What is another word for short?

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  1. shortadjective

    slim, narrow, shallow, low

    broad, tall, long, wide, high, deep

  2. shortadjective

    abbreviation, short form

  3. shortpreposition


  4. shortadjective

    A short circuit.

    They had to stop short to avoid hitting the dog in the street.

    on, lacking

  5. shortadjective

    A short film.

    I don't want to be short the market going into the weekend.

    titchy, pint-sized, little


  6. shortadjective


    The boss got a message and cut the meeting short.

    concise, brief


English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. short

    Anything short or brief is of relatively small extent. That which is concise (Latin con-, with, together, and cædo, cut) is trimmed down, and that which is condensed (Latin con-, with, together, and densus, thick) is, as it were, pressed together, so as to include as much as possible within a small space. That which is compendious (Latin com-, together, and pendo, weigh) gathers the substance of a matter into a few words, weighty and effective. The succinct (Latin succinctus, from sub-, under, and cingo, gird; girded from below) has an alert effectiveness as if girded for action. The summary is compacted to the utmost, often to the point of abruptness; as, we speak of a summary statement or a summary dismissal. That which is terse (Latin tersus, from tergo, rub off) has an elegant and finished completeness within the smallest possible compass, as if rubbed or polished down to the utmost. A sententious style is one abounding in sentences that are singly striking or memorable, apart from the context; the word may be used invidiously of that which is pretentiously oracular. A pithy utterance gives the gist of a matter effectively, whether in rude or elegant style.

    brief, compact, compendious, concise, condensed, laconic, neat, pithy, sententious, succinct, terse

    diffuse, lengthy, long, prolix, tedious, verbose, wordy

Princeton's WordNet

  1. shortnoun

    the location on a baseball field where the shortstop is stationed

    short circuit, shortstop

    longish, tallish, weeklong, long-snouted, statuesque, overnight, extended, long-handled, lifelong, long-shanked, long-lasting, prolonged, long-range, eternal, longitudinal, continuing, long, sufficient, courteous, pole-handled, polysyllabic, eight-day, gangling, lank, nightlong, sesquipedalian, longstanding, seven-day, leggy, long-legged, far, daylong, oblong, chronic, extendable, stately, long-life, stretch(a), perennial, interminable, lengthened, elongated, agelong, monthlong, endless, yearlong, long-stalked, protracted, womb-to-tomb, lanky, long-staple, drawn-out, rangy, long-wool, semipermanent, long-lived, tall, bimestrial, hourlong, in height(p), lengthy, tall-stalked, long-acting, durable, long-dated, time-consuming, gangly, lasting, long-wooled, long-run, all-night, unbreakable, extendible, provident, elongate, tall-growing, long-term

  2. short circuit, shortnoun

    accidental contact between two points in an electric circuit that have a potential difference

    short circuit, shortstop

    agelong, long-stalked, long-range, extendable, eight-day, provident, perennial, tall-growing, prolonged, courteous, extendible, long, long-staple, semipermanent, overnight, protracted, sesquipedalian, statuesque, long-shanked, lifelong, sufficient, far, durable, leggy, lengthy, in height(p), long-life, chronic, long-snouted, monthlong, long-legged, continuing, pole-handled, drawn-out, tall, lanky, long-run, womb-to-tomb, tall-stalked, endless, stretch(a), long-term, long-acting, longstanding, longish, weeklong, lank, gangling, eternal, bimestrial, elongate, polysyllabic, yearlong, daylong, hourlong, elongated, nightlong, oblong, seven-day, long-lived, stately, rangy, long-lasting, lengthened, long-dated, long-wool, extended, tallish, long-wooled, lasting, all-night, time-consuming, long-handled, interminable, longitudinal, unbreakable, gangly

  3. shortstop, shortadjective

    the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed between second and third base

    short circuit, shortstop

    prolonged, tall, extendable, extended, leggy, protracted, long-handled, polysyllabic, daylong, weeklong, statuesque, long, long-wool, tall-growing, elongated, gangly, bimestrial, monthlong, long-range, lanky, continuing, agelong, long-run, stately, endless, hourlong, tallish, provident, far, longish, long-shanked, long-staple, lengthened, chronic, seven-day, drawn-out, long-term, longstanding, longitudinal, courteous, pole-handled, nightlong, overnight, eight-day, lank, all-night, sesquipedalian, long-dated, tall-stalked, extendible, yearlong, stretch(a), elongate, durable, long-snouted, gangling, lasting, unbreakable, in height(p), long-life, long-lasting, long-acting, semipermanent, interminable, long-legged, long-wooled, eternal, long-lived, sufficient, time-consuming, womb-to-tomb, lengthy, oblong, perennial, lifelong, long-stalked, rangy

