What is another word for masturbation?

Synonyms for masturbation
ˌmæs tərˈbeɪ ʃənmas·tur·ba·tion

This thesaurus page is about all possible synonyms, equivalent, same meaning and similar words for the term masturbation.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. masturbation, onanismnoun

    manual stimulation of the genital organs (of yourself or another) for sexual pleasure

    withdrawal method, pulling out, coitus interruptus, onanism, withdrawal

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Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. masturbationnoun

    onanism, self-pollution, secret vice, self-abuse

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. masturbationnoun

    onanism, self-abuse, self-pollution

Concise Medical Dictionary, by Joseph C Segen, MD

  1. masturbation

    Ipsism, manustupration For those who like lists, here are over 650 synonyms for masturbation: adjustin' the sundial, agitate the burping lizard, agitate the leak, agitate the whacked up oversized one-eyed wonder weasel, Anna Palm, arm wrestle the one-eyed vessel, attract the attention of Johnny one-eye, auditioning your finger puppets, auto-eroticism, backstroke, backstroke roulette, bamming your wang with the rest of the gang, bash the candle, be on familiar terms with oneself, bean wiggling-female, beat off, beat the bed flute, beat the bishop, beat the dummy, beat the meat, beat off, beat the stick, beat to heat the meat, beating off, beat your meat, beef-stroke-it-off, bleed the lizard, bleed your weed, bleed the lizard, blow out the brains of charles the bald, blow your load, blow your own horn, bludgeon the beefsteak, bonking your bologna, bop the bologna, bopping Bob's breakfast meat, bopping Richard, bopping your bishop, box the Jesuit, boxing bald bull, boxing the one-eyed champ, breaching the warp core, buff the banana, buff the mahogany, buff the rifle, buffing the purple helmet, burp the worm, bust a nut, butter the corn, cane the vandal, carressing the one-eyed monk, carressing the pheasant, catching a nut, charm the snake, check the oil, Kojak, choke the chicken, choke the sheriff and wait for the posse to come, choke the chicken, choke the purple headed Nazi, choke your chicken, chrome the dome, churning the buttermilk, churning the foreskin butter, circle jerk-group masturbation, clean your rifle, clear the snorkel, climb the greasy pole, climb the tree, clobber the kleenex, closet frisbee, clutch the camel, clutching the tapioca thrower, coat Prince William Sound with love oil, coaxing Scooby through the hoop, come to grips with yourself, cook the cream of cock, corralling the tadpoles, crank the love pump, crank the shaft, crank the two-stroke engine, create a seal-a-meal, crown the king, cuddle the kielbasa, cuff the carrot, dance with johnny one-eye, date with miss michigan, date with mother thumb and her four daughters, date with rosie palmer and her five sisters, dating Rosy Palmer, decongest the weasel, defrost the fridge, dick friction, diddle, diddling, diddling the box, dig for change, dinner with Edgar Allan, discipline the primate, dishonorable discharge, do battle with the purple helmeted warrior of love, do that crazy hand jive, do the artichoke stroke, do the Han Solo, do the pork sword jiggle, do the rattlesnake shake, do the secret handshake, do the solitary rhumba, do your homework, doing the dishes, doin' the Joycelyn boogie, doing a lot of rapid one-arm pull ups, doing the finger dance, doing the long stroke, drain the monster, drill for oil, drive the skin bus, driving stick shift, dummy coming, dunder the devil-dolphin, elect the President, elongate the macaroni, engage in hand to gland combat, engage in safe sex, erotic visual entertainment, escort the one-eyed postal worker out of its denim cell, fantabation, fasten the chin strap on the helmet of love, fax the pope, feed the ducks, feeding the ducks, feel up, feelie, finger blasting, fingering, fingerlingus-for females, finger blast, finger fuck, finger jabbing, fire the flesh musket, fire the Surgeon General, fish for zipper trout, fish with dynamite, fist fuck, fist fucking, fist your mister, fist-kebabing, five against one, five finger knuckle chuckle, five finger lingo, five knuckle shuffle, five finger sonata, five fingered friendless fandango, five knuckle shuffle, flay the Emperor, flick the bic, flog the Bishop, flog the corpse, flog the dog, flog the dolphin, flog the dong, flog the friar, flog the frog, flog the hog, flog the log, flog the mule, flop the frankfurt, flog your log, flogging the bishop, flogging your pride, flute solo, fly solo, fondle the ferret, fondle the fig, fondling rhonda, freein' Willy, Franny and her five sisters, friction magician, friggit, frost the pastries, gallop the antelope, gallop the old lizard, gargle the gargoyle, get a date with slick mittens, get excited, get the German soldier marching, get the glue stick, get wet, get your palm read, getting off, give it a tug, give yourself a low five, go blind, go on a date with Handrea and Palmela, go on Peewee's Little Adventure, go read the playboy one-handed, going skiing with one pole, going to Disneyworld, grab the bozac, grab the crab, grapple the gorilla, grease the monkey, grease the pipe, grease the weasel, grease the weiner, grease your pole, greasing your nightstick, grope the magic