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Princeton's WordNet

  1. cold, common cold(noun)

    a mild viral infection involving the nose and respiratory passages (but not the lungs)

    "will they never find a cure for the common cold?"

    common cold, low temperature, coldness, frigidness, frigidity

    flaming, red-hot, mild, thermal, overheated, hot, fervid, imperfect, tropical, calefactive, igneous, torrid, enthusiastic, fiery, blistering, sweltry, heatable, sizzling, close, sweltering, nigh, sultry, calefactory, near, white, white-hot, baking, alive(p), calefacient, fervent, scorching, heated up, heated, humane, warm, het up, warming, stifling, blistery, sensual, het, sulphurous, conscious, tropic, calorifacient, baking hot, fresh, hottish, live, calorific, sulfurous, loving, original

  2. coldness, cold, low temperature, frigidity, frigidness(noun)

    the absence of heat

    "the coldness made our breath visible"; "come in out of the cold"; "cold is a vasoconstrictor"

    chilliness, iciness, common cold, coolness, low temperature, frigidness, frigidity, coldness

    nigh, sizzling, tropical, heated, hot, calorific, sultry, live, hottish, scorching, torrid, fervent, loving, mild, het, heated up, tropic, conscious, humane, sulphurous, fervid, near, sweltering, baking, warming, stifling, red-hot, flaming, calorifacient, white-hot, thermal, close, original, warm, baking hot, blistery, sweltry, het up, overheated, white, heatable, fiery, alive(p), sensual, calefactive, enthusiastic, calefactory, imperfect, igneous, blistering, calefacient, sulfurous, fresh

  3. cold, coldness(adj)

    the sensation produced by low temperatures

    "he shivered from the cold"; "the cold helped clear his head"

    chilliness, iciness, common cold, coolness, low temperature, frigidness, frigidity, coldness

    loving, heatable, white-hot, sulfurous, baking hot, igneous, heated, humane, enthusiastic, hot, red-hot, live, calorifacient, alive(p), warming, close, stifling, conscious, sultry, blistering, sweltering, calefacient, fiery, het up, mild, calorific, overheated, sizzling, nigh, fervent, thermal, fervid, heated up, scorching, baking, tropic, hottish, original, torrid, calefactive, sulphurous, flaming, white, calefactory, tropical, blistery, het, warm, imperfect, fresh, sweltry, near, sensual

  4. cold(adj)

    having a low or inadequate temperature or feeling a sensation of coldness or having been made cold by e.g. ice or refrigeration

    "a cold climate"; "a cold room"; "dinner has gotten cold"; "cold fingers"; "if you are cold, turn up the heat"; "a cold beer"

    insensate, inhuman, moth-eaten, frigid, cold-blooded, dusty, stale

    red-hot, igneous, calorific, fervent, nigh, heated, baking, blistering, fresh, live, calefactory, white-hot, calefacient, warm, mild, white, loving, baking hot, hottish, blistery, heatable, het, torrid, calefactive, sulfurous, hot, heated up, stifling, tropic, sultry, close, sensual, sulphurous, fiery, sizzling, tropical, near, humane, conscious, flaming, alive(p), scorching, overheated, het up, sweltry, fervid, enthusiastic, calorifacient, imperfect, sweltering, warming, thermal, original

  5. cold(adj)

    extended meanings; especially of psychological coldness; without human warmth or emotion

    "a cold unfriendly nod"; "a cold and unaffectionate person"; "a cold impersonal manner"; "cold logic"; "the concert left me cold"

    insensate, inhuman, moth-eaten, frigid, cold-blooded, dusty, stale

    igneous, heated up, blistering, sweltry, fresh, baking hot, sultry, conscious, heated, baking, white, tropic, imperfect, sensual, original, het up, scorching, blistery, calorifacient, red-hot, sizzling, calorific, warming, sulphurous, close, hot, white-hot, sweltering, flaming, mild, fiery, fervid, nigh, stifling, humane, near, alive(p), thermal, enthusiastic, warm, hottish, heatable, sulfurous, torrid, live, het, calefacient, fervent, loving, calefactory, calefactive, overheated, tropical

  6. cold(adj)

    having lost freshness through passage of time

    "a cold trail"; "dogs attempting to catch a cold scent"

    insensate, inhuman, moth-eaten, frigid, cold-blooded, dusty, stale

    tropic, sulphurous, warm, enthusiastic, warming, fervid, sensual, sweltry, hot, white-hot, het up, igneous, sweltering, calefactive, heated up, imperfect, loving, fervent, blistery, het, conscious, fiery, calefactory, calorific, thermal, near, sulfurous, sizzling, mild, close, torrid, overheated, stifling, live, alive(p), baking hot, red-hot, heated, calefacient, sultry, blistering, baking, white, scorching, tropical, hottish, heatable, fresh, original, calorifacient, humane, flaming, nigh

