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  1. sharpadjective

    Offensive, critical, or acrimonious, as sharp criticism.

    When the two rivals met, first there were sharp words, and then a fight broke out.

    cutting, harsh, acrimonious, nasty, bitter, hostile

    nice, friendly, flattering, complimentary, kind

  2. sharpadjective

    Stylish or attractive.

    You look so sharp in that tuxedo!

    stylish, smart, chic, elegant

    scruffy, shabby, inelegant

  3. sharpadverb

    Observant; alert; acute.

    Keep a sharp watch on the prisoners. I don't want them to escape!

    alert, observant, sharp-eyed, acute, keen


  4. sharpadjective

    Able to cut easily.

    I keep my knives sharp so that they don't slip unexpectedly while carving.

    exactly, on the dot, precisely, razor-sharp, keen, razor

    blunt, dull

  5. sharpadjective


    My nephew is a sharp lad; he can count to 100 in six languages, and he's only five years old.

    bright, keen, intelligent, witty, smart, brainy

    slow-witted, slow, thick, dim, dim-witted

  6. sharpnoun

    Able to pierce easily; pointed.

    Ernest made the pencil too sharp and accidentally stabbed himself with it.



  7. sharpnoun

    Higher than usual by one semitone (denoted by the symbol after the name of the note).

    Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata is written in C minor (C sharp minor.)


  8. sharpadjective

    Higher in pitch than required.

    The orchestra's third violin several times was sharp about an eighth of a tone.


  9. sharpadjective

    Having an intense, acrid flavour.

    Milly couldn't stand sharp cheeses when she was pregnant, because they made her nauseated.

    acrid, pungent

    insipid, tasteless, bland

  10. sharpadjective

    sudden and intense.

    A pregnant woman during labor normally experiences a number of sharp contractions.

    acute, abrupt, stabbing


  11. sharpadjective

    Illegal or dishonest.

    Michael had a number of sharp ventures that he kept off the books.

    dodgy, illicit, illegal, underhand, dishonest

    reputable, honest, legitimate, above-board, legit

  12. sharpadjective

    Exact, precise, accurate; keen.

    You'll need sharp aim to make that shot.

    keen, accurate, precise, exact

    imprecise, inaccurate

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. sharp

    Acute, from the Latin, suggests the sharpness of the needle's point; keen, from the Saxon, the sharpness of the cutting edge. Astute, from the Latin, with the original sense of cunning has come to have a meaning that combines the sense of acute or keen with that of sagacious. The astute mind adds to acuteness and keenness an element of cunning or finesse. The astute debater leads his opponents into a snare by getting them to make admissions, or urge arguments, of which he sees a result that they do not perceive. The acute, keen intellect may take no special advantage of these qualities; the astute mind has always a point to make for itself, and seldom fails to make it. A knowing look, air, etc., in general indicates practical knowledge with a touch of shrewdness, and perhaps of cunning; in regard to some special matter, it indicates the possession of reserved knowledge which the person could impart if he chose. Knowing has often a slightly invidious sense. We speak of a knowing rascal, meaning cunning or shrewd within a narrow range, but of a knowing horse or dog, in the sense of sagacious, implying that he knows more than could be expected of such an animal. A knowing child has more knowledge than would be looked for at his years, perhaps more than is quite desirable, while to speak of a child as intelligent is altogether complimentary.

    acute, astute, clear-sighted, crafty, cunning, discerning, discriminating, keen, knowing, penetrating, penetrative, perspicacious, sagacious, shrewd, subtile, subtle

    blind, dull, idiotic, imbecile, shallow, short-sighted, stolid, stupid, undiscerning, unintelligent

Princeton's WordNet

  1. sharpnoun

    a musical notation indicating one half step higher than the note named

    deadened, dulled, gradual, indistinct, flat, low, stupid, pleasant, unpointed, blunt, forceless, low-pitched, unsharpened, unperceiving, dull, pointless, edgeless, unperceptive, blunted, natural, unforceful

  2. sharpadjective

    a long thin sewing needle with a sharp point

    stupid, gradual, blunt, low, indistinct, low-pitched, unperceiving, pleasant, dull, flat, natural, deadened, blunted, unsharpened, unforceful, forceless, unpointed, dulled, unperceptive, pointless, edgeless

