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Synonyms for tender
ˈtɛn dərten·der

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English Synonyms and Antonyms0.0 / 0 votes

  1. tender

    Friendly, as said of persons, signifies having the disposition of a friend; as said of acts, it signifies befitting or worthy of a friend. The adjective friendly does not reach the full significance of the nouns "friend" and "friendship;" one may be friendly to those who are not his friends, and to be in friendly relations often signifies little more than not to be hostile. In its application to persons, accessible is used of public and eminent persons, who might, if disposed, hold themselves at a distance from others. Companionable and sociable refer to manner and behavior, cordial and genial express genuine kindliness of heart. We speak of a cordial greeting, a favorable reception, a neighborly call, a sociable visitor, an amicable settlement, a kind interest, a friendly regard, a hearty welcome. The Saxon friendly is stronger than the Latin amicable; the amicable may be merely formal; the friendly is from the heart. Fond is commonly applied to an affection that becomes, or at least appears, excessive. Affectionate, devoted, and tender are almost always used in a high and good sense; as, an affectionate son; a devoted friend; "the tender mercy of our God," Luke i, 78. Compare FRIENDSHIP.

    accessible, affable, affectionate, amicable, brotherly, companionable, complaisant, cordial, favorable, fond, friendly, genial, hearty, kind, kindly, loving, neighborly, sociable, social, well-disposed

    adverse, alienated, antagonistic, bellicose, belligerent, cold, contentious, disaffected, distant, estranged, frigid, hostile, ill-disposed, indifferent, inimical, unfriendly, unkind, warlike

Princeton's WordNet0.0 / 0 votes

  1. tender, legal tender, stampnoun

    something that can be used as an official medium of payment

    seal, ship's boat, pestle, postage, pinnace, attendant, mould, revenue stamp, cast, mold, cutter, bid, postage stamp, attender, supply ship, legal tender, stamp, impression

    unchewable, gristly, coriaceous, hardened, leathery, leatherlike, thickened, painless, fibrous, pugnacious, tough, weather-beaten, rugged, calloused, hard-bitten, old, hard-boiled, tough-skinned, inured, unsentimental, chewy, stringy, sinewy, rubbery, leathered, callous, cartilaginous, hempen, toughened, stable, enured, tough-minded, unloving

  2. attendant, attender, tendernoun

    someone who waits on or tends to or attends to the needs of another

    cutter, ship's boat, pinnace, meeter, legal tender, bid, accompaniment, co-occurrence, listener, attendee, hearer, attender, auditor, concomitant, stamp, attendant, supply ship

    enured, gristly, leathery, inured, unloving, tough, leatherlike, hard-boiled, toughened, sinewy, stringy, coriaceous, leathered, rubbery, hard-bitten, hempen, unchewable, tough-skinned, hardened, fibrous, old, pugnacious, calloused, cartilaginous, painless, unsentimental, tough-minded, thickened, weather-beaten, rugged, stable, chewy, callous

  3. bid, tendernoun

    a formal proposal to buy at a specified price

    play, bidding, bid, command, supply ship, pinnace, attender, cutter, ship's boat, stamp, dictation, attendant, legal tender

    hard-boiled, old, tough-skinned, hempen, fibrous, calloused, pugnacious, coriaceous, unloving, unchewable, hardened, thickened, unsentimental, tough, hard-bitten, inured, rubbery, enured, toughened, cartilaginous, weather-beaten, leatherlike, stringy, sinewy, painless, chewy, rugged, gristly, stable, tough-minded, leathery, callous, leathered

  4. tendernoun

    car attached to a locomotive to carry fuel and water

    bid, ship's boat, pinnace, attender, cutter, supply ship, stamp, attendant, legal tender

    tough, fibrous, rugged, tough-minded, enured, thickened, weather-beaten, calloused, unsentimental, leatherlike, tough-skinned, hempen, stable, toughened, sinewy, hard-bitten, pugnacious, gristly, chewy, unloving, leathery, stringy, inured, leathered, hard-boiled, unchewable, painless, rubbery, callous, old, coriaceous, cartilaginous, hardened