  7. cold(adj)

    (color) giving no sensation of warmth

    "a cold bluish grey"

    insensate, inhuman, moth-eaten, frigid, cold-blooded, dusty, stale

    flaming, sweltering, red-hot, calorific, calorifacient, sultry, calefacient, heated, sensual, heated up, warming, fiery, nigh, sweltry, conscious, original, enthusiastic, igneous, baking, warm, scorching, het up, blistering, overheated, hot, torrid, fervid, sizzling, live, heatable, near, humane, baking hot, white, imperfect, sulphurous, fresh, white-hot, sulfurous, calefactory, tropical, loving, blistery, alive(p), het, tropic, fervent, close, thermal, mild, calefactive, stifling, hottish

  8. cold(adj)

    marked by errorless familiarity

    "had her lines cold before rehearsals started"

    insensate, inhuman, moth-eaten, frigid, cold-blooded, dusty, stale

    igneous, calorific, stifling, red-hot, heated up, sultry, heated, hottish, white, fervid, fiery, sweltry, hot, scorching, white-hot, calefacient, overheated, nigh, warm, flaming, humane, loving, thermal, sulfurous, het, baking, alive(p), imperfect, sweltering, sulphurous, close, original, enthusiastic, sizzling, tropical, torrid, sensual, near, heatable, tropic, calefactory, conscious, live, calorifacient, blistering, calefactive, blistery, mild, fervent, fresh, het up, baking hot, warming

  9. cold, stale, dusty, moth-eaten(adj)

    lacking originality or spontaneity; no longer new

    "moth-eaten theories about race"; "stale news"

    dust-covered, ratty, dusty, tatty, mothy, moth-eaten, stale, shabby, inhuman, cold-blooded, frigid, insensate

    blistering, sulfurous, het, heated up, humane, loving, fiery, warming, white-hot, baking, fervent, blistery, het up, scorching, fervid, sensual, white, near, calefacient, calefactive, alive(p), calorific, close, igneous, sizzling, sultry, warm, fresh, hottish, nigh, sweltering, tropic, baking hot, mild, original, thermal, flaming, hot, calefactory, imperfect, tropical, torrid, heated, conscious, calorifacient, red-hot, overheated, sweltry, live, sulphurous, stifling, enthusiastic, heatable

  10. cold(adj)

    so intense as to be almost uncontrollable

    "cold fury gripped him"

    insensate, inhuman, moth-eaten, frigid, cold-blooded, dusty, stale

    sulphurous, warm, fervid, heatable, loving, tropical, torrid, het, heated, fiery, sulfurous, nigh, conscious, white-hot, flaming, white, tropic, sultry, baking hot, blistering, heated up, calefactory, close, baking, sweltry, near, live, hot, calefacient, original, calorifacient, imperfect, mild, sizzling, scorching, calefactive, sensual, alive(p), thermal, overheated, het up, humane, stifling, igneous, blistery, calorific, fervent, fresh, red-hot, sweltering, hottish, warming, enthusiastic

  11. cold, frigid(adj)

    sexually unresponsive

    "was cold to his advances"; "a frigid woman"

    wintry, dusty, polar, arctic, glacial, gelid, moth-eaten, stale, frosty, inhuman, frozen, icy, cold-blooded, frigid, insensate

    flaming, heated, thermal, scorching, sizzling, close, alive(p), calefactory, stifling, sultry, calefacient, conscious, calorific, igneous, sweltry, nigh, blistering, tropical, overheated, red-hot, mild, live, humane, warm, blistery, white-hot, sulphurous, baking hot, tropic, near, fiery, loving, fresh, sensual, imperfect, heatable, hottish, het, hot, original, heated up, enthusiastic, torrid, fervent, warming, calefactive, sulfurous, baking, sweltering, white, fervid, het up, calorifacient