  3. crisp, sharpadjective

    (of something seen or heard) clearly defined

    "a sharp photographic image"; "the sharp crack of a twig"; "the crisp snap of dry leaves underfoot"

    abrupt, nipping, astute, crispy, sharp-worded, incisive, shrill, kinky, penetrative, laconic, shrewd, snappy, crisp, terse, keen, curt, knifelike, needlelike, precipitous, discriminating, tart, acuate, acute, frizzly, frizzy, piercing, penetrating, nippy, frosty, nappy

    edgeless, dull, gradual, stupid, unsharpened, unperceiving, blunted, deadened, natural, indistinct, pleasant, forceless, dulled, unpointed, pointless, low, low-pitched, flat, unperceptive, blunt, unforceful

  4. acuate, acute, sharp, needlelikeadjective

    ending in a sharp point

    abrupt, shrill, astute, incisive, shrewd, knifelike, crisp, keen, needlelike, precipitous, discriminating, tart, sharp-worded, acute, acuate, penetrating, piercing, intense, penetrative

    blunt, natural, indistinct, unforceful, pleasant, deadened, unpointed, forceless, flat, low-pitched, stupid, gradual, edgeless, pointless, dulled, dull, low, unperceptive, blunted, unsharpened, unperceiving

  5. acute, discriminating, incisive, keen, knifelike, penetrating, penetrative, piercing, sharpadjective

    having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions

    "an acute observer of politics and politicians"; "incisive comments"; "icy knifelike reasoning"; "as sharp and incisive as the stroke of a fang"; "penetrating insight"; "frequent penetrative observations"

    intense, penetrative, discriminating, shrill, neat, shrewd, lancinating, nifty, sharp-worded, not bad(p), bang-up, astute, incisive, acuate, dandy, tart, smashing, cutting, bully, precipitous, needlelike, slap-up, abrupt, keen, lancinate, knifelike, corking, exquisite, groovy, great, acute, piercing, penetrating, swell, cracking, crisp, stabbing, peachy

    flat, dull, unsharpened, unpointed, unforceful, dulled, pleasant, deadened, blunt, low-pitched, natural, low, pointless, forceless, gradual, unperceptive, edgeless, stupid, indistinct, blunted, unperceiving

  6. astute, sharp, shrewdadjective

    marked by practical hardheaded intelligence

    "a smart businessman"; "an astute tenant always reads the small print in a lease"; "he was too shrewd to go along with them on a road that could lead only to their overthrow"

    abrupt, shrill, astute, incisive, conniving, shrewd, knifelike, crisp, keen, calculating, scheming, needlelike, precipitous, discriminating, tart, sharp-worded, acute, calculative, acuate, penetrating, piercing, penetrative

    edgeless, stupid, flat, unforceful, dulled, blunted, pleasant, low-pitched, unperceptive, dull, unsharpened, unpointed, forceless, pointless, low, unperceiving, deadened, indistinct, natural, blunt, gradual

  7. sharp, sharp-worded, tartadjective


    "sharp criticism"; "a sharp-worded exchange"; "a tart remark"

    abrupt, shrill, astute, tangy, incisive, lemony, lemonlike, shrewd, knifelike, crisp, keen, needlelike, precipitous, discriminating, tart, sharp-worded, acute, acuate, penetrating, piercing, sourish, penetrative

    blunt, gradual, natural, pleasant, forceless, dulled, stupid, blunted, flat, dull, edgeless, pointless, deadened, low, unsharpened, low-pitched, unperceptive, unperceiving, unpointed, indistinct, unforceful

  8. shrill, sharpadjective

    having or emitting a high-pitched and sharp tone or tones

    "a shrill whistle"; "a shrill gaiety"

    abrupt, shrill, astute, incisive, shrewd, knifelike, crisp, keen, needlelike, strident, discriminating, tart, sharp-worded, precipitous, acute, acuate, penetrating, piercing, penetrative

    low, unpointed, edgeless, blunt, low-pitched, natural, unforceful, pleasant, dulled, dull, pointless, unperceiving, gradual, stupid, blunted, unsharpened, flat, unperceptive, forceless, deadened, indistinct

  9. abrupt, precipitous, sharpadjective

    extremely steep

    "an abrupt canyon"; "the precipitous rapids of the upper river"; "the precipitous hills of Chinese paintings"; "a sharp drop"

    abrupt, overhasty, needlelike, incisive, precipitous, knifelike, precipitate, crisp, sharp-worded, keen, disconnected, precipitant, discriminating, tart, acuate, astute, acute, shrill, hasty, penetrating, piercing, shrewd, penetrative

    forceless, dull, stupid, gradual, unperceiving, unpointed, pleasant, blunt, low-pitched, flat, dulled, natural, blunted, pointless, unsharpened, unforceful, unperceptive, indistinct, low, deadened, edgeless

