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  1. well

    Healthy is most correctly used to signify possessing or enjoying health or its results; as, a healthy person; a healthy condition. Healthful signifies promotive of health, tending or adapted to confer, preserve, or promote health; as, a healthful climate. Wholesome food in a healthful climate makes a healthy man. With healthful are ranged the words hygienic, salubrious, salutary, sanitary, and wholesome, while the other words are associated with healthy. Salubrious is always used in the physical sense, and is chiefly applied to air or climate. Salutary is now chiefly used in the moral sense; as, a salutary lesson.

    hale, healthful, healthy, hearty, hygienic, salubrious, salutary, sanitary, sound, strong, vigorous, wholesome

    delicate, diseased, emaciated, exhausted, failing, fainting, fragile, frail, ill, sick, unhealthy, unsound, wasted, weak, worn, worn down, worn out

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  1. well

    rightly, thoroughly, properly

    wrongly, imperfectly, improperly

  2. welladjective

    hale, healthy, hearty, sound

Princeton's WordNet4.0 / 1 vote

  1. wellnoun

    a deep hole or shaft dug or drilled to obtain water or oil or gas or brine

    fountainhead, wellspring

    feverish, bronchitic, poorly(p), woozy, rachitic, sickly, upset, queasy, paraplegic, laid up(p), unfortunate, consumptive, feverous, palsied, nauseated, laid low(p), spastic, green, bedfast, unwell, livery, sickish, faint, unhealed, ill, under the weather, giddy, light, inadvisable, bedridden, light-headed, peaked(p), rickety, sick, bedrid, stricken, lightheaded, delirious, scrofulous, nauseous, convalescent, liverish, afflicted, carsick, milk-sick, aguish, tubercular, vertiginous, unadvisable, air sick, dyspeptic, dizzy, hallucinating, ailing, autistic, seasick, paralyzed, diabetic, airsick, sick-abed, swooning, tuberculous, recovering, sneezy, seedy, bilious, funny, gouty, indisposed, paralytic, poorly, badly, disadvantageously

  2. wellnoun

    a cavity or vessel used to contain liquid

    fountainhead, wellspring

    seedy, airsick, unwell, sick, liverish, rickety, light-headed, rachitic, unadvisable, hallucinating, scrofulous, sickish, unhealed, indisposed, sick-abed, afflicted, stricken, tubercular, sickly, peaked(p), dizzy, bilious, ill, inadvisable, under the weather, swooning, aguish, sneezy, milk-sick, diabetic, green, carsick, dyspeptic, tuberculous, woozy, spastic, paralytic, autistic, lightheaded, livery, nauseous, poorly(p), seasick, paraplegic, bedrid, bedfast, delirious, consumptive, paralyzed, feverous, recovering, funny, nauseated, faint, palsied, vertiginous, queasy, bedridden, laid low(p), unfortunate, ailing, upset, giddy, convalescent, gouty, bronchitic, feverish, air sick, laid up(p), light, badly, poorly, disadvantageously

  3. well, wellspring, fountainheadnoun

    an abundant source

    "she was a well of information"

    fountainhead, headspring, head, wellspring, wellhead

    hallucinating, tuberculous, stricken, airsick, indisposed, inadvisable, rachitic, livery, woozy, palsied, queasy, scrofulous, bedfast, tubercular, sickly, paralytic, diabetic, funny, bilious, poorly(p), sickish, nauseated, lightheaded, delirious, air sick, dyspeptic, unwell, green, feverous, dizzy, sick, convalescent, liverish, nauseous, paralyzed, faint, bedrid, spastic, afflicted, autistic, unfortunate, light, consumptive, unhealed, rickety, under the weather, swooning, vertiginous, laid up(p), peaked(p), gouty, bedridden, milk-sick, aguish, seasick, light-headed, feverish, sick-abed, unadvisable, carsick, giddy, sneezy, upset, laid low(p), ill, ailing, seedy, paraplegic, bronchitic, recovering, badly, disadvantageously, poorly

