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  1. squarenoun


  2. squareverb

    hash, pound sign, sharp

  3. squareverb

    To adjust so as to align with or place at a right angle to something else.

    The casting was mounted on a milling machine so that its sides could be squared.


  4. squareverb

    At right angles to.

    There are so many uses for the square, in fact, that a new model will usually come complete with a booklet enumerating its applications. - The Carpenter's Square


  5. squareadjective

    An open space in a town, not necessarily square in shape, often containing trees, seating and other features pleasing to the eye.

    I cannot square the results of the experiment with my hypothesis.

    ², plaza, piazza

  6. squareverb

    A cell in a grid.

    It may be prison, but at least I'm getting three square meals a day.

    on the up and up, straight, ², above board, on the square, on the level

  7. squareverb

    A polygon with four sides of equal length and four angles of 90 degrees; a regular quadrilateral whose angles are all 90 degrees.

    square the circle

    ², tetragon

  8. squareadjective

    The second power of a number, value, term or expression.

    64 is the square of 8.


  9. squareadjective

    in line with the batsman's popping crease.


Princeton's WordNet

  1. square, foursquarenoun

    (geometry) a plane rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles; a four-sided regular polygon

    "you can compute the area of a square if you know the length of its sides"

    foursquare, square toes, public square, second power, lame

    discoidal, disclike, nutlike, spherical, moon-round, spheric, apple-shaped, wheel-like, cumuliform, pear-shaped, coccoid, round, globose, unwholesome, globular, indirect, roundish, unpaid, goblet-shaped, discoid, orbicular, pancake-like, moonlike, disklike, pinwheel-shaped, ringlike, ball-shaped, bulb-shaped, bulbous, barrel-shaped, global, bulblike, disc-shaped, capitate, circular, unconventional, disk-shaped

  2. square, second powernoun

    the product of two equal terms

    "nine is the second power of three"; "gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance"

    foursquare, square toes, public square, second power, lame

    pancake-like, round, spheric, nutlike, goblet-shaped, orbicular, indirect, disklike, spherical, capitate, disc-shaped, roundish, disk-shaped, unwholesome, pear-shaped, pinwheel-shaped, wheel-like, globose, bulblike, cumuliform, apple-shaped, unpaid, coccoid, unconventional, ball-shaped, moonlike, disclike, circular, moon-round, globular, discoidal, bulb-shaped, bulbous, ringlike, discoid, barrel-shaped, global

  3. public square, squarenoun

    an open area at the meeting of two or more streets

    agora, foursquare, square toes, public square, second power, lame

    ringlike, pear-shaped, disc-shaped, disclike, unwholesome, spheric, circular, orbicular, spherical, bulb-shaped, round, discoidal, pinwheel-shaped, bulblike, goblet-shaped, globose, disklike, apple-shaped, disk-shaped, nutlike, moonlike, pancake-like, globular, unpaid, coccoid, wheel-like, indirect, capitate, unconventional, discoid, cumuliform, ball-shaped, roundish, global, barrel-shaped, moon-round, bulbous

  4. squarenoun

    something approximating the shape of a square

    foursquare, square toes, public square, second power, lame

    wheel-like, capitate, bulblike, spheric, unwholesome, disc-shaped, bulbous, globose, pancake-like, orbicular, apple-shaped, unpaid, roundish, globular, pear-shaped, indirect, coccoid, discoidal, discoid, disklike, circular, pinwheel-shaped, cumuliform, bulb-shaped, global, moon-round, unconventional, nutlike, ball-shaped, spherical, goblet-shaped, disclike, barrel-shaped, moonlike, round, disk-shaped, ringlike

  5. square, lamenoun

    someone who doesn't understand what is going on

    foursquare, square toes, public square, second power, lame

    apple-shaped, globular, goblet-shaped, round, bulb-shaped, spherical, ball-shaped, indirect, pinwheel-shaped, wheel-like, cumuliform, roundish, moonlike, unpaid, global, nutlike, disc-shaped, ringlike, disk-shaped, disklike, circular, bulblike, pancake-like, spheric, discoidal, unwholesome, orbicular, capitate, moon-round, barrel-shaped, discoid, disclike, globose, bulbous, coccoid, pear-shaped, unconventional

