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Princeton's WordNet

  1. note(noun)

    a brief written record

    "he made a note of the appointment"

    distinction, annotation, preeminence, government note, banknote, banker's bill, bank note, bank bill, short letter, eminence, musical note, bill, line, notation, tone, greenback, note of hand, promissory note, billet

  2. note, short letter, line, billet(noun)

    a short personal letter

    "drop me a line when you get there"

    personal credit line, banker's bill, cable, production line, business, tone, stemma, banknote, bill, preeminence, ancestry, agate line, spot, lineage, crinkle, stock, telephone circuit, note of hand, berth, billet, seam, situation, bloodline, course, crease, melodic line, air, channel, line of products, job, assembly line, contrast, bank bill, product line, notation, line of work, blood, bank line, line of merchandise, rail line, personal line of credit, annotation, promissory note, short letter, strain, dividing line, transmission line, distinction, post, eminence, line of descent, melody, position, musical note, logical argument, phone line, furrow, greenback, parentage, wrinkle, descent, blood line, office, melodic phrase, occupation, line of business, pedigree, pipeline, line of credit, line, business line, railway line, demarcation, subscriber line, origin, communication channel, telephone line, credit line, government note, argumentation, bank note, line of reasoning, tune, place, argument

  3. note, musical note, tone(noun)

    a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound

    "the singer held the note too long"

    bank bill, pure tone, billet, notation, bank note, note of hand, timber, look, distinction, timbre, step, tone of voice, smell, preeminence, greenback, quality, eminence, banknote, tonicity, annotation, whole step, promissory note, spirit, bill, tone, banker's bill, feel, short letter, flavour, whole tone, tonus, line, tincture, feeling, flavor, musical note, government note, tint, shade

  4. note(noun)

    a tone of voice that shows what the speaker is feeling

    "there was a note of uncertainty in his voice"

    distinction, annotation, preeminence, government note, banknote, banker's bill, bank note, bank bill, short letter, eminence, musical note, bill, line, notation, tone, greenback, note of hand, promissory note, billet

  5. note(noun)

    a characteristic emotional quality

    "it ended on a sour note"; "there was a note of gaiety in her manner"; "he detected a note of sarcasm"

    distinction, annotation, preeminence, government note, banknote, banker's bill, bank note, bank bill, short letter, eminence, musical note, bill, line, notation, tone, greenback, note of hand, promissory note, billet

  6. bill, note, government note, bank bill, banker's bill, bank note, banknote, Federal Reserve note, greenback(noun)

    a piece of paper money (especially one issued by a central bank)

    "he peeled off five one-thousand-zloty notes"

    bank bill, billet, handbill, bank note, note of hand, throwaway, measure, preeminence, pecker, posting, greenback, neb, visor, peak, banknote, invoice, eyeshade, circular, notation, vizor, distinction, promissory note, beak, annotation, broadsheet, flier, eminence, broadside, bill, tone, banker's bill, government note, short letter, card, notice, line, poster, billhook, placard, flyer, musical note, account, nib

  7. note, annotation, notation(noun)

    a comment or instruction (usually added)

    "his notes were appended at the end of the article"; "he added a short notation to the address on the envelope"

    distinction, annotation, preeminence, government note, banknote, banker's bill, bank note, bank bill, short letter, eminence, musical note, bill, annotating, notational system, line, notation, tone, greenback, note of hand, promissory note, billet

  8. eminence, distinction, preeminence, note(noun)

    high status importance owing to marked superiority

    "a scholar of great eminence"

    differentiation, distinction, annotation, tubercle, government note, banknote, banker's bill, preeminence, bank bill, short letter, eminence, musical note, bill, bank note, tuberosity, line, notation, tone, greenback, note of hand, promissory note, billet

  9. note, promissory note, note of hand(verb)

    a promise to pay a specified amount on demand or at a certain time

    "I had to co-sign his note at the bank"

    distinction, annotation, preeminence, government note, banknote, banker's bill, bank note, bank bill, short letter, eminence, musical note, bill, line, notation, tone, greenback, note of hand, promissory note, billet

  10. note, observe, mention, remark(verb)

    make mention of

    "She observed that his presentation took up too much time"; "They noted that it was a fine day to go sailing"

    point out, notice, watch over, cite, keep, bring up, take down, detect, respect, honor, take note, observe, advert, abide by, comment, watch, name, follow, honour, maintain, discover, refer, mention, mark, find, celebrate, remark, keep an eye on

