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English Synonyms and Antonyms5.0 / 1 vote

  1. endverb

    That ends, or is ended, of which there is no more, whether or not more was intended or needed; that is closed, completed, concluded, or finished which has come to an expected or appropriate end. A speech may be ended almost as soon as begun, because of the speaker's illness, or of tumult in the audience; in such a case, the speech is neither closed, completed, nor finished, nor, in the strict sense, concluded. An argument may be closed with nothing proved; when an argument is concluded all that is deemed necessary to prove the point has been stated. To finish is to do the last thing there is to do; as, "I have finished my course," 2 Tim. iv, 7. Finish has come to mean, not merely to complete in the essentials, but to perfect in all the minute details, as in the expression "to add the finishing touches." The enumeration is completed; the poem, the picture, the statue is finished. To terminate may be either to bring to an arbitrary or to an appropriate end; as, he terminated his remarks abruptly; the spire terminates in a cross. A thing stops that comes to rest from motion; or the motion stops or ceases when the object comes to rest; stop frequently signifies to bring or come to a sudden and decided cessation of motion, progress, or action of any kind. Compare DO; TRANSACT.

    See synonyms for BEGIN.

    break off, cease, close, complete, conclude, desist, expire, finish, quit, stop, terminate, wind up

  2. endnoun

    The end is the terminal part of a material object that has length; the extremity is distinctively the terminal point, and may thus be but part of the end in the general sense of that word; the extremity is viewed as that which is most remote from some center, or some mean or standard position; the southern end of South America includes all Patagonia, the southern extremity or point is Cape Horn. Tip has nearly the same meaning as extremity, but is said of small or slight and tapering objects; as, the tip of the finger; point in such connections is said of that which is drawn out to exceeding fineness or sharpness, as the point of a needle, a fork, or a sword; extremity is said of something considerable; we do not speak of the extremity of a needle. Terminus is chiefly used to designate the end of a line of travel or transportation: specifically, the furthermost station in any direction on a railway, or by extension the town or village where it is situated. Termination is the Latin and more formal word for the Saxon end, but is chiefly used of time, words, undertakings, or abstractions of any kind. Expiration signifies the coming to an end in the natural course of things; as, the expiration of a year, or of a lease; it is used of things of some consequence; we do not ordinarily speak of the expiration of an hour or of a day. Limit implies some check to or restraint upon further advance, right, or privilege; as, the limits of an estate (compare BOUNDARY). A goal is an end sought or striven for, as in a race. For the figurative senses of end and its associated words, compare the synonyms for the verb END; also for AIM; CONSEQUENCE; DESIGN.

    See synonyms for BEGINNING.

    accomplishment, achievement, bound, boundary, cessation, close, completion, conclusion, consequence, consummation, design, effect, expiration, extent, extremity, finale, finis, finish, fulfilment, goal, intent, issue, limit, outcome, period, point, purpose, result, termination, terminus, tip, utmost, uttermost

Princeton's WordNet5.0 / 1 vote

  1. end, terminalnoun

    either extremity of something that has length

    "the end of the pier"; "she knotted the end of the thread"; "they rode to the end of the line"; "the terminals of the anterior arches of the fornix"

    goal, remainder, terminal, terminus, last, conclusion, ending, pole, death, depot, destruction, remnant, closing, close, final stage, oddment

    beginning, showtime, middle, kickoff, get-go, start, commencement, outset, offset, first, starting time, get down, begin, set out, get, commence, start out, set about, lead off

  2. end, endingnoun

    the point in time at which something ends

    "the end of the year"; "the ending of warranty period"

    finish, termination, death, remnant, conclusion, close, goal, closing, final stage, destruction, oddment, remainder, last, ending, terminal

    beginning, middle, starting time, commencement, kickoff, offset, get-go, first, start, showtime, outset, get, commence, begin, get down, set about, lead off, set out, start out