  4. wellnoun

    an open shaft through the floors of a building (as for a stairway)

    fountainhead, wellspring

    stricken, carsick, unhealed, spastic, dyspeptic, sick-abed, funny, liverish, paralyzed, sick, lightheaded, giddy, under the weather, air sick, upset, hallucinating, light, diabetic, airsick, unwell, faint, bedfast, unadvisable, livery, indisposed, ill, bedrid, queasy, unfortunate, dizzy, tubercular, feverish, scrofulous, laid low(p), bilious, delirious, paraplegic, rickety, aguish, palsied, paralytic, swooning, consumptive, gouty, bronchitic, rachitic, vertiginous, nauseated, nauseous, laid up(p), tuberculous, sneezy, milk-sick, light-headed, sickly, afflicted, autistic, feverous, seedy, sickish, recovering, ailing, poorly(p), convalescent, green, inadvisable, woozy, seasick, bedridden, peaked(p), badly, poorly, disadvantageously

  5. welladjective

    an enclosed compartment in a ship or plane for holding something as e.g. fish or a plane's landing gear or for protecting something as e.g. a ship's pumps

    fountainhead, wellspring

    stricken, laid up(p), unwell, ill, dyspeptic, woozy, faint, swooning, sickish, light, sick-abed, nauseated, rachitic, vertiginous, bedridden, dizzy, air sick, light-headed, delirious, gouty, scrofulous, sick, peaked(p), seasick, tubercular, sneezy, milk-sick, indisposed, queasy, sickly, bedfast, seedy, consumptive, ailing, poorly(p), palsied, bilious, paralytic, feverous, convalescent, unfortunate, hallucinating, autistic, inadvisable, recovering, under the weather, carsick, giddy, upset, livery, afflicted, paralyzed, liverish, diabetic, airsick, bedrid, green, tuberculous, unadvisable, laid low(p), unhealed, rickety, funny, paraplegic, spastic, lightheaded, bronchitic, nauseous, feverish, aguish, badly, disadvantageously, poorly

  6. welladjective

    in good health especially after having suffered illness or injury

    "appears to be entirely well"; "the wound is nearly well"; "a well man"; "I think I'm well; at least I feel well"

    good, well(p)

    bronchitic, laid low(p), diabetic, livery, dizzy, sickly, tubercular, bedridden, laid up(p), paralyzed, stricken, seasick, seedy, bedrid, unfortunate, convalescent, ill, air sick, dyspeptic, delirious, inadvisable, light-headed, spastic, light, swooning, paralytic, vertiginous, bedfast, feverish, gouty, faint, queasy, under the weather, lightheaded, autistic, consumptive, indisposed, ailing, unhealed, sickish, carsick, poorly(p), nauseous, sneezy, nauseated, sick, tuberculous, unadvisable, rachitic, milk-sick, peaked(p), upset, bilious, woozy, sick-abed, rickety, aguish, liverish, afflicted, recovering, airsick, green, hallucinating, unwell, scrofulous, feverous, palsied, giddy, funny, paraplegic, disadvantageously, badly, poorly

  7. good, well(p)adjective

    resulting favorably

    "it's a good thing that I wasn't there"; "it is good that you stayed"; "it is well that no one saw you"; "all's well that ends well"

    autistic, laid up(p), upset, bronchitic, laid low(p), woozy, light, feverous, green, rachitic, under the weather, milk-sick, faint, consumptive, queasy, dizzy, inadvisable, stricken, indisposed, bedfast, light-headed, recovering, airsick, sick, paraplegic, gouty, bilious, sneezy, dyspeptic, diabetic, unwell, sickish, liverish, carsick, seasick, bedrid, poorly(p), convalescent, nauseated, feverish, sickly, unadvisable, rickety, livery, nauseous, delirious, peaked(p), lightheaded, scrofulous, hallucinating, giddy, seedy, funny, paralyzed, ill, tuberculous, bedridden, sick-abed, aguish, tubercular, afflicted, paralytic, palsied, spastic, swooning, unfortunate, unhealed, air sick, ailing, vertiginous, badly, disadvantageously, poorly