  11. notice, mark, note(verb)

    notice or perceive

    "She noted that someone was following her"; "mark my words"

    detect, distinguish, pit, point out, mark, commemorate, pock, find, tick, nock, differentiate, acknowledge, strike out, notice, punctuate, score, brand, grade, remark, comment, take note, check off, cross off, take down, stigmatize, observe, strike off, mark off, stigmatise, mention, denounce, tag, scar, label, set, discover, tick off, cross out, check

  12. note, take note, observe(verb)

    observe with care or pay close attention to

    "Take note of this chemical reaction"

    notice, watch over, keep, take down, detect, respect, honor, take note, observe, abide by, watch, follow, honour, maintain, discover, mention, mark, find, celebrate, remark, keep an eye on

  13. note, take down(verb)

    make a written note of

    "she noted everything the teacher said that morning"

    rase, notice, bring down, get down, disgrace, let down, take down, mention, degrade, mark, take note, observe, lower, dismantle, put down, raze, demean, pull down, tear down, remark, level

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. note

    A remark is a saying or brief statement, oral or written, commonly made without much premeditation; a comment is an explanatory or critical remark, as upon some passage in a literary work or some act or speech in common life. A note is something to call attention, hence a brief written statement; in correspondence, a note is briefer than a letter. A note upon some passage in a book is briefer and less elaborate than a comment. Annotations are especially brief notes, commonly marginal, and closely following the text. Comments, observations, or remarks may be oral or written, comments being oftenest written, and remarks oftenest oral. An observation is properly the result of fixed attention and reflection; a remark may be the suggestion of the instant. Remarks are more informal than a speech.

    annotation, comment, observation, remark, utterance

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. note(n.)

    sign, symbol, token, indication, character, mark

  2. note(n.)

    memorandum, minute, record

  3. note(n.)

    comment, annotation, schollum, remark

  4. note(n.)

    billet, short letter or epistle

  5. note(n.)

    notice, heed, observation, regard, consideration

  6. note(n.)

    distinction, reputation, celebrity, fame, repute, renown, credit, account, consequence, respectability

  7. note(n.)

    bill, bank-note, promissory note, note of hand, paper money

  8. note(v. a.)

    notice, remark, observe, heed, attend to, take notice of, pay attention to

  9. note(v. a.)

    record, make a note of, make a memorandum of, make a minute of, set down in writing, jot down

  10. note(v. a.)

    designate, denote

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. note(n)

    billet, memorandum, minute, record, remark, comment, annotation, commentary, scholium, gloss, mark, token, sign, feature, peculiarity, observation, notice, distinction, repute, celebrity, reputation, fame, renown

  2. note(v)

    notice, record, jot down, annotate, comment, postillate

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  1. note

How to use note in a sentence?

  1. Kevin Gillese:

    Listening to the ideas of others is the foundation for collaboration. If you're a one-man-band, then disregard this note, but if you need a healthy, functional team, then do the hard work of actually listening to those around you.

  2. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich:

    1. An endless abundance of opinions and assumptions speak of ignorance. 2. Learn if you want to live. 3. Imagination is diving into the bottomless depths of madness. 4. A genius does nothing, and does not even think, he simply waits for his own best thought or idea in order to bring it to life. The lover is constantly looking for other people, and makes a collage of other people's thoughts and ideas. 5. A masterpiece is when you are looking for your perfect radio wave on your internal radio. In the midst of the noise of your inner cosmos, you can find something completely new, ingenious. 6. Contemporary art Aesthetics as the basis of art has gone into the background. In the foreground is the abstract, unconscious philosophy of artists. Creative people create their creations not for people, but for themselves. That is why there is a gap between the perceptions of the artist and the viewer. People visiting modern exhibitions cannot understand what the author wanted to say, many write their humiliating notes with explanations about what this work is like. For example: a layman looks at work, reading a note with an annotation, and says: “ahh, is that a flower?” (Got up in a strange pose to see a flower, and the second repeats after her Only with this pose they see a flower). Answering her: Yes, I would never have guessed in my life. And the offended author of the work tells them: Yes, you do not understand anything in art, I am a genius. And cries bitterly. Even many professional art historians do not fully understand many artists, they only build some personal assumptions. And not all artists sometimes understand what they have created. The layman asks the artist: and what is depicted here. The author replies: “I don’t know, yes, yes.” 7. Violence in creativity, harmlessly reduces the world's population. 8. Creativity is the interference of the light of feelings. Light diffraction of emotions passed through the prism of the soul. Someone thereby creates the effect of transformation or distortion of the imagination, the uglier the thinking of people, the more terrible their imagination. Which resembles a metal constructor of lovers, a children's application of imitation. Whereas ingenious in insight. 9. Creativity is hardcore originality. 10. Genius does as no one thinks to do. He is looking for something completely new where no one will seek. He is not looking for soil for inspiration, he creates it with his bold steps, the soles of the sneakers of which glow gently with white, neon lights. In his own way, he creates a path for the next generation. Becoming the light at the end that illuminates this path. Patiently waiting for his followers on the other side. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

