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Entry: butSynonym: but
Entry: erinieSynonym: magnificent
Entry: erinieSynonym: gorgeous
Entry: erinieSynonym: pretty
Entry: erinieSynonym: beautiful
Entry: someone who lives...Synonym: moocher
Entry: yeetSynonym: chuck
Entry: ill-treatedSynonym: wronged
Entry: suckSynonym: wick
Entry: attention whoreSynonym: pat slut
Entry: thought experimentSynonym: hypothetical
Entry: midstrideSynonym: mid-stalk
Entry: chicken nuggetSynonym: chickie nuggie
Entry: fossickSynonym: rummage
Entry: pissing contestSynonym: trauma war
Entry: norfolkSynonym: sdfghjkl
Entry: emtageSynonym: to be super cool
Entry: compostionSynonym: foundation
Entry: imiting factorSynonym: parameter boundary
Entry: epiboleSynonym: rolled wound edges
Entry: poopSynonym: fat gira
Entry: psychobiographySynonym: someone help me i...
Entry: berlin conferenceSynonym: ur mom lol
Entry: dutiesSynonym: execution
Entry: inexpensiveSynonym: cheeper
Entry: rejection letterSynonym: over-qualified le...
Entry: triquetraSynonym: trinity knot
Entry: spoiledSynonym: rotten
Entry: kahoonSynonym: chimera
Entry: gnawedSynonym: yawn
Entry: krugSynonym: effort
Entry: squaleSynonym: ligma
Entry: ayondSynonym: beyond
Entry: yuskSynonym: yusk
Entry: things includedSynonym: includances
Entry: spatial inequalitySynonym: me houy menoy
Entry: loveSynonym: love
Entry: neutralizeSynonym: tranquilize
Entry: discipledSynonym: trained
Entry: social media mark...Synonym: online marketing
Entry: di-unitalSynonym: both and
Entry: doogleSynonym: god
Entry: serialSynonym: following
Entry: beneficeSynonym: cheese
Entry: thoughtfulSynonym: thoughtful
Entry: germanophoneSynonym: german-speaking
Entry: electric fluxSynonym: psi
Entry: poopitSynonym: pulpit
Entry: car Synonym: cheese
Entry: fellow suffererSynonym: (equal) support b...
Entry: revanchismSynonym: irredentism
Entry: expressSynonym: communicate
Entry: padejoSynonym: cuntlickrt

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