  8. well(p)verb

    wise or advantageous and hence advisable

    "it would be well to start early"

    vertiginous, tubercular, gouty, ailing, faint, bilious, spastic, liverish, woozy, scrofulous, upset, giddy, milk-sick, green, hallucinating, recovering, lightheaded, consumptive, poorly(p), unwell, queasy, ill, tuberculous, autistic, light, seasick, livery, afflicted, bronchitic, sick, paralyzed, bedrid, feverish, sickish, dyspeptic, paraplegic, unadvisable, indisposed, diabetic, bedridden, unfortunate, convalescent, airsick, laid low(p), sneezy, air sick, swooning, bedfast, unhealed, sickly, paralytic, palsied, funny, seedy, nauseated, peaked(p), carsick, light-headed, rachitic, nauseous, stricken, feverous, under the weather, aguish, inadvisable, rickety, laid up(p), sick-abed, dizzy, delirious, badly, poorly, disadvantageously

  9. well, swelladverb

    come up, as of a liquid

    "Tears well in her eyes"; "the currents well up"

    swell up, swell, well up, tumefy, intumesce, tumesce, puff up

    stricken, sneezy, nauseous, livery, feverish, spastic, faint, milk-sick, rickety, funny, seedy, sick-abed, convalescent, aguish, paralytic, peaked(p), sick, tubercular, light-headed, laid up(p), airsick, palsied, liverish, dyspeptic, bedrid, unfortunate, unadvisable, air sick, green, consumptive, bilious, diabetic, rachitic, vertiginous, ill, sickish, sickly, woozy, ailing, under the weather, swooning, unhealed, paraplegic, afflicted, hallucinating, feverous, bedridden, giddy, bedfast, poorly(p), indisposed, queasy, lightheaded, gouty, seasick, bronchitic, dizzy, nauseated, laid low(p), unwell, paralyzed, delirious, light, scrofulous, recovering, tuberculous, upset, carsick, inadvisable, autistic, badly, poorly, disadvantageously

  10. well, goodadverb

    (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well')

    "the children behaved well"; "a task well done"; "the party went well"; "he slept well"; "a well-argued thesis"; "a well-seasoned dish"; "a well-planned party"; "the baby can walk pretty good"

    soundly, considerably, easily, comfortably, good, substantially, advantageously, thoroughly, intimately

    paralytic, vertiginous, inadvisable, dyspeptic, indisposed, seasick, faint, paraplegic, bronchitic, upset, seedy, laid low(p), convalescent, bedridden, autistic, recovering, queasy, airsick, unhealed, peaked(p), feverous, swooning, diabetic, tuberculous, unadvisable, gouty, ill, stricken, paralyzed, dizzy, sick, light-headed, bedrid, feverish, unfortunate, carsick, rachitic, consumptive, sneezy, ailing, delirious, bilious, light, spastic, woozy, green, air sick, under the weather, milk-sick, funny, tubercular, livery, palsied, sick-abed, bedfast, nauseated, giddy, rickety, afflicted, hallucinating, sickly, unwell, aguish, liverish, scrofulous, poorly(p), lightheaded, nauseous, laid up(p), sickish, poorly, disadvantageously, badly