  12. cold, cold-blooded, inhuman, insensate(adj)

    without compunction or human feeling

    "in cold blood"; "cold-blooded killing"; "insensate destruction"

    dusty, moth-eaten, stale, inhuman, insentient, cold-blooded, frigid, insensate

    white-hot, white, sweltry, enthusiastic, sultry, fiery, het, original, heated up, calorifacient, nigh, fervent, close, sulfurous, sensual, heated, calefactory, tropical, sulphurous, igneous, conscious, overheated, baking hot, fervid, red-hot, hot, scorching, calefactive, torrid, sizzling, loving, thermal, live, stifling, baking, calefacient, blistery, hottish, sweltering, warming, blistering, humane, mild, imperfect, alive(p), calorific, near, warm, heatable, het up, fresh, flaming, tropic

  13. cold(adj)

    feeling or showing no enthusiasm

    "a cold audience"; "a cold response to the new play"

    insensate, inhuman, moth-eaten, frigid, cold-blooded, dusty, stale

    heated up, sulfurous, flaming, calefacient, white-hot, stifling, igneous, baking hot, close, loving, fresh, hot, sulphurous, mild, fervent, red-hot, sizzling, white, alive(p), het up, fiery, torrid, het, heated, thermal, calefactory, scorching, calefactive, overheated, live, warm, tropic, hottish, conscious, calorific, nigh, blistering, sensual, fervid, baking, blistery, tropical, sultry, warming, sweltry, sweltering, calorifacient, near, humane, enthusiastic, original, heatable, imperfect

  14. cold(adj)

    unconscious from a blow or shock or intoxication

    "the boxer was out cold"; "pass out cold"

    insensate, inhuman, moth-eaten, frigid, cold-blooded, dusty, stale

    heatable, nigh, torrid, red-hot, overheated, flaming, heated, blistering, fiery, sultry, sulfurous, tropic, fervent, loving, warming, calefactive, white-hot, scorching, warm, white, conscious, het up, enthusiastic, live, imperfect, blistery, humane, sulphurous, sizzling, hot, heated up, near, alive(p), thermal, close, calorifacient, sensual, calefacient, calefactory, igneous, sweltry, original, baking, stifling, hottish, fresh, tropical, sweltering, het, fervid, baking hot, mild, calorific

  15. cold(adj)

    of a seeker; far from the object sought

    insensate, inhuman, moth-eaten, frigid, cold-blooded, dusty, stale

    imperfect, tropic, blistery, calefacient, white-hot, blistering, flaming, het up, sweltering, alive(p), igneous, white, heated up, stifling, sensual, sizzling, hottish, heatable, tropical, enthusiastic, torrid, overheated, calefactory, original, calorifacient, heated, calorific, close, sultry, warming, calefactive, nigh, red-hot, warm, humane, conscious, near, hot, fervid, fiery, het, baking hot, sweltry, scorching, live, thermal, fresh, sulphurous, loving, fervent, sulfurous, mild, baking

  16. cold(adj)

    lacking the warmth of life

    "cold in his grave"

    insensate, inhuman, moth-eaten, frigid, cold-blooded, dusty, stale

    fervent, torrid, live, sensual, white-hot, original, het, fiery, mild, overheated, scorching, flaming, hottish, baking, sizzling, near, heated, sulfurous, sweltry, fervid, imperfect, sweltering, calefacient, conscious, igneous, tropical, red-hot, blistering, calorific, white, hot, warm, sulphurous, loving, alive(p), enthusiastic, het up, heatable, baking hot, warming, thermal, heated up, humane, close, sultry, nigh, calorifacient, tropic, fresh, stifling, calefactory, blistery, calefactive


  1. cold(adjective)

    nippy, parky, taters, brass monkeys


  2. cold(noun)


  3. cold(noun)

    Having a low temperature.

    A cold wind whistled through the trees.

    coldness, freezing, glacial, icy, unwelcoming, standoffish, frigid, chilled, unfriendly, unready, cool, distant, hostile, unprepared, aloof, chilly

    heated, warm, hot, scorching, searing, torrid, baking, boiling

  4. cold(adjective)

    Causing the air to be cold.

    The forecast is that it will be very cold today.

    coryza, common cold, head cold, unready, freezing, glacial, standoffish, unprepared, hostile, chilled, unwelcoming, distant, cool, frigid, chilly, icy, aloof, unfriendly

  5. cold(adjective)

    Feeling the sensation of coldness, especially to the point of discomfort.

    She was so cold she was shivering.

    standoffish, aloof, chilly, cool, glacial, unwelcoming, chilled, unready, distant, unprepared, freezing, frigid, unfriendly, hostile, icy

  6. cold(adjective)

    Unfriendly, emotionally distant or unfeeling.

    icy, freezing, distant, standoffish, aloof, hostile, glacial, unfriendly, unready, chilled, unwelcoming, unprepared, chilly, frigid, cool

    friendly, welcoming, amiable

  7. cold(adjective)

    Dispassionate, not prejudiced or partisan, impartial.

    hostile, chilled, chilly, unwelcoming, distant, unready, freezing, glacial, unfriendly, frigid, unprepared, icy, cool, standoffish, aloof

  8. cold(adjective)

    Completely unprepared; without introduction.

