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Princeton's WordNet

  1. midst, thick(adj)

    the location of something surrounded by other things

    "in the midst of the crowd"


    tenuous, light, hyperfine, vaporous, see-through, cobwebby, paper thin, distant, distributed, gauzy, threadlike, rarified, penetrable, hairlike, filmy, fine, remote, filamentlike, sleazy, gauze-like, wafer-thin, thin, filiform, papery, vapourous, transparent, ribbony, diaphanous, smart, intelligible, ribbonlike, rarefied, gossamer, slender, thready, depressed, rare, capillary, bladed, sheer, flat, tall, filamentous, compressed, scarce, mild

  2. thick(adj)

    not thin; of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions

    "an inch thick"; "a thick board"; "a thick sandwich"; "spread a thick layer of butter"; "thick coating of dust"; "thick warm blankets"

    dense, duncical, duncish, stocky, thickheaded, boneheaded, loggerheaded, blockheaded, chummy, thick-skulled, thickset, deep, wooden-headed, compact, fatheaded, heavyset, buddy-buddy, thick(p), slurred

    ribbony, cobwebby, rarified, capillary, smart, flat, gossamer, filamentous, thin, filmy, compressed, penetrable, transparent, papery, light, rarefied, remote, sleazy, scarce, hyperfine, ribbonlike, diaphanous, paper thin, tall, intelligible, filamentlike, see-through, bladed, fine, vapourous, filiform, gauze-like, vaporous, thready, rare, distributed, gauzy, sheer, threadlike, mild, slender, hairlike, tenuous, wafer-thin, depressed, distant

  3. thick(adj)

    having component parts closely crowded together

    "a compact shopping center"; "a dense population"; "thick crowds"; "a thick forest"; "thick hair"

    dense, duncical, duncish, stocky, thickheaded, boneheaded, loggerheaded, blockheaded, chummy, thick-skulled, thickset, deep, wooden-headed, compact, fatheaded, heavyset, buddy-buddy, thick(p), slurred

    compressed, thin, smart, cobwebby, rarefied, remote, threadlike, hyperfine, filamentous, slender, depressed, mild, ribbony, diaphanous, tenuous, scarce, fine, filmy, rarified, intelligible, capillary, gauzy, light, thready, flat, see-through, filiform, distributed, gauze-like, vaporous, gossamer, transparent, paper thin, papery, sleazy, ribbonlike, hairlike, filamentlike, rare, wafer-thin, distant, bladed, penetrable, tall, vapourous, sheer

  4. thick(adj)

    relatively dense in consistency

    "thick cream"; "thick soup"; "thick smoke"; "thick fog"

    dense, duncical, duncish, stocky, thickheaded, boneheaded, loggerheaded, blockheaded, chummy, thick-skulled, thickset, deep, wooden-headed, compact, fatheaded, heavyset, buddy-buddy, thick(p), slurred

    see-through, vapourous, transparent, bladed, slender, ribbony, capillary, sleazy, thready, distant, tenuous, gauze-like, filamentous, gauzy, light, rarefied, rare, threadlike, scarce, fine, remote, rarified, filmy, sheer, tall, gossamer, ribbonlike, vaporous, thin, papery, cobwebby, diaphanous, compressed, hyperfine, filamentlike, distributed, hairlike, penetrable, smart, intelligible, depressed, wafer-thin, mild, flat, paper thin, filiform

  5. slurred, thick(adj)

    spoken as if with a thick tongue

    "the thick speech of a drunkard"; "his words were slurred"

    dense, duncical, duncish, stocky, thickheaded, boneheaded, loggerheaded, blockheaded, chummy, thick-skulled, thickset, deep, wooden-headed, compact, fatheaded, heavyset, buddy-buddy, thick(p), slurred

    tenuous, remote, rare, sheer, scarce, rarified, thin, compressed, gauzy, tall, thready, flat, mild, see-through, slender, capillary, vapourous, hyperfine, papery, threadlike, filamentous, gossamer, gauze-like, sleazy, wafer-thin, ribbony, cobwebby, filmy, paper thin, light, distant, bladed, distributed, filamentlike, rarefied, transparent, penetrable, diaphanous, filiform, vaporous, intelligible, ribbonlike, smart, depressed, hairlike, fine

