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Princeton's WordNet

  1. tip(noun)

    the extreme end of something; especially something pointed

    crown, baksheesh, pourboire, crest, bakshish, wind, hint, top, backsheesh, steer, lead, confidential information, peak, gratuity, point, bakshis, summit

  2. gratuity, tip, pourboire, baksheesh, bakshish, bakshis, backsheesh(noun)

    a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)

    crown, baksheesh, pourboire, crest, bakshish, wind, hint, top, backsheesh, steer, lead, confidential information, peak, gratuity, point, bakshis, summit

  3. tip, lead, steer, confidential information, wind, hint(noun)

    an indication of potential opportunity

    "he got a tip on the stock market"; "a good lead for a job"

    hint, touch, flatus, mite, farting, lead-in, wind, crest, atomic number 82, nothingness, pinch, crown, suggestion, jot, confidential information, bakshis, peak, leading, breaking wind, soupcon, bullock, point, pourboire, tether, lead, wind instrument, lead story, trail, clue, baksheesh, lede, winding, steer, tinge, leash, gratuity, fart, star, malarkey, idle words, malarky, bakshish, jazz, jumper cable, jumper lead, air current, booster cable, intimation, principal, current of air, top, trace, pencil lead, breath, speck, summit, backsheesh, track, spark advance, twist

  4. point, tip, peak(noun)

    a V shape

    "the cannibal's teeth were filed to sharp points"

    hint, bloom, heyday, wind, spot, pinnacle, crest, dot, breaker point, stop, head, full stop, confidential information, bakshis, gunpoint, visor, peak, point, gratuity, pourboire, vizor, lead, point in time, prime, superlative, percentage point, baksheesh, apex, full point, steer, eyeshade, efflorescence, bill, level, extremum, elevation, stage, degree, pointedness, bakshish, meridian, blossom, period, power point, acme, detail, decimal point, distributor point, flower, flush, item, top, compass point, tiptop, vertex, summit, crown, backsheesh, height

  5. peak, crown, crest, top, tip, summit(verb)

    the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill)

    "the view from the peak was magnificent"; "they clambered to the tip of Monadnock"; "the region is a few molecules wide at the summit"

    wind, hint, top of the inning, cap, bloom, heyday, diadem, efflorescence, treetop, bakshis, teetotum, pate, crown, upper side, backsheesh, visor, confidential information, crest, round top, circus tent, peak, poll, elevation, point, pourboire, upside, lead, vizor, prime, big top, baksheesh, apex, steer, pennant, eyeshade, bill, extremum, top side, whirligig, bakshish, meridian, blossom, acme, gratuity, pinnacle, flower, flush, cover, spinning top, summit meeting, jacket crown, top, superlative, jacket, tiptop, vertex, summit, crownwork, height

  6. tip(verb)

    cause to tilt

    "tip the screen upward"

    topple, tippytoe, tiptoe, slant, angle, tumble, tap, lean, bung, fee, tilt, tip off

  7. tip(verb)

    mark with a tip

    "tip the arrow with the small stone"

    topple, tippytoe, tiptoe, slant, angle, tumble, tap, lean, bung, fee, tilt, tip off

  8. tip, fee, bung(verb)

    give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the compensation agreed on

    "Remember to tip the waiter"; "fee the steward"

    topple, tippytoe, tiptoe, slant, angle, tumble, tap, lean, bung, fee, tilt, tip off

  9. topple, tumble, tip(verb)

    cause to topple or tumble by pushing

    whirl around, lean, tippytoe, tip off, topple, bung, get onto, catch on, break down, collapse, tiptoe, latch on, fee, tilt, cotton on, whirl, crumble, get it, tumble, tap, twig, angle, crumple, get wise, slant

  10. lean, tilt, tip, slant, angle(verb)

    to incline or bend from a vertical position

    "She leaned over the banister"

    pitch, topple, run, be given, lean, list, careen, fish, wobble, tiptoe, tip off, fee, tap, shift, tilt, tippytoe, bung, cant over, tumble, incline, cant, angle, slant, weight, tend

  11. tiptoe, tip, tippytoe(verb)

    walk on one's toes

    topple, tap, tiptoe, slant, angle, tumble, lean, tippytoe, bung, fee, tilt, tip off

