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Synonyms for sour
saʊər, ˈsaʊ ər

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. sour(noun)

    a cocktail made of a liquor (especially whiskey or gin) mixed with lemon or lime juice and sugar

    tartness, sourness, acidity

    tasteless, fragrant, saccharine, sweet, unsoured, sweetish, good-natured, treacly, harmonious, syrupy, cloying, sweeten, dulcify, edulcorate, dulcorate

  2. sour, sourness, tartness(noun)

    the taste experience when vinegar or lemon juice is taken into the mouth

    sourness, acrimony, moroseness, sulkiness, bitterness, acidity, tartness, sullenness, jaundice, acerbity, thorniness

    unsoured, sweet, tasteless, sweetish, saccharine, good-natured, cloying, harmonious, treacly, fragrant, syrupy, edulcorate, dulcorate, dulcify, sweeten

  3. sourness, sour, acidity(adj)

    the property of being acidic

    sourness, moroseness, sulkiness, acidulousness, acidity, tartness, sullenness

    treacly, sweet, cloying, sweetish, harmonious, good-natured, tasteless, fragrant, saccharine, unsoured, syrupy, dulcify, dulcorate, edulcorate, sweeten

  4. sour, rancid(adj)

    smelling of fermentation or staleness

    off-key, sullen, rancid, off, glowering, morose, dour, dark, false, moody, turned, saturnine, glum

    harmonious, cloying, fragrant, tasteless, sweet, treacly, sweetish, unsoured, good-natured, syrupy, saccharine, sweeten, edulcorate, dulcorate, dulcify

  5. sour(adj)

    having a sharp biting taste

    off-key, sullen, rancid, off, glowering, morose, dour, dark, false, moody, turned, saturnine, glum

    treacly, harmonious, saccharine, fragrant, sweet, syrupy, sweetish, cloying, good-natured, tasteless, unsoured, sweeten, edulcorate, dulcify, dulcorate

  6. sour(adj)

    one of the four basic taste sensations; like the taste of vinegar or lemons

    off-key, sullen, rancid, off, glowering, morose, dour, dark, false, moody, turned, saturnine, glum

    unsoured, treacly, tasteless, cloying, syrupy, sweet, saccharine, fragrant, sweetish, good-natured, harmonious, edulcorate, sweeten, dulcorate, dulcify

  7. off, sour, turned(adj)

    in an unpalatable state

    "sour milk"

    cancelled, off-key, sullen, rancid, off, glowering, morose, dour, dark, false, moody, turned, saturnine, glum

    syrupy, good-natured, unsoured, harmonious, cloying, saccharine, treacly, fragrant, sweetish, sweet, tasteless, dulcify, sweeten, dulcorate, edulcorate

  8. false, off-key, sour(adj)

    inaccurate in pitch

    "a false (or sour) note"; "her singing was off key"

    off-key, fake, saturnine, turned, mistaken, imitation, delusive, fictive, morose, simulated, put on, dark, off, false, moody, assumed, rancid, dour, sullen, faux, fictitious, sham, glowering, pretended, glum, untrue

    cloying, tasteless, harmonious, saccharine, good-natured, unsoured, treacly, sweet, fragrant, sweetish, syrupy, dulcorate, edulcorate, dulcify, sweeten

  9. dark, dour, glowering, glum, moody, morose, saturnine, sour, sullen(verb)

    showing a brooding ill humor

    "a dark scowl"; "the proverbially dour New England Puritan"; "a glum, hopeless shrug"; "he sat in moody silence"; "a morose and unsociable manner"; "a saturnine, almost misanthropic young genius"- Bruce Bliven; "a sour temper"; "a sullen crowd"

    pertinacious, heavy, forbidding, glum, sullen, dogged, dark, moody, non-white, temperamental, threatening, coloured, disconsolate, dark-skinned, black, gloomy, drear, benighted, off, blue, glowering, obscure, sinister, turned, grim, saturnine, tenacious, off-key, dour, false, unyielding, sorry, drab, dingy, dreary, dismal, persistent, lowering, rancid, morose

    treacly, saccharine, cloying, tasteless, good-natured, fragrant, syrupy, sweet, sweetish, harmonious, unsoured, sweeten, dulcorate, dulcify, edulcorate