  6. compact, heavyset, stocky, thick, thickset(adj)

    having a short and solid form or stature

    "a wrestler of compact build"; "he was tall and heavyset"; "stocky legs"; "a thickset young man"

    dense, duncical, duncish, wooden-headed, thickheaded, boneheaded, loggerheaded, blockheaded, summary, chummy, thick-skulled, thickset, deep, compact, stocky, succinct, compendious, heavyset, buddy-buddy, thick(p), fatheaded, slurred

    filiform, smart, tenuous, flat, thin, slender, bladed, gossamer, remote, see-through, fine, intelligible, paper thin, rarified, rarefied, filamentlike, filamentous, ribbonlike, mild, thready, sleazy, capillary, filmy, vaporous, gauzy, hairlike, gauze-like, rare, cobwebby, penetrable, distributed, vapourous, light, diaphanous, ribbony, hyperfine, scarce, depressed, tall, transparent, distant, wafer-thin, compressed, threadlike, papery, sheer

  7. dense, thick(adj)

    hard to pass through because of dense growth

    "dense vegetation"; "thick woods"

    duncical, duncish, dull, dim, thickheaded, thick(p), loggerheaded, dense, impenetrable, chummy, thick-skulled, thickset, dumb, deep, slow, blockheaded, heavy, compact, stocky, boneheaded, wooden-headed, heavyset, obtuse, buddy-buddy, fatheaded, slurred

    hyperfine, thin, papery, flat, tenuous, tall, gauzy, sheer, filamentlike, filamentous, slender, bladed, rarefied, distant, ribbonlike, remote, gossamer, filmy, gauze-like, light, cobwebby, ribbony, transparent, rare, compressed, penetrable, depressed, intelligible, see-through, scarce, smart, filiform, rarified, paper thin, sleazy, vapourous, fine, vaporous, capillary, mild, diaphanous, distributed, wafer-thin, threadlike, hairlike, thready

  8. thick, deep(adj)

    (of darkness) very intense

    "thick night"; "thick darkness"; "a face in deep shadow"; "deep night"

    dense, duncical, duncish, stocky, thickheaded, boneheaded, loggerheaded, mystifying, blockheaded, cryptical, chummy, thick-skulled, rich, thickset, deep, abstruse, wooden-headed, compact, fatheaded, recondite, inscrutable, heavyset, cryptic, buddy-buddy, mysterious, bass, thick(p), slurred

    slender, tenuous, intelligible, wafer-thin, rarified, distant, flat, mild, scarce, hairlike, filiform, gossamer, sheer, smart, thin, diaphanous, thready, capillary, ribbony, penetrable, papery, gauzy, filmy, remote, filamentlike, rarefied, filamentous, distributed, sleazy, transparent, threadlike, hyperfine, gauze-like, see-through, paper thin, cobwebby, rare, vaporous, vapourous, ribbonlike, tall, light, depressed, compressed, fine, bladed

  9. chummy, buddy-buddy, thick(p)(adj)

    (used informally) associated on close terms

    "a close friend"; "the bartender was chummy with the regular customers"; "the two were thick as thieves for months"

    thin, mild, wafer-thin, compressed, filmy, gauze-like, distant, rarified, capillary, flat, ribbony, tenuous, transparent, tall, ribbonlike, depressed, scarce, filamentous, thready, gauzy, diaphanous, hairlike, sheer, cobwebby, smart, see-through, papery, bladed, remote, slender, distributed, gossamer, vapourous, filamentlike, paper thin, rarefied, threadlike, intelligible, sleazy, filiform, rare, light, penetrable, hyperfine, vaporous, fine

  10. blockheaded, boneheaded, duncical, duncish, fatheaded, loggerheaded, thick, thickheaded, thick-skulled, wooden-headed(adj)

    (used informally) stupid

    dense, duncical, duncish, wooden-headed, thickheaded, boneheaded, loggerheaded, blockheaded, chummy, thick-skulled, thickset, deep, stocky, compact, fatheaded, heavyset, buddy-buddy, thick(p), slurred

    see-through, threadlike, hyperfine, sleazy, wafer-thin, filmy, gossamer, filamentlike, thin, gauzy, thready, rarefied, vapourous, paper thin, diaphanous, gauze-like, sheer, vaporous, penetrable, papery, tall, capillary, bladed, hairlike, fine, tenuous, compressed, rarified, intelligible, light, smart, distributed, scarce, filamentous, flat, ribbony, depressed, rare, mild, ribbonlike, filiform, distant, cobwebby, remote, slender, transparent