  12. tap, tip(verb)

    strike lightly

    "He tapped me on the shoulder"

    topple, lean, solicit, tip off, exploit, wiretap, tiptoe, rap, fee, tap, pink, knock, intercept, tilt, bug, tippytoe, bung, beg, tapdance, tumble, angle, slant

  13. tip off, tip(verb)

    give insider information or advise to

    "He tipped off the police about the terrorist plot"

    topple, tippytoe, tiptoe, slant, tip off, tumble, tap, lean, bung, angle, fee, tilt

  14. tip(verb)

    remove the tip from

    "tip artichokes"

    topple, tippytoe, tiptoe, slant, angle, tumble, tap, lean, bung, fee, tilt, tip off

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. tip

    To tilt or tip is to throw out of a horizontal position by raising one side or end or lowering the other; the words are closely similar, but tilt suggests more of fluctuation or instability. Slant and slope are said of things somewhat fixed or permanent in a position out of the horizontal or perpendicular; the roof slants, the hill slopes. Incline is a more formal word for tip, and also for slant or slope. To cant is to set slantingly; in many cases tip and cant might be interchanged, but tip is more temporary, often momentary; one tips a pail so that the water flows over the edge; a mechanic cants a table by making or setting one side higher than the other. A vessel careens in the wind; lists, usually, from shifting of cargo, from water in the hold, etc. Careening is always toward one side or the other; listing may be forward or astern as well. To heel over is the same as to careen, and must be distinguished from "keel over," which is to capsize.

    cant, careen, dip, heel over, incline, lean, list, slant, slope, tilt

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. tip

    point, extremity, end, top, cap

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. tip(n.)

    end, point, extremity

  2. tip(v. a.)

    top, cap, put a point on

  3. tip(v. a.)

    tap, strike (lightly)

  4. tip(v. a.)

    incline (to one end, as a cart), cant

  5. tip(v. n.)

    lean, incline, tilt

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  1. tip

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Translations for tip

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  • أسلة, بقشيش, إخبارية, إكرامية, بخشيش, تلميحArabic
  • бакшишBulgarian
  • punxa, punta, propina, indiciCatalan, Valencian
  • spropitnéCzech
  • ein Trinkgeld geben, Spitze, Trinkgeld, TippGerman
  • κορυφή, αιχμή, φιλοδώρημα, [[δίνω]] [[φιλοδώρημα]]Greek
  • pintoEsperanto
  • propina, dar propinaSpanish
  • نوک, توکPersian
  • tippi, kärki, juomaraha, neuvoFinnish
  • bonne-main, conseil, pointe, pourliche, astuce, extrémité, bout, décharge, pourboire, tuyauFrench
  • síneadh láimheIrish
  • gliocasScottish Gaelic
  • שפיץ, קצה, תשר, רמזHebrew
  • borravaló, tippHungarian
  • ծայրArmenian
  • drinkopekunio, gratifiketoIdo
  • punta, discarica, mancia, estremità, lasciare manciaItalian
  • タバコ銭, 心づけ, 先, チップ, 助言, 先端, 祝儀, 内報Japanese
  • წვერიGeorgian
  • نووکKurdish
  • DrénkgeldLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
  • arbat pinigusLithuanian
  • kūreitanga, pōkanekane, tīwhiri, kāmata, hiku, takohaMāori
  • бакшишMacedonian
  • vuilnisbelt, stortplaats, drinkgeld, hint, punt, stort, fooi, tip, tippenDutch
  • czubek, napiwek, wskazówkaPolish
  • gorjeta, dica, pico, ponta, [[dar]] [[gorjeta]]Portuguese
  • bacșișRomanian
  • наконечник, чаевые, наводка, намёк, совет, остриё, свалка, подсказка, кончик, отвалRussian
  • bakšiš, бакшишSerbo-Croatian
  • nechať sprepitné, hrot, tringelt, rada, špica, sprepitné, tipSlovak
  • tips, spets, tipp, dricks, tippa, soptippSwedish
  • kiinua mgongoSwahili
  • మొనTelugu
  • püf noktaTurkish
  • bo, tiền bo, tiền thưởngVietnamese
  • givön drinamoni, drinamonVolapük
  • copete, ponteWalloon
  • 小費Chinese
  • umbhanselo, isihloko, umbhanso, ithiphuZulu

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