meat stick, hack the hog, hammer hands, hammering the love steak, hand car, hand gallop, hand jive, hand job, hand massage, hand shandy, hand work, handblower, handle the size 12 sandle, handling business, hang the 23-inch ghost, hang the old man, hanging with Hank and the twins, harrassing the hedgehog, hassle the tassle, have a J. arthur, have it off, having a sherman, having an arm-wrestle with your one-eyed vessel, help put mr. kleenex's kids through college, here comes moby, hitchhike to heaven, hitchhike under the big top, hitchhiking under the sheets, hold the sausage hostage, hold your own, holding a staff meeting, home job, hone the cone, honing the bone, honking his root, hug the hog, hump your hose, humping off, iron some wrinkles, jack hammer, jack off, jack your dick, jag off, jamming with Elvis, jazz yourself, jerk off, jerkin' the gherkin, jerking jamby, jerking off, jerking the turkey, jingling the keys, jizzlobbing, jossle the tossle, juggling the coullions, kicking your roommate out for five to ten minutes to "call your parents", knead the elongated dough, knead the knockwurst, launching the hand shuttle, liquidate the inventory, lope the mule, lube the tube, make friends with big Ed, make friends with righty, make instant pudding, make the bald guy throw up, make the leak gurgle, make vanilla shakes, make wall art, make your creator foam, making glue, making love to mother thumb and her four daughters, making the Cyclops cry, making your mother blush, mangle the midget, mangling the mouse, manipulate the mango, manning the cockpit, manual override, marching German soldier, marry the widow wrist, mashing the monster, master bacon, milk one-eyed willy, milk the banana, milk the lizard, milk the monk, milking the bull, milking the cow, milking the lizard, milking the malt dragon, milking the moose, molest the mole, nerk your throbber, "Nothing Mom!", obeying your master, oil the glove, Onan's Olympics, one-eyed Kate, one gun salute, one man show, one-on-one's self, pack your palm, paddle the pickle, paint the pickle, paint the walls, palm it, palm-a-la, Pat the Robertson, pat the soft schlong, pearl the oyster, peel the carrot, peeling the chilies, perform diagnostics on your mantool, perm the worm, pet your dog, petting your Polly, Peter beater, phone the Czar, piddle, piddle the pud, piddley diddling, play peek-a-boo with Mr. Johnson, play solitaire, play tag with the pink torpedo, play the one-stringed guitar, play the skin flute, play Uno, play with the spitting llama, play with your turtle, play with yourself, playing pocket hockey, playing pocket pool, playing the pipe organ, playing the skin flute, playing tug-o-war with the Cyclops, playing with one's self, playing with Peter, playing with your pleasure zone, playing Yank E Doodle, pound your pud, pleading the fifth, please your pisser, plunk your twanger, pocket pinball, pocket ping-pong, pocket pool, pole vaulting, polish percy, polish the baguette, polish the beak, polish the pud, polish the rocket, polish the sword, polishing the Bishop , polishing the family jewels, polishing your knob, pop the cork, pound off, pound the bald moose, pound your flounder, pound your pud, pounding the gavel, practicing a little self-whittling, practicing self abuse , prime the pump, pud wacking, pud wrestling, pull the Colonel Sanders Heimleich manuever, pull the handbrake, pull the weed, pull the wire, pull your pud, pull your taffy, pulling the goalie, pulling the pud, pulling your pecker, pulling your puppet, pulling your root, pulp friction, pump the electric goo gun, pump the gas at the self-service island, pump the pope, pump the python, pump the stump, punch the munchkin, punching the munchkin, punishing Woodrow for uppity behavior, pushing the button, put your thumb in the porridge, raise the mainsail, ram the ham, reaching for the skies, red eye Pete, refreshing the mayonnaise, relieving stress, relish your hot dog, rent the mannequin, ride the great white knuckler, romancing the bone, rope the pony, Rosy palm, Rosie Palmer and her five friends, roughing up the suspect, rub off, rub one out, rub the chode, rub the magic one-eyed wonder weasel, rub the pink eraser, rub the rhubarb, rub the rod, rubbin" a chubby, running it up (and back down) the flagpole, running the cheetah, Sally Fist and her five sisters, Sally palm, sample the secret sauce, sand wood, sanding it, say a private prayer in the church of the First Holy Monkey, schnauzer shuffleboard, scour the tower of power, scratch the crack-female, self abuse, self love, self pollution, self spooging, Serta solo, set the tadpoles free, shake hands with Abraham Lincoln, shake hands with beef, shake hands with Jack McNasty, shake hands with John Thomas, shake hands with Mr. Happy, shake hands with Mr. President, shake hands with the general, shake hands with the midget, shake hands with the wife's best friend, shake hands with yul brenner, shake the dice, shake the sauce, shake the sausage, shake the snake, shaking hands with the Bishop, shaking hands with the unemployed, shaking your thing, shampooing the rug, Shangra-la, shellack the shellaleigh, shemp the hog, shift gears, shine the pork sword, shining your helmet, shining your pole, shoot skeet, shoot tadpoles at the moon, shoot the goo, shoot the sherbert, shootin' putty at the moon, shooting for the moon, shuck the