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Princeton's WordNet

  1. crap, dirt, shit, shite, poop, turd(noun)

    obscene terms for feces

    darn, after part, tail, soil, nincompoop, bull, diddly-squat, grunge, low-down, diddly, cocksucker, dickhead, squat, hoot, diddlyshit, jack, dogshit, the skinny, doodly-squat, bullshit, ninny, stern, diddly-shit, prick, grease, grime, scandal, son of a bitch, crap, tinker's damn, damn, shite, bastard, horseshit, turd, dirt, asshole, diddley, filth, malicious gossip, tinker's dam, diddlysquat, shucks, quarter, red cent, dump, stain, whoreson, poop, dope

  2. bullshit, bull, Irish bull, horseshit, shit, crap, dogshit(noun)

    obscene words for unacceptable behavior

    "I put up with a lot of bullshit from that jerk"; "what he said was mostly bull"

    darn, cop, bull, diddly-squat, diddly, cocksucker, dickhead, squat, hoot, diddlyshit, fuzz, dogshit, strapper, doodly-squat, bullshit, pig, diddly-shit, prick, jack, son of a bitch, crap, tinker's damn, damn, shite, bastard, horseshit, turd, dirt, asshole, diddley, papal bull, bruiser, tinker's dam, diddlysquat, shucks, red cent, dump, copper, bull's eye, whoreson, poop

  3. jack, doodly-squat, diddly-squat, diddlysquat, diddly-shit, diddlyshit, diddly, diddley, squat, shit(noun)

    a small worthless amount

    "you don't know jack"

    darn, knee bend, diddly-squat, seafarer, jackass, jack, seaman, tar, squatting, laborer, dickhead, squat, hoot, diddlyshit, mariner, dogshit, doodly-squat, gob, diddly-shit, prick, jak, bastard, son of a bitch, crap, tinker's damn, damn, bullshit, sea dog, shite, jackstones, bull, horseshit, turd, dirt, asshole, diddly, shucks, diddlysquat, knave, cocksucker, red cent, tinker's dam, dump, labourer, diddley, poop, whoreson, manual laborer, old salt, jackfruit

  4. shit, dump(noun)

    a coarse term for defecation

    "he took a shit"

    darn, rubbish dump, wasteyard, bull, diddly-squat, diddly, cocksucker, dickhead, squat, shucks, diddlyshit, jack, dogshit, dumpsite, doodly-squat, bullshit, red cent, hoot, garbage dump, son of a bitch, prick, crap, tinker's damn, damn, shite, bastard, horseshit, turd, dirt, asshole, diddley, waste-yard, tinker's dam, diddlysquat, diddly-shit, dump, whoreson, poop, trash dump

  5. asshole, bastard, cocksucker, dickhead, shit, mother fucker, motherfucker, prick, whoreson, son of a bitch, SOB(noun)

    insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous

    darn, putz, pricking, shaft, hoot, peter, dogshit, tool, diddley, mongrel, shortness of breath, incision, love child, cocksucker, breathlessness, bunghole, illegitimate, dickhead, squat, illegitimate child, diddlyshit, jack, doodly-squat, bullshit, pecker, diddly-shit, prick, bastard, son of a bitch, crap, tinker's damn, damn, dick, shite, bull, horseshit, turd, dirt, asshole, diddly, by-blow, diddly-squat, tinker's dam, diddlysquat, shucks, arse, cock, red cent, sobbing, slit, dump, arsehole, whoreson, poop, dent, scratch

  6. damn, darn, hoot, red cent, shit, shucks, tinker's damn, tinker's dam(verb)

    something of little value

    "his promise is not worth a damn"; "not worth one red cent"; "not worth shucks"

    darn, snort, horseshit, diddly, jack, cocksucker, dickhead, squat, shucks, diddlyshit, dogshit, doodly-squat, bullshit, red cent, hoot, bastard, son of a bitch, prick, crap, tinker's damn, damn, shite, bull, razz, turd, dirt, asshole, raspberry, boo, bird, diddly-squat, tinker's dam, diddlysquat, diddly-shit, hiss, diddley, dump, razzing, poop, whoreson, mend, patch

  7. denounce, tell on, betray, give away, rat, grass, shit, shop, snitch, stag(verb)

    give away information about somebody

    "He told on his classmate who had cheated on the exam"

    thieve, cop, betray, hook, buy at, stag, let on, mark, stool, reveal, spy, disclose, deceive, expose, defecate, fail, take a shit, frequent, sell, browse, bewray, snoop, snitch, make, brand, fink, lead astray, ca-ca, cheat, give away, grass, break, wander, sleuth, sponsor, crap, shop, glom, grass over, divulge, stigmatize, patronise, shop at, stigmatise, knock off, blackleg, bring out, take a crap, denounce, cuckold, unwrap, patronize, tell on, cheat on, discover, scab, rat, let out