  11. welladverb

    thoroughly or completely; fully; often used as a combining form

    "The problem is well understood"; "she was well informed"; "shake well before using"; "in order to avoid food poisoning be sure the meat is well cooked"; "well-done beef", "well-satisfied customers"; "well-educated"

    good, considerably, easily, substantially, intimately, advantageously, comfortably

    gouty, palsied, indisposed, livery, diabetic, lightheaded, sick-abed, sick, rachitic, scrofulous, bedfast, seedy, bilious, afflicted, autistic, inadvisable, delirious, hallucinating, air sick, nauseated, tuberculous, under the weather, aguish, feverish, laid up(p), bedrid, consumptive, convalescent, faint, vertiginous, funny, sickly, paralyzed, light, airsick, ailing, nauseous, swooning, laid low(p), woozy, unadvisable, stricken, upset, unfortunate, recovering, dyspeptic, feverous, ill, peaked(p), poorly(p), milk-sick, dizzy, giddy, carsick, sickish, unwell, tubercular, paralytic, sneezy, bedridden, green, light-headed, seasick, liverish, rickety, unhealed, spastic, bronchitic, paraplegic, queasy, badly, poorly, disadvantageously

  12. well, easilyadverb

    indicating high probability; in all likelihood

    "I might well do it"; "a mistake that could easily have ended in disaster"; "you may well need your umbrella"; "he could equally well be trying to deceive us"

    considerably, easily, comfortably, good, substantially, advantageously, easy, intimately

    bedridden, paraplegic, under the weather, air sick, indisposed, ailing, aguish, inadvisable, sickish, upset, faint, paralytic, diabetic, paralyzed, unfortunate, unadvisable, sick-abed, bedrid, milk-sick, woozy, giddy, sickly, green, livery, consumptive, palsied, feverish, swooning, seedy, laid low(p), queasy, stricken, poorly(p), bronchitic, bedfast, dizzy, laid up(p), recovering, tubercular, nauseous, peaked(p), afflicted, dyspeptic, feverous, spastic, funny, rachitic, sick, light, convalescent, unhealed, gouty, light-headed, delirious, autistic, airsick, hallucinating, bilious, scrofulous, nauseated, unwell, tuberculous, ill, seasick, carsick, rickety, sneezy, vertiginous, lightheaded, liverish, poorly, badly, disadvantageously

  13. welladverb

    (used for emphasis or as an intensifier) entirely or fully

    "a book well worth reading"; "was well aware of the difficulties ahead"; "suspected only too well what might be going on"

    good, considerably, easily, substantially, intimately, advantageously, comfortably

    spastic, dizzy, sickish, tubercular, sick, nauseous, airsick, rickety, stricken, ailing, paralyzed, light, carsick, consumptive, sneezy, sickly, air sick, ill, bilious, vertiginous, milk-sick, woozy, seedy, light-headed, seasick, convalescent, liverish, queasy, under the weather, autistic, feverous, funny, unadvisable, nauseated, livery, hallucinating, laid up(p), bedfast, afflicted, diabetic, tuberculous, faint, paraplegic, poorly(p), delirious, rachitic, gouty, giddy, sick-abed, swooning, scrofulous, peaked(p), inadvisable, lightheaded, unfortunate, unhealed, paralytic, palsied, aguish, upset, bronchitic, unwell, recovering, indisposed, laid low(p), bedrid, feverish, dyspeptic, bedridden, green, poorly, disadvantageously, badly

  14. welladverb

    to a suitable or appropriate extent or degree

    "the project was well underway"; "the fetus has well developed organs"; "his father was well pleased with his grades"

    good, considerably, easily, substantially, intimately, advantageously, comfortably

    paralytic, dizzy, dyspeptic, light, peaked(p), faint, palsied, under the weather, upset, bronchitic, unhealed, unadvisable, green, lightheaded, gouty, woozy, laid low(p), hallucinating, seasick, bilious, ailing, afflicted, paraplegic, feverish, paralyzed, stricken, unfortunate, nauseous, spastic, diabetic, sickly, air sick, livery, swooning, inadvisable, seedy, sick, convalescent, rachitic, scrofulous, funny, vertiginous, light-headed, queasy, indisposed, sickish, airsick, delirious, laid up(p), giddy, carsick, recovering, sick-abed, nauseated, ill, bedfast, feverous, liverish, unwell, autistic, rickety, bedrid, tubercular, aguish, bedridden, tuberculous, poorly(p), milk-sick, consumptive, sneezy, badly, poorly, disadvantageously

