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  1. airnoun

    liftEtymology 1, aura, atmosphere, nimbus

  2. airnoun

    Any specific gas.

    atmosphere, liftEtymology 1, aura, nimbus

  3. airnoun

    A jump in which one becomes airborne.

    atmosphere, liftEtymology 1, aura, nimbus

  4. airnoun

    To bring (something) into contact with the air, so as to freshen or dry it.

    liftEtymology 1, nimbus, atmosphere, aura

  5. airnoun

    To let fresh air into a room or a building, to ventilate.

    It's getting quite stuffy in this room: let's open the windows and air it.

    nimbus, aura, atmosphere, liftEtymology 1

  6. airnoun

    To discuss varying viewpoints on a given topic.

    atmosphere, aura, nimbus, liftEtymology 1

  7. airnoun

    To broadcast, as with a television show.

    ...to give it an air of artistry and sophistication.

    aura, atmosphere, liftEtymology 1, nimbus

  8. airnoun

    A sense of poise, graciousness, or quality.

    aura, nimbus, liftEtymology 1, atmosphere

  9. airnoun

    Pretension; snobbishness; pretence that one is better than others.

    nimbus, atmosphere, aura, liftEtymology 1

  10. airnoun

    A song, especially a solo; an aria.

    aura, atmosphere, nimbus, liftEtymology 1

  11. airnoun

    Nothing; absence of anything.

    aura, nimbus, liftEtymology 1, atmosphere

  12. airnoun

    An air conditioner or the processed air it produces.

    Could you turn on the air?

    nimbus, aura, atmosphere, liftEtymology 1

English Synonyms and Antonyms4.0 / 2 votes

  1. air

    Air is that combination of qualities which makes the entire impression we receive in a person's presence; as, we say he has the air of a scholar, or the air of a villain. Appearance refers more to the dress and other externals. We might say of a travel-soiled pedestrian, he has the appearance of a tramp, but the air of a gentleman. Expression and look especially refer to the face. Expression is oftenest applied to that which is habitual; as, he has a pleasant expression of countenance; look may be momentary; as, a look of dismay passed over his face. We may, however, speak of the look or looks as indicating all that we look at; as, he had the look of an adventurer; I did not like his looks. Bearing is rather a lofty word; as, he has a noble bearing; port is practically identical in meaning with bearing, but is more exclusively a literary word. Carriage, too, is generally used in a good sense; as, that lady has a good carriage. Mien is closely synonymous with air, but less often used in a bad sense. We say a rakish air rather than a rakish mien. Mien may be used to express some prevailing feeling; as, "an indignant mien." Demeanor goes beyond appearance, including conduct, behavior; as, a modest demeanor. Manner and style are, in large part at least, acquired. Compare BEHAVIOR.

    appearance, bearing, behavior, carriage, demeanor, expression, fashion, look, manner, mien, port, sort, style, way

Princeton's WordNet2.0 / 4 votes

  1. airnoun

    a mixture of gases (especially oxygen) required for breathing; the stuff that the wind consists of

    "air pollution"; "a smell of chemicals in the air"; "open a window and let in some air"; "I need some fresh air"

    melodic phrase, line, tune, gentle wind, airwave, melody, atmosphere, melodic line, strain, air travel, aura, zephyr, breeze, aviation

  2. airnoun

    the region above the ground

    "her hand stopped in mid air"; "he threw the ball into the air"

    melodic phrase, line, tune, gentle wind, airwave, melody, atmosphere, melodic line, strain, air travel, aura, zephyr, breeze, aviation

  3. air, aura, atmospherenoun

    a distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person or thing

    "an air of mystery"; "the house had a neglected air"; "an atmosphere of defeat pervaded the candidate's headquarters"; "the place had an aura of romance"

    tune, airwave, melody, atmosphere, atmospheric state, aureole, standard pressure, strain, melodic line, gentle wind, zephyr, breeze, standard atmosphere, glory, aviation, gloriole, atm, nimbus, line, aura, ambiance, halo, melodic phrase, air travel, ambience

  4. breeze, zephyr, gentle wind, airnoun

    a slight wind (usually refreshing)

    "the breeze was cooled by the lake"; "as he waited he could feel the air on his neck"

    walkover, airwave, melody, atmosphere, strain, gentle wind, melodic line, duck soup, zephyr, breeze, pushover, picnic, aviation, snap, line, child's play, aura, tune, melodic phrase, air travel, piece of cake, cinch

  5. atmosphere, airnoun

    the mass of air surrounding the Earth

    "there was great heat as the comet entered the atmosphere"; "it was exposed to the air"

    tune, airwave, melody, atmosphere, atmospheric state, atm, standard pressure, strain, melodic line, gentle wind, zephyr, breeze, standard atmosphere, aviation, line, aura, ambiance, melodic phrase, air travel, ambience

  6. airnoun

    once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe (Empedocles)

    melodic phrase, line, tune, gentle wind, airwave, melody, atmosphere, melodic line, strain, air travel, aura, zephyr, breeze, aviation

  7. tune, melody, air, strain, melodic line, line, melodic phrasenoun

    a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence

    "she was humming an air from Beethoven"

    aviation, personal credit line, cable, business, billet, stemma, tenor, stress, variant, ancestry, agate line, lineage, crinkle, stock, telephone circuit, pains, seam, breeze, bloodline, melodic phrase, air travel, demarcation, course, crease, melodic line, zephyr, short letter, nervous strain, line of products, job, assembly line, contrast, nisus, aura, product line, straining, line of work, blood, bank line, line of merchandise, rail line, personal line of credit, form, melody, song, mental strain, strain, dividing line, transmission line, breed, airwave, line of descent, argumentation, channel, logical argument, phone line, furrow, atmosphere, parentage, wrinkle, descent, blood line, gentle wind, tonal pattern, occupation, line of business, var., pedigree, pipeline, line of credit, line, business line, railway line, striving, subscriber line, origin, communication channel, telephone line, credit line, production line, line of reasoning, tune, note, argument