  6. square, square toesnoun

    a formal and conservative person with old-fashioned views

    foursquare, square toes, public square, second power, lame

    bulb-shaped, disk-shaped, disc-shaped, spherical, disclike, roundish, ringlike, indirect, goblet-shaped, capitate, pancake-like, barrel-shaped, pinwheel-shaped, unwholesome, unpaid, wheel-like, discoidal, apple-shaped, ball-shaped, orbicular, global, cumuliform, circular, bulbous, moon-round, disklike, discoid, coccoid, bulblike, pear-shaped, nutlike, spheric, globular, round, unconventional, moonlike, globose

  7. squarenoun

    any artifact having a shape similar to a plane geometric figure with four equal sides and four right angles

    "a checkerboard has 64 squares"

    foursquare, square toes, public square, second power, lame

    orbicular, bulb-shaped, pear-shaped, unpaid, moonlike, cumuliform, moon-round, bulblike, global, ball-shaped, disk-shaped, spheric, unconventional, bulbous, globose, circular, coccoid, wheel-like, nutlike, discoid, unwholesome, ringlike, globular, indirect, discoidal, pinwheel-shaped, disclike, disc-shaped, apple-shaped, pancake-like, round, barrel-shaped, spherical, disklike, capitate, goblet-shaped, roundish

  8. squareadjective

    a hand tool consisting of two straight arms at right angles; used to construct or test right angles

    "the carpenter who built this room must have lost his square"

    foursquare, square toes, public square, second power, lame

    pinwheel-shaped, pancake-like, disklike, disc-shaped, unconventional, wheel-like, ringlike, nutlike, bulblike, cumuliform, moonlike, discoid, globose, discoidal, apple-shaped, roundish, round, coccoid, spherical, spheric, barrel-shaped, global, globular, ball-shaped, unwholesome, bulb-shaped, goblet-shaped, pear-shaped, circular, unpaid, moon-round, disk-shaped, indirect, capitate, orbicular, disclike, bulbous

  9. squareadjective

    having four equal sides and four right angles or forming a right angle

    "a square peg in a round hole"; "a square corner"

    square(p), substantial, hearty, straight, straightforward, solid, square(a), satisfying

    disklike, circular, ringlike, disc-shaped, moon-round, bulbous, pear-shaped, cumuliform, bulblike, global, bulb-shaped, nutlike, globular, indirect, globose, disk-shaped, orbicular, spheric, wheel-like, unpaid, apple-shaped, coccoid, disclike, spherical, discoidal, moonlike, goblet-shaped, round, discoid, pancake-like, barrel-shaped, capitate, unconventional, roundish, ball-shaped, unwholesome, pinwheel-shaped

  10. straight, squareadjective

    characterized by honesty and fairness

    "straight dealing"; "a square deal"

    uncoiled, substantial, square(a), square(p), hearty, full-strength, unbent, consecutive, satisfying, straightforward, solid, unbowed, true, neat, straight

    disk-shaped, roundish, disklike, spherical, globular, wheel-like, cumuliform, disc-shaped, disclike, moon-round, pear-shaped, goblet-shaped, orbicular, discoid, coccoid, bulblike, global, bulb-shaped, spheric, moonlike, apple-shaped, nutlike, globose, discoidal, unpaid, bulbous, capitate, barrel-shaped, pancake-like, unwholesome, circular, unconventional, ringlike, pinwheel-shaped, round, indirect, ball-shaped

  11. hearty, satisfying, solid, square, substantialadjective

    providing abundant nourishment

    "a hearty meal"; "good solid food"; "ate a substantial breakfast"; "four square meals a day"

    self-colored, whole, straight, red-blooded, substantial, self-coloured, unanimous, upstanding, significant, square(a), hearty, comforting, satisfying, full-blooded, real, substantive, cheering, solid, material, firm, square(p), strong, straightforward, lusty

    orbicular, unpaid, bulbous, globular, circular, moon-round, disklike, pinwheel-shaped, cumuliform, goblet-shaped, spherical, indirect, ringlike, nutlike, bulblike, unwholesome, apple-shaped, barrel-shaped, unconventional, disclike, coccoid, roundish, bulb-shaped, ball-shaped, wheel-like, discoidal, round, moonlike, discoid, pear-shaped, disk-shaped, disc-shaped, capitate, pancake-like, globose, global, spheric

