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Are you a human thesaurus? Dare to take the ultimate synonyms challenge? Don't be so shy — Our Fun Synonyms Quiz will help improve your vocabulary and make you the master of synonyms!

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  • craig_banger
    seems like something only absolute total losers would like. for reference see below :)
    LikeReply2 months ago
  • Nighthunter2156
    9/10 on my first try. Not bad seeing how advanced the quiz was for me.
    LikeReply 14 months ago
  • ravi_panamanna
    Very interesting. Whatever can be the score, such quizzes enrich our vocabulary, language and general knowledge.
    LikeReply 66 months ago
  • Vulkanus1957
    Contrary to your "solution" of the synonym for "Ductile" which you say is
    "intractable", in GERMAN the definition would be "malleable" .
    Because "ductile" materials are easy to forge. Forging is done (by hand) with a hammer. The word "hammer" is in Latin language "malleus".
    And therefore "malleable" means forgable. At least my conviction. 
    LikeReply 18 months ago
  • paulah.05669
    I'd appreciate the ability to learn *why* an answer was wrong immediately. I'd also like to be able to click on a word in the recap and be taken to its meaning.
    LikeReply 88 months ago
  • Jsciela00
    Wow this test started on a whim and by the 3rd question, I had to put on the ole thinking cap... By the 4th question I was in it to win it baby lol.

    My final score 8/10. Not bad.

    Also would like to give a shout out to whomever created those questions! Overall they were great fun yet the options were tough enough to make a person think twice :-)

    I had a few suprises along the way taking this test... but as they say, you learn something new every day...
    LikeReply8 months ago
  • scottr.50200
    Was feeling good about a chance to go 8/10, and they drop that last question... Rough.
    LikeReply9 months ago
  • klaus_r
    As a non-native speaker i try my best
    LikeReply 110 months ago
  • gordan
    I scored 9/10 but I am quite confused by the last question I got wrong.

    Which is not a synonym of the others?

    Allocate, appoint, assign or allot.

    They all seem quite synonymous to me, unless I'm missing something.

    Assign is to allocate a job or duty.
    Appoint is to assign a job or role.
    Allot is to assign or distribute.
    Allocate is to set apart, assign or allot.

