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Princeton's WordNet

  1. high(noun)

    a lofty level or position or degree

    "summer temperatures reached an all-time high"

    senior high school, highschool, high gear, senior high, heights, high school

    low spirits, low, rock-bottom, low-level, lowset, nether, underslung, inferior, bass, low-pitched, degraded, down(p), baritone, dejected, low-lying, squat, devalued, sober, deep, double-bass, low-growing, contrabass, alto, ground-hugging, under, depressed, throaty, low-altitude, flat-growing, reduced, fragrant, low-set, debased, contralto

  2. high(noun)

    an air mass of higher than normal pressure

    "the east coast benefits from a Bermuda high"

    senior high school, highschool, high gear, senior high, heights, high school

    low spirits, low, underslung, contralto, low-set, inferior, low-pitched, squat, ground-hugging, devalued, low-growing, reduced, fragrant, sober, rock-bottom, low-altitude, bass, under, flat-growing, deep, lowset, double-bass, baritone, low-lying, debased, depressed, throaty, nether, contrabass, degraded, low-level, alto, dejected, down(p)

  3. high(noun)

    a state of sustained elation

    "I'm on a permanent high these days"

    senior high school, highschool, high gear, senior high, heights, high school

    low, low spirits, flat-growing, debased, nether, fragrant, down(p), low-growing, low-level, contrabass, low-set, low-altitude, contralto, depressed, double-bass, bass, alto, sober, low-pitched, low-lying, rock-bottom, throaty, deep, baritone, devalued, ground-hugging, underslung, degraded, inferior, lowset, reduced, squat, dejected, under

  4. high(noun)

    a state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics

    "they took drugs to get a high on"

    senior high school, highschool, high gear, senior high, heights, high school

    low spirits, low, low-set, sober, low-altitude, low-growing, ground-hugging, nether, dejected, depressed, low-level, contrabass, double-bass, fragrant, throaty, degraded, deep, lowset, low-pitched, debased, devalued, underslung, contralto, under, inferior, bass, low-lying, baritone, rock-bottom, squat, down(p), reduced, flat-growing, alto

  5. high, heights(noun)

    a high place

    "they stood on high and observed the countryside"; "he doesn't like heights"

    senior high school, highschool, high gear, senior high, heights, high school

    low, low spirits, down(p), depressed, low-pitched, deep, throaty, squat, under, nether, fragrant, reduced, low-lying, low-growing, low-set, baritone, double-bass, lowset, sober, devalued, dejected, flat-growing, low-level, debased, inferior, rock-bottom, low-altitude, contrabass, alto, underslung, ground-hugging, degraded, bass, contralto

  6. senior high school, senior high, high, highschool, high school(noun)

    a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12

    "he goes to the neighborhood highschool"

    senior high school, highschool, high gear, senior high, heights, high school

    low, low spirits, low-level, nether, squat, flat-growing, ground-hugging, bass, deep, debased, dejected, sober, throaty, rock-bottom, degraded, baritone, alto, depressed, reduced, low-set, under, underslung, low-altitude, contrabass, fragrant, lowset, inferior, down(p), contralto, double-bass, devalued, low-pitched, low-lying, low-growing

  7. high gear, high(adj)

    a forward gear with a gear ratio that gives the greatest vehicle velocity for a given engine speed

    highschool, senior high school, high gear, senior high, heights, high school

    low, low spirits, rock-bottom, down(p), fragrant, under, double-bass, low-altitude, baritone, sober, underslung, throaty, deep, inferior, degraded, low-set, contralto, dejected, alto, bass, nether, squat, contrabass, low-growing, low-pitched, low-lying, low-level, flat-growing, devalued, reduced, depressed, ground-hugging, debased, lowset

  8. high(adj)

    greater than normal in degree or intensity or amount

    "a high temperature"; "a high price"; "the high point of his career"; "high risks"; "has high hopes"; "the river is high"; "he has a high opinion of himself"

    in high spirits, eminent, mellow, gamy, high-pitched, gamey

    low, low spirits, throaty, reduced, deep, alto, low-lying, flat-growing, nether, degraded, debased, down(p), bass, low-level, baritone, devalued, rock-bottom, squat, dejected, contrabass, contralto, inferior, underslung, ground-hugging, fragrant, sober, low-set, lowset, low-altitude, depressed, double-bass, low-growing, low-pitched, under

  9. high(adj)

    (literal meaning) being at or having a relatively great or specific elevation or upward extension (sometimes used in combinations like `knee-high')