  3. end, last, final stagenoun

    the concluding parts of an event or occurrence

    "the end was exciting"; "I had to miss the last of the movie"

    cobbler's last, goal, remainder, shoemaker's last, terminal, last, conclusion, finish, ending, death, destruction, finis, stopping point, remnant, closing, close, final stage, oddment, finale

    starting time, offset, kickoff, beginning, commencement, middle, first, showtime, get-go, outset, start, commence, start out, begin, get, get down, set about, lead off, set out

  4. goal, endnoun

    the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it

    "the ends justify the means"

    remnant, death, final stage, closing, conclusion, close, goal, finish, destruction, oddment, remainder, last, ending, destination, terminal

    showtime, commencement, beginning, kickoff, outset, get-go, first, middle, offset, start, starting time, commence, set out, get, begin, get down, set about, lead off, start out

  5. endnoun

    a final part or section

    "we have given it at the end of the section since it involves the calculus"; "Start at the beginning and go on until you come to the end"

    death, remnant, conclusion, close, goal, closing, final stage, destruction, oddment, remainder, last, ending, terminal

    get-go, showtime, outset, beginning, start, middle, offset, starting time, first, commencement, kickoff, lead off, begin, set about, commence, get, start out, set out, get down

  6. end, destruction, deathnoun

    a final state

    "he came to a bad end"; "the so-called glorious experiment came to an inglorious end"

    goal, remainder, devastation, terminal, last, expiry, conclusion, ending, death, demolition, demise, wipeout, dying, remnant, closing, destruction, close, final stage, oddment, decease

    outset, get-go, beginning, commencement, start, first, showtime, middle, offset, kickoff, starting time, set about, get down, begin, set out, commence, start out, lead off, get

  7. endnoun

    the surface at either extremity of a three-dimensional object

    "one end of the box was marked `This side up'"

    death, remnant, conclusion, close, goal, closing, final stage, destruction, oddment, remainder, last, ending, terminal

    middle, beginning, get-go, outset, first, start, kickoff, showtime, commencement, offset, starting time, commence, begin, set out, set about, get down, lead off, start out, get

  8. endnoun

    (football) the person who plays at one end of the line of scrimmage

    "the end managed to hold onto the pass"

    death, remnant, conclusion, close, goal, closing, final stage, destruction, oddment, remainder, last, ending, terminal

    beginning, middle, kickoff, first, showtime, commencement, starting time, offset, outset, start, get-go, commence, get, lead off, begin, get down, set out, start out, set about

  9. endnoun

    a boundary marking the extremities of something

    "the end of town"

    death, remnant, conclusion, close, goal, closing, final stage, destruction, oddment, remainder, last, ending, terminal

    kickoff, get-go, first, middle, offset, showtime, commencement, start, beginning, outset, starting time, commence, begin, get, lead off, set out, set about, get down, start out

  10. endnoun

    one of two places from which people are communicating to each other

    "the phone rang at the other end"; "both ends wrote at the same time"

    death, remnant, conclusion, close, goal, closing, final stage, destruction, oddment, remainder, last, ending, terminal

    outset, beginning, middle, start, first, showtime, get-go, offset, commencement, starting time, kickoff, get down, set out, lead off, begin, set about, get, commence, start out

  11. endnoun

    the part you are expected to play

    "he held up his end"

    death, remnant, conclusion, close, goal, closing, final stage, destruction, oddment, remainder, last, ending, terminal

    showtime, offset, get-go, beginning, first, kickoff, outset, start, middle, starting time, commencement, commence, get, begin, get down, lead off, start out, set out, set about

  12. conclusion, end, close, closing, endingnoun

    the last section of a communication

    "in conclusion I want to say..."