    Apparently the correct answer is appoint.
    can anyone explain why?
    LikeReply 210 months ago
    • Elissalf
      allocate, assign and allot are all synonyms of "spread" (some item), but appoint is about giving a task.
      LikeReply 39 months ago
    • Mealso
      I missed that one also & I'm confused, as well.
      LikeReply8 months ago
    • NikNak
      You assign/allot/allocate something to someone but you appoint someone to something eg a position in a company
      LikeReply 16 months ago
  • Barthlomew
    Little job ..I put up my self good
    LikeReply10 months ago
  • lulu_p
    Well 10/10 not bad for one recovering from 2 brain bleeds. But that's only from long term memory mostly digging back to my Latin class in 10 the grade some 40 years ago. I did enjoy this exercise.
    LikeReply 311 months ago
  • stephanies.60442
    It was fun.
    LikeReply 111 months ago
  • louiseb.85476
    I actually really enjoyed that. A couple of questions I really had to think about. I am getting up in age, and never went to college. I enjoy keeping my brain working!
    LikeReply 311 months ago
    • Raider1
      Hi, Louise! I'm getting up in age as well (almost 65), did 2 years of college and didn't enjoy a minute of it! I find one of the very best ways to keep my mind working, and double-bonus, have fun doing it - is by watching Jeopardy! every single day (and weekends!). Most every network carries it - I miss Alex Trebek, of course, but Ken Jennings is doing an excellent job as the new Host. Happy Viewing! 
      LikeReply6 months ago
  • luisc.20538
    Amazing website!
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • cathy_f
    LikeReply 11 year ago
  • patrickw.62304
    8 of 10 is a synonym for "lucky" or "outstanding"......Im not sure which in my case.
    LikeReply 21 year ago
  • jacobp.91100
    i got 9/10 in 1:24. I never knew Pulchritudinous was a synonym for "beautiful".
    LikeReply 11 year ago
  • Timo411
    I got seven out of 10 correct! I guessed on all of them. I am so surprised
    LikeReply 11 year ago
    • bellz.xon
      wow! me too!
      LikeReply1 year ago
    • Raider1
      Why did you do the quiz if you were just going to guess? Did you go back over the quiz to learn WHY your 'guess' was the correct/incorrect answer? I am so surprised that someone would take a quiz without any interest in actually absorbing any new information, or to become more knowledgeable... but that's just me! 
      LikeReply1 year ago
    • Dolfwillss
      so sweet! I got 7/10 on both first and second quiz. Am a local nigerian not exposed to much inglish words initially until I took it serious lately, and am getting better. Most of the questions were strange but giving meaning to the words, I found my way 
      LikeReply 211 months ago
    • Raider1
      Oh my goodness, I owe you a HUGE apology - and I'm going to put myself to bed tonight without any supper! I feel quite ashamed of myself for not giving any thought to the different reasons people might want to do these quizzes - I didn't realise I could be so pompous, like, if you're not doing it the way I do, then you're wasting your time. (I'm cringing just hearing myself say that - well, type it - you know what I mean!) I am very sorry for them dismissive way I spoke to you, and I would also like to thank you, for sharing your comment with me - I know I've become somewhat jaded & cynical at the 'ways of the world' the older I've gotten (I'm 64), but you've given me a very kind wake-up call... I appreciate your perspective, and humbled by your decency. 
      LikeReply 210 months ago
    • Raider1
      ...and thank you so much for your gracious acceptance of my apology.
      LikeReply 210 months ago
  • PremMAddi
    7/10 score
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • rufaydah_l
    i got 7/10
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • ella_e
    My best score was 8/10
    LikeReply1 year ago
  • v_g
    subterranean means underground to me. I don't understand how it can be,"ulterior".
    LikeReply 41 year ago
  • joshr.47094
    Didn’t know 90% of these words, I’m just a good test taker (multiple choice).
    LikeReply 52 years ago
  • Susannah
    Happy with 9/10
    LikeReply 62 years ago
  • BooBear21
    wow, never heard word twee or the Ob word.
    LikeReply 92 years ago
    • caledoniacarole
      Twee is EASY! It's a tall pwant! :)
      LikeReply 91 year ago
    • reesegregory976
      The word twee pops up all the time in Brit novels, not so much in those set in the States.
      LikeReply 21 year ago
  • Unicorn_fnaf
    I got 10/10 in first try!!!!!!!!
    LikeReply 32 years ago
  • ursoulmate
    I got 9/10 on my second try as a non-native speaker! Thanks for the quiz!
    LikeReply 122 years ago
  • Owen_04
    I was asked "what is a synonym of blunt" and I answered "blur". However, it says the answer is "stark". After the consultation of a dictionary and thesaurus, I understand that they were asking for a synonym of the word "blunt" when used as an adjective of a person or statement. However, I was technically not incorrect, since this was not specified in the question. Blunt has two meanings as an adjective: when talking about a person or statement "blunt" means "uncompromisingly forthright" which could be described in another manner as a "sharp" or "piercing" statement. However, when using the word "blunt" to describe a piece of metal or a knife, "blunt" means essentially the opposite -- "unsharp" or "dull". So, obviously, you can see, after further examination of the true meaning of the question, it is blatantly apparent that it is important to specify what the question is asking, whether it is referring to an object, or to a person or statement since the two uses of the word mean essentially the opposite. Please fix the stating of the question to specify this. 
    LikeReply 132 years ago
    • 8track
      but blur is a description (adjective) the way it would be similar to blunt and stark. And if something is blurred it is unclear unfocused or fuzzy in appearance visually or cognitively but never of an object. Blunt refers to dull, rounded or unsharpened objects. It is not unclear. 
      LikeReply 72 years ago
    • jom.83814
      Yes, meaning is fuzzy but to improve blurry vision you would need to “sharpen” the blurry picture to see, so it is an antonym the opposite of a sharp picture is a blurred one. Making it an incorrect answer. 
      LikeReply 22 years ago
  • odalis_s
    This was superb
    LikeReply 72 years ago
  • mattb.94989
    I think question #9 is a bit confusing. There's no answer that really makes sense. You're asking for a synonym for the word "subterranean", which means "existing, occurring, or done under the earth's surface" (Oxford Dictionaries). According to the quiz, the correct answer is "ulterior"...but the definition of that word is "existing beyond what is obvious or admitted; intentionally hidden". The most commonly used synonym for "subterranean" would be "underground". 
    LikeReply 112 years ago
    • Phuk.Biden
      three of them are theistic and secular for all intents and purposes is the opposite of theism. At least that's the way I got the answer.
      LikeReply 32 years ago
  • subbu
    a big thank you !!indeed I loved it!!
    LikeReply 42 years ago
  • Bumblebee
    Some words I have never come across before, but the challenge of the quiz shows there is some 'feeling', or rather faint association towards the correct answer. Very strange experience. (I am non-native speaker) 
    LikeReply 62 years ago
  • Kitsune
    This makes me feel very smart, my friends call me the Walking Thesaurus- so thank you! (by the way, I used to think a Thesaurus was a kind of dinosaur)
    LikeReply 82 years ago
  • DaemonSmith
    10/10 in 36 secs!
    LikeReply 92 years ago
  • Bichinha
    8/10 and English is not my native language (I'm Portuguese)! And on the first one I didn't choose "mad" because it's an adjective and "fury" is a noun.
    LikeReply 72 years ago
  • seamusm.56414
    10/10 in 48 secs.
    LikeReply 92 years ago
  • JP_FL
    OK, I gave it a second shot and this time, you’ve presented scanty and dearth as antonyms. Related terms perhaps, but they are completely different parts of speech (an adjective and a noun). You could choose much more appropriate antonyms and synonyms to improve these quizzes. 
    LikeReply 92 years ago
  • heidi_t
    Thin is not a synonym of curdled. To curdle means to separate and form lumps. Coagulate would be the correct synonym. Sober is not synonymous with besotted - to be besotted means to be infatuated or in love, or even drunk. Not convinced this has been properly checked. 
    LikeReply 133 years ago
    • Soulwriter
      thanks for your feedback! We've revised the answers to better suited words. Note that particular question was about antonyms of words, not synonyms :)
      LikeReply 163 years ago
    • Divine_Mother125
      I had that question as well, but mine wasn’t a synonym question.. it was a, ‘which is an *antonym* for “curdled”’: the correct
      answer was “smooth”. Thin wasn’t even an option on mine, though. The “correct” answers for some of these questions are very strange — and I am a native speaker. LOL! 
      LikeReply1 year ago
  • angieg.65653
    10/10 in 58 seconds
    LikeReply 113 years ago
  • binky_m
    One annoyance about the Synonyms quiz: it’s too big for the page, so at the start of every question, I need to scroll the page down and to the right to be able to see the question and answers. It looks as if you’re using fixed sizes insteada percentages. The latter’d be preferable, as it’s less user-hostile.

