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Synonyms for issue
ˈɪʃ u; esp. Brit. ˈɪs yu

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. issue(noun)

    an important question that is in dispute and must be settled

    "the issue could be settled by requiring public education for everyone"; "politicians never discuss the real issues"

    consequence, topic, emergence, progeny, subject, effect, offspring, military issue, way out, number, issuance, result, proceeds, exit, event, matter, publication, outcome, return, government issue, take, takings, yield, upshot, issuing, payoff, outlet, egress


  2. issue, number(noun)

    one of a series published periodically

    "she found an old issue of the magazine in her dentist's waiting room"

    turn, figure, progeny, subject, act, issuing, military issue, takings, bit, payoff, consequence, take, publication, government issue, routine, event, upshot, return, effect, topic, offspring, egress, telephone number, outlet, identification number, phone number, number, numeral, yield, emergence, outcome, way out, exit, proceeds, matter, result, issuance


  3. topic, subject, issue, matter(noun)

    some situation or event that is thought about

    "he kept drifting off the topic"; "he had been thinking about the subject for several years"; "it is a matter for the police"

    topic, effect, progeny, matter, field of study, issuing, case, government issue, issuance, takings, theme, consequence, take, thing, subject area, result, study, event, upshot, return, subject, bailiwick, offspring, military issue, depicted object, egress, outlet, subject field, exit, national, discipline, number, yield, emergence, outcome, way out, affair, payoff, field, proceeds, publication, content, guinea pig


  4. issue, issuing, issuance(noun)

    the act of providing an item for general use or for official purposes (usually in quantity)

    "a new issue of stamps"; "the last issue of penicillin was over a month ago"

    consequence, topic, emergence, progeny, subject, effect, offspring, military issue, way out, number, issuance, result, proceeds, exit, event, matter, publication, outcome, return, government issue, take, takings, yield, upshot, issuing, payoff, outlet, egress


  5. issue, military issue, government issue(noun)

    supplies (as food or clothing or ammunition) issued by the government

    consequence, topic, emergence, progeny, subject, effect, offspring, military issue, way out, number, issuance, result, proceeds, exit, event, matter, publication, outcome, return, government issue, take, takings, yield, upshot, issuing, payoff, outlet, egress


  6. return, issue, take, takings, proceeds, yield, payoff(noun)

    the income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property

    "the average return was about 5%"

    topic, progeny, subject, output, exit, issuing, counter, rejoinder, income tax return, wages, military issue, takings, reward, payoff, regaining, final payment, take, publication, egress, government issue, event, upshot, return, comeback, restitution, retort, offspring, riposte, tax return, outlet, reappearance, result, recurrence, return key, coming back, replication, number, outcome, yield, bribe, getting even, emergence, effect, way out, restoration, production, paying back, proceeds, fruit, consequence, matter, homecoming, issuance


  7. consequence, effect, outcome, result, event, issue, upshot(noun)

    a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon

    "the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"; "his decision had depressing consequences for business"; "he acted very wise after the event"

    aftermath, progeny, resolution, issuing, case, government issue, military issue, return, takings, burden, resultant, payoff, consequence, core, take, publication, answer, impression, resultant role, event, upshot, subject, effect, topic, solvent, offspring, egress, gist, outlet, termination, exit, number, essence, yield, moment, emergence, outcome, way out, proceeds, force, solution, final result, import, matter, result, issuance


  8. offspring, progeny, issue(noun)

    the immediate descendants of a person

    "she was the mother of many offspring"; "he died without issue"

    materialization, topic, young, emergence, progeny, subject, effect, offspring, military issue, materialisation, number, issuance, result, proceeds, exit, event, matter, yield, egress, outlet, outcome, return, government issue, take, takings, issuing, upshot, publication, payoff, way out, consequence


  9. emergence, egress, issue(noun)

    the becoming visible

    "not a day's difference between the emergence of the andrenas and the opening of the willow catkins"

    consequence, takings, topic, emergence, offspring, progeny, subject, effect, growth, egression, way out, number, issuance, result, proceeds, exit, event, matter, yield, emersion, outgrowth, outcome, return, government issue, take, military issue, issuing, upshot, outlet, publication, payoff, egress


