calm, unseamed, pleasant, unlined, velvety, nonaggressive, refined, velvet, easy, entire, sinuate, even-textured, streamlined, polished, velvet-textured, unaggressive, aerodynamic, skilled, sleek, fast, seamless, uncreased, unnotched, creaseless, repand, glassy, undulate, untoothed

  11. uncut, roughadjective

    not shaped by cutting or trimming

    "an uncut diamond"; "rough gemstones"

    bumpy, raspy, jolting, pugnacious, jolty, crude, full-length, rocky, fierce, unmown, untrimmed, unsmooth, scratchy, gravelly, jumpy, boisterous, grating, approximate, approximative, harsh, uncut, rasping

    pleasant, smooth, easy, exact, streamlined, glassy, unaggressive, untoothed, even-textured, smooth-textured, kind, entire, euphonious, undulate, seamless, unnotched, sleek, flowing, uncreased, repand, unseamed, fine-textured, polished, fast, sinuate, velvety, refined, unlined, skilled, velvet, velvet-textured, creaseless, euphonous, nonaggressive, aerodynamic, calm

  12. crude, roughadjective

    not carefully or expertly made

    "managed to make a crude splint"; "a crude cabin of logs with bark still on them"; "rough carpentry"

    bumpy, raspy, primitive, pugnacious, unrefined, rude, crude(a), gravelly, rocky, vulgar, jolting, jolty, gross, boisterous, fierce, raw, harsh, stark(a), unsmooth, scratchy, earthy, crude, unprocessed, blunt, grating, approximate, jumpy, approximative, uncut, rasping

    unseamed, entire, untoothed, calm, polished, velvety, exact, smooth, euphonous, uncreased, fine-textured, glassy, velvet-textured, streamlined, euphonious, nonaggressive, smooth-textured, unnotched, pleasant, unaggressive, creaseless, flowing, seamless, fast, skilled, refined, aerodynamic, sleek, repand, even-textured, kind, easy, velvet, unlined, sinuate, undulate

  13. roughadjective

    not perfected

    "a rough draft"; "a few rough sketches"

    bumpy, approximative, pugnacious, jolting, approximate, gravelly, rocky, fierce, harsh, scratchy, crude, jumpy, boisterous, grating, jolty, raspy, unsmooth, uncut, rasping

    exact, velvet, fast, seamless, flowing, smooth, smooth-textured, polished, skilled, streamlined, euphonious, aerodynamic, fine-textured, pleasant, creaseless, unlined, sleek, undulate, repand, refined, even-textured, velvety, entire, kind, unaggressive, calm, unseamed, easy, sinuate, euphonous, uncreased, nonaggressive, velvet-textured, glassy, unnotched, untoothed

  14. harsh, roughadjective

    unpleasantly stern

    "wild and harsh country full of hot sand and cactus"; "the nomad life is rough and hazardous"

    bumpy, approximative, raspy, jolting, pugnacious, jolty, crude, gravelly, rocky, coarse, fierce, harsh, abrasive, scratchy, jumpy, boisterous, grating, approximate, unsmooth, uncut, rasping

    streamlined, smooth, unseamed, velvet, untoothed, unaggressive, smooth-textured, euphonious, seamless, nonaggressive, pleasant, kind, refined, fast, polished, undulate, even-textured, glassy, euphonous, sleek, skilled, flowing, uncreased, aerodynamic, fine-textured, velvety, entire, calm, velvet-textured, sinuate, repand, creaseless, unlined, exact, easy, unnotched

  15. harsh, roughverb

    unkind or cruel or uncivil

    "had harsh words"; "a harsh and unlovable old tyrant"; "a rough answer"

    bumpy, approximative, raspy, jolting, pugnacious, jolty, crude, gravelly, rocky, coarse, fierce, harsh, abrasive, scratchy, jumpy, boisterous, grating, approximate, unsmooth, uncut, rasping

    undulate, aerodynamic, polished, streamlined, entire, untoothed, calm, sinuate, seamless, euphonous, velvet-textured, easy, even-textured, unnotched, unaggressive, creaseless, smooth, nonaggressive, uncreased, unlined, flowing, refined, fine-textured, exact, euphonious, sleek, repand, pleasant, kind, velvety, skilled, smooth-textured, velvet, fast, glassy, unseamed

  16. rough in, rough, rough outadverb

    prepare in preliminary or sketchy form

    rough out, rough in

    sinuate, polished, smooth-textured, unlined, kind, skilled, aerodynamic, velvet-textured, smooth, seamless, exact, creaseless, undulate, velvety, glassy, sleek, uncreased, euphonious, unaggressive, unnotched, velvet, calm, streamlined, fine-textured, euphonous, pleasant, flowing, repand, nonaggressive, entire, even-textured, fast, untoothed, unseamed, refined, easy

  17. roughly, roughadverb

    with roughness or violence (`rough' is an informal variant for `roughly')

