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ˈlɛv əllev·el

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  1. levelnoun

    uneven, tilted, unbalanced

  2. levelnoun

    To adjust so as to make as flat or perpendicular to the ground of possible.

    You can level the table by turning the pads that screw into the feet.

    unbalanced, tilted, uneven

  3. levelverb

    To destroy by reducing to ground level; to raze.

    The hurricane leveled the forest.

    uneven, tilted, unbalanced

  4. leveladjective

    Unvaried in frequency.

    I levelled after defeating the dragon.

    uneven, tilted, unbalanced

  5. levelnoun

    In an Internet post, an indication of the number of previous replies at which a portion of text was written.

    He kept a level head under stress.

    tilted, unbalanced, uneven

  6. leveladjective

    in the same position as some thing, for example in a race or in a competition

    tilted, unbalanced, uneven

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  1. level

    Horizontal signifies in the direction of or parallel to the horizon. For practical purposes level and horizontal are identical, tho level, as the more popular word, is more loosely used of that which has no especially noticeable elevations or inequalities; as, a level road. Flat, according to its derivation from the Anglo-Saxon flet, a floor, applies to a surface only, and, in the first and most usual sense, to a surface that is horizontal or level in all directions; a line may be level, a floor is flat; flat is also applied in a derived sense to any plane surface without irregularities or elevations, as a picture may be painted on the flat surface of a perpendicular wall. Plane applies only to a surface, and is used with more mathematical exactness than flat. The adjective plain, originally the same word as plane, is now rarely used except in the figurative senses, but the original sense appears in the noun, as we speak of "a wide plain." We speak of a horizontal line, a flat morass, a level road, a plain country, a plane surface (especially in the scientific sense). That which is level may not be even, and that which is even may not be level; a level road may be very rough; a slope may be even.

    even, flat, horizontal, plain, plane

    broken, hilly, inclined, irregular, rolling, rough, rugged, slanting, sloping, uneven

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms0.0 / 0 votes

  1. levelnoun

    plane, surface, floor, equality, aim, platform, ground, coordinateness, horizontally

    unevenness, acclivity, declivity, inequality, inco-ordinateness, verticality

  2. levelverb

    plane, smooth, roll, flatten, equalize, raze

    roughen, furrow, disequalize, graduate

  3. leveladjective

    rough, uneven, broken, rolling

Princeton's WordNet1.0 / 2 votes

  1. degree, grade, levelnoun

    a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality

    "a moderate grade of intelligence"; "a high level of care is required"; "it is all a matter of degree"

    ground level, stage, form, stratum, grade, storey, degree, tier, mark, class, point, score, spirit level, academic degree, story, horizontal surface, layer, gradation, arcdegree, floor, course, grad

    unequal, uneven, inclined, perpendicular, unsteady, vertical, raise, erect, put up, set up, rear

  2. grade, level, tiernoun

    a relative position or degree of value in a graded group

    "lumber of the highest grade"

    ground level, horizontal surface, form, stratum, grade, storey, degree, tier, mark, class, tier up, score, spirit level, layer, gradation, floor, stage, story, point, course, grad

    uneven, vertical, inclined, unequal, unsteady, perpendicular, raise, rear, erect, put up, set up

  3. degree, level, stage, pointnoun

    a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series or especially in a process

    "a remarkable degree of frankness"; "at what stage are the social sciences?"

    tier, full point, layer, stratum, dot, spot, stop, head, leg, full stop, horizontal surface, gunpoint, peak, microscope stage, point, point in time, floor, percentage point, breaker point, spirit level, phase, power point, academic degree, grade, stage, degree, arcdegree, pointedness, period, story, detail, decimal point, distributor point, item, stagecoach, compass point, storey, tip

    unsteady, vertical, uneven, inclined, perpendicular, unequal, set up, raise, erect, put up, rear

  4. levelnoun

    height above ground

    "the water reached ankle level"; "the pictures were at the same level"

    stage, layer, grade, story, tier, storey, floor, point, degree, stratum, spirit level, horizontal surface

    vertical, uneven, unequal, inclined, unsteady, perpendicular, set up, erect, rear, put up, raise

  5. level, spirit levelnoun

    indicator that establishes the horizontal when a bubble is centered in a tube of liquid

    stage, layer, grade, story, tier, storey, floor, point, degree, stratum, spirit level, horizontal surface

    unequal, unsteady, vertical, inclined, perpendicular, uneven, raise, rear, put up, set up, erect

  6. horizontal surface, levelnoun

    a flat surface at right angles to a plumb line

    "park the car on the level"

    stage, layer, grade, story, tier, storey, floor, point, degree, stratum, spirit level, horizontal surface

    vertical, uneven, perpendicular, unsteady, unequal, inclined, erect, set up, raise, put up, rear