  8. air, airwavenoun

    medium for radio and television broadcasting

    "the program was on the air from 9 til midnight"; "the president used the airwaves to take his message to the people"

    melodic phrase, line, tune, gentle wind, airwave, melody, atmosphere, melodic line, strain, air travel, aura, zephyr, breeze, aviation

  9. air travel, aviation, airverb

    travel via aircraft

    "air travel involves too much waiting in airports"; "if you've time to spare go by air"

    tune, airwave, melody, atmosphere, strain, melodic line, gentle wind, air power, zephyr, breeze, aviation, line, aura, airmanship, melodic phrase, air travel

  10. air out, air, aerateverb

    expose to fresh air

    "aerate your old sneakers"

    send, transmit, ventilate, air out, oxygenise, oxygenate, vent, beam, oxygenize, bare, publicize, activate, broadcast, aerate, publicise

  11. airverb

    be broadcast

    "This show will air Saturdays at 2 P.M."

    send, aerate, ventilate, air out, vent, publicise, beam, bare, publicize, broadcast, transmit

  12. air, send, broadcast, beam, transmitverb

    broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television

    "We cannot air this X-rated song"

    convey, circulate, air out, beam, transfer, get off, place, spread, impart, mail, radiate, send off, commit, station, bare, post, communicate, glow, publicise, channelize, ship, channelise, ventilate, disperse, circularize, institutionalise, channel, carry, shine, transport, disseminate, pass around, direct, charge, publicize, diffuse, broadcast, distribute, propagate, send out, conduct, vent, institutionalize, circularise, send, aerate, transmit

  13. publicize, publicise, air, bareverb

    make public

    "She aired her opinions on welfare"

    aerate, publicise, beam, vent, send, ventilate, advertise, strip, broadcast, air out, publicize, denude, transmit, advertize, bare, denudate

  14. airverb

    expose to warm or heated air, so as to dry

    "Air linen"

    send, aerate, ventilate, air out, vent, publicise, beam, bare, publicize, broadcast, transmit

  15. vent, ventilate, air out, airverb

    expose to cool or cold air so as to cool or freshen

    "air the old winter clothes"; "air out the smoke-filled rooms"

    send, transmit, ventilate, air out, vent, beam, bare, publicize, give vent, broadcast, aerate, publicise

Dictionary of English Synonymes0.0 / 0 votes

  1. airnoun

    atmosphere, atmospheric air, common air

  2. airnoun

    gas, aeriform fluid

  3. airnoun

    breeze, zephyr, gentle wind, breath of air

  4. airnoun

    weather, open air, open atmosphere

  5. airnoun

    appearance, aspect, mien, manner, look, cast, demeanor, conduct, carriage, bearing, deportment, behavior, port

  6. airnoun

    tune, melody

  7. airverb

    expose to air

  8. airverb

    ventilate, change the air of

Concise Medical Dictionary, by Joseph C Segen, MD0.0 / 0 votes

  1. AIR

    Aerosolised Iloprost Randomised Study

  2. air

    See Medical air

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  1. Ivan Pavlov:

    Perfect as the wing of a bird may be, it will never enable the bird to fly if unsupported by the air. Facts are the air of science. Without them a man of science can never rise.

  2. Herschel Walker:

    Since we don't control the air, our good air decided to float over to China's bad air. So when China gets our good air, their bad air got to move. So it moves over to our good air space. Then -- now we got we to clean that back up.

  3. Andrew Schneider:

    Weird, isn't it Somehow in the dead of winter when its 40 below, so cold your words just freeze in the air, you think you'll never hear a robin's song again or see a blossom on a cherry tree, when one day you wake up and bingo, light coming through the mini blinds is softened with a tick of rose and the cold morning air has lost its bite. It's spring once again, the streets are paved with mud and the hills are alive with the sound of mosquitos.

  4. George Hobica:

    Airline staff have been given a lot more power and have become policemen in the skies since 9-11, i think many are abusing that authority. Most of your rights and company policies—including when you are entitled to compensation for your inconvenience— are spelled out in the conditions of carriage which can be found on an airline’s website. The lengthy terms are filled with jargon and legalese, though they’re still worth eyeballing to understand the basics. Here are key reasons why an airline can bump you or otherwise make travel difficult for you: 1. The airline priced tickets for this flight too low.If a carrier realizes through its electronic reservation system that a non-stop flight fills too fast, that could indicate the ticket fares are too cheap. In such a case, your flight could be switched from a non-stop to a connecting flight. 2. The air marshal needs your seat. Because air marshals protect the public, they are sometimes seated in first class without prior warning. If one of them shows up and needs your seat, you can be bumped, reassigned to another seat, or put on the next available flight. And you won’t even get an explanation; the government doesn’t want you to blab that there’s an air marshal on board. 3. The carrier abandons the route. Consolidation within the industry has prompted some airlines to cut back on the number of available flights. Some, such as Allegiant Air and Frontier, have also abandoned routes that are no longer profitable. An airline should be required to put you on another carrier for the price you paid, says Hobica. But that’s not the case.

  5. Millennium Comedy:

    The virus can travel all the way from China to India via air and lingers in the air on the street,but it is unable to enter through air into the house and gives profits to media and medical fraternity. Now LoL

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