  8. stool, defecate, shit, take a shit, take a crap, ca-ca, crap, make(verb)

    have a bowel movement

    "The dog had made in the flower beds"

    urinate, earn, betray, take in, pass water, micturate, relieve oneself, score, stag, pull in, progress to, bring in, get, stool, make up, attain, arrive at, cook, cause, make, fix, tiller, gain, defecate, spend a penny, take a shit, wee, hit, reach, take, have, pee-pee, seduce, snitch, stimulate, pee, get to, construct, throw, form, give away, grass, make water, realise, work, do, give, crap, shop, create, induce, take a leak, hold, puddle, clear, lay down, prepare, produce, nominate, wee-wee, establish, ready, piss, name, take a crap, draw, denounce, make believe, constitute, tell on, realize, piddle, pretend, ca-ca, rat, build

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  1. shit

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  1. Anuj Somany:

    A person should never feel ashamed of the successive failure in own career and life because if he gets to know the fact as how most people have made their monetary success and shamelessly show happiness over it , then he would not even like to spit on their shit face.

  2. Volodymyr Knyr:

    Even shit going plash sometimes makes a splash.

  3. Read MoreAt 46:

    Believe it or not, I tell them, 'Honey, this is not what you want to do,' it's the end of the line. This is skid row. ... This shit will kill you.

  4. Akram Al Deek:

    Notes To Self: 1.The falling of autumn leaves is not your fault. 2.Stop piling candles for decoration. They are meant to be burnt. 3.Silence has a voice of its own. Listen to your own silence. 4.A piece of advice from a divorced and a formerly political prisoner: “to be successful, avoid two things: women and politics!” 5.A semi-colon is the middle finger in a sentence when writing fiction. 6.Be sadist when you write. Good things come out of your character only when bad things happen to them. 7.A comedian once said: if you are looking for sympathy in life, you will only find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. 8.No expectations. Just instincts. 9.Undergraduate degrees of creative writing are rubbish. They are vehicles of producing mass ignorance. Because if undergraduates want to become writers, they have to spend their twenties reading excessively first. 10.Every time you get rejected by a publisher, be thankful. It is a boost for your ego to keep going forward. It is a second chance to reflect, write, and edit. It is a rebirth. It is similar to being given the question-sheet in an exam to revisit your answers before you submit your paper. 11.You are fake and hypocritical when you write for fame or political purpose. These are exterior. Honest and free writing is interior: that is when you write for yourself. 12.Mark things in green. It is the colour of grace, hope and nature. Red is bloody and fascist. 13.Reason, not need. - King Lear 14.Your body is roughly 72 per cent water. Keep hydrated. 15.Read alone. Write alone. Eat accompanied. 16.Do not drive all the time. Cycle when possible. 17.More radio. Less TV. 18.Read more. Write less. Writing comes later. 19.Sing to a mirror. 20.Re-paint your walls. 21.Read an article or summarise a short story a day. 22.Learn a new word a day too. 23.Become drunk with poetry. 24.Watch foreign films. 25.Buy mother a piece of jewellery with first salary. 26.Publish a book before you are 30. 27.Practice poetry. For fun. 28.Have a tattoo you will regret. 29.Put that bloody mobile phone down! Do not become a machine driven by machines! 30.Speak less. Listen more.

  5. Bianca (Mae Whitman) movie written by Kody Keplinger:

    you used to make me so upset, but now I just feel bad for you. Yeah, I'm somebody's DUFF. Guess what, so are you. So is everybody. There's always gonna be somebody prettier or more talented or richer than you, but it shouldn't affect how you see yourself. You label everybody to try to keep them down, but you end up missing out on all this great stuff around you. You have Wesley, and you treat him like he's stupid, but he isn't. And people don't like him because he's with you. They like him because he's, like, an amazing guy. Look, I like myself. I wouldn't wanna be anybody else. And I realize now that none of this matters to me. But it does to you. It's your dream. And I totally support that. Just don't tear me down for not giving a shit about your labels, because in the end, they're meaningless.