  7. level, layer, stratumnoun

    an abstract place usually conceived as having depth

    "a good actor communicates on several levels"; "a simile has at least two layers of meaning"; "the mind functions on many strata simultaneously"

    horizontal surface, grade, storey, degree, tier, story, class, point, spirit level, social class, layer, socio-economic class, bed, floor, stage, stratum

    vertical, unsteady, uneven, inclined, unequal, perpendicular, put up, set up, rear, raise, erect

  8. floor, level, storey, storyadjective

    a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale

    "what level is the office on?"

    narration, horizontal surface, account, narrative, grade, tale, storey, degree, base, flooring, tier, story, news report, trading floor, taradiddle, spirit level, write up, fib, chronicle, tarradiddle, layer, floor, stage, history, point, stratum, report

    perpendicular, unequal, uneven, vertical, inclined, unsteady, put up, rear, set up, erect, raise

  9. flat, level, planeadjective

    having a surface without slope, tilt in which no part is higher or lower than another

    "a flat desk"; "acres of level farmland"; "a plane surface"; "skirts sewn with fine flat seams"

    plane, savourless, flavorless, categoric, matt, even, insipid, monotonic, compressed, tied(p), flat, unconditional, matted, vapid, level(p), categorical, monotonous, two-dimensional, matte, monotone, savorless, prostrate, bland, mat, flavourless, unwavering

    unequal, vertical, inclined, perpendicular, uneven, unsteady, erect, rear, raise, set up, put up

  10. level, unwaveringadjective

    not showing abrupt variations

    "spoke in a level voice"; "she gave him a level look"- Louis Auchincloss

    plane, level(p), steadfast, stiff, unfaltering, tied(p), flat, unbendable, unshakable, unwavering, steady, firm, even

    vertical, unsteady, perpendicular, uneven, unequal, inclined, put up, erect, set up, rear, raise

  11. leveladjective

    being on a precise horizontal plane

    "a billiard table must be level"

    flat, tied(p), plane, level(p), unwavering, even

    uneven, inclined, vertical, unsteady, perpendicular, unequal, put up, raise, rear, erect, set up

  12. leveladjective

    oriented at right angles to the plumb

    "the picture is level"

    flat, tied(p), plane, level(p), unwavering, even

    unequal, unsteady, vertical, inclined, perpendicular, uneven, put up, erect, rear, set up, raise

  13. tied(p), even, level(p)verb

    of the score in a contest

    "the score is tied"

    vertical, unsteady, unequal, perpendicular, uneven, inclined, put up, set up, raise, erect, rear

  14. levelverb

    aim at

    "level criticism or charges at somebody"

    level off, charge, even, rase, pull down, point, dismantle, tear down, even out, flush, raze, take down

    vertical, unequal, perpendicular, uneven, inclined, unsteady, rear, erect, raise, put up, set up

  15. level, raze, rase, dismantle, tear down, take down, pull downverb

    tear down so as to make flat with the ground

    "The building was levelled"

    demean, note, rase, bring down, let down, level off, disgrace, even out, take down, disassemble, degrade, strip, put down, down, lower, dismantle, tear down, raze, take apart, push down, knock down, pull down, charge, break up, break apart, get down, even, point, flush, cut down

    vertical, unequal, uneven, perpendicular, unsteady, inclined, set up, erect, put up, raise, rear

  16. flush, level, even out, evenverb

    make level or straight

    "level the ground"

    redden, sluice, rase, level off, counterbalance, scour, take down, even out, dismantle, blush, tear down, raze, correct, even up, purge, point, pull down, charge, compensate, crimson, even off, make up, even, flush

    uneven, vertical, unequal, unsteady, inclined, perpendicular, rear, set up, raise, put up, erect

  17. charge, level, pointverb

    direct into a position for use

    "point a gun"; "He charged his weapon at me"

    channelize, excite, taper, bear down, place, tear down, raze, blame, show, commove, commit, burden, bespeak, agitate, betoken, appoint, even out, dismantle, level off, load, point, indicate, rouse, sharpen, channelise, file, pull down, shoot down, accuse, head, institutionalise, orient, lodge, manoeuver, bill, designate, manoeuvre, consign, direct, take down, institutionalize, turn on, charge, luff, aim, buck, charge up, repoint, even, shoot, flush, target, tear, send, signal, maneuver, saddle, guide, rase, steer

    vertical, inclined, unequal, uneven, unsteady, perpendicular, put up, raise, set up, erect, rear

  18. levelverb

    talk frankly with; lay it on the line

    "I have to level with you"

    level off, charge, even, rase, pull down, point, dismantle, tear down, even out, flush, raze, take down

    unequal, unsteady, perpendicular, inclined, uneven, vertical, set up, erect, put up, raise, rear