  11. thick(adverb)

    abounding; having a lot of

    "the top was thick with dust"

    dense, duncical, duncish, stocky, thickheaded, boneheaded, loggerheaded, blockheaded, chummy, thick-skulled, thickset, deep, wooden-headed, compact, fatheaded, heavyset, buddy-buddy, thick(p), slurred

    distant, light, depressed, slender, smart, filamentous, thready, flat, tenuous, sheer, thin, ribbonlike, hairlike, threadlike, fine, remote, compressed, hyperfine, filiform, capillary, intelligible, tall, papery, distributed, see-through, vaporous, gauzy, paper thin, vapourous, ribbony, wafer-thin, rare, sleazy, penetrable, gossamer, bladed, filamentlike, scarce, rarified, diaphanous, transparent, rarefied, mild, filmy, gauze-like, cobwebby

  12. thickly, thick(adverb)

    with a thick consistency

    "the blood was flowing thick"

    densely, thickly

    gauze-like, ribbonlike, filamentlike, ribbony, gossamer, mild, light, remote, compressed, flat, gauzy, capillary, rare, rarified, hairlike, tenuous, paper thin, threadlike, distant, filmy, thready, transparent, filiform, distributed, see-through, cobwebby, vaporous, rarefied, filamentous, wafer-thin, papery, tall, smart, fine, diaphanous, vapourous, thin, sleazy, sheer, hyperfine, scarce, slender, depressed, intelligible, penetrable, bladed

  13. thick, thickly(adverb)

    in quick succession

    "misfortunes come fast and thick"

    densely, thickly

    vaporous, thin, intelligible, flat, penetrable, vapourous, bladed, gauzy, cobwebby, hyperfine, see-through, filamentlike, capillary, threadlike, tenuous, hairlike, fine, distributed, rare, papery, diaphanous, depressed, smart, rarefied, gauze-like, ribbonlike, ribbony, filamentous, compressed, light, scarce, wafer-thin, transparent, tall, sheer, rarified, filmy, paper thin, filiform, distant, sleazy, slender, thready, mild, remote, gossamer


  1. thick(adjective)

    Friendly or intimate.

    They were as thick as thieves.

    glutinous, dense, teem, great, intimate, overflow, pally, stocky, broad, chummy, close-knit, thickset, friendly, unclear, chunky, packed, tight-knit, swarm, viscous, crowded, solid, close, opaque, extreme


  2. thick(adjective)

    Deep, intense, or profound.

    Thick darkness.

    chunky, unclear, great, teem, chummy, glutinous, stocky, intimate, opaque, viscous, close, tight-knit, thickset, extreme, broad, solid, pally, swarm, overflow, dense, packed, crowded, close-knit, friendly

  3. thick(adjective)

    dumb, thick as two short planks, dense, stupid, thick as pigshit

    brainy, intelligent, smart

  4. thick(adjective)

    Relatively great in extent from one surface to the opposite in its smallest solid dimension.

    Snow lay thick on the ground.

    chummy, stocky, unclear, friendly, thickset, broad, packed, close-knit, extreme, dense, pally, intimate, glutinous, teem, tight-knit, chunky, close, great, overflow, solid, viscous, swarm, crowded, opaque

    thin, slim

  5. thick(adjective)

    Measuring a certain number of units in this dimension.

    I want some planks that are two inches thick.

    solid, chummy, stocky, friendly, tight-knit, intimate, unclear, teem, close-knit, opaque, dense, thickset, crowded, pally, broad, packed, chunky, close, extreme, great, swarm, overflow, glutinous, viscous

  6. thick(adjective)

    Heavy in build; thickset.

    He had such a thick neck that he had to turn his body to look to the side.

    stocky, friendly, packed, swarm, tight-knit, viscous, close, thickset, opaque, crowded, great, unclear, overflow, pally, close-knit, broad, solid, teem, intimate, glutinous, chunky, extreme, dense, chummy

    slender, slim, slight, svelte, thin

  7. thick(adjective)

    Densely crowded or packed.

    We walked through thick undergrowth.

    glutinous, stocky, dense, crowded, unclear, friendly, packed, teem, swarm, opaque, pally, chummy, great, thickset, solid, extreme, close, close-knit, overflow, viscous, chunky, intimate, broad, tight-knit


  8. thick(adjective)

    Having a viscous consistency.