  4. shortadjective

    primarily temporal sense; indicating or being or seeming to be limited in duration

    "a short life"; "a short flight"; "a short holiday"; "a short story"; "only a few short months"

    forgetful, poor, myopic, brusk, inadequate, shortsighted, curt, light, unretentive, scant(p), short(p), little, unforesightful, brusque

    elongate, overnight, long-lasting, stretch(a), long-stalked, long-term, sufficient, protracted, lanky, extended, nightlong, tall-growing, oblong, eight-day, longstanding, long-handled, eternal, time-consuming, long, long-wooled, interminable, perennial, longitudinal, long-run, lengthy, pole-handled, seven-day, long-wool, yearlong, agelong, gangling, long-life, extendible, tall-stalked, gangly, lengthened, statuesque, extendable, long-range, weeklong, sesquipedalian, leggy, drawn-out, long-lived, monthlong, continuing, polysyllabic, durable, long-acting, tall, all-night, daylong, stately, prolonged, endless, provident, bimestrial, tallish, courteous, hourlong, elongated, rangy, long-staple, lank, far, long-legged, lifelong, unbreakable, in height(p), chronic, womb-to-tomb, semipermanent, long-dated, lasting, long-snouted, longish, long-shanked

  5. shortadjective

    (primarily spatial sense) having little length or lacking in length

    "short skirts"; "short hair"; "the board was a foot short"; "a short toss"

    forgetful, poor, myopic, brusk, inadequate, shortsighted, curt, light, unretentive, scant(p), short(p), little, unforesightful, brusque

    daylong, gangly, tall-stalked, far, long-range, long-legged, stretch(a), oblong, in height(p), protracted, gangling, tallish, hourlong, agelong, unbreakable, eight-day, long, lengthened, yearlong, longish, extendible, tall, lank, long-lived, womb-to-tomb, long-run, prolonged, elongated, long-wooled, all-night, leggy, durable, longitudinal, weeklong, polysyllabic, long-wool, continuing, statuesque, tall-growing, long-handled, endless, time-consuming, lengthy, long-snouted, long-lasting, lifelong, lanky, drawn-out, seven-day, long-term, extendable, extended, monthlong, semipermanent, overnight, sufficient, nightlong, long-dated, eternal, sesquipedalian, long-stalked, chronic, rangy, elongate, interminable, long-shanked, pole-handled, provident, stately, perennial, lasting, courteous, bimestrial, longstanding, long-staple, long-life, long-acting

  6. short, littleadjective

    low in stature; not tall

    "he was short and stocky"; "short in stature"; "a short smokestack"; "a little man"

    small, poor, footling, short(p), trivial, brusk, unforesightful, curt, lilliputian, slight, minuscule, piddling, unretentive, petty, myopic, scant(p), little(a), inadequate, picayune, light, brusque, fiddling, little, shortsighted, piffling, niggling, forgetful

    interminable, tallish, semipermanent, polysyllabic, prolonged, monthlong, nightlong, continuing, statuesque, lengthened, long, gangling, long-acting, long-lasting, extended, stretch(a), long-stalked, long-term, lank, elongated, leggy, rangy, long-range, long-run, lengthy, womb-to-tomb, far, all-night, sesquipedalian, protracted, unbreakable, long-dated, provident, overnight, lifelong, yearlong, tall-growing, extendible, daylong, tall-stalked, oblong, eternal, drawn-out, long-snouted, stately, long-staple, elongate, long-wooled, hourlong, perennial, long-legged, durable, long-handled, pole-handled, seven-day, agelong, long-wool, gangly, courteous, weeklong, long-shanked, longish, tall, bimestrial, long-life, lanky, time-consuming, sufficient, endless, longstanding, longitudinal, long-lived, in height(p), extendable, lasting, chronic, eight-day