    "he was pushed roughly aside"; "they treated him rough"

    around, some, close to, more or less, about, or so, just about, approximately, roughly

    fine-textured, unaggressive, streamlined, undulate, repand, euphonous, untoothed, aerodynamic, unseamed, smooth, uncreased, polished, smooth-textured, sinuate, velvet, pleasant, entire, exact, skilled, velvety, euphonious, kind, fast, even-textured, easy, unlined, velvet-textured, unnotched, refined, nonaggressive, flowing, calm, glassy, creaseless, seamless, sleek

  18. roughly, roughadverb

    with rough motion as over a rough surface

    "ride rough"

    around, some, close to, more or less, about, or so, just about, approximately, roughly

    velvet-textured, nonaggressive, velvet, exact, undulate, flowing, untoothed, velvety, sinuate, creaseless, seamless, skilled, smooth, repand, smooth-textured, unnotched, sleek, aerodynamic, unaggressive, euphonous, pleasant, uncreased, refined, streamlined, easy, fine-textured, calm, euphonious, kind, polished, glassy, entire, even-textured, fast, unlined, unseamed

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  1. roughadjective

    uneven, rugged, craggy, cragged, jagged, scraggy, not smooth

  2. roughadjective

    unhewn, unwrought, unfashioned, formless, shapeless

  3. roughadjective

    unpolished (as a gem), uncut

  4. roughadjective

    shaggy, hirsute, bristly, ragged, disordered

  5. roughadjective

    coarse, indelicate, rude, uncivil, impolite, ungracious, homespun, bluff, blunt, bearish, churlish, BRUSQUE, gruff

  6. roughadjective

    harsh, sharp, severe, violent

  7. roughadjective

    tart, sour, crabbed, hard

  8. roughadjective

    inharmonious, discordant, jarring

  9. roughadjective

    tempestuous, boisterous, stormy

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  1. Airplane:

    Ted Striker It was a rough place - the seediest dive on the wharf. Populated with every reject and cutthroat from Bombay to Calcutta. It's worse than Detroit.

  2. Ron Howard:

    Donald Trump is a remarkable man in terms of being able to sell himself, but let us not forget he was a television star for many years. That resonates with the public. I understand that because I know the business well. He is speaking what a lot of people somewhere in their heart kind of have, he says it in a rough, rough way, like the character in 'Network' who said 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!' Well, the Donald is doing that and it's pretty effective. But I must really consider, will he be a good president? And that's, in my mind, where the conversation stops.

  3. William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, Scene 2:

    If Love be rough with you, be rough with Love, prick Love for pricking, and you beat Love down.

  4. William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet:

    If rough be love with you, be rough with love.

  5. Brenda Wriedt:

    The captain should’ve told us a little more. He kept saying, ‘we’re in rough seas.’ Well no crap we’re in rough seas.

Translations for rough

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • خشنArabic
  • tosc, difícil, aproximat, rude, quasi, aspreCatalan, Valencian
  • neomalený, surový, bouřlivý, hrubý, nepříjemný, raf (vyšší tráva kolem fairwaye)Czech
  • ruDanish
  • rau, grob, RoughGerman
  • τραχύςGreek
  • malglataEsperanto
  • rudo, difícil, tosco, turbulento, casi, aproximado, aproximativo, ásperoSpanish
  • kare, ligilähedaneEstonian
  • زبر, زمخت, خشنPersian
  • kova, karkea, luonnostella, murjoa, aallokkoinen, rosoinen, väkivaltainen, hahmotella, kuoppainen, pahoinpidellä, väkivaltaisuus, karhea, karheikko, raffiFinnish
  • approximatif, rugueux, ébaucher, brutaliser, difficile, brut, rude, malmener, brutalFrench
  • rûchWestern Frisian
  • garbh, eascaoinIrish
  • असभ्यHindi
  • műveletlen, kemény, durva, nehéz, faragatlan, zord, hozzávetőleges, érdes, nyers, egyenetlenHungarian
  • կոպիտArmenian
  • kasarIndonesian
  • asperaIdo
  • difficile, approssimato, rugoso, rude, mosso, scabro, ruvidoItalian
  • מְחוּספָּסHebrew
  • 粗野, でこぼこJapanese
  • ಒರಟುKannada
  • 거친Korean
  • دڕKurdish
  • asper, rudisLatin
  • šiurkštusLithuanian
  • ass, raupjš, rupjš, negludsLatvian
  • kōkau, tuarangarangaMāori
  • ကြမ်းBurmese
  • ruig, ruwDutch
  • ujevnNorwegian
  • surowyPolish
  • ásperoPortuguese
  • dur, aspruRomanian
  • тяжёлый, грубый, трудный, жёсткий, шероховатый, суровый, черновой, приблизительный, бурный, примерныйRussian
  • ojämnSwedish
  • கரடுமுரடானTamil
  • గరుకు, సుమారు, కష్టమైన, ఉరామరికTelugu
  • ขรุขระThai
  • kabaTurkish
  • грубийUkrainian
  • کسی نہ کسی طرحUrdu
  • thôVietnamese
  • פּראָסטYiddish

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