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Entry: agnesAntonym: nissi
Entry: latifundiaAntonym: small area
Entry: hoganAntonym: nut buster
Entry: pizzaAntonym: salad
Entry: aperitifAntonym: postprandial
Entry: mendesAntonym: mendes
Entry: knowingAntonym: omnicient
Entry: tl;drAntonym: ts;wm
Entry: mccarthyismAntonym: lieberalism
Entry: urnAntonym: hi
Entry: manchmalAntonym: oft
Entry: sour creamAntonym: sweet chunks
Entry: daoAntonym: your mom
Entry: wAntonym: f
Entry: mukbangAntonym: nibblebang
Entry: luigiAntonym: waluigi
Entry: waluigiAntonym: luigi
Entry: initializeAntonym: finalise
Entry: obelusAntonym: wrong
Entry: gordonAntonym: jordan
Entry: centrifugeAntonym: centripetal
Entry: a 광주알밤【bbj20.com】19사이즈.툰코ϟ야동사이트ཎ딱좋은밤...Antonym: fbhhjjuxcv
Entry: skylarAntonym: groundlar
Entry: jamalAntonym: jamalia
Entry: completionistAntonym: non-completionist
Entry: electric fieldAntonym: .
Entry: fenianAntonym: prod
Entry: ground stateAntonym: potential state
Entry: ferdaAntonym: riley young
Entry: discomportAntonym: coalesce
Entry: gerbilAntonym: penis
Entry: lecherAntonym: whore
Entry: reeseAntonym: eseer
Entry: opposites attractAntonym: like charges repel
Entry: speciesismAntonym: anti-speciesism
Entry: subcutaneousAntonym: cutaneous
Entry: habakkukAntonym: non-prophet
Entry: wrenAntonym: senhytd
Entry: pulledAntonym: pussed
Entry: wheelieAntonym: stoppie
Entry: extended metaphorAntonym: ur mum
Entry: pneumoniaAntonym: healthy
Entry: rain danceAntonym: dry stand
Entry: preinstalledAntonym: aftermarket
Entry: hurtlingAntonym: go slowly
Entry: serenadeAntonym: aubade
Entry: kahoot!Antonym: divorce
Entry: hedonistAntonym: seriousist; seriosist; serious busine...
Entry: ppAntonym: josh
Entry: discreetAntonym: loud
Entry: squirmishAntonym: brave
Entry: pranamAntonym: non-exitense
Entry: noahAntonym: john
Entry: jinkAntonym: straight
Entry: koanAntonym: there is none
Entry: polyhedronAntonym: sus
Entry: gonnaAntonym: never gonna give you up
Entry: vaseAntonym: your mom
Entry: water retentionAntonym: urbad
Entry: exegesisAntonym: eisegesis
Entry: smurfAntonym: gay

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