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Princeton's WordNet

  1. late(adj)

    being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time

    "late evening"; "late 18th century"; "a late movie"; "took a late flight"; "had a late breakfast"

    former(a), recent, belated, late(a), previous(a), tardy, later(a)

    future, untimely, advance(a), rude, primeval, proterozoic, azoic, middle, primitive, archaean, mid(a), beforehand(p), earlier, primordial, new, early, earlyish, archeozoic, young, precocious, inchoate, earliest, embryonic, Old, live, present(a), incipient, wee, archaic, alive(p), premature, primaeval, archean, primal, archaeozoic, proto(a), previous(p), punctual, aboriginal, crude, intervening, embryotic, too soon, ahead of time

  2. belated, late, tardy(adj)

    after the expected or usual time; delayed

    "a belated birthday card"; "I'm late for the plane"; "the train is late"; "tardy children are sent to the principal"; "always tardy in making dental appointments"

    tardy, former(a), belated, late(a), recent, later(a), previous(a)

    primitive, archaic, archeozoic, punctual, wee, premature, early, primeval, new, present(a), live, earlyish, precocious, beforehand(p), mid(a), proterozoic, young, embryotic, intervening, primaeval, untimely, Old, earliest, future, inchoate, earlier, crude, alive(p), archaeozoic, primordial, aboriginal, archean, middle, incipient, proto(a), archaean, rude, embryonic, advance(a), primal, previous(p), azoic, too soon, ahead of time

  3. late(a), recent(adj)

    of the immediate past or just previous to the present time

    "a late development"; "their late quarrel"; "his recent trip to Africa"; "in recent months"; "a recent issue of the journal"

    young, punctual, middle, intervening, incipient, archaic, alive(p), primaeval, inchoate, earlyish, beforehand(p), primitive, wee, Old, new, present(a), early, untimely, aboriginal, live, embryonic, future, earlier, mid(a), embryotic, primordial, crude, archeozoic, precocious, archaean, premature, rude, proterozoic, archean, primeval, previous(p), azoic, archaeozoic, earliest, primal, advance(a), proto(a), too soon, ahead of time

  4. late(a)(adj)

    having died recently

    "her late husband"

    embryonic, azoic, live, proterozoic, primal, premature, wee, earlier, early, incipient, future, untimely, archean, punctual, archaean, aboriginal, primeval, present(a), proto(a), archaeozoic, primaeval, young, beforehand(p), primitive, intervening, precocious, inchoate, crude, previous(p), archeozoic, middle, alive(p), rude, primordial, earlyish, archaic, earliest, mid(a), new, Old, advance(a), embryotic, too soon, ahead of time

  5. late(adj)

    of a later stage in the development of a language or literature; used especially of dead languages

    "Late Greek"

    former(a), recent, belated, late(a), previous(a), tardy, later(a)

    archaic, intervening, early, middle, present(a), young, beforehand(p), previous(p), mid(a), proterozoic, archaean, embryonic, precocious, embryotic, wee, live, crude, primitive, future, primal, primordial, earlier, inchoate, archean, azoic, new, archeozoic, incipient, archaeozoic, punctual, earliest, aboriginal, rude, premature, earlyish, alive(p), proto(a), primeval, untimely, Old, advance(a), primaeval, too soon, ahead of time

  6. late, later(a)(adj)

    at or toward an end or late period or stage of development

    "the late phase of feudalism"; "a later symptom of the disease"; "later medical science could have saved the child"

    archeozoic, untimely, earlier, primordial, middle, earlyish, primal, wee, early, primitive, Old, premature, azoic, archaean, new, present(a), incipient, live, primaeval, crude, archaeozoic, future, embryonic, beforehand(p), advance(a), aboriginal, archaic, alive(p), intervening, mid(a), young, precocious, previous(p), earliest, proto(a), archean, embryotic, rude, primeval, punctual, inchoate, proterozoic, too soon, ahead of time

  7. former(a), late(a), previous(a)(adverb)

    (used especially of persons) of the immediate past

    "the former president"; "our late President is still very active"; "the previous occupant of the White House"

    premature, Old, previous(p), primaeval, earlier, earliest, early, beforehand(p), aboriginal, primeval, new, mid(a), primitive, embryotic, primordial, embryonic, untimely, present(a), crude, archeozoic, punctual, rude, precocious, archean, future, incipient, archaic, primal, wee, middle, intervening, archaean, live, alive(p), young, azoic, advance(a), earlyish, inchoate, archaeozoic, proto(a), proterozoic, ahead of time, too soon

  8. late, belatedly, tardily(adverb)

    later than usual or than expected

    "the train arrived late"; "we awoke late"; "the children came late to school"; "notice came so tardily that we almost missed the deadline"; "I belatedly wished her a happy birthday"

    lately, slowly, deep, of late, latterly, tardily, easy, recently, belatedly, slow

    new, middle, earlier, primordial, azoic, untimely, wee, embryonic, archaic, primeval, rude, aboriginal, primal, present(a), advance(a), earliest, premature, precocious, archean, beforehand(p), earlyish, intervening, proto(a), early, archeozoic, incipient, inchoate, young, live, archaeozoic, mid(a), proterozoic, embryotic, primitive, future, crude, archaean, primaeval, alive(p), Old, previous(p), punctual, too soon, ahead of time