  7. inadequate, poor, shortadjective

    not sufficient to meet a need

    "an inadequate income"; "a poor salary"; "money is short"; "on short rations"; "food is in short supply"; "short on experience"

    pitiable, pathetic, brusque, brusk, misfortunate, poor, pitiful, hapless, short(p), miserable, curt, light, unequal, unretentive, wretched, myopic, scant(p), inadequate, piteous, unforesightful, little, shortsighted, forgetful

    lank, pole-handled, eight-day, extendable, long-wool, long-run, nightlong, long-life, sesquipedalian, long-handled, long-wooled, chronic, provident, longish, hourlong, long-legged, overnight, gangly, seven-day, long-lived, long, unbreakable, lifelong, womb-to-tomb, tall, perennial, tallish, prolonged, stately, long-range, leggy, all-night, long-term, courteous, durable, protracted, continuing, extended, stretch(a), long-snouted, sufficient, time-consuming, yearlong, elongate, in height(p), longitudinal, tall-stalked, drawn-out, long-stalked, long-shanked, statuesque, semipermanent, rangy, polysyllabic, eternal, interminable, lengthy, long-lasting, extendible, lanky, gangling, long-acting, daylong, far, lengthened, agelong, oblong, endless, weeklong, tall-growing, lasting, elongated, long-staple, longstanding, monthlong, bimestrial, long-dated

  8. unretentive, forgetful, shortadjective

    (of memory) deficient in retentiveness or range

    "a short memory"

    little, oblivious, short(p), brusk, unmindful, unforesightful, poor, curt, unretentive, myopic, scant(p), inadequate, light, brusque, forgetful, shortsighted, mindless

    unbreakable, womb-to-tomb, tall-stalked, daylong, long-legged, leggy, sesquipedalian, tallish, sufficient, lanky, elongated, long-lived, long-life, extendible, nightlong, monthlong, prolonged, courteous, elongate, bimestrial, long-stalked, tall-growing, eternal, yearlong, long, lank, long-range, long-wooled, rangy, overnight, long-run, interminable, perennial, agelong, protracted, time-consuming, long-shanked, tall, semipermanent, long-term, long-wool, pole-handled, long-staple, extended, long-lasting, eight-day, endless, statuesque, drawn-out, lengthened, weeklong, gangly, longish, oblong, chronic, long-dated, longstanding, lasting, durable, seven-day, long-acting, long-handled, lifelong, gangling, in height(p), longitudinal, hourlong, long-snouted, provident, polysyllabic, continuing, stretch(a), far, extendable, stately, all-night, lengthy

  9. shortadjective

    not holding securities or commodities that one sells in expectation of a fall in prices

    "a short sale"; "short in cotton"

    forgetful, poor, myopic, brusk, inadequate, shortsighted, curt, light, unretentive, scant(p), short(p), little, unforesightful, brusque

    long-run, stately, oblong, unbreakable, elongate, gangly, drawn-out, weeklong, eight-day, monthlong, elongated, tall-stalked, endless, seven-day, sufficient, continuing, leggy, longstanding, long, long-range, semipermanent, extended, far, all-night, yearlong, long-lasting, courteous, extendable, tallish, extendible, overnight, lengthened, gangling, lank, lifelong, tall-growing, polysyllabic, longitudinal, bimestrial, rangy, long-legged, long-shanked, long-staple, lanky, protracted, long-acting, long-stalked, tall, longish, agelong, long-lived, nightlong, in height(p), interminable, prolonged, chronic, daylong, hourlong, long-handled, provident, eternal, long-life, long-dated, stretch(a), womb-to-tomb, sesquipedalian, lengthy, perennial, durable, statuesque, time-consuming, pole-handled, long-wooled, long-term, long-snouted, long-wool, lasting

