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  • heidi_t
    Thin is not a synonym of curdled. To curdle means to separate and form lumps. Coagulate would be the correct synonym. Sober is not synonymous with besotted - to be besotted means to be infatuated or in love, or even drunk. Not convinced this has been properly checked. 
    LikeReplyReport16 days ago
    • Soulwriter
      thanks for your feedback! We've revised the answers to better suited words. Note that particular question was about antonyms of words, not synonyms :)
      LikeReplyReport 17 days ago
  • angieg.65653
    10/10 in 58 seconds
    LikeReplyReport 225 days ago
  • binky_m
    One annoyance about the Synonyms quiz: it’s too big for the page, so at the start of every question, I need to scroll the page down and to the right to be able to see the question and answers. It looks as if you’re using fixed sizes insteada percentages. The latter’d be preferable, as it’s less user-hostile. (I’m set to request the desktop site on my iPad.) Thanks for considering it! (Thanks also for using text and background with good contrast and text size; these days, everyone seems to prefer low contrast (e.g., pale gray 7pt text on a gray background; argh! I can’t see it even with a magnifying glass!) I appreciate you making the effort so that EVERYONE can read it!  
    LikeReplyReport 31 month ago
  • Basim.urtubia
    Great :)
    LikeReplyReport 32 months ago
  • TexasRoz
    I just love playing this game, uh, er, taking your Synonyms Quiz. I feel smarter with every question I get right. And even smarter upon learning the synonyms or antonyms of words I got wrong.
    LikeReplyReport 32 months ago
  • yeeun_k
    LikeReplyReport 32 months ago
  • nikos_p
    I am not aware of any context where "ambidextrous" has the same meaning with "fallacious"
    LikeReplyReport 193 months ago
    • johnm.21640
      Sorry if you get this reply twice...ambidextrous could relate to fallacious via 'two-faced'. A bit of a stretch, I agree
      LikeReplyReport 11 month ago
  • Smartless
    Oh boy
    LikeReplyReport 65 months ago

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