  19. level, level offverb

    become level or even

    "The ground levelled off"

    level off, charge, even, rase, pull down, point, dismantle, tear down, even out, flush, raze, take down

    uneven, unequal, unsteady, vertical, inclined, perpendicular, erect, set up, raise, put up, rear

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  1. leveladjective


  2. leveladjective

    even, flat, plain

  3. leveladjective

    flush, on a level, of the same height

  4. leveladjective

    of the same rank, condition, &c., on a par

  5. levelverb

    make horizontal

  6. levelverb

    bring to the same level

  7. levelverb

    raze, demolish, destroy

  8. levelverb

    aim, direct, point, take aim

  9. levelverb

    adapt, suit, fit, proportion

  10. levelnoun

    horizontal surface, horizontal line

  11. levelnoun

    state of equality, equal elevation

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  1. leveladjective

    even, flat, plain, smooth, flush, plumb, horizontal, steady, impartial, well-balanced

    undulating uneven, concave, convex, warped

  2. levelverb

    flatten, equalize, even, smooth, reduce, raze, reduce, overthrow, demolish, adapt, adjust

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  1. List of known nicknames for "Level":

    Dan "Leveler" Albert, Dan Leveler, Anti-Level

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  2. Leon Brown:

    Sometimes somebody was just misidentified and it wasn't necessarily because there was an intentional suggestive lineup, it's just error in the system that will exist anyway, that does not mean by the way that there wasn't misconduct, it just means that it's very difficult to prove misconduct that rises to the level of a civil rights violation.

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  5. Marcus Plescia:

    Even if these boxes work very well, it is still going to add a whole level of challenge.

Translations for level

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • مستوىArabic
  • кимәл, ҡатBashkir
  • равен, ниво, етаж, либела, нивелирBulgarian
  • uniforme, anivellatCatalan, Valencian
  • level, úroveň, vyrovnaný, vodováha, podlaží, vodorovný, libela, urovnat, zamířit, srovnat, postoupitCzech
  • højde, sindig, niveau, jævn, vaterpas, ensformig, etage, plan, i vater, nøgtern, vandret, nivelleringsinstrument, nivellere, jævne, planereDanish
  • Level, Etage, Grad, Niveau, Stufe, konstant, eben, Wasserwaage, ebnen, empor steigenGerman
  • επίπεδο, αλφάδι, νηφάλιος, ισοϋψής, επίπεδος, ισεπίπεδος, στάθμηGreek
  • nivel, niveles, niveladoSpanish
  • tasand, taseEstonian
  • linjassa, taso, kerros, kylmä, tasainen, vesivaaka, vatupassi, vakaa, linja, vaakasuora, samalla tasolla, sama, tasaFinnish
  • plat, niveau, nivelerFrench
  • nivoWestern Frisian
  • còmhnard, ìreScottish Gaelic
  • רמה, פלס, שלב, קומהHebrew
  • olajszint, szint, szintezHungarian
  • մակարդակ, աշխարհ, հարկ, աստիճան, հարթաչափArmenian
  • stig, borð, hallamál, hæð, jafna, jafna við jörðuIcelandic
  • equilibrato, calmo, a posto, piano, livello, costante, orizzontale, livella, uniforme, livellato, lanciare, demolire, radere al suolo, scagliare, spianare, livellare, rivolgere, puntareItalian
  • 標準Japanese
  • 수평Korean
  • libella, assolōLatin
  • lygis, lygmuo, pakopa, lygusLithuanian
  • līdzens, pakāpe, līmenisLatvian
  • tūpāMāori
  • спрат, катMacedonian
  • etage, verdieping, niveau, geëqualiseerd, constant, hoogte, waterpas, vlak, egaliserenDutch
  • vater, nivå, vatretNorwegian
  • poziomy, poziomica, piętro, poziomPolish
  • nível, fase, constante, andar, plano, nivelado, nivelar, passar, arrasar, avançar, direccionarPortuguese
  • nivel, cat, nivele, grade, plat, etaj, etaje, șes, plan, grad, nivelatRomanian
  • уровень, этап, ровный, ватерпас, степень, равнять, выравнивать, сровнять с землёй, получить уровень, выровнятьRussian
  • nivo, stepen, либела, ниво, степен, раван, libela, ravanSerbo-Croatian
  • etaža, nivo, nadstropje, stopnjaSlovene
  • nivå, höjd, lugn, steg, plan, våning, jämnhög, vattenpass, grad, jämn, bana, vågrät, jämna, rasera, levla, utjämna, nivellera, stigaSwedish
  • సున్నితముగా, సమానము, భేధము లేక, చదునైనTelugu
  • рівеньUkrainian

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