    shutting, goal, termination, determination, closing curtain, conclusion, decision, finish, ending, culmination, terminal, death, mop up, ratiocination, close, finis, finale, stopping point, remainder, completion, remnant, closing, destruction, shutdown, final stage, oddment, closedown, closure, windup, last

    get-go, beginning, start, kickoff, middle, showtime, commencement, outset, offset, starting time, first, commence, get, start out, lead off, begin, set about, set out, get down

  13. end, remainder, remnant, oddmentnoun

    a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold

    residue, goal, remainder, peculiarity, terminal, last, conclusion, difference, curio, ending, residual, balance, rarity, residuum, rest, destruction, curiosity, oddity, death, remnant, closing, close, final stage, oddment, leftover

    outset, middle, start, showtime, beginning, get-go, commencement, first, offset, starting time, kickoff, commence, get, begin, set out, set about, lead off, get down, start out

  14. endverb

    (American football) a position on the line of scrimmage

    "no one wanted to play end"

    death, remnant, conclusion, close, goal, closing, final stage, destruction, oddment, remainder, last, ending, terminal

    showtime, outset, kickoff, beginning, middle, start, commencement, offset, first, get-go, starting time, begin, get, commence, start out, get down, set about, lead off, set out

  15. end, stop, finish, terminate, ceaseverb

    have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical

    "the bronchioles terminate in a capillary bed"; "Your rights stop where you infringe upon the rights of other"; "My property ends by the bushes"; "The symphony ends in a pianissimo"

    eat up, block up, complete, sack, halt, can, arrest, give up, finish up, block off, hold back, give the axe, finish, block, displace, polish off, lay off, turn back, stop over, break off, break, fetch up, fire, land up, stop, blockade, hold on, wind up, bar, cease, barricade, discontinue, contain, end up, force out, give notice, kibosh, give the sack, intercept, dismiss, terminate, send away, quit, check

    middle, get-go, starting time, showtime, outset, beginning, commencement, kickoff, offset, start, first, get, begin, get down, set about, commence, lead off, set out, start out

  16. end, terminateverb

    bring to an end or halt

    "She ended their friendship when she found out that he had once been convicted of a crime"; "The attack on Poland terminated the relatively peaceful period after WW I"

    terminate, stop, give the sack, dismiss, give the axe, cease, give notice, can, finish, displace, send away, sack, fire, force out

    beginning, kickoff, get-go, showtime, outset, middle, offset, starting time, commencement, start, first, commence, set about, begin, set out, lead off, start out, get down, get

  17. end, terminateverb

    be the end of; be the last or concluding part of

    "This sad scene ended the movie"

    terminate, stop, give the sack, dismiss, give the axe, cease, give notice, can, finish, displace, send away, sack, fire, force out

    commencement, showtime, starting time, start, beginning, middle, first, offset, kickoff, outset, get-go, commence, set out, get, lead off, begin, start out, get down, set about

  18. endverb

    put an end to

    "The terrible news ended our hopes that he had survived"

    terminate, cease, finish, stop

    beginning, kickoff, first, commencement, start, offset, middle, starting time, showtime, outset, get-go, lead off, begin, set out, commence, set about, get, start out, get down

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  1. Gustave Perna:

    Me. Conversation's over. It's pretty easy -- me, i hold myself 100 % personally accountable to that end.

  2. Patrick Reed:

    It should be remembered as a victory, at the end of the day, the rules officials said we did nothing wrong.

  3. John F. Kennedy:

    If we cannot end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.

  4. Antony Blinken:

    At the end of the day the best possible thing that could happen is for the cessation of hostilities to really take root, and to be sustained, for the humanitarian assistance to flow and then for the negotiations to start that lead to a political transition.

  5. Olivier Niggli:

    If they decide not to prosecute we will need to understand why and then we'll have a discussion. If it's for scientific reasons and expert reasons we will have discussions with our own experts versus their experts, but at the end of the day if we don't agree with them — and some we may agree with them that there is no reason to go further — but if we don't agree with them then for sure we will bring it to CAS.

