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Princeton's WordNet

  1. live, unrecorded(adj)

    actually being performed at the time of hearing or viewing

    "a live television program"; "brought to you live from Lincoln Center"; "live entertainment involves performers actually in the physical presence of a live audience"

    alive(p), hot, live(a), bouncy, springy, unrecorded, alive, lively, resilient

    taped, unreverberant, noncurrent, filmed, transcribed, inelastic, dull, nonresonant, out(p), dead, uncharged, unloaded, out of play(p), lifeless, extinct, recorded, prerecorded, tape-recorded, canned

  2. live(adj)

    exerting force or containing energy

    "live coals"; "tossed a live cigarette out the window"; "got a shock from a live wire"; "live ore is unmined ore"; "a live bomb"; "a live ball is one in play"

    alive(p), hot, live(a), bouncy, springy, unrecorded, alive, lively, resilient

    prerecorded, extinct, canned, lifeless, transcribed, tape-recorded, noncurrent, recorded, unloaded, uncharged, dull, nonresonant, filmed, inelastic, unreverberant, out of play(p), taped, dead, out(p)

  3. alive(p), live(adj)

    possessing life

    "the happiest person alive"; "the nerve is alive"; "doctors are working hard to keep him alive"; "burned alive"; "a live canary"

    out(p), dull, noncurrent, nonresonant, dead, transcribed, tape-recorded, prerecorded, lifeless, inelastic, extinct, canned, filmed, out of play(p), unreverberant, uncharged, unloaded, taped, recorded

  4. live(a)(adj)

    highly reverberant

    "a live concert hall"

    transcribed, inelastic, canned, dull, extinct, lifeless, noncurrent, unloaded, out of play(p), nonresonant, uncharged, tape-recorded, filmed, dead, recorded, prerecorded, taped, unreverberant, out(p)

  5. live(adj)

    charged with an explosive

    "live ammunition"; "a live bomb"

    alive(p), hot, live(a), bouncy, springy, unrecorded, alive, lively, resilient

    out of play(p), taped, extinct, inelastic, out(p), prerecorded, tape-recorded, noncurrent, nonresonant, unloaded, filmed, canned, unreverberant, recorded, uncharged, lifeless, transcribed, dull, dead

  6. bouncy, live, lively, resilient, springy(adj)

    elastic; rebounds readily

    "clean bouncy hair"; "a lively tennis ball"; "as resilient as seasoned hickory"; "springy turf"

    spirited, hot, spanking, resilient, lively, full of life, alive(p), bouncy, snappy, vital, brisk, racy, rattling, peppy, merry, alive, unrecorded, zippy, bouncing, springy, live(a), alert

    dead, dull, unreverberant, extinct, noncurrent, out(p), prerecorded, filmed, uncharged, tape-recorded, lifeless, out of play(p), nonresonant, recorded, canned, taped, unloaded, inelastic, transcribed

  7. live(adj)

    abounding with life and energy

    "the club members are a really live bunch"

    alive(p), hot, live(a), bouncy, springy, unrecorded, alive, lively, resilient

    extinct, tape-recorded, recorded, canned, transcribed, lifeless, prerecorded, nonresonant, inelastic, taped, dead, dull, noncurrent, unloaded, filmed, unreverberant, out(p), out of play(p), uncharged

  8. live(adj)

    in current use or ready for use

    "live copy is ready to be set in type or already set but not yet proofread"

    alive(p), hot, live(a), bouncy, springy, unrecorded, alive, lively, resilient

    filmed, extinct, out(p), dull, uncharged, dead, inelastic, lifeless, tape-recorded, out of play(p), recorded, transcribed, unreverberant, prerecorded, unloaded, noncurrent, taped, nonresonant, canned

  9. live(adj)

    of current relevance

    "a live issue"; "still a live option"

    alive(p), hot, live(a), bouncy, springy, unrecorded, alive, lively, resilient

    noncurrent, dead, out of play(p), filmed, nonresonant, lifeless, dull, inelastic, transcribed, out(p), unreverberant, extinct, recorded, uncharged, canned, taped, unloaded, prerecorded, tape-recorded

  10. hot, live(adj)

    charged or energized with electricity

    "a hot wire"; "a live wire"

    alive(p), hot, live(a), bouncy, blistering, raging, springy, red-hot, unrecorded, spicy, lively, alive, resilient

    unloaded, taped, transcribed, dead, extinct, out of play(p), tape-recorded, dull, inelastic, recorded, prerecorded, noncurrent, unreverberant, filmed, canned, lifeless, uncharged, nonresonant, out(p)