  10. shortadjective

    of speech sounds or syllables of relatively short duration

    "the English vowel sounds in `pat', `pet', `pit', `pot', putt' are short"

    forgetful, poor, myopic, brusk, inadequate, shortsighted, curt, light, unretentive, scant(p), short(p), little, unforesightful, brusque

    stately, semipermanent, lengthy, continuing, long-lived, overnight, prolonged, yearlong, long-snouted, sufficient, monthlong, long, womb-to-tomb, long-wool, long-wooled, in height(p), gangling, long-handled, far, polysyllabic, long-stalked, interminable, oblong, statuesque, stretch(a), gangly, long-shanked, bimestrial, endless, longish, leggy, lengthened, provident, lifelong, long-range, tall-growing, all-night, longstanding, long-term, nightlong, perennial, lasting, unbreakable, seven-day, eternal, extended, sesquipedalian, extendable, eight-day, longitudinal, long-dated, elongated, long-run, long-life, tall-stalked, agelong, tall, courteous, extendible, long-lasting, time-consuming, weeklong, long-acting, long-staple, elongate, tallish, rangy, hourlong, lank, chronic, pole-handled, long-legged, daylong, drawn-out, durable, lanky, protracted

  11. light, scant(p), shortadjective

    less than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so

    "a light pound"; "a scant cup of sugar"; "regularly gives short weight"

    lifelong, lengthened, rangy, prolonged, pole-handled, agelong, daylong, weeklong, lanky, far, lengthy, longitudinal, yearlong, long-run, perennial, leggy, long-snouted, long-staple, extendible, courteous, long, polysyllabic, hourlong, bimestrial, endless, eight-day, longish, long-term, statuesque, chronic, long-range, drawn-out, womb-to-tomb, lasting, stretch(a), longstanding, long-stalked, sufficient, long-lived, gangly, seven-day, long-acting, overnight, tall, long-handled, all-night, semipermanent, elongate, continuing, extended, gangling, long-wooled, interminable, long-wool, extendable, long-legged, sesquipedalian, monthlong, nightlong, long-dated, stately, long-lasting, in height(p), elongated, unbreakable, tallish, tall-stalked, eternal, oblong, time-consuming, durable, tall-growing, long-life, lank, protracted, provident, long-shanked

  12. short, shortsighted, unforesightful, myopicadjective

    lacking foresight or scope

    "a short view of the problem"; "shortsighted policies"; "shortsighted critics derided the plan"; "myopic thinking"

    ill-considered, ill-judged, poor, short(p), brusk, unforesightful, curt, improvident, unretentive, nearsighted, myopic, scant(p), inadequate, light, brusque, little, shortsighted, forgetful

    sufficient, long-staple, tall-stalked, long-wool, lengthened, leggy, long-dated, continuing, long-wooled, long-snouted, long-life, long, provident, long-legged, weeklong, chronic, interminable, polysyllabic, statuesque, long-range, lank, daylong, lengthy, drawn-out, monthlong, eight-day, oblong, seven-day, elongated, agelong, stretch(a), all-night, time-consuming, semipermanent, extendable, durable, longitudinal, long-term, longstanding, yearlong, bimestrial, pole-handled, overnight, protracted, extended, elongate, rangy, gangling, long-shanked, nightlong, unbreakable, hourlong, long-lived, long-run, long-stalked, in height(p), endless, extendible, long-lasting, long-acting, prolonged, tallish, sesquipedalian, tall-growing, perennial, gangly, courteous, long-handled, far, longish, eternal, womb-to-tomb, lifelong, lasting, lanky, stately, tall

  13. shortadjective

    tending to crumble or break into flakes due to a large amount of shortening

    "shortbread is a short crumbly cookie"; "a short flaky pie crust"

    forgetful, poor, myopic, brusk, inadequate, shortsighted, curt, light, unretentive, scant(p), short(p), little, unforesightful, brusque

    monthlong, long-shanked, rangy, agelong, sesquipedalian, sufficient, long-lasting, long-dated, gangling, all-night, long, tall-stalked, long-handled, durable, unbreakable, elongated, courteous, prolonged, lasting, longitudinal, extended, leggy, lanky, tall, long-wool, long-lived, extendible, lengthy, extendable, bimestrial, seven-day, long-snouted, womb-to-tomb, perennial, weeklong, provident, lengthened, lank, eight-day, long-acting, tall-growing, hourlong, long-run, tallish, chronic, eternal, statuesque, long-staple, oblong, long-life, long-term, stretch(a), pole-handled, daylong, nightlong, overnight, far, gangly, long-range, semipermanent, protracted, interminable, yearlong, drawn-out, long-stalked, elongate, longish, lifelong, time-consuming, long-wooled, long-legged, endless, in height(p), continuing, longstanding, polysyllabic, stately