Translations for end

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  • نِهاية, أنهى, انتهي, فرغ, أتممArabic
  • аҙаҡBashkir
  • край, кане́ц, канча́ць, зака́нчваць, ско́нчыцьBelarusian
  • смърт, край, приключвам, завършвамBulgarian
  • diwezh, echuiñBreton
  • fi, final, acabarCatalan, Valencian
  • smrt, konec, končit, dokončit, dokončovatCzech
  • diweddWelsh
  • afslutning, endeDanish
  • Tod, Schluss, Ende, beenden, endenGerman
  • nuwuwuEwe
  • άκρο, σκοπός, λήξη, τέλος, τέρμα, πέρας, άκρη, τελειώνω, λήγωGreek
  • finoEsperanto
  • muerte, fin, terminar, acabar, finalizar, finirSpanish
  • lõpp, lõppema, lõpetamaEstonian
  • پایان, آخر, انتها, تمام کردن, تمام شدنPersian
  • loppu, pää, lopettaa, loppuaFinnish
  • extrémité, fin, bout, terminer, finirFrench
  • einWestern Frisian
  • eàrrScottish Gaelic
  • finGalician
  • קצה, סוף, נגמרHebrew
  • अंत, अंत करना, ख़त्म करना, ख़त्म होनाHindi
  • vég, befejeződikHungarian
  • ծայր, վերջ, վերջացնել, վերջանալArmenian
  • ujung, akhir, habis, selesai, tamatIndonesian
  • fino, finarIdo
  • fine, finireItalian
  • 終了, 端, 最期, 結果, 到達点, 最後, 結末, 終わり, 終い, ご臨終, 終える, 終う, 終わるJapanese
  • ბოლოს, დამთავრება, მორჩენაGeorgian
  • 끝, 끝내다, 완성하다, 끝나다, 종료하다, 종료Korean
  • dawî, kutahî, xilasî, dûmahî, talî, qedandin, bi dawî anîn, bi dawî hatin, qedînKurdish
  • finis, extremum, extremus, finalitas, exitus, peractio, terminus, finior, termino, finem habeo, finio, terminorLatin
  • EnnLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
  • ຈົບLao
  • galas, pabaigaLithuanian
  • gals, beigasLatvian
  • цел, крај, смрт, свр́ши, за́врши, завршиMacedonian
  • tmiem, għeluqMaltese
  • einde, uiteinde, einden, beëindigen, ophouden, eindigenDutch
  • slutt, ende, terminere, avslutte, slutteNorwegian
  • finOccitan
  • koniec, śmierć, meta, kończyć, skończyć, zakończyćPolish
  • cabo, fim, término, acabar, concluir, finalizar, findar, terminar, finalPortuguese
  • fegn, finRomansh
  • capăt, terminație, sfârșit, sfârși, terminaRomanian
  • край, энд, коне́ц, смерть, ко́нчиться, заверша́ть, зака́нчиваться, зако́нчить, око́нчиться, конча́ться, зака́нчивать, зако́нчиться, заверши́ть, око́нчить, конецRussian
  • finis, fini, fineSardinian
  • крај, smrt, kraj, смрт, завршити, završiti, svršiti, свршитиSerbo-Croatian
  • cieľ, koniec, skončiť, ukončiťSlovak
  • konec, cilj, končatiSlovene
  • mbaronAlbanian
  • ände, slut, död, sluta, ändaSwedish
  • mwisho, tamati, daliSwahili
  • จบThai
  • katapusan, dulo, kamatayan, wakas, tapusin, mataposTagalog
  • son, ölüm, bitmekTurkish
  • край, кіне́ць, кінча́ти, закі́нчити, скі́нчити, закі́нчувати, кінецьUkrainian
  • انت, ختم ہونا, ختم کرنا, آخرUrdu
  • kết thúc, làm xong, kết liễu, hoàn thànhVietnamese
  • dibout, fén, coronWalloon
  • 結束Chinese

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