  15. welladverb

    favorably; with approval

    "their neighbors spoke well of them"; "he thought well of the book"

    good, considerably, easily, substantially, intimately, advantageously, comfortably

    dyspeptic, spastic, convalescent, feverish, sick, bedfast, unwell, unadvisable, stricken, paraplegic, sickish, ill, hallucinating, carsick, sneezy, bedrid, paralyzed, rachitic, livery, dizzy, under the weather, bilious, green, upset, consumptive, bronchitic, diabetic, liverish, queasy, indisposed, sickly, laid up(p), rickety, laid low(p), afflicted, peaked(p), feverous, faint, light, ailing, delirious, gouty, seasick, paralytic, tubercular, airsick, recovering, sick-abed, seedy, nauseous, woozy, swooning, nauseated, autistic, light-headed, scrofulous, vertiginous, palsied, unfortunate, milk-sick, unhealed, giddy, air sick, aguish, bedridden, tuberculous, lightheaded, poorly(p), inadvisable, funny, badly, disadvantageously, poorly

  16. well, considerably, substantiallyadverb

    to a great extent or degree

    "I'm afraid the film was well over budget"; "painting the room white made it seem considerably (or substantially) larger"; "the house has fallen considerably in value"; "the price went up substantially"

    considerably, easily, comfortably, good, substantially, advantageously, intimately

    aguish, queasy, giddy, delirious, seasick, feverish, dizzy, light, peaked(p), bronchitic, livery, afflicted, sickly, consumptive, convalescent, paralyzed, swooning, tuberculous, rachitic, upset, recovering, funny, bilious, carsick, seedy, milk-sick, autistic, faint, ailing, sneezy, stricken, liverish, woozy, poorly(p), airsick, palsied, unadvisable, diabetic, unhealed, air sick, light-headed, nauseous, sickish, vertiginous, unwell, sick-abed, feverous, hallucinating, bedfast, inadvisable, sick, nauseated, bedridden, gouty, paralytic, scrofulous, lightheaded, laid up(p), ill, laid low(p), paraplegic, spastic, green, under the weather, bedrid, indisposed, rickety, dyspeptic, unfortunate, tubercular, badly, poorly, disadvantageously

  17. well, intimatelyadverb

    with great or especially intimate knowledge

    "we knew them well"

    considerably, easily, comfortably, good, substantially, advantageously, nearly, intimately, closely

    seasick, peaked(p), recovering, palsied, ill, diabetic, unfortunate, ailing, indisposed, sickly, upset, laid low(p), rachitic, scrofulous, rickety, dyspeptic, hallucinating, vertiginous, feverous, unhealed, bilious, delirious, unwell, stricken, tubercular, sick-abed, poorly(p), lightheaded, spastic, airsick, afflicted, consumptive, autistic, nauseated, liverish, paralytic, woozy, milk-sick, unadvisable, nauseous, bedfast, inadvisable, laid up(p), faint, swooning, air sick, bronchitic, livery, bedrid, paraplegic, sick, light-headed, convalescent, bedridden, funny, dizzy, gouty, queasy, under the weather, light, carsick, sickish, feverish, giddy, aguish, green, paralyzed, seedy, tuberculous, sneezy, badly, poorly, disadvantageously

  18. welladverb

    with prudence or propriety

    "You would do well to say nothing more"; "could not well refuse"

    good, considerably, easily, substantially, intimately, advantageously, comfortably

    seasick, vertiginous, paraplegic, airsick, poorly(p), rachitic, convalescent, milk-sick, sickish, queasy, carsick, sick, spastic, bedrid, rickety, afflicted, sneezy, liverish, nauseous, unhealed, dyspeptic, ailing, livery, tuberculous, indisposed, bilious, woozy, lightheaded, light-headed, gouty, tubercular, seedy, funny, air sick, sickly, feverish, consumptive, delirious, faint, swooning, unadvisable, feverous, under the weather, autistic, aguish, scrofulous, bronchitic, dizzy, laid low(p), ill, green, paralytic, palsied, stricken, hallucinating, bedfast, light, nauseated, laid up(p), upset, unfortunate, unwell, recovering, sick-abed, inadvisable, giddy, bedridden, peaked(p), paralyzed, diabetic, badly, poorly, disadvantageously

