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    this helped clarify a lot ! I WAS NOT TOO CONFIDENT AT FIRST THANKS
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  • Leeli
    it is not only allowed me to hone my design expertise but also guided me to learn more about the marketing strategies of brands
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  • cuppachino
    I never thought I would feel so passionately about a thesaurus, but this one truly is the best on the web for ALL the reasons.
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  • Rysilver13!
    I love this app!
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    It is very good and interesting and helpful
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    well this is fun....!
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  • FinnPrince2007
    Thanks for setting this up and stuff
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  • Lisafalzone2011
    Thanks for all the words really helpful
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      You’re most welcome!!
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    Hey Ali_UwU_| your right about this web it is the best web ever so yeh your right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Good Job like it a lot
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    Great work I love this website tyanks
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  • davidw.43346
    Top-notch synonym of the day, one heck of a doozy!
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  • davidw.43346
    Terrific place! Bravo! MagniFIQUE! This is the first time I've ever taken a solid systematic look around here, and I already love it a whole bunch!
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  • josephm.56497
    nice website
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  • zhiyan_h
    This is a very good website/app (to those who use the app if there is one) I use it everytime when I’m stuck and it’s super useful!!
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  • Naknanppip
    LikeReply 112 years ago
    • rinat
      Thank you!
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  • Maan
    Is there any application is available or not
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  • AlySheedy5690
    thank you!
    LikeReply 62 years ago
  • Ali|_UwU_|
    man this is the best online thesaurus everrrr!!!
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  • atomikjypsy
    Thank you for the invitation. I will really try to get back here and contribute. I feel Honored because I'm not usually a joiner, but all of these little  'FYI', sites are extremely useful and fun.
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  • Felix001
    It so good 
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  • sky
    This helps me so much
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    • rinat
      Good to hear that!
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  • Addie
    This is amazing 
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  • R.A.Simi
    thank you so much for this phenominal website
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  • Wendy McLane
    Wendy McLane
    Rubanais means "Garnished with ribbons" in french. (The word said it had not definition. It asked if I wanted to add or submit one and it brought me here.)
    LikeReply 63 years ago
  • Vinícius Azevedo
    Vinícius Azevedo
    LikeReply 73 years ago
    • STANDS4
      LikeReply 73 years ago
  • Fabiano Matos
    Fabiano Matos
    I'm so grateful with your work!
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    • STANDS4
      Wow, thank you so much Fabiano!
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  • Negahdary Negahdary
    Negahdary Negahdary
    Thank you for such a prestigious website!
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    • STANDS4
      Oh, you're most welcome Negahdary! :-)
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  • T Ben Fond
    T Ben Fond
    I am so grateful with your good work
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    • STANDS4
      Thank you T! Appreciated... <3
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    • T Ben Fond
      T Ben Fond
      STANDS4 Good morning sir. You are welcome
      LikeReply 93 years ago
  • Martyn Clement
    Martyn Clement
    LikeReply 53 years ago
    • STANDS4
      Thanks Martyn!
      LikeReply 33 years ago
  • Mia Mercedes Tejada
    Mia Mercedes Tejada
    Really good page tho
    LikeReply 53 years ago
    • STANDS4
      Thanks Mia! Glad you liked it and find it useful!
      LikeReply 33 years ago
  • Zeeshan Ahmad
    Zeeshan Ahmad
    LikeReply 43 years ago
  • Shekhar Anand
    Shekhar Anand
    LikeReply 43 years ago
  • Hamid Eid
    Hamid Eid
    LikeReply 53 years ago
  • Karishma Lunia
    Karishma Lunia
    What is antonym of ‘adumbrate’
    Is elaborate may be the one?
    LikeReply 33 years ago
    • STANDS4
      Illuminate might be more precise...
      LikeReply 13 years ago
  • Dwayne Fulton
    Dwayne Fulton
    i like it
    LikeReply 13 years ago
    • STANDS4
      Thanks Dwayne! Appreciate your positive feedback...
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  • Susan Wittig Albert
    Susan Wittig Albert
    "I am" isn't the shortest two-word sentence in English. "I do." is.
    LikeReply 23 years ago
  • Dung Dung
    Dung Dung
    Hi Please help me pronunciation "piece of paper ". Thanhs
    LikeReply3 years ago
  • Fanelomatsaba
    Hi please help me for the oppsite word of (luvalo) in Siswati
    LikeReply 23 years ago
  • Mike Parker's
    Mike Parker's
    I'm looking for a French word I think for a school of art or music, sounds like jaundra.
    LikeReply4 years ago
    • David Blum
      David Blum
      LikeReply 13 years ago
  • Danny Warrio
    Danny Warrio
    LikeReply 14 years ago
    • STANDS4
      Thanks Danny! We're glad to have you here...
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  • Taiwo Ayoyo
    Taiwo Ayoyo
    LikeReply 24 years ago
    • STANDS4
      Thanks Jacob, appreciated!
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  • Sherman Winston
    Sherman Winston
    Synonym for Erlibnise-- actual undertaking, experience in living
    LikeReply 34 years ago

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