corn, skin your bone, skinning the mule, slam the spam, slammin' the salmon, slap the big-nosed Rasta man, slap the salami, slap the yogurt pistol, slap your dong, slapping pappy, slapping the clown, slapping the flesh gopher, slapping the salami, slapping the stallion, slicking the willie, slinging jelly, slop the hog, smack Johnny behind the ears, smack the oompa loompa, snake fondling, snap the whip, solitary sin, solitary vice, solo, solo play, spank elvis, spank the frank, spank the ham, spank the monkey, spank the wank, spank your shank, spankin', spanking it, spanking the cheetah, spanking the monkey, sparring with the heavy bag, spit and stroke, splicing the cable, spoonin' the cream, spork the dwarf, spruce the moose, spucking, squawk the guavel, squeeze the cream from the flesh twinkie, squeeze the juice, squeeze the lemon, stew in your own juices, stirring the soup-female, strain the main vein, strain the noodle, strangle the serpent, stretch the goose, strike the pink match, stroke it, stroke off, stroke the burping gecko, stroke the lizard, stroke the poker, stroke the satin-headed serpent, stroke the squirmin' German, stroke the wiener, stroke your twinkie, strokin', stroking the muscle, summon the genie, swell the sausage, take a shake break, take Herman to the circus, take the Jocelyn Elders midterm, take yourself in hand, talking to Henry, Tilly and her four friends, tame the shrew, taunt the one-eyed weasel, tease the weasel, tenderise the meat, tenderise the tube steak, test your battery, the art of unisex, thrapping, three stroke handsaw, thump the pump, tickle my fancy, tickle the ivory, tickle your pickle, ticklewigglejigglepickle, tooting your root, torque the fork, torque the pork, toss off, toss the pigskin, toss the salad, toss the turkey, toss yogurt, tossing off, tossin' Tony, touchie-feelie, training the dolphin, treat yourself right, trip to the john, tug-o-war with the Cyclops, tug the slug, tuggin' on it, tugging the tapioca tube, tuning the antenna, turning Japanese, tweaking the twinkie, twiddle a speed bag, twiddling, twist the crank, twist the tool, two finger tango, umm..nothing, dude...I'll be out in a minute, unload the gun, use The Force, using the 10-inch black beauty, varnish the bannister, varnish the flagpole, verticalise the macaroni, visiting Anderson's tool shed, violate the hedgehog, wack-it, wack your squack, wake the dead, wake Wee Willie, walk the dog, walk the snake, walking the dog, walking the plank, waltzing with Willy, wank, wanking, warm up dinner for the altar boys, warm up the instrument, watch Wee Willy Winky grow up before he throws up and dies, wave the magic wand, wax on, wax off, wax the car, wax the carrot, wax the dolphin, wax the walrus, wax your surfboard, waxing the soldier, waxing your carrot, waxing your pole, whack off, whack Willy, whacking off, whacking the weasel, wham the ham, whip it, whip the Bishop, whip the dummy, whip the rat, whip the puppy, whip the stiff, whip the weasel, whip up some sour cream, whip your dripper, whip your whillie, whipping off, white storm rising, whitewater wristing, whittle the stick, whittle the wood, whizzin jizzim, whopping willy the one-eyed wonder worm, wiggling the bean-female, windsurf on Mount Baldy, with my imaginary lover, wonk your conker, wonk your donk, work the one eye Wally, work the piston, work the waffle, work out a stiff joint, work up a foamy lather, wrap five around Woody, wrestle King Kong Bundy, wrestle the eel, wrestle the one-eyed trouser snake, wrestle with the bald champ, wring out your rope, wrist aerobics, yank the crank, yank the yoyo, yank your Doodle Dandy, yank your plank, yanking, yanking the chain, yanky my wanky, Zion's friction Automanipulation, digital autoeroticism, secret vice

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  1. Richard Feynman:

    Physics is to math what sex is to masturbation.

  2. David Ley:

    For years, the field of mental health believed masturbation and homosexuality were unhealthy, and that interest in fetish was statistically rare and usually unhealthy, it turns out we’ve been wrong on all counts.

  3. Jose Barletta:

    It's more important than ever to wash your hands after having sexual relations, after masturbation, or virtual sex, it is important to disinfect keyboards, telephones, sex toys and whatever else you might be using, whether or not you are sharing these things with others.

  4. Bob Dylan:

    Maybe in the 90s or possibly in the next century people will look upon the 80s as the age of masturbation, when it was taken to the limit; that might be all that's going on right now in a big way.

  5. Julie Burchill:

    Prostitution is the supreme triumph of capitalism. Worst of all, prostitution reinforces all the old dumb clich?s about women's sexuality; that they are not built to enjoy sex and are little more than walking masturbation aids, things to be DONE TO, things so sensually null and void that they have to be paid to indulge in fornication, that women can be had, bought, as often as not sold from one man to another. When the sex war is won prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women, for the moral tarring and feathering they give indigenous women who have had the bad luck to live in what they make their humping ground.

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