  19. welladverb

    with skill or in a pleasing manner

    "she dances well"; "he writes well"

    good, considerably, easily, substantially, intimately, advantageously, comfortably

    bedfast, inadvisable, gouty, afflicted, unhealed, sick-abed, nauseated, lightheaded, sick, stricken, laid low(p), swooning, diabetic, hallucinating, seasick, feverous, aguish, tubercular, peaked(p), funny, unwell, recovering, airsick, feverish, paraplegic, tuberculous, dizzy, bronchitic, autistic, sickish, bedridden, consumptive, laid up(p), unadvisable, liverish, air sick, poorly(p), convalescent, sickly, dyspeptic, light-headed, giddy, livery, nauseous, upset, paralytic, bilious, faint, vertiginous, ailing, unfortunate, indisposed, woozy, milk-sick, queasy, sneezy, ill, bedrid, paralyzed, spastic, under the weather, seedy, rickety, green, light, delirious, carsick, palsied, rachitic, scrofulous, badly, disadvantageously, poorly

  20. well, advantageouslyadverb

    in a manner affording benefit or advantage

    "she married well"; "The children were settled advantageously in Seattle"

    considerably, easily, comfortably, good, substantially, advantageously, intimately

    paralyzed, stricken, bedridden, seasick, tuberculous, gouty, queasy, funny, feverous, unadvisable, sickly, peaked(p), seedy, scrofulous, vertiginous, sick, carsick, sick-abed, rachitic, feverish, green, liverish, consumptive, bronchitic, dizzy, ailing, milk-sick, lightheaded, aguish, dyspeptic, paralytic, rickety, autistic, sneezy, bedrid, diabetic, swooning, woozy, indisposed, spastic, palsied, convalescent, delirious, hallucinating, afflicted, ill, air sick, nauseous, airsick, tubercular, light, under the weather, inadvisable, paraplegic, light-headed, faint, upset, nauseated, unfortunate, unwell, bilious, recovering, unhealed, livery, laid low(p), bedfast, poorly(p), giddy, sickish, laid up(p), badly, poorly, disadvantageously

  21. well, comfortablyadverb

    in financial comfort

    "They live well"; "she has been able to live comfortably since her husband died"

    considerably, easily, comfortably, good, substantially, advantageously, intimately

    unhealed, dizzy, sick, feverish, poorly(p), recovering, seasick, convalescent, sickish, peaked(p), spastic, aguish, seedy, paralyzed, paraplegic, funny, light-headed, hallucinating, paralytic, scrofulous, sick-abed, consumptive, faint, unfortunate, giddy, diabetic, swooning, milk-sick, tuberculous, green, carsick, air sick, indisposed, laid low(p), light, woozy, stricken, bedfast, airsick, upset, autistic, livery, ill, delirious, lightheaded, nauseated, sneezy, bilious, gouty, feverous, palsied, liverish, ailing, rickety, queasy, unadvisable, afflicted, bronchitic, rachitic, inadvisable, unwell, laid up(p), bedridden, sickly, tubercular, vertiginous, nauseous, under the weather, dyspeptic, bedrid, badly, disadvantageously, poorly