    "a high mountain"; "high ceilings"; "high buildings"; "a high forehead"; "a high incline"; "a foot high"

    in high spirits, eminent, mellow, gamy, high-pitched, gamey

    low, low spirits, baritone, lowset, under, deep, bass, low-set, squat, fragrant, low-lying, throaty, contrabass, nether, low-altitude, flat-growing, contralto, dejected, low-level, debased, devalued, depressed, low-growing, underslung, inferior, double-bass, alto, degraded, sober, down(p), low-pitched, ground-hugging, reduced, rock-bottom

  10. eminent, high(adj)

    standing above others in quality or position

    "people in high places"; "the high priest"; "eminent members of the community"

    gamy, high-pitched, lofty, towering, soaring, mellow, gamey, eminent, in high spirits

    low, low spirits, ground-hugging, double-bass, low-lying, depressed, squat, devalued, under, bass, low-set, contrabass, deep, underslung, baritone, reduced, low-pitched, dejected, rock-bottom, low-growing, nether, alto, fragrant, debased, contralto, low-level, throaty, flat-growing, degraded, inferior, down(p), low-altitude, lowset, sober

  11. high, high-pitched(adj)

    used of sounds and voices; high in pitch or frequency

    in high spirits, eminent, mellow, gamy, high-pitched, gamey

    low, low spirits, sober, debased, reduced, depressed, under, baritone, low-level, low-pitched, fragrant, alto, dejected, degraded, flat-growing, contrabass, down(p), rock-bottom, contralto, deep, lowset, inferior, underslung, double-bass, squat, bass, devalued, low-set, low-growing, low-lying, low-altitude, ground-hugging, throaty, nether

  12. high, in high spirits(adj)

    happy and excited and energetic

    in high spirits, eminent, mellow, gamy, high-pitched, gamey

    low spirits, low, contrabass, rock-bottom, reduced, low-altitude, deep, under, throaty, low-lying, bass, underslung, alto, down(p), squat, sober, low-growing, low-set, fragrant, devalued, lowset, double-bass, contralto, low-level, nether, dejected, low-pitched, depressed, baritone, inferior, flat-growing, ground-hugging, degraded, debased

  13. gamey, gamy, high(adj)

    (used of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or tainted

    spirited, eminent, gamy, spunky, juicy, risque, blue, mettlesome, racy, game, naughty, gamey, in high spirits, gritty, high-pitched, spicy, mellow

    low, low spirits, low-level, low-lying, alto, under, depressed, squat, fragrant, low-altitude, deep, contrabass, inferior, devalued, down(p), baritone, ground-hugging, debased, nether, flat-growing, low-pitched, double-bass, reduced, low-growing, low-set, bass, underslung, contralto, sober, throaty, rock-bottom, dejected, degraded, lowset

  14. high, mellow(adverb)

    slightly and pleasantly intoxicated from alcohol or a drug (especially marijuana)

    gamy, high-pitched, mellow, mellowed, gamey, eminent, laid-back, in high spirits

    low spirits, low, deep, degraded, low-altitude, flat-growing, low-growing, devalued, reduced, down(p), fragrant, contrabass, sober, low-lying, underslung, low-pitched, dejected, baritone, rock-bottom, low-level, nether, contralto, ground-hugging, low-set, double-bass, bass, alto, squat, under, depressed, debased, lowset, inferior, throaty

  15. high, high up(adverb)

    at a great altitude

    "he climbed high on the ladder"

    high up, richly, luxuriously

    low spirits, low, inferior, reduced, debased, under, devalued, down(p), fragrant, underslung, low-growing, ground-hugging, alto, squat, low-lying, throaty, sober, baritone, deep, low-level, flat-growing, bass, contralto, low-set, contrabass, low-altitude, low-pitched, depressed, double-bass, lowset, degraded, dejected, nether, rock-bottom

  16. high(adverb)

    in or to a high position, amount, or degree

    "prices have gone up far too high"

    high up, richly, luxuriously

    low spirits, low, down(p), low-level, rock-bottom, deep, degraded, baritone, dejected, alto, flat-growing, ground-hugging, low-altitude, squat, inferior, low-growing, low-set, contrabass, fragrant, throaty, lowset, under, double-bass, low-pitched, bass, underslung, contralto, low-lying, depressed, nether, devalued, debased, sober, reduced