  12. square(p)adjective

    leaving no balance

    "my account with you is now all square"

    pear-shaped, discoidal, unpaid, goblet-shaped, indirect, bulblike, discoid, disc-shaped, roundish, moon-round, moonlike, capitate, disclike, coccoid, circular, bulb-shaped, unconventional, ball-shaped, globular, bulbous, orbicular, spheric, barrel-shaped, nutlike, unwholesome, globose, ringlike, global, pinwheel-shaped, disklike, pancake-like, round, cumuliform, apple-shaped, wheel-like, spherical, disk-shaped

  13. square(a), straightforward, straightadjective

    without evasion or compromise

    "a square contradiction"; "he is not being as straightforward as it appears"

    global, orbicular, goblet-shaped, capitate, pancake-like, round, wheel-like, disklike, spherical, roundish, disk-shaped, unpaid, pear-shaped, indirect, moonlike, pinwheel-shaped, globose, coccoid, ringlike, apple-shaped, disclike, bulbous, discoidal, cumuliform, disc-shaped, bulblike, moon-round, bulb-shaped, discoid, nutlike, spheric, unwholesome, ball-shaped, barrel-shaped, globular, unconventional, circular

  14. square, straightverb

    rigidly conventional or old-fashioned

    square(p), substantial, true, uncoiled, hearty, full-strength, unbent, consecutive, straight, straightforward, solid, unbowed, square(a), satisfying, neat

    bulblike, circular, disc-shaped, spherical, unconventional, cumuliform, pancake-like, unwholesome, disk-shaped, ball-shaped, round, moonlike, disclike, nutlike, roundish, apple-shaped, moon-round, pear-shaped, globular, discoidal, ringlike, spheric, indirect, discoid, disklike, bulb-shaped, globose, unpaid, pinwheel-shaped, capitate, bulbous, orbicular, wheel-like, global, coccoid, goblet-shaped, barrel-shaped

  15. square, square upverb

    make square

    "Square the circle"; "square the wood with a file"

    settle, feather, jog, square off, even up, determine, square up

    apple-shaped, pear-shaped, coccoid, wheel-like, unpaid, disclike, ringlike, bulb-shaped, roundish, moonlike, disk-shaped, cumuliform, round, ball-shaped, capitate, disc-shaped, discoid, global, disklike, circular, unconventional, indirect, pancake-like, barrel-shaped, spherical, bulbous, globose, nutlike, globular, bulblike, moon-round, unwholesome, orbicular, spheric, goblet-shaped, discoidal, pinwheel-shaped

  16. squareverb

    raise to the second power

    feather, square up

    disklike, discoidal, capitate, disclike, unwholesome, globose, global, moon-round, barrel-shaped, pancake-like, disk-shaped, discoid, spherical, bulb-shaped, pinwheel-shaped, circular, goblet-shaped, moonlike, nutlike, disc-shaped, coccoid, indirect, ball-shaped, unconventional, roundish, unpaid, ringlike, wheel-like, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, globular, orbicular, spheric, bulblike, round, bulbous, cumuliform

  17. squareverb

    cause to match, as of ideas or acts

    feather, square up

    spheric, cumuliform, bulblike, unpaid, globular, discoidal, unwholesome, ball-shaped, orbicular, apple-shaped, capitate, nutlike, roundish, bulb-shaped, globose, ringlike, barrel-shaped, indirect, circular, disk-shaped, discoid, round, moonlike, wheel-like, bulbous, global, pancake-like, goblet-shaped, pear-shaped, pinwheel-shaped, unconventional, disclike, disc-shaped, spherical, moon-round, disklike, coccoid

  18. squareverb

    position so as to be square

    "He squared his shoulders"

    feather, square up

    apple-shaped, ringlike, globular, bulblike, pinwheel-shaped, cumuliform, spheric, round, disc-shaped, ball-shaped, moonlike, barrel-shaped, indirect, unwholesome, roundish, bulb-shaped, global, unpaid, coccoid, bulbous, nutlike, moon-round, orbicular, spherical, wheel-like, disklike, discoidal, goblet-shaped, circular, pear-shaped, globose, discoid, disk-shaped, pancake-like, disclike, capitate, unconventional