  10. sharpadjective

    keenly and painfully felt; as if caused by a sharp edge or point

    "a sharp pain"; "sharp winds"

    abrupt, shrill, astute, incisive, shrewd, knifelike, crisp, keen, needlelike, precipitous, discriminating, tart, sharp-worded, acute, acuate, penetrating, piercing, penetrative

    unperceiving, stupid, gradual, dull, low-pitched, blunt, low, blunted, deadened, pointless, unperceptive, dulled, edgeless, flat, indistinct, pleasant, forceless, unsharpened, unpointed, unforceful, natural

  11. sharpadjective

    having or made by a thin edge or sharp point; suitable for cutting or piercing

    "a sharp knife"; "a pencil with a sharp point"

    abrupt, shrill, astute, incisive, shrewd, knifelike, crisp, keen, needlelike, precipitous, discriminating, tart, sharp-worded, acute, acuate, penetrating, piercing, penetrative

    pointless, unperceiving, flat, gradual, deadened, forceless, low, unsharpened, pleasant, stupid, unpointed, unperceptive, dull, edgeless, low-pitched, natural, blunt, unforceful, dulled, indistinct, blunted

  12. sharpadjective

    (of a musical note) raised in pitch by one chromatic semitone

    "C sharp"

    abrupt, shrill, astute, incisive, shrewd, knifelike, crisp, keen, needlelike, precipitous, discriminating, tart, sharp-worded, acute, acuate, penetrating, piercing, penetrative

    pointless, blunt, blunted, unsharpened, forceless, dull, gradual, indistinct, unpointed, low, flat, edgeless, unperceiving, unforceful, low-pitched, stupid, natural, dulled, unperceptive, deadened, pleasant

  13. sharpadjective

    very sudden and in great amount or degree

    "a sharp drop in the stock market"

    abrupt, shrill, astute, incisive, shrewd, knifelike, crisp, keen, needlelike, precipitous, discriminating, tart, sharp-worded, acute, acuate, penetrating, piercing, penetrative

    pleasant, dull, stupid, deadened, gradual, unforceful, flat, pointless, natural, indistinct, unperceptive, low-pitched, unpointed, blunted, edgeless, low, dulled, unperceiving, unsharpened, blunt, forceless

  14. sharpadverb

    quick and forceful

    "a sharp blow"

    abrupt, shrill, astute, incisive, shrewd, knifelike, crisp, keen, needlelike, precipitous, discriminating, tart, sharp-worded, acute, acuate, penetrating, piercing, penetrative

    blunted, pleasant, gradual, unforceful, dull, dulled, natural, low-pitched, edgeless, forceless, unperceiving, deadened, flat, blunt, pointless, unperceptive, unsharpened, stupid, indistinct, low, unpointed

  15. sharply, sharp, acutelyadverb

    changing suddenly in direction and degree

    "the road twists sharply after the light"; "turn sharp left here"; "the visor was acutely peaked"; "her shoes had acutely pointed toes"

    shrewdly, aggressively, astutely, precipitously, sagaciously, sharply, acutely, crisply, sapiently

    unsharpened, gradual, forceless, low, unperceptive, dull, low-pitched, edgeless, unpointed, pleasant, deadened, unforceful, blunted, indistinct, natural, pointless, blunt, dulled, flat, unperceiving, stupid

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  1. well dressed

    the man looked sharp in his crisp black suit

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Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. sharpadjective

    acute, keen, with a fine edge

  2. sharpadjective

    sagacious, apt, shrewd, astute, discerning, discriminating, ingenious, inventive, witty, quick, clever, ready, smart, clear, sharp-sighted, quick-sighted, keen-eyed, keen-witted, sharp-witted, clear-sighted, long-headed, cunning

  3. sharpadjective

    biting, pungent, hot, burning, stinging, mordacious, acrid, piquant, high-flavored, high-seasoned

  4. sharpadjective

    severe, harsh, acrimonious, sarcastic, caustic, cutting, tart, pointed

  5. sharpadjective

    distressing, poignant, intense, very painful

  6. sharpadjective

    pinching, piercing, nipping

  7. sharpadjective

    strong, eager, fierce, ardent, violent

  8. sharpadjective

    shrill, high, not flat

  9. sharpverb

    sharpen, make shrill

Concise Medical Dictionary, by Joseph C Segen, MD

  1. SHARP

    Study of Heart and Renal Protection

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  1. Kahlil Gibran:

    They consider me to have sharp and penetrating vision because I see them through the mesh of a sieve.