    (I’m set to request the desktop site on my iPad.)

    Thanks for considering it!

    (Thanks also for using text and background with good contrast and text size; these days, everyone seems to prefer low contrast (e.g., pale gray 7pt text on a gray background; argh! I can’t see it even with a magnifying glass!) I appreciate you making the effort so that EVERYONE can read it!
    LikeReply 163 years ago
    • Soulwriter
      loving this feedback :)
      LikeReply 93 years ago
    • TobySorrrels
      I agree with this comment about having to scroll. I have a 27" monitor and still have to scroll to see all choices. Excellent quizzes. I love what you are doing with this site. I recommend it to my English students who are international scholars. 
      LikeReply 32 years ago
  • Basim.urtubia
    LikeReply 93 years ago
  • TexasRoz
    I just love playing this game, uh, er, taking your Synonyms Quiz. I feel smarter with every question I get right. And even smarter upon learning the synonyms or antonyms of words I got wrong.
    LikeReply 93 years ago
  • yeeun_k
    LikeReply 93 years ago
  • nikos_p
    I am not aware of any context where "ambidextrous" has the same meaning with "fallacious"
    LikeReply 323 years ago
    • johnm.21640
      Sorry if you get this reply twice...ambidextrous could relate to fallacious via 'two-faced'. A bit of a stretch, I agree
      LikeReply 103 years ago

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