  11. alive, live(verb)

    capable of erupting

    "a live volcano"; "the volcano is very much alive"

    alive(p), active, live(a), bouncy, alive, springy, unrecorded, animated, hot, lively, awake(p), alert, resilient

    unreverberant, lifeless, uncharged, canned, taped, tape-recorded, nonresonant, noncurrent, extinct, prerecorded, unloaded, dead, inelastic, recorded, dull, out of play(p), filmed, out(p), transcribed

  12. populate, dwell, live, inhabit(verb)

    inhabit or live in; be an inhabitant of

    "People lived in Africa millions of years ago"; "The people inhabited the islands that are now deserted"; "this kind of fish dwells near the bottom of the ocean"; "deer are populating the woods"

    go, exist, harp, hold out, populate, lie in, brood, be, experience, hold up, subsist, dwell, live on, lie, consist, endure, inhabit, survive, know, last

    lifeless, prerecorded, uncharged, out(p), filmed, extinct, taped, unreverberant, transcribed, canned, nonresonant, dead, noncurrent, recorded, unloaded, inelastic, tape-recorded, out of play(p), dull

  13. live(verb)

    lead a certain kind of life; live in a certain style

    "we had to live frugally after the war"

    live on, last, know, hold up, dwell, survive, endure, subsist, hold out, go, populate, be, experience, exist, inhabit

    noncurrent, uncharged, out(p), prerecorded, taped, out of play(p), recorded, extinct, filmed, unreverberant, transcribed, lifeless, canned, tape-recorded, nonresonant, inelastic, unloaded, dull, dead

  14. survive, last, live, live on, go, endure, hold up, hold out(verb)

    continue to live through hardship or adversity

    "We went without water and food for 3 days"; "These superstitions survive in the backwaters of America"; "The race car driver lived through several very serious accidents"; "how long can a person last without food and water?"

    subsist, perish, give way, hold out, run, endure, lead, experience, give out, conk out, operate, travel, hold, function, die, sustain, stretch forth, last, go away, weather, prevail, go, brave out, rifle, defy, persist, run low, stick up, plump, digest, stomach, hold water, break, pass away, drop dead, withstand, stretch out, tolerate, abide, blend in, run short, get going, locomote, pull through, be, come through, cash in one's chips, kick the bucket, blend, stick out, brook, stand up, bear, fit, suffer, pull round, outlast, populate, inhabit, belong, dwell, give-up the ghost, go bad, survive, get, stand, expire, become, exist, live on, croak, move, choke, pop off, sound, make it, wear, extend, start, depart, decease, outlive, pass, proceed, break down, exit, conk, fail, buy the farm, detain, hold up, put out, know, brave, put up, exsert, snuff it, resist, support, die hard, stand firm, work, delay

    inelastic, out(p), transcribed, dull, unloaded, prerecorded, tape-recorded, unreverberant, taped, canned, uncharged, extinct, lifeless, noncurrent, recorded, nonresonant, filmed, dead, out of play(p)

  15. exist, survive, live, subsist(verb)

    support oneself

    "he could barely exist on such a low wage"; "Can you live on $2000 a month in New York City?"; "Many people in the world have to subsist on $1 a day"

    go, exist, hold out, populate, be, experience, hold up, outlive, dwell, live on, come through, pull round, pull through, outlast, endure, subsist, inhabit, survive, know, make it, last

    tape-recorded, extinct, taped, out of play(p), noncurrent, prerecorded, canned, filmed, dead, nonresonant, recorded, transcribed, uncharged, out(p), dull, unloaded, unreverberant, lifeless, inelastic

  16. be, live(verb)

    have life, be alive

    "Our great leader is no more"; "My grandfather lived until the end of war"

    personify, exist, hold out, equal, populate, last, represent, comprise, be, experience, hold up, subsist, know, embody, dwell, cost, live on, make up, endure, inhabit, survive, go, follow, constitute

    extinct, out of play(p), uncharged, unloaded, noncurrent, transcribed, canned, inelastic, taped, prerecorded, recorded, filmed, nonresonant, unreverberant, dead, lifeless, dull, out(p), tape-recorded