  10. exit, issue, outlet, way out(noun)

    an opening that permits escape or release

    "he blocked the way out"; "the canyon had only one issue"

    wall plug, emergence, subject, issuing, wall socket, government issue, military issue, takings, payoff, consequence, take, publication, result, event, upshot, return, effect, retail store, topic, offspring, departure, egress, electrical outlet, outlet, expiration, electric outlet, exit, electric receptacle, number, sales outlet, yield, mercantile establishment, loss, outcome, way out, going, vent, passing, proceeds, release, matter, progeny, issuance


  11. issue, publication(verb)

    the act of issuing printed materials

    consequence, topic, emergence, publishing, progeny, subject, effect, offspring, military issue, way out, number, issuance, result, proceeds, exit, event, matter, publication, outcome, return, government issue, take, takings, yield, upshot, issuing, payoff, outlet, egress


  12. publish, bring out, put out, issue, release(verb)

    prepare and issue for public distribution or sale

    "publish a magazine or newspaper"

    unblock, supply, turn, let go, unloose, put under, let on, bring out, unwrap, reveal, disclose, inconvenience, release, expose, bother, bring on, write out, give up, go forth, unveil, cut, relinquish, put out, liberate, anaesthetize, expel, publish, extend, anesthetize, stretch out, loose, unloosen, give away, get out, break, let go of, incommode, egress, retire, disoblige, trouble, set off, douse, discommode, stretch forth, divulge, make out, write, produce, anaesthetise, resign, exhaust, exsert, smother, emerge, eject, discharge, anesthetise, free, print, uncover, secrete, hold out, come out, come forth, discover, unfreeze, introduce, let out


  13. issue, supply(verb)

    circulate or distribute or equip with

    "issue a new uniform to the children"; "supply blankets for the beds"

    come out, bring out, emerge, supply, append, furnish, come forth, cut, release, cater, put out, add, ply, provide, publish, go forth, make out, render, write out, egress


  14. issue(verb)

    bring out an official document (such as a warrant)

    write out, release, emerge, put out, come forth, publish, bring out, supply, come out, cut, egress, go forth, make out


  15. issue, emerge, come out, come forth, go forth, egress(verb)

    come out of

    "Water issued from the hole in the wall"; "The words seemed to come out by themselves"

    supply, start, bulge out, come forward, step up, bring out, release, fall out, write out, out, go forth, come on, cut, bulge, surface, come in, step forward, step to the fore, come to the fore, put out, pop out, place, leave, egress, bug out, come out of the closet, publish, make out, push through, erupt, turn out, emerge, break through, show up, turn up, pop, go away, appear, protrude, come out, come forth


  16. write out, issue, make out, cut(verb)

    make out and issue

    "write out a check"; "cut a ticket"; "Please make the check out to me"

    discern, bang, shorten, cut off, ignore, screw, recognise, deal, grapple, distinguish, reduce, hack, make love, go forth, prune, do, jazz, geld, spot, roll in the hay, turn off, cut, be intimate, cut back, egress, write up, get along, turn out, release, pick out, slew, eff, switch off, bring out, make do, trim down, tell apart, contract, bed, do it, come out, trim back, rationalise, put out, have intercourse, rationalize, disregard, make out, abridge, manage, have sex, publish, trend, neck, fill out, bring down, fill in, slue, thin, emerge, abbreviate, have it away, sleep with, cut down, come forth, burn, contend, love, edit, hump, get laid, edit out, have it off, skip, sleep together, get by, foreshorten, dilute, write out, tailor, cope, curve, recognize, swerve, supply, bonk, know, thin out, snub, come, get it on, trim, sheer, complete, veer, fare, lie with, have a go at it


English Synonyms and Antonyms

  1. issue

    Effect is the strongest of these words; it is that which is directly produced by the action of an efficient cause; we say, "Every effect must have an adequate cause" (compare CAUSE). In regard to human actions, effect commonly relates to intention; as, the shot took effect, i. e., the effect intended. A consequence is that which follows an act naturally, but less directly than the effect. The motion of the piston is the effect, and the agitation of the water under the paddle-wheels a consequence of the expansion of steam in the cylinder. The result is, literally, the rebound of an act, depending on many elements; the issue is that which flows forth directly; we say the issue of a battle, the result of a campaign. A consequent commonly is that which follows simply in order of time, or by logical inference. The end is the actual outcome without determination of its relation to what has gone before; it is ordinarily viewed as either the necessary, natural, or logical outcome, any effect, consequence, or result being termed an end; as, the end of such a course must be ruin. The event (Latin e, out, and venio, come) is primarily exactly the same in meaning as outcome; but in use it is more nearly equivalent to upshot signifying the sum and substance of all effects, consequences, and results of a course of action. Compare ACCIDENT; CAUSE; CIRCUMSTANCE; END; EVENT.