  14. brusque, brusk, curt, short(p)verb

    marked by rude or peremptory shortness

    "try to cultivate a less brusque manner"; "a curt reply"; "the salesgirl was very short with him"

    gangly, long-stalked, endless, long, extendable, eight-day, nightlong, protracted, daylong, sufficient, elongated, long-lived, elongate, polysyllabic, extended, sesquipedalian, long-legged, tall-growing, unbreakable, long-range, time-consuming, long-life, longish, pole-handled, long-snouted, stately, prolonged, seven-day, in height(p), tall-stalked, lank, long-wooled, longstanding, leggy, drawn-out, long-wool, agelong, statuesque, far, long-shanked, extendible, longitudinal, womb-to-tomb, long-run, yearlong, long-lasting, semipermanent, stretch(a), all-night, perennial, long-term, rangy, lasting, bimestrial, lengthened, eternal, provident, continuing, chronic, courteous, durable, long-handled, weeklong, oblong, overnight, tall, hourlong, long-acting, interminable, monthlong, long-staple, tallish, gangling, lifelong, lanky, lengthy, long-dated

  15. short-change, shortverb

    cheat someone by not returning him enough money

    scam, hornswoggle, rook, short-circuit, swindle, bunco, nobble, con, gyp, goldbrick, victimize, mulct, diddle, gip, short-change, defraud

    protracted, gangly, continuing, lanky, yearlong, long-stalked, longitudinal, sufficient, statuesque, long, tall, gangling, rangy, chronic, extendible, drawn-out, far, longstanding, overnight, long-lasting, daylong, leggy, prolonged, lank, long-shanked, long-staple, oblong, lasting, stretch(a), polysyllabic, all-night, extended, long-dated, provident, courteous, long-life, long-range, unbreakable, womb-to-tomb, monthlong, tall-growing, long-acting, elongated, long-lived, tallish, pole-handled, interminable, extendable, long-snouted, long-handled, tall-stalked, long-wool, lengthened, hourlong, long-run, elongate, bimestrial, seven-day, semipermanent, lengthy, longish, endless, durable, weeklong, stately, long-term, long-legged, long-wooled, time-consuming, eternal, nightlong, agelong, perennial, sesquipedalian, lifelong, eight-day, in height(p)

  16. short-circuit, shortadverb

    create a short circuit in

    go around, short-circuit, bypass, short-change, get around

    long-acting, leggy, seven-day, tall, long-stalked, sufficient, lifelong, long-legged, prolonged, long-snouted, longitudinal, long-run, gangly, overnight, pole-handled, protracted, courteous, nightlong, sesquipedalian, chronic, statuesque, long-term, long-life, far, long, long-wooled, long-range, tall-stalked, stretch(a), agelong, monthlong, bimestrial, womb-to-tomb, long-dated, semipermanent, rangy, all-night, daylong, drawn-out, polysyllabic, long-staple, elongated, eight-day, extendable, interminable, lanky, tallish, extended, tall-growing, stately, long-shanked, eternal, longish, long-lived, lasting, yearlong, oblong, long-lasting, time-consuming, elongate, endless, weeklong, longstanding, unbreakable, lank, long-wool, hourlong, durable, provident, perennial, extendible, lengthened, long-handled, lengthy, continuing, gangling, in height(p)

  17. abruptly, suddenly, short, deadadverb

    quickly and without warning

    "he stopped suddenly"

    shortly, curtly, on the spur of the moment, perfectly, suddenly, absolutely, of a sudden, dead, utterly, unawares, abruptly, all of a sudden

    chronic, long-lasting, extended, overnight, longish, durable, yearlong, eight-day, seven-day, long, long-run, sufficient, lengthy, bimestrial, long-shanked, monthlong, statuesque, gangling, courteous, leggy, lanky, perennial, long-stalked, long-life, daylong, long-wool, elongated, protracted, semipermanent, polysyllabic, elongate, long-staple, sesquipedalian, extendable, longitudinal, tallish, lifelong, prolonged, long-acting, lasting, unbreakable, lank, pole-handled, stately, lengthened, long-range, time-consuming, gangly, longstanding, oblong, extendible, far, tall, long-legged, nightlong, long-term, weeklong, long-snouted, in height(p), stretch(a), long-handled, agelong, long-lived, long-dated, eternal, long-wooled, interminable, all-night, continuing, provident, womb-to-tomb, tall-growing, endless, hourlong, rangy, tall-stalked, drawn-out