  17. know, experience, live(verb)

    have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations

    "I know the feeling!"; "have you ever known hunger?"; "I have lived a kind of hell when I was a drug addict"; "The holocaust survivors have lived a nightmare"; "I lived through two divorces"

    dwell, have intercourse, have a go at it, subsist, have sex, recognise, get, populate, bed, hold out, know, get laid, make love, endure, go through, bonk, have, acknowledge, cognise, survive, exist, love, last, inhabit, see, receive, be, sleep together, do it, go, eff, hold up, feel, lie with, make out, be intimate, recognize, jazz, sleep with, hump, experience, screw, have it off, have it away, get it on, cognize, bang, live on, roll in the hay

    unreverberant, extinct, transcribed, noncurrent, unloaded, prerecorded, dull, dead, taped, uncharged, out(p), filmed, recorded, out of play(p), canned, inelastic, nonresonant, lifeless, tape-recorded

  18. live(adverb)

    pursue a positive and satisfying existence

    "You must accept yourself and others if you really want to live"

    live on, last, know, hold up, dwell, survive, endure, subsist, hold out, go, populate, be, experience, exist, inhabit

    prerecorded, dead, taped, uncharged, extinct, out(p), lifeless, out of play(p), dull, unloaded, inelastic, tape-recorded, noncurrent, filmed, canned, recorded, unreverberant, transcribed, nonresonant

  19. live(adverb)

    not recorded

    "the opera was broadcast live"

    prerecorded, nonresonant, out(p), transcribed, extinct, out of play(p), unloaded, tape-recorded, taped, dull, dead, unreverberant, noncurrent, lifeless, recorded, canned, filmed, uncharged, inelastic

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. live

    To abide is to remain continuously without limit of time unless expressed by the context: "to-day I must abide at thy house," Luke xix, 5; "a settled place for thee to abide in forever," 1 Kings viii, 13; "Abide with me! fast falls the eventide," Lyte Hymn. Lodge, sojourn, stay, tarry, and wait always imply a limited time; lodge, to pass the night; sojourn, to remain temporarily; live, dwell, reside, to have a permanent home. Stop, in the sense of stay or sojourn, is colloquial, and not in approved use. Compare ENDURE; REST.

    abide, anticipate, await, bear, bide, confront, continue, dwell, endure, expect, inhabit, lodge, remain, reside, rest, sojourn, stay, stop, tarry, tolerate, wait, watch

    abandon, avoid, depart, forfeit, forfend, journey, migrate, move, proceed, reject, resist, shun

    Abide in a place, for a time, with a person, by a statement.

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. live(v)

    vegetate, grow, survive, continue, abide, dwell, last, subsist, behave, act, breathe, exist

    die, perish, wither, demise, migrate, vanish, fade, fail, languish, depart, drop, decease

  2. live(a)


    inanimate, defunct

Editors Contribution

  1. biotic factor

    biotic means living ,so living factor.

    a plant is an example of an biotic factor.

    Submitted by rinat on August 20, 2019  

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. live(v. n.)

    exist, breathe, have being, have life, be alive, keep soul and body together

  2. live(v. n.)

    remain, continue, endure, be permanent

  3. live(v. n.)

    dwell, abide, reside, have lodgings, have one's quarters, be quartered

  4. live(v. n.)

    feed, subsist, be nourished, be supported, obtain a livelihood

  5. live(v. n.)

    enjoy life, be happy

  6. live(a.)

    LIVING, alive, not dead

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. live(a)

    alive, quick, animate, living

  2. live(v)

    exist, dwell, reside, abide

PPDB, the paraphrase database

  1. List of paraphrases for "live":

    living, alive, vis, reside, iive, life, born, on-line, lived, vivo, births, vivre, inhabit, direct, survive, viva, leben, vive, loud, llve, elab, online, lives, lift, over-the-air, iiving, lively

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  1. live

How to use live in a sentence?

  1. Aaron Shorthouse:

    We live up in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, and I don't think he's seen a vending machine before so he saw the Oreos, and some biscuits and a few other things.

  2. Woody Allen:

    You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred.

  3. Alex Cora:

    I'm proud to be here, i'm proud representing not only all the Puerto Ricans that live in the island, but Puerto Ricans all around the world. We know what happened last year. It was a tough one.

  4. Blade:

    Blade You better wake up. The world you live in is nothing but a sugarcoated topping There is another world beneath it. And if you want to survive it you better learn how to PULL THE TRIGGER

  5. Benjamin Franklin:

    All would live long, but none would be old.

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