Translations for shit

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • stront, kakAfrikaans
  • خراء, خرئ, غائطArabic
  • poxAzerbaijani
  • лайно́, сраць, гаўно́Belarusian
  • лайно́, сера, говно́Bulgarian
  • হাগু, হাগাBengali
  • kaoc'hBreton
  • merda, cagarro, cagar-se, cagar, caca, tifa, femta, excrement, (una) merda, diarrea, de merdaCatalan, Valencian
  • srát, sráč, do prdele, kravina, hovno, sračka, kurva, pičovinaCzech
  • cachuWelsh
  • lort, skideDanish
  • scheißen, Drecksack, Kacke, Scheiß, Durchfall, Scheiße, Schiss, Mistkerl, ScheißkerlGerman
  • διάρροια, σκατό, χέζω, μουνί, σκατάGreek
  • feko, elfeki, merdo, fekaĵo, lakso, feki, fek, diareo, merda, fekaEsperanto
  • cagar, malparido, puta, carajo, maricadas, diarrea, caca, mierda, cagarro, cagarse, mierdadaSpanish
  • pask, sitt, sittumaEstonian
  • kaka, kaka zaharraBasque
  • ککه, گه, ریدنPersian
  • kakata, paska, paskantaa, paskiainen, ripuli, paskoa, paskamainenFinnish
  • skræpa, lortur, skítaFaroese
  • merde, crotte, caguer, enculé, fumier, chier dans son froc, que dalle, chier, conneries, chiasse, nul à chier, dégueulasse, nul, merdiqueFrench
  • skyt, skiteWestern Frisian
  • cacIrish
  • cac, a' bhuineach, spùt, cac-shiubhalScottish Gaelic
  • cagar, malnacido, porcallada, diarrea, caca, merda, bosta, cagarse, merdadaGalician
  • epotiGuaraní
  • חראHebrew
  • टट्टी, हगना, मल, ख़ारिज करनाHindi
  • szar, szarik, francbaHungarian
  • քաքել, քաքArmenian
  • merdaInterlingua
  • bajingan, tahi, bangsat, kampret, mencret, berengsek, murahanIndonesian
  • á, að, fjandinn, helvítis, kúka, skítur, andskotans, fjandans, skíta, sig, djöfullsinsIcelandic
  • cazzate, porcheria, cazzo, escremento, merda, cacare, cacca, cagare, schifezza, stronzo, stronzate, merdosoItalian
  • 糞, 大便, 大便をする, チェ, クソッ, 下痢, ふん, げり, うんこ, くそをする, クソッタレなJapanese
  • ngising, taiJavanese
  • კაკა, განავალი, მძღნერიGeorgian
  • боқKazakh
  • អាចម៍, កន្ទបអាចម៍Khmer
  • 똥, 대변Korean
  • Kurdish
  • merda, cacare, stercoreLatin
  • ອາຈົມ, ຂີ້Lao
  • šiknius, šūdas, kaka, kakis, iššikti, kakoti, šikti, šūdo gabalas, nesąmanė, šūdinas, šūdinaLithuanian
  • kakāt, sūds, kakaLatvian
  • tūtae, tikoMāori
  • гомненици, сранје, пролив, ѓубре, ка́ка, го́мно, поган, sere, и́змет, ла́јно, гомнар, срање, лепешкаMacedonian
  • баасMongolian
  • berakMalay
  • ဘင်, ချေးBurmese
  • schijt, stront, klootzak, racekak, schijten, kut, gelul, diarree, kak, poep, rotzakDutch
  • bæsj, skitt, lort, møkk, diaré, ekskrement, skit, avføring, dritt, faenNorwegian
  • dóola bichąąʼ, chąąʼ, łį́į́ʼ bichąąʼNavajo, Navaho
  • mèrdaOccitan
  • sraczka, gówno, kupa, łajno, srać, gównianyPolish
  • bosta, merda, cagar, porcaria, merda nenhuma, droga, besteira, cocô, diarreia, borrar, papo-furadoPortuguese
  • miarda, merda, meardaRomansh
  • rahat, excrement, căca, căcatRomanian
  • говню́к, бздеть, срать, вздор, ни фига́, говно́, блядь, говное́д, опи́саться, дрисня́, дерьмо́, усра́ться, высирать, гад, хлам, какать, засса́ть, класс, покакать, гомно́, ёб твою мать, усса́ться, гни́да, му́сор, посрать, [[ебать, ни хуя́, забзде́ть, чушь, [[наложи́ть]] [[полный, ничего́, поно́с, кал, высрать, говённый, говняный, сраный, дерьмовый, гомняный, дерьмоRussian
  • istrunzu 'e merda, merda, meldaSardinian
  • srati, izmet, sranje, говно, екскремент, proljev, dijareja, прољев, дијареја, pogan, пролив, поган, govno, срање, срати, ekskrement, измет, prolivSerbo-Croatian
  • hovno, srať, do ritiSlovak
  • usrati se, srati, govno, drek, sranjeSlovene
  • taeSamoan
  • mutAlbanian
  • skitsnack, skit, skita ut, fan, skita, rännskita, bajs, skitstövel, diarré, bajsa ut, bajsaSwedish
  • гуҳ‍Tajik
  • บังคนหนัก, อุจจาระ, ขี้, ทุ่ง, อาจมThai
  • bokTurkmen
  • leche, puta, taeTagalog
  • sıçmak, boşaltım yapmak, saçmalık, atık, kaka, zırva, altına sıçmak, dışkı, bok, dışkılamak, boş laf, adiTurkish
  • букTatar
  • срати, дерьмо́, гімно́, лайно́, лайноUkrainian
  • پا خانه, هگنا, ٹٹىUrdu
  • cứt, đi tiêu, đi ỉaVietnamese
  • jiedot, jiedönVolapük
  • nodidju, flute, stron, miereWalloon
  • דרעק, קאַקYiddish
  • 狗屎Chinese

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