    He was assigned cold calls for the first three months.

    unwelcoming, chilled, frigid, aloof, glacial, unprepared, chilly, unfriendly, freezing, distant, standoffish, cool, unready, hostile, icy

    primed, ready, prepared

  9. cold(adjective)

    Unconscious or deeply asleep; deprived of the metaphorical heat associated with life or consciousness.

    frigid, chilly, icy, distant, unprepared, unfriendly, freezing, chilled, cool, aloof, unready, standoffish, unwelcoming, glacial, hostile

  10. cold(adjective)

    Perfectly, exactly, completely; by heart.

    cool, frigid, freezing, unready, aloof, glacial, unfriendly, unwelcoming, standoffish, distant, chilly, chilled, icy, hostile, unprepared

  11. cold(adjective)

    Cornered, done for.

    unwelcoming, cool, freezing, chilled, distant, unfriendly, hostile, icy, standoffish, chilly, unready, aloof, glacial, unprepared, frigid

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. cold

    dead, deaf, ignorant, insensible, unaware, unconscious

    advised, apprised, assured, aware, certain, certified, cognizant, conscious, informed, sensible, sure

Editors Contribution

  1. fresh

    when you get a cold drink you say fresh

    that drink was fresh

    Submitted by rinat on September 3, 2019  
  2. disease

    a disorder that makes you coff, sneeze or other stuff.

    "i hope none of my friends have that disease."

    Submitted by anonymous on April 6, 2021  
  3. subfreezing

    Submitted by anonymous on April 2, 2020  

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. cold(a.)

    frigid, GELID, cool, not warm, not hot

  2. cold(a.)

    bleak, raw, biting, cutting, nipping, frosty, icy, wintry, hyemal, brumal

  3. cold(a.)

    chilly, chill, shivering

  4. cold(a.)

    apathetic, phlegmatic, stoical, unfeeling, unsusceptible, unimpressible, passionless, cold-blooded, sluggish, torpid, lukewarm, dead, indifferent, unconcerned

  5. cold(a.)

    unaffecting, uninteresting

  6. cold(n.)

    absence of warmth, privation of heat

  7. cold(n.)

    coldness, chilliness

  8. cold(n.)

    catarrh, cough (or other inflammatory disease produced by exposure to cold)

  9. cold(n.)

    unfeeling, apathetic, passionless, COLD, cold-hearted, hard-hearted, cruel

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. cold(a)

    cool, chilly, frigid, gelid, icy, nipping, bleak, raw, frosty, freezing, unresponsive, phlegmatic, passionless, chilling, stoical, apathetic, reserved

  2. cold(n)

    coldness, frigidity, gelidity, chilliness, algidity, catarrh

Concise Medical Dictionary, by Joseph C Segen, MD

  1. COLD

    Chronic obstructive lung disease

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  1. Jan Tiedemann:

    Shipping companies definitely ordered too much because they tried to get these ships with a Tier II compliance, what happens now is some who optimistically have done that are getting cold feet. They thought maybe we can get away with it - the ships will be delivered in 2017, the market would have recovered by then and now they say, 'we're digging our own grave'.

  2. Roger Wiens:

    A primary goal of the Curiosity mission was to study the transition between the habitable environment of the past, to the dry and cold climate that Mars has now. These rock layers recorded that change in great detail.

  3. Janis Brett Elspas:

    Moms back then in our neighborhood ... would bundle the kids up in multiple layers and lock them out of the house 'til dark, leaving us to build snow forts, sled down the hill or shovel driveways for extra spending money, how times have changed! Fast-forward to today. What is a mom to do when there's a blizzard in cold climates (or heavy rain and flooding in California)? Instead of locking the kids out, moms are overprotective and keep the kids inside.

  4. Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite:

    We are probably facing a hot war, russia is demonstrating open military aggression in Ukraine, open military aggression in Syria. There is nothing cold about this, it is very hot.

  5. Zack Davies:

    My biggest concern is he catches something and then brings it back to my wife, i feel our children are going to be fine. They'll bounce back. But somebody with lupus -- it's a tougher fight for her. A common cold for me and you, we're down maybe two days. Something like that for her, we're looking at weeks. And it's scary.

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