    consequence, consequent, effect, end, end, event, outcome, outgrowth, result, sequel, upshot

Editors Contribution

  1. emanated

    intransitive verb : to come out from a source transitive verb : emit

    she seems to emanate an air of serenity a sweet scent emanating from the blossoms

    Submitted by WilliamRP1988 on March 15, 2020  

Dictionary of English Synonymes

  1. issue(n.)

    egress, exit, outlet, passage out

  2. issue(n.)

    delivering, delivery, sending out

  3. issue(n.)

    event, consequence, end, termination, conclusion, consummation, result, effect, outcome, upshot, DÉNOUEMENT, FINALE, final or ultimate result, final event, finishing stroke, winding up

  4. issue(n.)

    offspring, progeny, children, posterity, lineal descendants

  5. issue(n.)

    (Med.) fontanel, artificial ulcer

  6. issue(n.)

    (Law.) point in dispute

  7. issue(v. a.)

    deliver, send out, put forth

  8. issue(v. a.)

    distribute, give out

  9. issue(v. a.)

    put into circulation

  10. issue(v. n.)

    proceed, flow, emanate, arise, spring, originate, follow, ensue, come, take rise, be the effect, be derived, go forth, grow out, pass out, flow out, rush out

  11. issue(v. n.)

    end, terminate, result

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  1. issue(v)

    gush, disembogue, sally forth, debouch, proceed, emanate, ensue, follow, result

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  1. issue

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How to use issue in a sentence?

  1. Aly Raisman:

    Continuing to issue statements to pacify Aly Raisman will no longer work.

  2. Wang Jian:

    We have to solve the privacy issue, that's for sure.

  3. John Krokidas:

    [He had] no issue doing the scene whatsoever, his only question was, ‘Just so I know, how naked do you want me to be — movie-naked or Equus-naked?’ I said, ‘I hate when people block sex scenes in order to play hide-the-genitalia — that feels so forced. So let’s just block it, and if it falls into frame, we’ll shoot it’.

  4. Duncan Weir:

    This survey is the first step for us in examining, in detail, the wide range of issues currently affecting participation in golf, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence available but we conducted the survey to obtain accurate data on how much of an issue pace of play is for golfers and to give us an insight into what they see as the main factors contributing to slow rounds.

  5. Chief Umberger:

    Not only was this a public safety issue, but it was a matter of public health.

Translations for issue

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • мәсьәләBashkir
  • lliurarCatalan, Valencian
  • ProblemGerman
  • τίτλος, θέμα, τεύχοςGreek
  • emisión, envío, herederos, cuestión, problema, preocupación, flujo, descendencia, progenie, entregar, emitir, extender, crecer, recibir, resultar, proceder, lucrar, natarSpanish
  • شمارهPersian
  • liikkeeseenlaskeminen, anti, juttu, vuodattaminen, poistaminen, lähdettäminen, jälkeläinen, kysymys, ongelma, vaihtoehto, asia, vuoto, poistuminen, lähettäminen, jälkikasvu, tuotto, lopputulos, annostella, [[tulla]] [[ulos]], virrata, kertyä, laskea liikkeelle, antaa, [[virrata]] [[ulos]], [[rynnätä]] [[ulos]], liittyä, yhtyä, jakaaFinnish
  • livraison, délivrance, numéro, émission, exsudat, fruit, rejeton, controverse, point, sortie, flux, fructus, drain, progéniture, descendance, polémique, question, problème, sortir, percée, descendre, déboucher, fructifier, émettre, livrer, délivrer, jaillir, faire, donner, publierFrench
  • sheelManx
  • հարց, խնդիրArmenian
  • emissione, esito, fuoriuscita, problematica, questioneItalian
  • problemNorwegian
  • problemPolish
  • emissão, tiragem, resultado, questão, problema, [[ponto]] [[de]] [[debate]], fluxo, envio, fimPortuguese
  • emisiune, problemăRomanian
  • потомство, вопросRussian
  • potomecSlovene
  • swala, sualaSwahili
  • பிரச்சினைTamil
  • konuTurkish
  • مسئلہUrdu
  • indabaZulu

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