  5. tender, ship's boat, pinnace, cutternoun

    a boat for communication between ship and shore

    bid, ship's boat, cutting tool, pinnace, attender, cutter, supply ship, stamp, stonecutter, attendant, cutlery, carver, legal tender

    hempen, unloving, tough, painless, pugnacious, unsentimental, cartilaginous, leatherlike, stringy, rugged, callous, stable, unchewable, leathery, calloused, hardened, rubbery, tough-skinned, chewy, weather-beaten, inured, hard-bitten, old, enured, fibrous, gristly, hard-boiled, leathered, thickened, toughened, tough-minded, coriaceous, sinewy

  6. tender, supply shipadjective

    ship that usually provides supplies to other ships

    bid, ship's boat, pinnace, attender, cutter, supply ship, stamp, attendant, legal tender

    leatherlike, toughened, tough, leathery, fibrous, inured, leathered, hard-boiled, sinewy, rubbery, pugnacious, thickened, calloused, weather-beaten, enured, rugged, hempen, tough-minded, unchewable, stable, cartilaginous, gristly, unsentimental, hard-bitten, hardened, painless, callous, old, stringy, tough-skinned, chewy, unloving, coriaceous

  7. tenderadjective

    given to sympathy or gentleness or sentimentality

    "a tender heart"; "a tender smile"; "tender loving care"; "tender memories"; "a tender mother"

    sensitive, crank, cranky, lovesome, warm, raw, fond, tippy, affectionate, sore, untoughened

    tough-skinned, cartilaginous, callous, toughened, rugged, fibrous, stable, hempen, weather-beaten, leatherlike, calloused, unsentimental, hard-bitten, pugnacious, rubbery, sinewy, chewy, stringy, gristly, leathery, thickened, old, tough, unloving, unchewable, coriaceous, inured, leathered, tough-minded, hard-boiled, enured, painless, hardened

  8. sensitive, sore, raw, tenderadjective


    "the tender spot on his jaw"

    stark naked, sensitive, bare-assed, new, sore, fond, cranky, crank, raw, warm, naked as a jaybird, unsanded, natural, peeled, in the altogether, painful, cutting, in the raw, affectionate, crude, mad, tippy, afflictive, bare-ass, raw(a), rude(a), naked, bleak, huffy, lovesome, sensible, untoughened, in the buff

    stable, coriaceous, toughened, painless, gristly, tough-minded, pugnacious, fibrous, leathery, unloving, rugged, tough-skinned, leathered, stringy, enured, hard-boiled, rubbery, hempen, cartilaginous, tough, hardened, thickened, inured, unsentimental, leatherlike, callous, old, unchewable, calloused, sinewy, hard-bitten, chewy, weather-beaten

  9. tenderadjective

    young and immature

    "at a tender age"

    sensitive, crank, cranky, lovesome, warm, raw, fond, tippy, affectionate, sore, untoughened

    leathered, fibrous, enured, stable, sinewy, cartilaginous, inured, calloused, hard-boiled, old, unchewable, chewy, painless, hard-bitten, hardened, unloving, rubbery, gristly, unsentimental, tough-skinned, coriaceous, leathery, tough, rugged, thickened, hempen, weather-beaten, leatherlike, toughened, stringy, tough-minded, pugnacious, callous

  10. affectionate, fond, lovesome, tender, warmadjective

    having or displaying warmth or affection

    "affectionate children"; "a fond embrace"; "fond of his nephew"; "a tender glance"; "a warm embrace"

    crank, fond, sensitive, adoring, partial(p), doting, untoughened, fond(p), raw, quick, lovesome, ardent, warm, tippy, cranky, sore, affectionate, strong

    fibrous, hempen, enured, gristly, calloused, tough, leathery, hard-bitten, leathered, callous, hardened, tough-minded, unchewable, rubbery, pugnacious, hard-boiled, stringy, sinewy, old, tough-skinned, thickened, painless, rugged, chewy, stable, inured, weather-beaten, toughened, unloving, cartilaginous, leatherlike, coriaceous, unsentimental

