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dɪˈrɛkt, daɪ-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. direct(adj)

    direct in spatial dimensions; proceeding without deviation or interruption; straight and short

    "a direct route"; "a direct flight"; "a direct hit"

    lineal, unmediated, verbatim

    oblique, asquint, retrograde, inverse, mealymouthed, devious, mealy-mouthed, excursive, squint, askance, mediate, hearsay, askant, indirect, reciprocal, squinty, circumlocutious, ambagious, rambling, circumlocutory, meandering(a), diversionary, circuitous, backhanded, roundabout, alternating, inexact, digressive, sidelong, tortuous, wandering(a), secondary, winding, comparative, periphrastic, relative, squint-eyed, discursive, allusive

  2. direct, unmediated(adj)

    having no intervening persons, agents, conditions

    "in direct sunlight"; "in direct contact with the voters"; "direct exposure to the disease"; "a direct link"; "the direct cause of the accident"; "direct vote"

    lineal, unmediated, verbatim

    squint, mealy-mouthed, excursive, inverse, wandering(a), askant, oblique, squint-eyed, secondary, meandering(a), circumlocutory, circumlocutious, squinty, winding, indirect, allusive, diversionary, rambling, sidelong, inexact, devious, retrograde, comparative, roundabout, ambagious, mealymouthed, circuitous, mediate, tortuous, digressive, askance, hearsay, alternating, backhanded, periphrastic, asquint, relative, reciprocal, discursive

  3. direct(adj)

    straightforward in means or manner or behavior or language or action

    "a direct question"; "a direct response"; "a direct approach"

    lineal, unmediated, verbatim

    mealy-mouthed, diversionary, devious, mealymouthed, reciprocal, indirect, excursive, inexact, tortuous, squint, retrograde, asquint, hearsay, periphrastic, backhanded, winding, inverse, circuitous, rambling, oblique, roundabout, askant, ambagious, squinty, wandering(a), circumlocutory, digressive, secondary, squint-eyed, relative, mediate, askance, meandering(a), allusive, circumlocutious, discursive, alternating, comparative, sidelong

  4. lineal, direct(adj)

    in a straight unbroken line of descent from parent to child

    "lineal ancestors"; "lineal heirs"; "a direct descendant of the king"; "direct heredity"

    lineal, unmediated, verbatim

    roundabout, reciprocal, squint, devious, mealymouthed, wandering(a), inverse, asquint, circumlocutory, squint-eyed, rambling, discursive, indirect, comparative, retrograde, mediate, alternating, ambagious, secondary, winding, askance, askant, diversionary, oblique, digressive, periphrastic, excursive, backhanded, allusive, circumlocutious, inexact, squinty, meandering(a), mealy-mouthed, relative, hearsay, circuitous, tortuous, sidelong

  5. direct(adj)

    moving from west to east on the celestial sphere; or--for planets--around the sun in the same direction as the Earth

    lineal, unmediated, verbatim

    askant, comparative, oblique, alternating, mealy-mouthed, devious, circuitous, inexact, indirect, squint-eyed, hearsay, asquint, diversionary, roundabout, rambling, squint, meandering(a), relative, discursive, winding, excursive, allusive, retrograde, backhanded, secondary, circumlocutious, inverse, digressive, mediate, periphrastic, wandering(a), mealymouthed, askance, reciprocal, ambagious, tortuous, circumlocutory, squinty, sidelong

  6. direct(adj)

    similar in nature or effect or relation to another quantity

    "a term is in direct proportion to another term if it increases (or decreases) as the other increases (or decreases)"

    lineal, unmediated, verbatim

    tortuous, mediate, indirect, hearsay, winding, sidelong, reciprocal, asquint, askant, circumlocutious, discursive, devious, alternating, mealy-mouthed, excursive, wandering(a), digressive, comparative, squinty, meandering(a), relative, ambagious, squint-eyed, roundabout, periphrastic, mealymouthed, inexact, squint, inverse, retrograde, backhanded, circuitous, oblique, diversionary, circumlocutory, secondary, rambling, askance, allusive