  10. sour, turn, ferment, work(verb)

    go sour or spoil

    "The milk has soured"; "The wine worked"; "The cream has turned--we have to throw it out"

    knead, bend, operate, wrick, process, work, deform, shape, change state, figure out, move around, twist, work out, release, run, wreak, function, rick, call on, acidify, lick, forge, solve, flex, act, wrench, become, form, plow, acetify, mould, exploit, go, grow, sprain, play, do work, make for, mold, bring, change by reversal, puzzle out, put to work, turn over, reverse, crop, exercise, ferment, cultivate, work on, act upon, turn, influence, acidulate, plough, make

    harmonious, tasteless, cloying, good-natured, saccharine, treacly, unsoured, fragrant, sweetish, syrupy, sweet, sweeten, edulcorate, dulcorate, dulcify

  11. sour, acidify, acidulate, acetify(verb)

    make sour or more sour

    acidulate, acidify, turn, ferment, acetify, work

    cloying, sweetish, good-natured, syrupy, tasteless, harmonious, saccharine, treacly, fragrant, sweet, unsoured, sweeten, edulcorate, dulcorate, dulcify

English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. sour

    Acid, sour, and bitter agree in being contrasted with sweet, but the two former are sharply distinguished from the latter. Acid or sour is the taste of vinegar or lemon-juice; bitter that of quassia, quinine, or strychnine. Acrid is nearly allied to bitter. Pungent suggests the effect of pepper or snuff on the organs of taste or smell; as, a pungent odor. Caustic indicates the corroding effect of some strong chemical, as nitrate of silver. In a figurative sense, as applied to language or character, these words are very closely allied. We say a sour face, sharp words, bitter complaints, caustic wit, cutting irony, biting sarcasm, a stinging taunt, harsh judgment, a tart reply. Harsh carries the idea of intentional and severe unkindness, bitter of a severity that arises from real or supposed ill treatment. The bitter speech springs from the sore heart. Tart and sharp utterances may not proceed from an intention to wound, but merely from a wit recklessly keen; cutting, stinging, and biting speech indicates more or less of hostile intent, the latter being the more deeply malicious. The caustic utterance is meant to burn, perhaps wholesomely, as in the satire of Juvenal or Cervantes. Compare MOROSE.

    acerb, acetous, acid, acidulated, acidulous, acrid, acrimonious, biting, bitter, caustic, cutting, harsh, irate, pungent, savage, sharp, stinging, tart, vinegarish, virulent

    dulcet, honeyed, luscious, nectared, saccharine, sweet

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. sour

    tart, rancid, coagulated, turned, harsh, crabbed, austere, morose, pungent, crusty, acid, churlish, bitter, acetous, acrimonious, peevish

    sweet, wholesome, untainted, mellow, genial, kindly

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. sour(a.)

    acid, tart, pricked

  2. sour(a.)

    cross, crabbed, morose, surly, testy, touchy, cantankerous, crusty, fretful, peevish, petulant, pettish, snappish, waspish, snarling, cynical, froward, uncivil, rude, rough, harsh, ill-tempered, ill-natured

  3. sour(v. a.)

    make acid, turn sour

  4. sour(v. a.)

    imbitter, make cross

  5. sour(v. n.)

    turn sour, become acid

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. sour(a)

    acid, tart, acetose, acerbitous, acrid, rancid, musty, curdled, loppered, imbittered, morose, misanthropic, unamiable, dour, cynical, surly, grum, austere, crabbed, cross

  2. sour(v)

    curdle, acidify, lopper, spoil, acidulate, imbitter, embitter

PPDB, the paraphrase database

  1. List of paraphrases:

    vinegar, crema, acid, bitter, sulphurous, corrosive, tyre

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  1. sour

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How to use sour in a sentence?

  1. Bolivian Proverb:

    A quarrel is like buttermilk, the more you stir it, the more sour it grows.

  2. Ben Evans:

    Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the current short-run outlook has turned sour compared to our initial expectations at the beginning of the year, the ongoing lockdowns in Europe have already shown significant reductions in power use and industrial production across the bloc.

  3. Richard Nieto:

    I would start with halfway between the middle setting on your grinder and the coarsest setting, if you find your coffee is sour, then grind finer. If you find it’s a little bit bitter, then grind coarser.

  4. Pearl Bailey:

    There is a period of life when we swallow knowledge of ourselves and it becomes either good or sour inside.

  5. Ralph Waldo Emerson:

    Every sweet has its sour; every evil its good.

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