  3. Van Halen:

    Every note Mike ever played, I had to show him how to play, before we'd go on tour, he'd come over with a video camera and I'd have to show him how to play all the parts.

  4. Alice Cooper:

    We've done it all. Everything that we've set out to do we've accomplished, for us it's like, let's just go out like this and leave everything intact ... and go out on a super high note so there are no regrets.

  5. Pat Keon:

    This was the largest positive weekly net inflow of the year coming in at over twice that of the $16.6 billion net inflow for the fund-flows week ended January 27, 2016, of note, equity funds broke a 10-week streak of net outflows by taking in $7.8 billion in net new money and municipal bond funds recorded their 41st straight week of inflows as they grew their coffers by $1.2 billion.

Translations for note

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • مذكرة, ملحوظةArabic
  • nóta, zápisek, poznámka, zprávička, zápis, zaznamenat, všimnout si, poznamenatCzech
  • nodeDanish
  • Ton, Notiz, NoteGerman
  • ένδειξη, πλήκτρο, νότα, υποσχετική επιστολή, σημείωμα, φήμη, σημείωση, διάκριση, παρατήρηση, σήμα, διακοίνωση, σχολιάζω, υποδηλώνω, επισημαίνω, καταγράφω, σημειώνω, υπομνηματίζω, επισημειώνω, παρατηρώ, σημαίνωGreek
  • notoEsperanto
  • nota, denotar, tener en cuenta, anotar, notarSpanish
  • märkus, noteerima, märkamaEstonian
  • نتPersian
  • muistutus, maine, muistiinpano, huomio, sävel, merkki, nootti, nuotti, viesti, velkakirja, muistilappu, havainto, kommentaari, kosketin, valita, panna merkille, osoittaa, tarkoittaa, kirjoittaa ylös, noteerata, huomauttaa, merkitä, merkitä muistiin, nuotittaa, huomata, kommentoida, nimittää, määrittääFinnish
  • note, prendre, remarquer, noterFrench
  • nota, notScottish Gaelic
  • שם לב, רשם, לקח לתשומת לבHebrew
  • jegyzetHungarian
  • nota, memoriaItalian
  • ノート, メモ, 音符Japanese
  • 기록Korean
  • تێبیبیKurdish
  • nota, videoLatin
  • nots, piezīme, zīmīte, pierakstītLatvian
  • orotangiMāori
  • прибелешка, забелешка, нота, белешка, бележи, нотира, означува, прибележува, забележуваMacedonian
  • കുറിപ്പ്Malayalam
  • noot, briefje, toon, notitie, aantekening, faam, opschrijven, aantekenen, opmerken, noteren, aanduiden, constaterenDutch
  • nuta, notka, wzmianka, notatkaPolish
  • nota, bilhete, aviso, anotar, notar, perceber, denotarPortuguese
  • notiță, adnotare, notă, marcaj, notă de informare, semn, notă informațională, comentariu, adnota, însemna pe margineRomanian
  • заметка, пометка, нота, знак, записка, клавиша, примечаниеRussian
  • bilješka, ton, nota, zabilješka, zabeleška, opaska, značaj, забиљешка, забелешка, napomena, ugled, zapažanje, ceduljaSerbo-Croatian
  • nota, opazka, opomba, opaziti, zapisatiSlovene
  • not, anteckningSwedish
  • குறிப்புTamil
  • స్వరముTelugu
  • notaTagalog
  • NotTurkish

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