  7. direct(adj)

    (of a current) flowing in one direction only

    "direct current"

    lineal, unmediated, verbatim

    indirect, squinty, circumlocutious, retrograde, comparative, devious, discursive, backhanded, inverse, excursive, secondary, reciprocal, roundabout, rambling, relative, wandering(a), oblique, tortuous, sidelong, digressive, mealymouthed, circuitous, inexact, askance, hearsay, squint, askant, allusive, circumlocutory, ambagious, squint-eyed, mealy-mouthed, periphrastic, meandering(a), mediate, winding, alternating, diversionary, asquint

  8. direct(adj)

    being an immediate result or consequence

    "a direct result of the accident"

    lineal, unmediated, verbatim

    askant, squint, excursive, mediate, indirect, wandering(a), comparative, inexact, devious, rambling, circumlocutory, ambagious, digressive, meandering(a), oblique, allusive, asquint, mealy-mouthed, secondary, squint-eyed, retrograde, mealymouthed, sidelong, relative, askance, roundabout, backhanded, circuitous, discursive, inverse, periphrastic, diversionary, squinty, circumlocutious, tortuous, winding, hearsay, alternating, reciprocal

  9. direct, verbatim(adj)

    in precisely the same words used by a writer or speaker

    "a direct quotation"; "repeated their dialog verbatim"

    lineal, unmediated, verbatim

    secondary, devious, mealy-mouthed, comparative, ambagious, reciprocal, alternating, squinty, asquint, roundabout, mealymouthed, relative, askance, meandering(a), indirect, winding, discursive, rambling, circuitous, sidelong, circumlocutious, digressive, diversionary, askant, retrograde, inexact, oblique, mediate, wandering(a), squint, tortuous, circumlocutory, hearsay, excursive, periphrastic, inverse, allusive, backhanded, squint-eyed

  10. direct(verb)

    lacking compromising or mitigating elements; exact

    "the direct opposite"

    lineal, unmediated, verbatim

    meandering(a), indirect, retrograde, mealymouthed, circuitous, inexact, tortuous, backhanded, discursive, sidelong, relative, diversionary, squinty, squint-eyed, mediate, askance, circumlocutory, devious, winding, oblique, rambling, periphrastic, excursive, wandering(a), digressive, roundabout, hearsay, asquint, comparative, mealy-mouthed, inverse, secondary, ambagious, circumlocutious, alternating, allusive, reciprocal, askant, squint

  11. direct(verb)

    command with authority

    "He directed the children to do their homework"

    lead, manoeuver, engineer, organize, aim, maneuver, orchestrate, place, mastermind, take aim, guide, channelize, train, head, organise, address, take, channelise, target, conduct, calculate, steer, point, send, manoeuvre

    squint, alternating, squinty, circumlocutious, rambling, excursive, asquint, roundabout, secondary, backhanded, askance, circuitous, indirect, allusive, inverse, mealymouthed, discursive, ambagious, wandering(a), winding, oblique, digressive, inexact, devious, tortuous, relative, circumlocutory, comparative, hearsay, periphrastic, retrograde, reciprocal, squint-eyed, askant, diversionary, mealy-mouthed, sidelong, meandering(a), mediate

  12. target, aim, place, direct, point(verb)

    intend (something) to move towards a certain goal

    "He aimed his fists towards his opponent's face"; "criticism directed at her superior"; "direct your anger towards others, not towards yourself"

    charge, taper, drive, repoint, rank, channelise, get, put, localize, organise, range, commit, target, lead, station, sharpen, maneuver, take, place, signal, designate, point, come in, betoken, position, grade, steer, purpose, take aim, show, train, lay, calculate, engineer, manoeuver, purport, aspire, aim, address, manoeuvre, level, head, identify, organize, channelize, propose, luff, shoot for, draw a bead on, conduct, post, invest, bespeak, locate, rate, orient, send, orchestrate, mastermind, come out, set, guide, order, site, pose, localise, indicate

    circumlocutious, askance, secondary, indirect, wandering(a), roundabout, winding, inverse, devious, circumlocutory, alternating, mealymouthed, asquint, comparative, squint, periphrastic, squinty, hearsay, mealy-mouthed, rambling, askant, sidelong, circuitous, relative, allusive, backhanded, ambagious, tortuous, meandering(a), excursive, reciprocal, retrograde, digressive, squint-eyed, discursive, diversionary, inexact, oblique, mediate