  17. high, richly, luxuriously(adverb)

    in a rich manner

    "he lives high"

    lavishly, amply, high up, richly, extravagantly, luxuriously

    low, low spirits, deep, degraded, bass, low-altitude, double-bass, contrabass, lowset, under, squat, rock-bottom, low-set, flat-growing, baritone, contralto, devalued, low-level, low-growing, low-pitched, fragrant, depressed, ground-hugging, low-lying, underslung, nether, alto, debased, inferior, sober, dejected, throaty, reduced, down(p)

  18. high(adverb)

    far up toward the source

    "he lives high up the river"

    high up, richly, luxuriously

    low spirits, low, fragrant, deep, depressed, degraded, low-set, debased, devalued, reduced, throaty, squat, underslung, down(p), inferior, low-pitched, bass, low-level, flat-growing, sober, low-lying, ground-hugging, contralto, low-altitude, nether, rock-bottom, baritone, dejected, contrabass, double-bass, alto, low-growing, lowset, under

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. high

    Deep, while an antonym of high in usage, may apply to the very same distance simply measured in an opposite direction, high applying to vertical distance measured from below upward, and deep to vertical distance measured from above downward; as, a deep valley nestling between high mountains. High is a relative term signifying greatly raised above any object, base, or surface, in comparison with what is usual, or with some standard; a table is high if it exceeds thirty inches; a hill is not high at a hundred feet. That is tall whose height is greatly in excess of its breadth or diameter, and whose actual height is great for an object of its kind; as, a tall tree; a tall man; tall grass. That is lofty which is imposing or majestic in height; we term a spire tall with reference to its altitude, or lofty with reference to its majestic appearance. That is elevated which is raised somewhat above its surroundings; that is eminent which is far above them; as, an elevated platform; an eminent promontory. In the figurative sense, elevated is less than eminent, and this less than exalted; we speak of high, lofty, or elevated thoughts, aims, etc., in the good sense, but sometimes of high feelings, looks, words, etc., in the invidious sense of haughty or arrogant. A high ambition may be merely selfish; a lofty ambition is worthy and noble. Towering, in the literal sense compares with lofty and majestic; but in the figurative sense, its use is almost always invidious; as, a towering passion; a towering ambition disregards and crushes all opposing considerations, however rational, lovely, or holy. Compare STEEP.

    elevated, eminent, exalted, lofty, noble, proud, steep, tall, towering, uplifted

    base, deep, degraded, depressed, dwarfed, inferior, low, mean, short, stunted

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. high

    elevated, lofty, tall, eminent, excellent, noble, haughty, violent, proud, exalted

    depressed, low, stunted, ignoble, mean, base, affable

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Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. high(a.)

    lofty, elevated, TALL, heaven-kissing, of great altitude

  2. high(a.)

    eminent, prominent, pre-eminent, distinguished, superior, exalted, noble, dignified

  3. high(a.)

    abstruse, recondite, occult, obscure, dark, transcendental, profound

  4. high(a.)

    proud, haughty, arrogant, supercilious, lordly

  5. high(a.)

    boastful, ostentatious, bragging, vain-glorious

  6. high(a.)

    oppressive, domineering, over-bearing, tyrannical, despotic

  7. high(a.)

    violent, boisterous, turbulent, tumultuous

  8. high(a.)

    great, strong, extreme

  9. high(a.)

    complete, full

  10. high(a.)

    10. dear, of great price

  11. high(a.)

    acute, sharp, shrill, high-toned, not flat

  12. high(a.)

    somewhat intoxicated, TIGHT, fuddled, boozy

  13. high(ad.)

    aloft, on high, to a great height

  14. high(ad.)

    profoundly, powerfully

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. high(a)

    lofty, tall, elevated, towering

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  1. high

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  1. Herman Herman:

    It's not a high priority for us to get joint work with them, uber decided to give us a gift and that's the extent of the relationship at this moment.

  2. Watch Kim:

    As I walked over here, I thought' why was it so difficult to get here ?' The separating line wasn't even that high to cross. It was too easy to walk over that line and it took us 11 years to get here.

  3. Rick Meckler:

    As volatility has picked up, you've gotten more interest on the part of traders, and that in turn has led to even higher volume, when you get moves like this and reversals, it brings a lot of high-frequency traders in and short-term traders.

  4. The RSPCA:

    I wouldn't say it's high quality but you wouldn't expect it to be after so long in the bush.

  5. Mahathir Mohamad:

    We need to do away with some of the unnecessary projects, for example the high-speed rail, which is going to cost us 110 billion ringgit( $ 28 billion) and will not earn us a single cent. That will be dropped.

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