  19. squareverb

    be compatible with

    "one idea squares with another"

    feather, square up

    moonlike, circular, disc-shaped, moon-round, discoidal, pinwheel-shaped, nutlike, capitate, round, apple-shaped, goblet-shaped, cumuliform, spheric, globose, disklike, bulbous, unpaid, spherical, barrel-shaped, disclike, unwholesome, pear-shaped, unconventional, roundish, ball-shaped, bulblike, orbicular, coccoid, bulb-shaped, wheel-like, global, pancake-like, ringlike, indirect, globular, disk-shaped, discoid

  20. squareverb

    pay someone and settle a debt

    "I squared with him"

    feather, square up

    unconventional, unpaid, global, spheric, indirect, nutlike, discoid, disclike, moonlike, globular, wheel-like, capitate, spherical, bulb-shaped, orbicular, disklike, disk-shaped, globose, cumuliform, bulbous, discoidal, pancake-like, unwholesome, coccoid, ball-shaped, disc-shaped, roundish, moon-round, barrel-shaped, circular, goblet-shaped, round, pinwheel-shaped, apple-shaped, pear-shaped, bulblike, ringlike

  21. feather, squareverb

    turn the paddle; in canoeing

    feather, square up, fledge

    unwholesome, bulb-shaped, spherical, capitate, apple-shaped, ball-shaped, globular, pinwheel-shaped, disclike, disc-shaped, disk-shaped, pear-shaped, pancake-like, unpaid, coccoid, cumuliform, nutlike, round, discoid, goblet-shaped, barrel-shaped, indirect, global, bulblike, discoidal, ringlike, wheel-like, moonlike, disklike, roundish, spheric, unconventional, moon-round, circular, orbicular, bulbous, globose

  22. feather, squareadverb

    turn the oar, while rowing

    feather, square up, fledge

    orbicular, nutlike, circular, ringlike, coccoid, spheric, cumuliform, apple-shaped, unwholesome, goblet-shaped, round, global, ball-shaped, roundish, moon-round, pinwheel-shaped, discoid, bulbous, wheel-like, globular, barrel-shaped, unpaid, spherical, globose, unconventional, bulb-shaped, moonlike, pear-shaped, disc-shaped, capitate, bulblike, disk-shaped, disklike, indirect, discoidal, pancake-like, disclike

  23. squarely, squareadverb

    in a straight direct way

    "looked him squarely in the eye"; "ran square into me"

    forthright, forthrightly, foursquare, squarely, straightforwardly

    goblet-shaped, unpaid, globose, globular, ball-shaped, discoidal, roundish, pinwheel-shaped, disklike, indirect, bulb-shaped, orbicular, round, disk-shaped, discoid, apple-shaped, disclike, wheel-like, spheric, circular, moon-round, spherical, pancake-like, bulbous, disc-shaped, unconventional, cumuliform, coccoid, bulblike, moonlike, pear-shaped, global, ringlike, nutlike, capitate, unwholesome, barrel-shaped

  24. squarely, squareadverb

    in a square shape

    "a squarely cut piece of paper"; "folded the sheet of paper square"

    forthright, forthrightly, foursquare, squarely, straightforwardly

    circular, spherical, pancake-like, apple-shaped, barrel-shaped, moon-round, coccoid, pear-shaped, unwholesome, disc-shaped, round, wheel-like, bulbous, ringlike, bulblike, unpaid, capitate, globular, unconventional, nutlike, spheric, roundish, global, indirect, disclike, discoid, moonlike, bulb-shaped, discoidal, orbicular, cumuliform, pinwheel-shaped, ball-shaped, globose, disk-shaped, disklike, goblet-shaped

  25. squarely, squareadverb

    firmly and solidly

    "hit the ball squarely"; "the bat met the ball squarely"; "planted his great bulk square before his enemy"

    forthright, forthrightly, foursquare, squarely, straightforwardly

    discoidal, capitate, unwholesome, bulbous, moonlike, roundish, globose, spherical, disklike, wheel-like, indirect, round, barrel-shaped, global, nutlike, disclike, disk-shaped, discoid, disc-shaped, moon-round, goblet-shaped, circular, pancake-like, cumuliform, bulblike, spheric, pear-shaped, unpaid, globular, bulb-shaped, pinwheel-shaped, unconventional, orbicular, ball-shaped, ringlike, apple-shaped, coccoid