  13. direct(verb)

    guide the actors in (plays and films)

    lead, manoeuver, engineer, organize, aim, maneuver, orchestrate, place, mastermind, take aim, guide, channelize, train, head, organise, address, take, channelise, target, conduct, calculate, steer, point, send, manoeuvre

    circuitous, periphrastic, inexact, discursive, squinty, circumlocutious, roundabout, backhanded, hearsay, rambling, retrograde, askant, diversionary, reciprocal, devious, indirect, askance, digressive, comparative, mealy-mouthed, secondary, ambagious, oblique, inverse, mealymouthed, alternating, circumlocutory, asquint, sidelong, squint, tortuous, squint-eyed, meandering(a), excursive, allusive, winding, mediate, wandering(a), relative

  14. direct(verb)

    be in charge of

    lead, manoeuver, engineer, organize, aim, maneuver, orchestrate, place, mastermind, take aim, guide, channelize, train, head, organise, address, take, channelise, target, conduct, calculate, steer, point, send, manoeuvre

    inexact, rambling, tortuous, roundabout, circumlocutious, hearsay, wandering(a), retrograde, alternating, excursive, winding, circuitous, askance, mediate, meandering(a), devious, reciprocal, squint, discursive, comparative, backhanded, squinty, inverse, circumlocutory, asquint, mealymouthed, digressive, periphrastic, oblique, askant, indirect, allusive, mealy-mouthed, diversionary, relative, squint-eyed, secondary, sidelong, ambagious

  15. lead, take, direct, conduct, guide(verb)

    take somebody somewhere

    "We lead him to our chief"; "can you take me to the main entrance?"; "He conducted us to the palace"

    require, chair, read, occupy, subscribe to, rent, withdraw, run, organise, lead, top, mastermind, take on, carry, deal, assume, engineer, have, hold, choose, learn, fill, transmit, necessitate, impart, consume, go, drive, hire, result, place, consider, need, study, behave, pick out, steer, guide on, send, channel, draw, contract, adopt, calculate, film, remove, demand, acquit, orchestrate, conduce, lease, contribute, take aim, take up, train, strike, use up, select, take, engage, comport, make, claim, channelize, point, manoeuvre, head, get, channelise, get hold of, exact, take away, pack, call for, take in, bring, submit, convey, deport, shoot, aim, charter, precede, extend, contain, address, bear, carry on, target, subscribe, involve, acquire, manoeuver, look at, postulate, organize, accept, moderate, guide, admit, pass, ingest, leave, ask, maneuver, conduct

    sidelong, indirect, relative, squinty, periphrastic, askant, devious, squint, circuitous, oblique, digressive, rambling, diversionary, ambagious, allusive, roundabout, discursive, circumlocutious, winding, circumlocutory, hearsay, excursive, mealy-mouthed, meandering(a), squint-eyed, asquint, wandering(a), mealymouthed, inverse, backhanded, secondary, comparative, inexact, tortuous, mediate, retrograde, askance, reciprocal, alternating

  16. send, direct(verb)

    cause to go somewhere

    "The explosion sent the car flying in the air"; "She sent her children to camp"; "He directed all his energies into his dissertation"

    ship, beam, get off, place, mail, send off, commit, target, lead, station, maneuver, take, post, point, channelize, aim, channelise, take aim, train, head, steer, manoeuver, transport, address, manoeuvre, engineer, organize, charge, organise, calculate, broadcast, institutionalise, send out, conduct, air, institutionalize, send, orchestrate, mastermind, guide, transmit

    inexact, ambagious, alternating, mealymouthed, circumlocutory, inverse, tortuous, discursive, reciprocal, devious, excursive, backhanded, circuitous, comparative, mealy-mouthed, mediate, retrograde, roundabout, squinty, hearsay, rambling, squint-eyed, relative, indirect, sidelong, oblique, secondary, circumlocutious, digressive, diversionary, askant, winding, squint, allusive, asquint, periphrastic, wandering(a), askance, meandering(a)