  18. shortadverb

    without possessing something at the time it is contractually sold

    "he made his fortune by selling short just before the crash"

    dead, suddenly, unawares, shortly, curtly, abruptly

    long-range, longish, long-snouted, long-staple, longstanding, long-term, leggy, polysyllabic, unbreakable, long, bimestrial, all-night, tall, far, statuesque, elongated, tall-stalked, long-lasting, gangly, durable, womb-to-tomb, overnight, tall-growing, stretch(a), long-run, long-wool, daylong, semipermanent, prolonged, endless, extendable, lanky, rangy, lengthened, long-dated, extended, pole-handled, stately, long-wooled, courteous, long-acting, agelong, eternal, perennial, chronic, protracted, lank, yearlong, nightlong, tallish, long-stalked, extendible, lifelong, gangling, in height(p), eight-day, elongate, interminable, continuing, long-lived, oblong, sufficient, long-handled, monthlong, lasting, hourlong, sesquipedalian, provident, time-consuming, lengthy, long-life, weeklong, long-shanked, longitudinal, seven-day, drawn-out, long-legged

  19. shortadverb

    clean across

    "the car's axle snapped short"

    dead, suddenly, unawares, shortly, curtly, abruptly

    provident, lengthened, pole-handled, stretch(a), nightlong, endless, leggy, long-wooled, longitudinal, extendable, unbreakable, long-legged, long-range, polysyllabic, sufficient, bimestrial, lengthy, gangly, prolonged, seven-day, eight-day, lank, semipermanent, long, interminable, agelong, lifelong, long-wool, gangling, elongated, protracted, oblong, long-shanked, far, all-night, time-consuming, tall, sesquipedalian, monthlong, long-term, lanky, longish, elongate, long-dated, extendible, extended, long-acting, long-lasting, daylong, long-lived, perennial, in height(p), hourlong, eternal, durable, tallish, weeklong, rangy, long-snouted, courteous, continuing, stately, long-handled, long-staple, womb-to-tomb, tall-stalked, long-stalked, overnight, lasting, longstanding, statuesque, chronic, tall-growing, yearlong, long-life, drawn-out, long-run

  20. shortadverb

    at some point or distance before a goal is reached

    "he fell short of our expectations"

    dead, suddenly, unawares, shortly, curtly, abruptly

    tallish, pole-handled, prolonged, agelong, courteous, continuing, long-stalked, interminable, long-life, unbreakable, extended, endless, sufficient, long, bimestrial, long-range, weeklong, nightlong, semipermanent, provident, lank, eight-day, elongated, extendable, leggy, long-snouted, tall-growing, durable, statuesque, overnight, long-handled, extendible, long-staple, stately, eternal, seven-day, rangy, polysyllabic, lengthy, in height(p), lanky, stretch(a), yearlong, long-lasting, tall-stalked, long-wooled, long-legged, long-lived, gangling, all-night, chronic, sesquipedalian, long-dated, monthlong, long-acting, long-run, tall, lifelong, drawn-out, gangly, protracted, longish, hourlong, daylong, perennial, longstanding, womb-to-tomb, long-shanked, lengthened, long-term, time-consuming, far, oblong, longitudinal, elongate, long-wool, lasting

  21. shortadverb

    so as to interrupt

    "She took him up short before he could continue"

    dead, suddenly, unawares, shortly, curtly, abruptly

    long, womb-to-tomb, durable, yearlong, long-term, extended, stately, long-wooled, chronic, lifelong, tallish, long-range, continuing, prolonged, rangy, provident, long-life, bimestrial, long-run, elongate, daylong, nightlong, long-lived, long-legged, courteous, all-night, tall-stalked, eight-day, lank, leggy, tall-growing, time-consuming, tall, hourlong, long-dated, lengthened, oblong, long-snouted, sesquipedalian, agelong, weeklong, in height(p), stretch(a), pole-handled, polysyllabic, long-lasting, overnight, gangly, lengthy, sufficient, longstanding, elongated, long-handled, semipermanent, longitudinal, long-wool, statuesque, lasting, lanky, long-stalked, eternal, drawn-out, long-staple, protracted, long-shanked, unbreakable, long-acting, interminable, gangling, extendible, longish, seven-day, extendable, monthlong, perennial, far, endless