  11. tenderadjective

    easy to cut or chew

    "tender beef"

    sensitive, crank, cranky, lovesome, warm, raw, fond, tippy, affectionate, sore, untoughened

    unsentimental, fibrous, chewy, gristly, sinewy, pugnacious, painless, hardened, rubbery, enured, hard-boiled, hempen, inured, rugged, toughened, leathered, tough, coriaceous, thickened, stable, callous, unloving, leatherlike, stringy, calloused, old, tough-skinned, cartilaginous, tough-minded, unchewable, leathery, hard-bitten, weather-beaten

  12. tender, untoughenedadjective

    physically untoughened

    "tender feet"

    sensitive, crank, cranky, lovesome, warm, raw, fond, tippy, affectionate, sore, untoughened

    pugnacious, callous, hardened, painless, leathery, sinewy, hard-boiled, leathered, enured, leatherlike, coriaceous, old, chewy, tough-skinned, toughened, cartilaginous, tough-minded, rubbery, stringy, tough, weather-beaten, thickened, fibrous, unloving, stable, rugged, hard-bitten, gristly, calloused, hempen, unchewable, unsentimental, inured

  13. crank, cranky, tender, tippyadjective

    (used of boats) inclined to heel over easily under sail

    untoughened, pettish, crank, peckish, petulant, sensitive, fond, peevish, tetchy, irritable, warm, raw, fractious, nettlesome, scratchy, techy, tippy, cranky, sore, affectionate, lovesome, testy

    thickened, leathery, toughened, hard-boiled, chewy, tough, unchewable, leathered, rugged, unloving, leatherlike, inured, unsentimental, weather-beaten, stable, cartilaginous, callous, coriaceous, hempen, sinewy, painless, pugnacious, stringy, enured, hardened, rubbery, old, calloused, tough-skinned, hard-bitten, gristly, tough-minded, fibrous

  14. tenderverb

    (of plants) not hardy; easily killed by adverse growing condition

    "tender green shoots"

    sensitive, crank, cranky, lovesome, warm, raw, fond, tippy, affectionate, sore, untoughened

    old, hardened, fibrous, leathered, tough, unchewable, leatherlike, rubbery, stringy, unsentimental, unloving, gristly, callous, inured, tough-minded, thickened, hard-boiled, painless, hard-bitten, hempen, stable, weather-beaten, calloused, tough-skinned, pugnacious, rugged, toughened, leathery, coriaceous, cartilaginous, sinewy, enured, chewy

  15. tenderverb

    offer or present for acceptance

    bid, tenderize, tenderise, offer

    tough, rubbery, painless, inured, leathery, hardened, stable, sinewy, fibrous, thickened, unsentimental, hempen, enured, coriaceous, gristly, old, unloving, hard-bitten, pugnacious, toughened, weather-beaten, calloused, hard-boiled, rugged, callous, stringy, tough-minded, unchewable, chewy, cartilaginous, leathered, leatherlike, tough-skinned

  16. offer, bid, tenderverb

    propose a payment

    "The Swiss dealer offered $2 million for the painting"

    declare oneself, tenderize, put up, pop the question, entreat, press, beseech, tenderise, conjure, offer up, propose, offer, extend, wish, call, proffer, bid, adjure, provide, volunteer, invite

    fibrous, unchewable, callous, hardened, tough, pugnacious, hempen, calloused, rugged, toughened, unloving, tough-minded, cartilaginous, hard-bitten, stable, leatherlike, chewy, tough-skinned, leathered, leathery, painless, hard-boiled, unsentimental, stringy, thickened, rubbery, old, weather-beaten, enured, inured, coriaceous, sinewy, gristly

  17. tenderverb

    make a tender of; in legal settlements

    bid, tenderize, tenderise, offer

    tough, inured, unsentimental, leathery, leathered, weather-beaten, gristly, pugnacious, leatherlike, calloused, stringy, cartilaginous, fibrous, enured, hempen, rugged, toughened, tough-minded, thickened, callous, painless, old, hardened, coriaceous, unchewable, hard-bitten, sinewy, hard-boiled, stable, chewy, unloving, tough-skinned, rubbery

  18. tender, tenderize, tenderiseverb

    make tender or more tender as by marinating, pounding, or applying a tenderizer

    "tenderize meat"

    bid, tenderize, tenderise, offer

    hardened, sinewy, cartilaginous, weather-beaten, leatherlike, hard-bitten, unchewable, stringy, toughened, unsentimental, painless, chewy, leathered, unloving, fibrous, callous, thickened, hard-boiled, tough, rugged, pugnacious, gristly, calloused, old, leathery, tough-minded, coriaceous, enured, tough-skinned, stable, inured, rubbery, hempen