  17. aim, take, train, take aim, direct(verb)

    point or cause to go (blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment) towards

    "Please don't aim at your little brother!"; "He trained his gun on the burglar"; "Don't train your camera on the women"; "Take a swipe at one's opponent"

    require, read, occupy, subscribe to, rent, withdraw, shoot for, organise, lead, ingest, develop, mastermind, take aim, carry, deal, assume, engineer, have, hold, choose, learn, fill, aspire, civilise, calculate, prepare, consume, drive, hire, condition, place, consider, need, study, civilize, pick out, steer, send, contract, adopt, film, remove, purpose, rail, orchestrate, lease, take on, discipline, point, train, check, trail, take up, bring, strike, use up, select, take, engage, make, claim, demand, coach, channelize, cultivate, manoeuvre, head, get, channelise, get hold of, propose, exact, take away, pack, call for, take in, educate, submit, convey, shoot, aim, charter, manoeuver, contain, address, draw a bead on, target, subscribe, groom, necessitate, involve, acquire, look at, postulate, organize, accept, purport, guide, admit, ask, maneuver, conduct, school

    hearsay, squint-eyed, diversionary, mealymouthed, circuitous, circumlocutious, mealy-mouthed, askance, askant, ambagious, inverse, meandering(a), winding, comparative, backhanded, oblique, squint, squinty, digressive, devious, sidelong, circumlocutory, indirect, reciprocal, mediate, inexact, discursive, periphrastic, relative, asquint, retrograde, wandering(a), rambling, alternating, roundabout, tortuous, secondary, excursive, allusive

  18. conduct, lead, direct(verb)

    lead, as in the performance of a composition

    "conduct an orchestra; Barenboim conducted the Chicago symphony for years"

    comport, conduce, place, moderate, impart, behave, send, head, target, lead, maneuver, take, carry on, result, point, deport, extend, aim, channelise, deal, take aim, engineer, chair, calculate, channel, precede, carry, manoeuver, go, address, manoeuvre, pass, organize, channelize, organise, acquit, convey, leave, conduct, transmit, run, top, contribute, orchestrate, mastermind, guide, train, steer, bear

    circumlocutory, allusive, devious, periphrastic, secondary, mealy-mouthed, squint-eyed, mediate, inverse, oblique, roundabout, hearsay, indirect, excursive, digressive, inexact, asquint, sidelong, squinty, circuitous, relative, backhanded, reciprocal, mealymouthed, alternating, comparative, retrograde, wandering(a), circumlocutious, discursive, ambagious, askant, meandering(a), diversionary, tortuous, askance, rambling, squint, winding

  19. direct(verb)

    give directions to; point somebody into a certain direction

    "I directed them towards the town hall"

    lead, manoeuver, engineer, organize, aim, maneuver, orchestrate, place, mastermind, take aim, guide, channelize, train, head, organise, address, take, channelise, target, conduct, calculate, steer, point, send, manoeuvre

    circuitous, mealy-mouthed, sidelong, ambagious, digressive, allusive, tortuous, backhanded, circumlocutory, periphrastic, comparative, devious, alternating, winding, discursive, circumlocutious, indirect, wandering(a), hearsay, asquint, rambling, mealymouthed, roundabout, diversionary, secondary, askance, inexact, squint, oblique, mediate, retrograde, meandering(a), reciprocal, relative, excursive, inverse, askant, squinty, squint-eyed