  22. short, unawaresadverb

    at a disadvantage

    "I was caught short"

    dead, suddenly, unawares, shortly, curtly, abruptly

    stretch(a), longstanding, long-range, endless, long-term, perennial, tallish, durable, drawn-out, womb-to-tomb, far, lifelong, tall-growing, long-dated, daylong, elongated, oblong, lanky, eight-day, long-run, lasting, long, long-lasting, yearlong, interminable, long-lived, seven-day, long-staple, long-acting, all-night, protracted, eternal, pole-handled, hourlong, stately, chronic, leggy, long-wooled, courteous, longish, monthlong, extended, unbreakable, agelong, long-shanked, prolonged, tall, longitudinal, sufficient, lengthened, semipermanent, provident, gangly, rangy, lank, in height(p), extendible, lengthy, overnight, long-stalked, statuesque, bimestrial, long-handled, long-life, polysyllabic, extendable, sesquipedalian, long-snouted, gangling, continuing, tall-stalked, elongate, nightlong, weeklong, long-wool, time-consuming, long-legged

  23. curtly, short, shortlyadverb

    in a curt, abrupt and discourteous manner

    "he told me curtly to get on with it"; "he talked short with everyone"; "he said shortly that he didn't like it"

    in short, shortly, curtly, concisely, soon, presently, suddenly, in brief, dead, unawares, briefly, abruptly, before long

    agelong, tall-growing, far, long-term, time-consuming, sesquipedalian, extendible, longstanding, lengthy, elongated, long, longitudinal, long-lasting, gangly, statuesque, courteous, long-range, stately, extended, long-staple, nightlong, seven-day, lengthened, long-snouted, daylong, endless, lasting, monthlong, unbreakable, long-life, semipermanent, stretch(a), polysyllabic, gangling, provident, long-legged, long-acting, protracted, lifelong, all-night, long-wool, lanky, rangy, leggy, oblong, tall-stalked, prolonged, pole-handled, interminable, perennial, long-handled, bimestrial, long-wooled, eight-day, long-lived, tall, long-run, sufficient, tallish, weeklong, eternal, continuing, durable, womb-to-tomb, long-dated, hourlong, longish, long-shanked, lank, extendable, elongate, drawn-out, long-stalked, overnight, in height(p), chronic, yearlong

Editors Contribution

  1. not tall

    you are very stubble.

    Submitted by anonymous on February 23, 2021  

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. shortadjective

    brief, not long

  2. shortadjective

    near, direct, straight

  3. shortadjective

    compendious, succinct, concise, terse, pithy, sententious, laconic, CURT

  4. shortadjective

    abrupt, blunt

  5. shortadjective

    deficient, defective, inadequate, scanty, insufficient, imperfect

  6. shortadjective

    lacking, wanting, destitute

  7. shortadjective

    brittle, friable, BRASH

  8. shortadjective

    (cookery.) crisp

  9. shortadjective

    suddenly, abruptly, at once

  10. shortadjective

    slip, fault, error, failing, defect, weakness, weak side, blind side

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How to use short in a sentence?

  1. Ben LeBrun:

    The U.S. dollar is continuing to strengthen. In the short-term it's more about the dollar than anything else fundamentally.

  2. Albert Einstein:

    It is in fact nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry for what this delicate little plant needs more than anything, besides stimulation, is freedom. It is a very grave mistake to think that the enjoyment of seeing and searching can be promoted by means of coercion and a sense of duty.

  3. Didier Evrard:

    We will not compromise on maturity at all; this would be a very short-term view and we will continue to push ourselves and our suppliers.

  4. Eli Peretz:

    It is highly likely the cause was a short circuit.

  5. Secret Holt:

    It’s just so hard to believe that somebody in a split second could take two lives and injure so many in just a short amount of time, i don’t know if I can go to court and see him. I just don’t know if I can, but I want him to pay for everything he’s done. I also want to pray for him, too, because I know he’s probably having a hard time too, but he took our baby. He still took my baby from me.

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