  22. welladverb

    without unusual distress or resentment; with good humor

    "took the joke well"; "took the tragic news well"

    good, considerably, easily, substantially, intimately, advantageously, comfortably

    carsick, upset, nauseated, paraplegic, milk-sick, nauseous, inadvisable, recovering, feverous, lightheaded, scrofulous, queasy, air sick, delirious, seedy, laid low(p), aguish, dyspeptic, hallucinating, indisposed, vertiginous, light-headed, dizzy, woozy, rickety, light, giddy, rachitic, tubercular, autistic, sickly, funny, airsick, faint, palsied, feverish, sickish, unadvisable, seasick, bedrid, diabetic, ailing, bilious, sick, ill, gouty, consumptive, sneezy, sick-abed, green, stricken, poorly(p), bronchitic, livery, afflicted, unhealed, peaked(p), paralytic, bedridden, bedfast, laid up(p), tuberculous, convalescent, liverish, under the weather, spastic, unfortunate, swooning, unwell, paralyzed, badly, poorly, disadvantageously

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  1. wellnoun

    spring, fountain, wellhead, wellspring

  2. wellnoun

    source, origin

  3. wellverb

    issue, spring, flow

  4. welladjective

    rightly, not ill

  5. welladjective

    properly, suitably, correctly, accurately, thoroughly, not amiss

  6. welladjective

    sufficiently, abundantly, amply, fully

  7. welladjective

    favorably, commendably, with praise

  8. welladjective

    highly, very much

  9. welladjective

    far, considerably, not a little

  10. welladjective

    conveniently, easily

  11. welladjective

    healthy, hale, hearty, in health, sound, in good health, not ill, not sick

  12. welladjective

    fortunate, happy

  13. welladjective

    profitable, convenient, beneficial, expedient, good, useful, advantageous, for one's advantage, for one's interest

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  1. welladjective

    good, desirable, fortunate, expedient, favorable, beneficial, advantageous, healthy, sound, undiseased, hale, hearty

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  1. Brad Pitt:

    We've all experienced loss, we've all experienced great loneliness at times. And we're good at packing that away and not dealing with it. Some of us are really good at it, at getting through it and coming out the other side as a more well rounded, I think more confident, more loving human being.

  2. Rhonda Randall:

    The report provides a benchmark of how the health of each state's population has changed year over year, by comparison to other states, and insights into challenges and successes. The states that are in the top five on the list have areas where they could improve. The states that are in the bottom five have areas that they have done well, so every state has some areas where they're challenged and some areas where they have some really strong measures around their health.

  3. Brian Wieser:

    Breaking up into two different segments - well, it's not a terrible thing. It's better than not doing it but on the other hand, you're going to have a ton of businesses buried inside of a legacy Google.

  4. James Zimmerman:

    China is clearly being impulsive here, they're lashing out and they're not interested in building any political capital with The Canadians, this plays very well to those nationalists in China who argue that arresting the Huawei Technologies executive was pushing China too far.

  5. Steven Bohlen:

    As we’ve said before, the protection of California’s groundwater resources – as well as public health - is paramount, particularly in this time of extreme drought.