  20. calculate, aim, direct(verb)

    specifically design a product, event, or activity for a certain public

    figure, bet, look, get, organise, work out, head, target, lead, maneuver, take, estimate, place, mastermind, point, aim, reckon, purpose, compute, take aim, depend, train, calculate, engineer, manoeuver, aspire, address, manoeuvre, count, drive, organize, channelize, propose, shoot for, draw a bead on, channelise, send, conduct, purport, cypher, orchestrate, forecast, cipher, guide, account, steer, count on

    digressive, comparative, indirect, circumlocutious, rambling, inverse, diversionary, askance, circuitous, askant, oblique, tortuous, periphrastic, secondary, winding, relative, roundabout, mediate, squint-eyed, devious, circumlocutory, squint, excursive, inexact, hearsay, ambagious, alternating, sidelong, meandering(a), wandering(a), reciprocal, asquint, squinty, mealymouthed, backhanded, mealy-mouthed, allusive, retrograde, discursive

  21. steer, maneuver, manoeuver, manoeuvre, direct, point, head, guide, channelize, channelise(verb)

    direct the course; determine the direction of travelling

    channelize, operate, transfer, taper, repoint, place, pass, show, head, target, lead, sharpen, maneuver, take, indicate, signal, point, betoken, aim, channelise, take aim, train, steer, channel, manoeuver, transport, address, manoeuvre, level, engineer, organize, charge, organise, luff, calculate, head up, conduct, draw, bespeak, guide on, run, orient, send, orchestrate, mastermind, guide, designate, transmit

    discursive, retrograde, mealymouthed, relative, circumlocutious, hearsay, rambling, circumlocutory, roundabout, askance, inexact, askant, devious, periphrastic, mediate, inverse, allusive, squint-eyed, backhanded, oblique, indirect, circuitous, secondary, winding, diversionary, squint, comparative, alternating, excursive, ambagious, digressive, mealy-mouthed, wandering(a), meandering(a), squinty, asquint, tortuous, sidelong, reciprocal

  22. address, direct(verb)

    put an address on (an envelope)

    plow, come up to, target, lead, maneuver, take, treat, place, accost, point, turn to, aim, channelise, deal, take aim, call, train, head, steer, manoeuver, address, manoeuvre, engineer, organize, channelize, organise, calculate, handle, conduct, cover, speak, send, orchestrate, mastermind, guide

    wandering(a), secondary, circuitous, rambling, squint, periphrastic, mealy-mouthed, excursive, indirect, inverse, roundabout, reciprocal, digressive, hearsay, devious, comparative, mediate, mealymouthed, backhanded, asquint, diversionary, inexact, ambagious, tortuous, winding, meandering(a), squinty, squint-eyed, circumlocutious, allusive, askance, oblique, relative, sidelong, retrograde, circumlocutory, alternating, discursive, askant

  23. mastermind, engineer, direct, organize, organise, orchestrate(adverb)

    plan and direct (a complex undertaking)

    "he masterminded the robbery"

    coordinate, place, prepare, head, target, lead, get up, organize, take, unionize, point, aim, channelise, form, take aim, train, steer, manoeuver, address, manoeuvre, engineer, channelize, organise, calculate, unionise, conduct, send, orchestrate, maneuver, mastermind, guide, machinate, devise

    winding, backhanded, oblique, roundabout, asquint, circuitous, inverse, circumlocutious, indirect, askant, discursive, tortuous, askance, comparative, hearsay, devious, reciprocal, mediate, sidelong, ambagious, diversionary, digressive, alternating, rambling, meandering(a), allusive, inexact, retrograde, relative, squint-eyed, wandering(a), secondary, periphrastic, excursive, mealy-mouthed, circumlocutory, squint, squinty, mealymouthed

  24. directly, straight, direct(adverb)

    without deviation

    "the path leads directly to the lake"; "went direct to the office"

    directly, at once, straightaway, now, like a shot, straight off, flat, straight, right away, instantly, immediately, forthwith

    backhanded, inverse, circumlocutory, circumlocutious, roundabout, alternating, mediate, periphrastic, relative, devious, sidelong, reciprocal, rambling, mealymouthed, squint, hearsay, tortuous, winding, squinty, askant, circuitous, digressive, mealy-mouthed, indirect, secondary, wandering(a), comparative, allusive, retrograde, discursive, inexact, diversionary, ambagious, oblique, meandering(a), excursive, asquint, askance, squint-eyed


  1. direct(verb)


  2. direct(adjective)

    Straight, constant, without interruption.