    My mum’s gravy was thick but at least it moved about.

    packed, crowded, tight-knit, swarm, overflow, opaque, close-knit, thickset, glutinous, dense, extreme, unclear, intimate, teem, close, chunky, chummy, viscous, solid, pally, stocky, friendly, great, broad

    free-flowing, runny

  9. thick(adjective)

    Abounding in number.

    The room was thick with reporters.

    intimate, close, overflow, solid, packed, chunky, tight-knit, teem, friendly, great, close-knit, crowded, extreme, unclear, swarm, viscous, stocky, glutinous, chummy, broad, opaque, thickset, dense, pally

  10. thick(adjective)

    Impenetrable to sight.

    We drove through thick fog.

    teem, overflow, opaque, dense, glutinous, tight-knit, close, great, stocky, pally, thickset, crowded, swarm, chunky, intimate, solid, friendly, broad, chummy, packed, extreme, unclear, viscous, close-knit

    thin, transparent

  11. thick(adjective)

    Difficult to understand, or poorly articulated.

    We had difficulty understanding him with his thick accent.

    extreme, packed, tight-knit, close, stocky, viscous, close-knit, thickset, solid, swarm, friendly, unclear, opaque, great, overflow, dense, chummy, teem, intimate, crowded, broad, chunky, pally, glutinous

    clear, lucid

  12. thick(adjective)


    He was as thick as two short planks.

    chunky, thickset, dense, packed, teem, close-knit, crowded, glutinous, extreme, friendly, broad, overflow, intimate, chummy, great, opaque, close, unclear, swarm, tight-knit, stocky, pally, viscous, solid

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. thick

    dense, condensed, inspissated, close, compact, turbid, luteous, coagulated, muddy, dull, misty, vaporous, crowded, numerous, solid, bulky, deep, confused, inarticulate

    rare, fine, thin, sparse, strained, pure, percolated, limpid, crystalline, scanty, incompact, slight, shallow, laminated, clear, articulate, distinct

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. thick(a.)

    not thin (in measure)

  2. thick(a.)

    dumpy, squab, squat, plump, bulky

  3. thick(a.)

    dense, gross, inspissate, inspissated, not thin (in consistence)

  4. thick(a.)

    turbid, muddy, roiled, not clear, not transparent

  5. thick(a.)

    abundant, frequent, close, compact, crowded, closely set, in quick succession

  6. thick(a.)

    indistinct, inarticulate

  7. thick(a.)

    dull, not quick

  8. thick(a.)

    [Colloquial.] intimate, familiar, friendly, hand and glove, hail fellow well met

  9. thick(n.)

    thickest part

  10. thick(ad.)

    frequently, fast, quick

  11. thick(ad.)

    densely, closely, thickly

  12. thick(ad.)

    to a great depth

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. thick(a)

    dense, coagulated, crass, gross, inspissate, inspissated, grumous, incrassated, compact, turbid, roily, feculent, muddy, intimate, confidential

PPDB, the paraphrase database

  1. List of paraphrases for "thick":

    thickness, dense, hau, heavy, bulk, thickened, coarse, meinung, thin

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How to use thick in a sentence?

  1. Donnie Dixon:

    Sometimes you get into the thick of an investigation and you get a question answered that breeds three more questions, especially in a high-profile matter like this, where there are a lot of strong feelings on both sides, once you've started down this road sometimes it can drag out.

  2. President Barack Obama:

    I get a thick book full of death, destruction, strife, and chaos. That's what I take with my morning tea.

  3. Monica Hughes:

    When the storm hit… the pressure dropped until your ears popped. The air got very thick, it was difficult to breathe, the roof came off in one big sheet and then things just were flying, smashing into the doors and the walls.

  4. Fawaz Gerges:

    It will be extremely difficult to glue Syria back together as one country, the social fabric, the thick ties that bind it together have been dismantled, assad rule is really an area that corresponds more or less with a core identity area, yes there are many Sunnis and Christians living there but they see themselves as part of this core – the middle-class, upper-class Sunnis and Christians.

  5. Prince Harry:

    Meghan Markle'd be thick as thieves, without question, i think she would be over the moon, jumping up and down, you know so excited for me, but then, as I said, would have probably been best friends with Meghan Markle.

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