  9. deep, late(adverb)

    to an advanced time

    "deep into the night"; "talked late into the evening"

    lately, deep, of late, deeply, latterly, tardily, recently, belatedly

    inchoate, archeozoic, embryonic, primitive, early, proterozoic, aboriginal, previous(p), beforehand(p), earlier, precocious, middle, intervening, archaean, archean, present(a), young, advance(a), archaic, Old, punctual, mid(a), earliest, new, primaeval, earlyish, proto(a), premature, crude, future, archaeozoic, azoic, embryotic, wee, untimely, live, alive(p), incipient, primordial, rude, primal, primeval, too soon, ahead of time

  10. late(adverb)

    at an advanced age or stage

    "she married late"; "undertook the project late in her career"

    lately, recently, belatedly, latterly, tardily, deep, of late

    inchoate, proto(a), earliest, early, untimely, primordial, azoic, primitive, beforehand(p), young, future, embryotic, new, alive(p), precocious, intervening, archean, archaeozoic, crude, premature, proterozoic, present(a), earlyish, previous(p), archeozoic, middle, primal, primaeval, earlier, archaic, primeval, punctual, mid(a), incipient, Old, embryonic, aboriginal, live, wee, archaean, rude, advance(a), ahead of time, too soon

  11. recently, late, lately, of late, latterly(adverb)

    in the recent past

    "he was in Paris recently"; "lately the rules have been enforced"; "as late as yesterday she was fine"; "feeling better of late"; "the spelling was first affected, but latterly the meaning also"

    lately, deep, of late, latterly, tardily, recently, belatedly

    future, primitive, archaean, young, premature, live, intervening, earlyish, archean, aboriginal, middle, present(a), alive(p), azoic, proto(a), archaeozoic, primordial, primaeval, early, earliest, Old, precocious, earlier, archeozoic, primal, wee, new, embryonic, archaic, beforehand(p), advance(a), primeval, punctual, mid(a), embryotic, incipient, proterozoic, rude, untimely, inchoate, crude, previous(p), ahead of time, too soon

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. late

    That which is new has lately come into existence, possession, or use; a new house is just built, or in a more general sense is one that has just come into the possession of the present owner or occupant. Modern denotes that which has begun to exist in the present age, and is still existing; recent denotes that which has come into existence within a comparatively brief period, and may or may not be existing still. Modern history pertains to any period since the middle ages; modern literature, modern architecture, etc., are not strikingly remote from the styles and types prevalent to-day. That which is late is somewhat removed from the present, but not far enough to be called old. That which is recent is not quite so sharply distinguished from the past as that which is new; recent publications range over a longer time than new books. That which is novel is either absolutely or relatively unprecedented in kind; a novel contrivance is one that has never before been known; a novel experience is one that has never before occurred to the same person; that which is new may be of a familiar or even of an ancient sort, as a new copy of an old book. Young and youthful are applied to that which has life; that which is young is possessed of a comparatively new existence as a living thing, possessing actual youth; that which is youthful manifests the attributes of youth. (Compare YOUTHFUL.) Fresh applies to that which has the characteristics of newness or youth, while capable of deterioration by lapse of time; that which is unworn, unspoiled, or unfaded; as, a fresh countenance, fresh eggs, fresh flowers. New is opposed to old, modern to ancient, recent to remote, young to old, aged, etc.

    See synonyms for OLD.

    fresh, juvenile, modern, new, new-fangled, new-fashioned, new-made, novel, recent, upstart, young, youthful

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. late

    slow, tardy, delayed, advanced, deceased, past, recent

    early, present, existing, forthcoming, coming, future

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. late(a.)

    slow, tardy, long delayed

  2. late(a.)

    far advanced

  3. late(a.)

    recently deceased

  4. late(a.)


  5. late(ad.)

    not early, not promptly, after the proper time, at the eleventh hour, a day after the fair

  6. late(ad.)

    recently, lately, not long ago

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. late(a)

    tardy, delayed, recent

Concise Medical Dictionary, by Joseph C Segen, MD

  1. LATE

    Late Assessment of Thrombolytic Efficacy

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  1. late

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How to use late in a sentence?

  1. Altaf Hussain:

    When the conflict began in the late 1980s, each party wanted the media to be on its side. The militant groups wanted to control the media and the government wanted to control the media.

  2. Chang Sea-jin:

    There are signs that Samsung is trying to change and the company is acknowledging its failures, the company is moving in the right direction, but there is a high probability this is too little, too late.

  3. Chris Patten:

    I hope that even at this late stage the government will back off, it doesn't have to happen. It shouldn't happen and Hong Kong should carry on as a free society under the rule of law without having to worry about this extradition.

  4. Mike Fortuna:

    It came about seven or eight weeks too late.

  5. Chang Sea-jin:

    There are signs that Samsung Group is trying to change and the company is acknowledging its failures, the company is moving in the right direction, but there is a high probability this is too little, too late.

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