Dictionary of English Synonymes4.0 / 1 vote

  1. tenderadjective

    soft, delicate, not firm

  2. tenderadjective

    weak, feeble, young, infantile, youthful, not strong

  3. tenderadjective

    effeminate, feminine, womanly, not hardy, not robust

  4. tenderadjective

    sensitive, easily pained

  5. tenderadjective

    compassionate, kind, affectionate, sympathetic, pitiful, merciful, lenient, mild, tender-hearted

  6. tenderadjective

    pathetic, affecting, touching

  7. tenderadjective

    painful (to speak of or treat of), unpleasant, disagreeable

  8. tenderverb

    offer, proffer, present, volunteer

  9. tendernoun


  10. tendernoun

    offer, proffer, proposal

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words0.0 / 0 votes

  1. tenderadjective

    delicate, fragile, sensitive, susceptible, pathetic, touching, plaintive, sympathetic, pitiful, compassionate, kind

    tough, strong

  2. tendernoun

    attendant, offer, proposal, overture, proposition

  3. tenderverb

    offer, present, proffer, propose

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  1. Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber:

    One thing I hope people know about me is that I love this state and its people, its rivers, its mountains and its landscapes with every fiber of my being, it is because of that love that I tender my resignation.

  2. Jalal Salhi:

    Some of the contractors, they came, we pre-qualified them but they did not tender, they said that was because of a very competitive market, because we have Asian, Turkish contractors or whatever, but we're in a global market: we can't say we'll only open a tender to European companies.

  3. Ele Klein:

    The theory of Elon Musk is that if shareholders tender to that condition, Elon Musk hasn't violated the poison pill because Elon Musk's not closing it... and if enough people tender Elon Musk can say to the company,' Look, I have the shares ready to be given to me, the only reason they can't is because you, the board, is blocking the will of the shareholders.

  4. George Santayana:

    There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval. The dark background which death supplies brings out the tender colors of life in all their purity.

  5. Edgar Allan Poe:

    Children are never too tender to be whipped. Like tough beefsteaks, the more you beat them, the more tender they become.

Translations for tender

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • غضArabic
  • tendreCatalan, Valencian
  • něžnýCzech
  • mør, øm, forsyningsskib, tenderDanish
  • zart, liebevoll, lieb, zärtlich, empfindlichGerman
  • esquife, oferta, dolorido, tierno, [[vagón]] [[nodriza]], propuesta, cariñoso, ofrecerSpanish
  • تردPersian
  • tenderi, hellä, esittää, tarjota, arka, maksuväline, aristava, emälaiva, tarjous, yhteysvene, mureaFinnish
  • tendre, offreFrench
  • grámhar, mínIrish
  • निविदाHindi
  • presentare, fare una offerta, soffice, dare, offrire, offerta, morbido, tender, valuta, dolce, scialuppa, moneta, [[gara]] d’[[appalto]], tenero, sottoporre, sensibile, carino, tenera, battere, delicatoItalian
  • מִכרָזHebrew
  • 過敏, 柔らかい, 炭水車, 優しいJapanese
  • ಟೆಂಡರ್Kannada
  • 연한Korean
  • tenerLatin
  • zaartLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
  • mateoha, pāwera, tono, tāngohengoheMāori
  • betalingsmiddel, tilbud, anbudNorwegian
  • zacht, betalingsmiddel, bod, lief, tender, gevoelig, aanbieden, mals, biedenDutch
  • tender, środek płatniczy, oferta, przetargowy, delikatnyPolish
  • tenro, terno, tênder, macioPortuguese
  • dulce, gentil, iubitRomanian
  • уязвимый, предлагать, нежный, ласковый, тендер, [[платёжный, чувствительный, [[плавучий, предложениеRussian
  • öm, mör, ljuv, erbjudaSwedish
  • ஒப்பந்தம்Tamil
  • లేతTelugu
  • อ่อนโยนThai
  • mềmVietnamese

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