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  • fonteinAfrikaans
  • ምንጭAmharic
  • حسنًا, بخير, جيداً, جيدًا, بِئْر, عَيْنArabic
  • quyuAzerbaijani
  • ҡоҙоҡ, ҡойоBashkir
  • добра, студня, калодзежBelarusian
  • добре, кладенец, изворBulgarian
  • ভালBengali
  • puñsBreton
  • ben, bé, pouCatalan, Valencian
  • zdravý, dobře, no, studna, studánka, vrt, prýštitCzech
  • iawn, wel, bobol bachWelsh
  • tja, brøndDanish
  • na ja, na, gut, gesund, naja, ganz, Quelle, Brunnen, quellenGerman
  • γερός, καλώς, για δες, εντελώς, ωραία, λοιπόν, αρκετά, καλά, υγιής, πολύ, που λες, καλός, πλήρως, νερομάνα, πηγάδι, φρέαρ, αστείρευτη πηγή, αναβλύζωGreek
  • nu, bele, fonto, putoEsperanto
  • bueno, bien, muy, totalmente, completamente, vaya, pues, anda, pozo, aljibeSpanish
  • tõsiselt, hästi, kaevEstonian
  • ondoBasque
  • خوب, چاهPersian
  • jopas, tuota, hyvin, tosi, niinku, kunnolla, terve, no, lähde, vesikuoppa, kaivo, kummuta, pursua, pursuttaa, pursutaFinnish
  • brunnur, bruðurFaroese
  • écoutez, ben, tiens!, bien, eh bien, vachement, puits, sourceFrench
  • ffynnon, welleWestern Frisian
  • bhuel, tobarIrish
  • gu math, mathematics, uill, fuaranScottish Gaelic
  • ben, manancial, pozoGalician
  • בריאה, בריא, וואלה, היטב, בְאֵרHebrew
  • ख़ूब, ख़ैर, ठीक, अच्छा, कूआँHindi
  • byenHaitian Creole
  • kútHungarian
  • լավ, ջրհոր, աղբյուրArmenian
  • ben, puteoInterlingua
  • sumur, baikIndonesian
  • bona, puteoIdo
  • jæja, borhola, brunnurIcelandic
  • beh, bene, puzzo, pozzo, sgorgareItalian
  • 良く, おやおや, あのう, うーん, 元気, ええと, 井戸, にじみ出るJapanese
  • წყარო, ჭაGeorgian
  • អណ្ដូងKhmer
  • ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿKannada
  • 잘, 저어, 우물, 샘Korean
  • بیرKurdish
  • rectē, omino, multum, omnino, maximē, probē, bene, puteusLatin
  • PëtzLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
  • eee, mmm, kaleGanda
  • pötLimburgish, Limburgan, Limburger
  • ນ້ຳບໍ່, ນ້ຳສ້າງLao
  • sveikas, gerai, sveika, na, šulinysLithuanian
  • lieti, akaLatvian
  • tsaraMalagasy
  • значи, здрав, добро, опа, па, е па, добар, бунар, изворMacedonian
  • ഉറവ, കിണർ, ഊറ്റ്, എന്തിന്‍റെയും വറ്റാത്ത ഉറവMalayalam
  • худаг, шандMongolian
  • dengan baik, sumur, perigi, luak, telagaMalay
  • birMaltese
  • ရေတွင်း, တွင်းBurmese
  • ईनारNepali
  • nou ja, gezond, nou, wel, put, bron, opwellen, vloeienDutch
  • bra, brønnNorwegian
  • Navajo, Navaho
  • ben, plan, potzOccitan
  • onda'ibaanOjibwe, Ojibwa
  • ਖੂਹPanjabi, Punjabi
  • no, coś takiego, cóż, dobrze, zdrowa, zdrowy, nieźle, hm, studniaPolish
  • جوړ, مړه, ښهPashto, Pushto
  • bem, sabe, bom, vertedouro, fonte, vertente, poço, verterPortuguese
  • bain, puozRomansh
  • foarte, bine, fântână, puțRomanian
  • ну, так-так, хорошо, как следует, так вот, значит, так, что ж, здоровый, это, ключ, скважина, источник, родник, колодецRussian
  • कूपSanskrit
  • beni, pussu, putzuSardinian
  • dobro, ìzvor, vrȅlo, zdénac, бу̀на̄р, bùnār, vrútak, studénacSerbo-Croatian
  • dobre, no, zdravý, studňaSlovak
  • no, torej, zdràv, dôbro, vrtina, vodnjakSlovene
  • pusAlbanian
  • genom, nämen, nåja, nå, öh, tja, väl, frisk, eh, bra, har man sett, källa, brunn, vällaSwedish
  • kisimaSwahili
  • நன்றாகTamil
  • బాగు, నుయ్యి, బావిTelugu
  • ให้ดี, สบาย, สบายดี, อย่างดี, ตะพัง, บ่อน้, ตระพังThai
  • bak sen, bak, bak bak, iyi, iyice, şey, kuyuTurkish
  • гарно, ну, добре, колодязьUkrainian
  • اچھاUrdu
  • mạnh, tốt, hay, khỏe, cũngVietnamese
  • קװאַל, ברונעםYiddish

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