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. squareadjective

    quadrilateral and equi-angular

  2. squareadjective

    perpendicular, making a right angle

  3. squareadjective

    just, honest, fair, equitable, upright, exact, equal

  4. squareadjective

    adjusted, balanced, settled, even

  5. squarenoun

    four-sided figure (with equal sides and angles), quadrate

  6. squarenoun

    square number

  7. squarenoun

    open area (in a city or town)

  8. squarenoun

    (Arch.) one hundred superficial feet

  9. squareverb

    make square

  10. squareverb

    regulate, adapt, fit, suit, accommodate

  11. squareverb

    adjust, settle, close, balance

  12. squareverb

    (Arith.) multiply into itself

  13. squareverb

    suit, fit, accord, harmonize, quadrate, comport, cohere, chime in, fall in

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. squareadjective

    equitable, true, just, honest, impartial, even, balanced, adjusted, quadrate, quadratic

  2. squarenoun

    quadrate, quadrature, block, area, equality, level, agreement

  3. squareverb

    adjust, fit, suit, balance, settle, conform, agree, accord

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  1. Tim Tompkins:

    Were adding a whole virtual kind of gamified version of it as well on top of [TV]. Its always been virtual in some ways, youre going to be able to create a virtual world of Times Square, create your own avatar, and then you place yourself within a virtual Time Square to experience New Years Eve as if you were there and in real time.

  2. Kevin Watkins:

    If you're a parent faced with a choice of giving your children a square meal at the end of the day, or paying for the transport ... to send them to school ... you're likely to make a choice in favor of adequate nutrition.

  3. Stef Bokhorst:

    You can find millions of them per square meter here, but in grasslands in the U.S. or Europe, there are only about 50,000 to 100,000 per square meter.

  4. Gerald R. Ford:

    It's the quality of the ordinary, the straight, the square, that accounts for the great stability and success of our nation. It's a quality to be proud of. But it's a quality that many people seem to have neglected.

  5. Hans Bauer:

    Due to limited surface water, prey densities are low, and lion densities are likely to be low, we may conservatively assume a density in the range of one to two lions per 100 square kilometers( 38.6 square miles).