  2. Jane Rigby:

    The engineering images that we saw today are as sharp and as crisp as the images that Hubble can take, but are at a wavelength of light that is totally invisible to humans, so this is making the invisible universe snapping into very, very sharp focus.

  3. Rick Meckler:

    When you get this sharp of a (market) decline, people start to worry about downpayments and a reassessments of wealth.

  4. Junichi Ishikawa:

    The euro showed such a big reaction to the ECB meeting as its stance came in sharp contrast to the Federal Reserve, which had struck a hawkish tone just the day before.

  5. Washington Irving:

    A tart temper never mellows with age; and a sharp tongue is the only edged tool that grows keener with constant use.

Translations for sharp

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  • حادArabic
  • башлы, аҡыллы, зирәк, үткерBashkir
  • во́стрыBelarusian
  • остърBulgarian
  • esmolatCatalan, Valencian
  • bystrý, ostrý, -is, přesný, s křížkem, křížek, přesněCzech
  • spids, skarpDanish
  • scharf, -is, stechend, hoch, spitz, scharfsinning, ErhöhungszeichenGerman
  • απατεώνας, κοφτερός, έντονος, αψύς, οξύνους, έξυπνος, δίεση, οξύς, αιχμηρός, οξυδερκής, ακριβώςGreek
  • akra, intensa, diesa, inteligenta, saĝa, diesoEsperanto
  • listo, afilado, agudo, filoso, agrio, sostenido, certero, en puntoSpanish
  • تیز, تند, تیزهوشPersian
  • huijari, tyylikäs, tarkka, kirpeä, vihlova, -is, terävä, kipakka, täsmällinen, ylävireinen, korotettu, korotusmerkki, pistävä, terävä-älyinen, teräesine, lurjus, korkea, tasanFinnish
  • hvassurFaroese
  • acéré, intense, âcre, âpre, coupant, vif, aigu, pointu, dièse, affilé, chic, affuté, effilé, tranchant, pile, net, serré, classe, mordant, acerbe, précisFrench
  • géarIrish
  • searbh, geur, sgaiteach, biorach, deas, guineach, rinn-gheurScottish Gaelic
  • तेज़Hindi
  • élesHungarian
  • սուր, սրամիտArmenian
  • tajamIndonesian
  • akutaIdo
  • intenso, acre, tagliente, esatto, attento, preciso, forte, losco, diesis, diesare, appuntito, intelligente, affilato, acutoItalian
  • חַדHebrew
  • するどい, シャープJapanese
  • მახვილი, დიეზიGeorgian
  • 날카로운Korean
  • تیژKurdish
  • acer, acutus, acriLatin
  • ass, asaLatvian
  • остарMacedonian
  • puntig, scherpzinnig, kruis, scherp, straf, gepunt, hoog, bijtend, stekend, snerend, acuut, sterkDutch
  • skarp, smart, -iss, spissNorwegian
  • deeníNavajo, Navaho
  • agusatOccitan
  • ostryPolish
  • inteligente, ponta, aguçado, agudo, pontudo, injusto, esperto, afiado, pontiagudo, fechado, velhaco, atento, trapaceiro, acre, sustenido, estiloso, em pontoPortuguese
  • ascuțit, diezRomanian
  • тёмный, о́стрый, шулер, смышлёный, сомни́тельный, е́дкий, -дие́з, сообрази́тельный, сметли́вый, ре́зкий, диез, то́чный, остроу́мный, ровноRussian
  • оштар, oštar, povisilicaSerbo-Croatian
  • ostrýSlovak
  • osterSlovene
  • skarp, korsförtecken, -iss, klyftig, vass, skarpsinnigSwedish
  • கூரானTamil
  • పదునైనTelugu
  • คมThai
  • diyez, keskin, tiz, sivriTurkish
  • гострийUkrainian
  • nhọnVietnamese
  • côpant, awijhîWalloon
  • 尖銳Chinese

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