English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. direct

    Govern carries the idea of authoritative administration or some exercise of authority that is at once effective and continuous; control is effective, but may be momentary or occasional. One controls what he holds or can hold at will absolutely in check; as, a skilful horseman controls a spirited horse; a person controls his temper; we say to one who is excited, "control yourself." A person commands another when he has, or claims, the right to make that other do his will, with power of inflicting penalty if not obeyed; he controls another whom he can effectually prevent from doing anything contrary to his will; he governs one whom he actually does cause, regularly or constantly, to obey his will; a parent may command a child whom he can not govern or control. The best teachers are not greatly prone to command, but govern or control their pupils largely by other means. Command is, however, often used in the sense of securing, as well as requiring, submission or obedience, as when we speak of a commanding influence; a man commands the situation when he can shape events as he pleases; a fortress commands the region when no enemy can pass against its resistance. Govern implies the exercise of knowledge and judgment as well as power. To rule is more absolute and autocratic than to govern; to sway is to move by quiet but effectual influence; to mold is not only to influence feeling and action, but to shape character; to manage is to secure by skilful contrivance the doing of one's will by those whom one can not directly control; a wise mother, by gentle means, sways the feelings and molds the lives of her children; to be able to manage servants is an important element of good housekeeping. The word reign, once so absolute, now simply denotes that one holds the official station of sovereign in a monarchy, with or without effective power; the Queen of England reigns; the Czar of Russia both reigns and rules.

    command, control, curb, govern, influence, manage, mold, reign, reign over, restrain, rule, sway

    be in subjection, be subject, comply, obey, submit, yield

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. direct(a.)

    straight, in a right line, not crooked

  2. direct(a.)

    from father to son, not collateral

  3. direct(a.)

    plain, express, categorical, unambiguous, not equivocal

  4. direct(a.)

    open, sincere, ingenuous, frank, outspoken

  5. direct(a.)

    (Astron.) in the order of the signs, not retrograde

  6. direct(v. a.)

    aim, point, cast, turn

  7. direct(v. a.)

    regulate, dispose, manage, conduct, control, govern

  8. direct(v. a.)

    order, command, instruct, prescribe to, give directions to

  9. direct(v. a.)

    guide, lead, put upon the right track

  10. direct(v. a.)

    address, superscribe

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. direct(a)

    straight, undeviating, diametrical

    indirect, circuitous, roundabout

  2. direct(v)

    point, aim, guide, pilot, lead, steer, regulate, govern, control, manage, conduct, superintend, instruct, address, superscribe

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  1. direct

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How to use direct in a sentence?

  1. May Nour:

    What are the direct and indirect medical costs as a result of somebody who’s unable to care for themselves, unable to participate in the work field, the health insurance costs for the rest of that person’s life.

  2. Leon Panetta:

    I don't think Israel is going to stand by and allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon because they would view that as a direct threat to the existence of Israel, it would be my sense that Israel would seriously consider some type of military action to deal with that.

  3. Jerry Torres:

    The system that we train builds in AI, yet does not eliminate the human being. AI-enabled algorithms can identify direct and indirect digital relationships among bad actors.

  4. Mark Warner:

    Diplomacy is the right path forward to deal with North Korea, at the same time, due to Pyongyang’s history of obfuscation and international defiance, the United States must proceed with caution. I am deeply concerned that the White House has not laid the necessary diplomatic groundwork and coordination for direct talks with North Korea, continued Warner, a Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Trump had previously threatened North Korea with fire and fury like the world has never seen. He also tweeted Saturday :.

  5. Purdue University:

    A lot of research emphasizes the importance of the spousal relationship, but this study is unique in looking at the impact of spousal and other family relationships, net of the other, and here it seems that family relationships had a more important direct impact on chronic conditions and how people subjectively rate their health.

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