Translations for square

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • ашҭаAbkhaz
  • vierkant, pleinAfrikaans
  • مربع, ميدانArabic
  • kvadrat, meydanAzerbaijani
  • пло́шчаBelarusian
  • триъгълник, линеал, площа́д, квадра́т, квадрат, квадратен, повдигам на квадратBulgarian
  • বর্গBengali
  • quadrat, plaça, quadrarCatalan, Valencian
  • buňka, křížek, čtverec, kvadrát, pole, úhelník, druhá mocnina, náměstí, poctivý, čtvercový, férový, kolmý, vydatný, výživný, čtvereční, nudný, čestnýCzech
  • sgwâr, pedrongl, petrualWelsh
  • torv, kvadratDanish
  • Quadrat, Spießer, Platz, Doppelkreuz, Feld, Schachfeld, spießig, rechtwinklig, quadrieren, quadratischGerman
  • τετραγωνικό, πλατεία, τετράγωνο, γνώμονας, δίεση, τετραγωνικός, ορθογώνιος, εξισώνω, υψώνω στο τετράγωνο, τετράγωνος, κανονίζωGreek
  • kvadrato, placo, kvadratigi, kvadrataEsperanto
  • almohadilla, anticuado, plaza, soso, zanahorio, carca, cartabón, carroza, cuadro, cabeza cuadrada, casilla, cuadrado, escuadra, cuadriculado, alinear, resolver, elevar al cuadrado, perpendicular, cuadrarSpanish
  • väljak, platsEstonian
  • karratuBasque
  • میدان, مربع, چهار گوشPersian
  • neliö, neliöjalka, suorakulma, toinen potenssi, aukio, tori, ruutu, risuaita, tavallinen, neliöön, ratkaista, suorakulmaisesti, selittää, potenssiin, nähden, suoraan kulmaan, neliöidä, nelikulmainen, neliFinnish
  • torgFaroese
  • équerre, place, carré, case, carreau, élever au carréFrench
  • uimhir chearnach, cearnóg an bhaile, hais, cearnóg, cearnógachIrish
  • ceàrn-righailt, cromadh-dìreach, ceàrnag, ceàrnan, ceàrnagachScottish Gaelic
  • cadro, cadradoGalician
  • ચોરસGujarati
  • kerrin, faaieManx
  • סולמית, ריבוע, כיכרHebrew
  • वर्ग, वर्गाकारHindi
  • kareHaitian Creole
  • tér, mező, négyzet, négyszögletes, kockafejű, merőleges, derékszögűHungarian
  • քառակուսի, հրապարակArmenian
  • resolver, quadrarInterlingua
  • persegi, lapangan, pagar, pangkat dua, kuadrat, kotak, segiempatIndonesian
  • torg, ferningur, ferningstala, réttskeið, annað, veldi, fer-, hornréttur, ferningslagaIcelandic
  • piazza, casella, quadratoItalian
  • 平方, 広場, 正方形, 平方形, 曲尺, 四角いJapanese
  • მოედანიGeorgian
  • алаңKazakh
  • ಚದರKannada
  • 廣場, 광장, 정사각형Korean
  • аянтKyrgyz
  • quadrātumLatin
  • kvadratas, kampainis, aikštėLithuanian
  • kvadrāts, skvērsLatvian
  • porowhā rite, tapawhāMāori
  • квадрат, пло́штад, тарабаMacedonian
  • ചത്വരം, വര്‍ഗ്ഗം, സമചതുരം, കവലMalayalam
  • талбай, квадратMongolian
  • orang skema, perkakas, hash, dataran, kaki persegi, kuasa dua, seorang yang sosialnya konvensional, segi empat sama, skema, persegiMalay
  • torg, plass, firkanttast, kvadrat, firkantet, firkanta, kvadratisk, kvadrat-, løse, kvadrere, vinkelrett påNorwegian
  • markt, plaats, tweede macht, kwadraat, hekje, vierkant, square, winkelhaak, veld, plein, oplossen, kwadrateren, tot de tweede macht verheffen, vierkanteDutch
  • firkanttast, plass, kvadrat, torg, firkanta, løyse, kvadrat-, kvadratisk, kvadrere, vinkelrett påNorwegian Nynorsk
  • dikʼą́Navajo, Navaho
  • kątownik, skwer, węgielnica, plac, kwadrat, podnosić do kwadratu, podnosić do drugiej potęgi, kwadratowyPolish
  • sustenido, casa, quadrado, esquadro, careta, praça, alinhar, perpendicular, resolver, [[elevar]] [[ao quadrado]]Portuguese
  • T'asraQuechua
  • piețe, pătrat, cvadrat, echer, piațăRomanian
  • по́ле, квадра́т, уго́льник, сквер, обыва́тель, пло́щадь, решётка, квадратныйRussian
  • kvadrat, vinkl, drugi stepen, trg, винкла, тараба, квадрат, prav ugao, други степен, прав угао, vinkla, винкл, трг, tarabaSerbo-Croatian
  • štvorec, námestieSlovak
  • kvadrat, trgSlovene
  • katror, sheshAlbanian
  • fyrkant, kvadrat, vinkelhake, torg, ruta, brädgård, kvadratisk, fyrkantig, kvadrat-, kvadrera, vinkelrät motSwedish
  • చతురస్రం, వర్గం, చదరపు, చతురస్రTelugu
  • майдонTajik
  • สี่เหลี่ยมจตุรัสThai
  • meýdan, kwadratTurkmen
  • kuwadradoTagalog
  • kare, meydanTurkish
  • мәйданTatar
  • квадрат, пло́ща, майда́нUkrainian
  • maydon, kvadratUzbek
  • 廣場, quảng trường, vuôngVietnamese
  • feled, cögafeledVolapük
  • cwåré, cwårêyeWalloon
  • קוואַדראַטYiddish
  • 廣場Chinese

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  • Dansk (Danish)
  • Suomi (Finnish)
  • فارسی (Persian)
  • ייִדיש (Yiddish)
  • հայերեն (Armenian)
  • Norsk (Norwegian)
  • English (English)


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